Need/Greed VS Personal Loot, Heads-up of Warlords WOW Dungeon Loot

Recently, Blizzard has posted a heads-up on buy cheap wow gold upcoming dungeon changes in new expansion world of warcraft. It says the current Default Loot Method will be replaced by Need/Greed. To cheer, or not to cheer, that is a question, because there is a divergence among people.

Reverting Default Loot Method to Need/Greed

On world of warcraft warlords of draenor date, some people have hit the level cap. And to get ilvl 610 requirement to head into Warlords of Draenor Heroic Dungeons, they buy ilvl 660 tournament gear in Ashran with 50 wow gold for sale cheap at safewow without hesitation, even though this gear is just usable in War Games.

Coincidentally, Blizzard announced the coming changes of dungeons, reverting Default Loot Method to Need/Greed along with additional 50 Garrison Resources for completing the first Random Warlords of Draenor Heroic Dungeon of the day.

The devs intend to improve the dungeon loot experience by using Raid Finder’s personal loot system, which was successful in eliminating drops that weren’t usable by anyone in the group, and reducing loot contention in some cases in Mists of Pandaria.

But given players feedback that system is unrewarding, they are reverting the default loot method in Dungeon Finder back to Need Before Greed, evaluating how to better present and structure dungeon personal loot, and re-introducing the system in the future.

Main focus on less rewarding

Most people always complain there is no feeling rewarding enough with Personal Loot system, because all you would see is gold. Instead of the odd for 5 people to get gear off of one boss, this system will make everybody fight over for 1 piece of gear.

Maybe there is indeed a lack of understanding of the system (after all, people don’t ninja for os/vendoring), but that is not saying it is perfect. Usually, people clear an entire dungeon and never see any drops. It is so weird. Maybe players cannot get anything with Need Before Greed either, but they would see the loot drop, maybe missing out on the rolls, maybe giving to the right class for the item. It is at least a spiritual comfort.

Perhaps Blizzard can make the personal loot system more appealing so that complaints calm down for a while, and then everyone is happy. Anyway, fast wow gold is necessary at any time in world of warcraft expansions, especially for Warlords dungeons. buy gold wow at Safewow to enjoy the Black Friday promo.

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How to Gear Up Fast in Early WOW Expansion Draenor

To head into the depth of Draenor, everyone should gear up well in early world of warcraft 6.0 expansion. This guide will show you how to gear up in Warlords with various methods, like killing elites, crafting and exchanging with Apexis and so on.
Guide to Gear up in Warlords

Way 1 Warlords 5-man dungeons

Heroic: Gear from all heroic Warlords dungeons is ilvl 630, with a small chance for it to be Warforged ilvl 636 with an extra socket.

Challenge: completing the instance rewards Challenger’s Strongbox, which contains ilvl 640 gear. This gear is appropriate for your class/spec but has randomized secondary stats.

Way 2 Apexis Crystal

Apexis Crystals are used to purchase epic gear from Crystal Traders in capital cities. If you do the basic Apexis Crystal quest daily, you will earn 5600 per week.

The easiest way to get Apexis Crystal is to complete the daily quest from your Town Hall table, like 800 Apexis Crystal for Killing elites, 1000 for daily level 100 group quests, and 1000 for daily level 100 PvP quests.

But accessing these quests requires you to have a Level 2 or 3 Garrison. Besides, you can also get Apexis Crystal vy killing level 100 mobs or completing Garrison Work Orders.

Way 3 PvP Gear
PvP gear is more powerful in PvP combat than PvE. Honor gear goes from 620 > 675 and Conquest gear goes from 660 > 690. Since PvP season will start on December 2nd, you cannot grab epic Conquest items at the start of Warlords. But Conquest gear may be decent gear in general after weeks, as it is ilvl 660 while Normal Highmaul loot is ilvl 655. You should collect 4000 Honor Points before Lvel 100 maps live.

Way 4 upgrading profession Epics

Players with a crafting profession can make all the crafted gear listed above. Armor goes 640 > 655 > 665 and weapons go 630 > 640 > 655. But it will take you 10 days to buy recipes needed for the item level boosts, and other days to craft.
Way 5 invasions and missions in Garrison

Invasion: completing Gold Victory successfully reward you with Invader’s Forgotten Treasure which may contain an ilvl 645 helm, shoulder, weapon, or boots.

For mission, you should know:

1. It will take some time to level followers up.

2. Not all item level missions reward gear.

3. If your leveled-up followers are weak, you may be likely to fail it and not get gear.

Way 6 world drops

1. World-drop BoEs (Ring, Cape, Helm, Offhand, Neck, Shield, Shoulder, Trinket, and Beltare) ilvl 665. These items can be looted from mobs in Draenor or found at the Level 3 Salvage Yard via Big Crate of Salvage.

Besides, BoEs (Capes, Belt, Hands, Feet, Neck, and Wrist) come from Highmaul.

2. Gears drop from World Bosses

There are three world bosses in Warlords of Draenor and you can spend your Seal of Tempered Fate on before the raids open.

Drov the Ruiner drops ilvl 650 necks, belts, and gloves.

Tarlna the Ageless drops ilvl 650 chests, belts, and gloves.

Rukhmar drops ilvl 665 boots, rings, and pants.

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Warlords of Draenor Irvine Signing Event with fast wow gold offering

When you can’t get yourself a much bigger Warlords of Draenor launch and signing celebration than BlizzCon, we’ll be holding a nearby signing event the night in the release of the development for anyone who live around the Orange County area. We’ll have over 100 developers on-hand to sign your box or bit of Warcraft memorabilia and help celebrate the beginning of a whole new adventure throughout the Dark Portal.
When the store opens at 10 a.m., pre-orders might be finalized, and a line may start forming.
When GameStop opens, product could possibly be purchased and wristbands are distributed when pre-orders are finalized.
Early arrivals should form a line about the left side on the GameStop entry way.
Thursday, November 13, 12:01 a.m. PST
Up-date: Warlords of Draenor available for pick-up (final sales receipt required).
Blizzard developer signing tables open.
NOTE: To ensure everybody can get home to try out the sport at the earliest opportunity, we’ll only be signing 1 item per attendee.

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Recently, a guy asked my brother (who plays wow):what keeps you playing? I though its really a good question
which remind us of many things, not only about wow. wow gold eu has been around for seven years this November.
Over the course of those nearly seven years, weve seen three expansions, countless content patches and a world event
to usher in each expansion. Thats a lot of content to experience for someone who has been playing since WoW first launched.
Even for a relatively new player, theres a lot of content to experience on the way to level 85.
What does someone who has leveled to 85, experienced all the endgame content and seen all the sights of Azeroth do next?
What keeps them playing after they see and do everything Azeroth have to offer? My brother has various alts that are all at
different levels. He is an achievement seeker and always going after various achievements that he can do himself or with
the help of some friends. Even pushing the limits of his class by seeing what past raids and current dungeons he can solo is
something he enjoys.Not everyone likes alts, the achievement system or playing alone. Everyone has their own definition of what
they consider fun while visiting Azeroth. A sprout daddy said: For me, it used to be the people. For years, I was in a guild filled with people Id gotten to know and had fun with. Gradually, those people left the game (most after LK had been out for a while), and eventually I moved to a new guild. That guild was just as strong, but fell apart in the boredom that has been Cataclysm. I quit about seven weeks ago and havent been back. For the solo player, theres just not enough to buy cheap wow gold anymore – Blizzard has seen fit to de-emphasize the opportunities for solo players to enjoy themselves right as they eliminated the motivations for many groups to stick with it. This isnt the same experience as it was in BC or LK – without guildies around, theres just not much to keep me playing.
Wow may remind you of those first tentative steps you took into Azeroth and the sheer unadulterated joy you had at exploring
the world. Yes, after many years playing us feel like we know the world inside and out, that nothing new surprise us anymore and
that weve seen it all before. Lets continue to fight in wow..

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Guldan revealed to Blackhand that the draenei were, in fact, nothing more than scapegoats, that the ancestor spirits and elementals were turning their backs on the orcs, but that a new path to power had been found. Guldan promised Blackhand power and respect – he told Blackhand that he would be a member of the ruling elite, the secret Shadow Council he was assembling to rule Draenor. And Blackhand believed him. Blackhand eagerly ordered his shaman to train in the new magics and become warlocks, not realizing that Guldan subverted their loyalty. Blackhand eagerly accepted as Guldan manipulated the newborn Horde into selecting Blackhand as their new Warchief, their first Warchief. It never even occurred to Blackhand that Guldan was using him – after all, wasnt he Warchief? It never occurred to him that Guldan had chosen him for the position because of his strange gullibility, his eagerness to believe anything as long as it was flattering to him and his prowess.

To destroy two worlds

Orgrim Doomhammer, Blackhands second in command, understood his clan leaders failings all too well. He watched as Blackhand allowed warlocks to twist his own children, to age them artificially to adulthood to be more cannon fodder for the Horde. He saw that merely claiming not to be worthy to drink from the same vessel as his Warchief would be enough to convince Blackhand that it was so, because it flattered Blackhand. Guldan wasnt so easily fooled, of course. Blackhand, for his part, utterly failed to see the growing tension between his second in command and his erstwhile advisor.

When the war against the draenei was over, Blackhand accepted Guldans argument that a new world was needed for the Horde to conquer, as Draenor was dying from the warlock magics that were now practiced so freely throughout the Horde. He led his troops through the Dark Portal, and there he began to see his unimpeded path to power and prestige balked for the first time. First the army of the humans balked his Horde at every step, then his own daughter Griselda, tired of her fathers patronizing attitude towards woman proved herself beyond his control. Her alliance with the ogre Turok and her fortification of the Deadmines was seen as an affront by her father, and he ordered her death. Considering hed forced her to undergo the Drain Life ritual to age her to adulthood, then forbade her to drink the blood of Mannoroth in order to shame her, its not surprising she rebelled. Her death seemed to teach Rend and Maim, his two sons, better obedience. Its unknown if Griseldas death in any way spurred Orgrim on – he was known to have liked Griselda alone of Blackhands three children.

What is certain is that, tactically brilliant though he was, Blackhand was too much Guldans puppet to lead the Horde to successful victory over the humans. This is because Guldan didnt actually care if he won or lost against the humans. It was a divine apotheosis that Guldan pursued on Azeroth, in a partnership with the human wizard Medivh (who was himself host of the spirit of Sargeras) and so, while Blackhands Horde floundered attempting to destroy Stormwind it was only a matter of time before Blackhand himself was on the chopping block.

Interestingly enough, Blackhand was still successful in his plan. He and Guldan managed to insert Garona into the Kingdom of Stormwind, where she struck as the assassin she was bred to be, cutting out King Llane Wrynns heart and thus dooming Stormwind to defeat. Yet while Blackhand was on the verge of triumph, his ally (and secret master) Guldan found himself comatose following an attempt to wrench the location of the Tomb of Sargeras from the dying mind of Medivh. While Guldan lay trapped in his own body, Orgrim Doomhammer killed Blackhand the Destroyer, who never saw it coming. Able to play the role of general and plan the most outrageous of betrayals, Blackhand seemed incapable of believing anyone who said good things about him could ever be a threat, and he died for it.

The aftermath of Blackhands death was fascinating. Doomhammer (known as the Backstabber by those loyal to Blackhand) became Warchief, his first action to dismantle the Sythegore Arm to prevent those loyalists from moving against him. Of his fateful decision to allow Guldan to live, weve already spoken – but he also allowed Rend and Maim Blackhand and their Black Tooth Grin clan to exist, and serve the Horde, a mistake that would gall Thrall later on. In the end, Blackhands genius for planning and executing plans couldnt save him from his weakness, his need to believe that he was far more respected and capable than he actually was.

As for his Iron Horde counterpart, he never found himself a Warchief. Perhaps this helped him control his raging egomania, or perhaps the ruler of Gorgrond is as prone to flattery as the Warchief was. Well find out soon.

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The Iron Horde is for the march, and also the Warlords of Draenor are primed to invade Azeroth on November 13! Steel yourself for that onslaught by watching an arsenal of vicious videos we’ve just unveiled within our recent live-stream event: the Warlords of Draenor opening cinematic, plus the first installment of the new animated lore miniseries, Lords of War.
Live Stream Event Replay
In case you missed the Warlords of Draenor live-stream event on Thursday, you can examine out your replay below. You’ll also hear the WoW developers set up information on the pre-launch in-game event, the gameplay from the expansion’s dynamic new PvP zone Ashran, and much more.
Warlords of Draenor Cinematic
At a pivotal moment in Draenor history, Warsong chieftain Grommash Hellscream challenges destiny and reforges the fate of his people. Witness the rise from the Iron Horde within the newly revealed Warlords of Draenor opening cinematic.
Lords of War: Part One—Kargath Bladefist
Before you harbor any hope of defeating the Iron Horde, you need to first know very well what—and whom—you’re against. Our new five-part series Lords of War introduces you to a few of the major players inside campaign on Draenor—you start with the sadistic Kargath Bladefist, leader of the Shattered Hand.
Well its pretty obvious why they scheduled it similar to this, its a waking hour around the West Coast but evening for Gamescom in Germany. Not great for either but workable.
Many World of Warcraft players seem to think I hate World of Warcraft, in fact, not the case. I love World of Warcraft, but the difficulty is definitely not the same thing and get started.
We had a great effort from top to bottom in the AOE, Warcraft basically allow any player can get started. World of Warcraft and LOL are moving in this direction to go.
Many people do not understand the relationship between difficulty and get started in World of Warcraft, for example, World of Warcraft is to get started, raid is difficult.
In the time I was in World of Warcraft (now I say not, oh), the user base is very broad, very broad user base for a game is very difficult to do development.
My favorite Ulduar has two groups in this mode (including an optional hard mode), after which we present in the group increased more difficult to expand the content.
Yes, I have committed so many years to make the game easier to learn to use, now hands take a break or.
Warcraft for many non-game appeal to both fans, or want to attract these people. LOL it does not pursue such a user base, plain and simple.

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It’s about that time of year again. $15 bucks a month, and it’s about time to fork over another wad of cash for a BlizzCon virtual ticket. Would it be too much to ask for a discount for yearly subscribers?I complain, but I LOVE BlizzCon, it’s like E3 for WoW junkies like me. For a couple of days a year we all get to put aside our differences, quit complaining about nerfs and just have fun. This year looks like it’ll be extra special considering it’s the 1oth anniversary of WoW, and we’ve got a little expansion hitting soon (Warlords of Draenor). Speaking of Draenor, there was a ton of new info dropped about the Garrisons feature in the latest Live Developer QA from Blizzard.
Everything we’ve seen from Blizzard so far has indicated that Warlords of Draenor is a huge celebration of WoW, a love-letter to the fans. It’s really incredible to see the fans rally around each new tidbit and release of content. Their new Lords of War series has also been well received. We’ve got two so far:

Lords of War Part One – Kargath
Before Kargath was a warlord, he was a slave. Before he ruled the Shattered Hand, he was a gladiator. Before he found deliverance, he sought vengeance.

Lords of War Part Two – Grommash
Grommash Hellscream’s legend was not born from mere brutality or conquest. His indomitable will helped him survive the impossible . . . but only after his recklessness nearly cost him everything.

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Hallow’s End is a celebration of the break between the Forsaken and the Scourge. Here are many tricks and treats waiting for you, like defeating the Headless Horseman, lighting own fire and casting stink bombs. You can buy wow gear us to equip yourself up for fun items and titles.
When does Hallow’s End start?

Hallow’s End has begun on October 18 and will end on November 1, 2014.

What is used to purchase?

Tricky Treats are the currency used to purchase candies and other special rewards. You can collect them by completing quests, and opening the pumpkins spread throughout inns in the world.

Interesting activities in this event

1. Defeating Seasonal Boss Headless Horseman

Every day, adventures can grant a Loot-Filled Pumpkin by joining in a hig-level encounter against Headless Horseman. Besides, players in Goldshire, Azure Watch, Kharanos, Brill, Razor Hill, or Silvermoon City may be bothered by the Headless Horseman’s atrocities, like inciting terror and lighting homes and buildings. So you have to take him down,

2. Visiting inns and cities for fun items

During this event, you can find orange candy buckets, which contain Tricky Treats and more, in capital cities throughout Azeroth and beyond. But beware. Sometimes you will get a trick as a treat. Besides, you can find apples and water ready for a game of apple-bobbing in each inn.

3. Daily quests for fun

Except for the above activities, you can do the daily quests for fun and for rewards, including Light My Fire and Stink Bombs. In the Wickerman celebration outside the city gates of Undercity and Stormwind, you should light your faction’s Wickerman to earn a nice buff as a reward, or put a damper by dousing the opposing faction’s Wickerman on the holiday. Meanwhile, you also can drop a smelly surprise oto the opposite faction’s Hallow’s End in the form of stink bambs.

Doing the daily quests and completing the activities, you can gain both special rewards and happiness. So buy WOW gear with exclusive code “Draenor” to equip yourself up for this celebration.

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WOW Patch 6.0.2 with Void Bank and Toy Box Comes now

World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.2 will go live on October 14 with its Upper Blackrock Spire. In the Warlords of Draenor pre-patch, the additional Void Storage tab and Toy Box will offer much more rooms for other useful items in the Iron Tide.

Toy Box in Warlords of Draenor

What makes Patch 6.0.2: the Iron Tide outstanding?


Warlords pre-expansion patch 6.0.2 will be available on October 14, 2014. There, you will experience some new content and plots. The most important thing is the invasion of the Iron Horde. The strange-looking orcs have been pouring into Azeroth, and the only way to win is to take a direct fight to the Iron Horde through the Dark Portal into Draenor.

The Alliance and the Horde of Azeroth should also head to Upper Blackrock Spire to counterstrike against the Iron Horde. Available to level-90 characters for a limited time, this specially revamped five-player version of Upper Blackrock Spire pushes you to face Orebender Gor’ashan, Kyrak, and Commander Tharbek.


Void Bank and Toy Box are introduced into Patch 6.0.2


As you arm to the teeth to win the guard fight, you need a powerful company, mounts or/and pets, to help you. To manage them better, Void Bank and Toy Box will come with this patch.

The launch of Patch 6.0.2 makes majority of players excited, because they will have a full void storage and a toy box. They can put all toys into the toy box. And Reagent tab allows players to craft items using materials in the bank, rather than putting them in the bags. What’s more, bags will come with a “Clean up Bags” option to move all the empty slots to one area. With the addition of Void Storage tab, there will be more space for other useful items.

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Welcome WOW 6.0.2: The Iron Tide and Say Goodbye to Pandaria,More details: