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The roadmap is still in progress. We have been shuffling some things around with respect to 5.5 and 5.6 and we need that to settle before we can let you know exactly what is coming and when.you can buy cheap swtor gold from Swtor2credits.

It was our plan to put out Game Update 5.5 in late September but we have made the decision to move it into early October (currently 10/10). We did this to allow us more time to focus in on quality for our Game Updates to avoid some of the issues we had with 5.4.

Class balance is still planned for 5.5. I expect I will start putting out those details starting next week.

We know returning Companions is something there is great interest in. As soon as we have an announcement on any Companions coming back in a Game Update, you will be the first to know!


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Adventures in The Star Wars: the Old Republic with Plenty SWTOR Gold

Now players can buy SWTOR Gold at sw-tor-credits.com with such a low price and fast delivery. The Star Wars: the Old Republic is become hot in MMO game world! Now let us have a look on Kai Zykken here, which is everyone’s heard of the amazing adventures. It is obvious that players do not know that there’s even less to players than being really great at everything. It is true that once a player is also a connoisseur of all the galaxy’s finest things, and today, players is going to share a few of their favorites!

Players pretty sure that they have found themselves wondered like that, “How could I do this same boring stuff, but look awesome like Kai Zykken when I do it?”The answer is usually like this: my new line of sleek and unique vehicles! All these are big and small without any types. Just dive right in!

Next let us have a look on Mega Mounts. Have players ever been speeding around Vaiken Spacedock in your Korrealis, thinking of yourself, “If only some brilliant vehicle maker could give me a way to take up even more space, players would regard it really important and attractive.”

The player usually took the types of things that player love as follows, Transports, combat droids, even rancors, which all been made small. As a matter of fact, their “smallness” is guaranteed to develop their relative statured. If players like small and cute Mount, then Kai’s Micro Mounts are designed for them! Now just buy enough SWTOR Gold for sale online to exchange the materials for the Mounts.

swtor gold from doing Diplomacy missions

I found it easiest to level up all my companions to max affection by giving cultural artifacts to Khem Val (hard to get faction with from quests), weapons to Andronikus Revel (his only favorite without courting), Military Gear to Xalek, Republic Memorabilia to Ashara Zavros, and Imperial Memorabilia to Talos Drellik. I then sold everything else I got. Buy swtor gold online at http://www.swtor2credits.com/ now 10% free bonus!

This was from doing Diplomacy missions to earn alignment points and gifts at the same time of course. If you are not doing missions, you will want to just buy the gifts that your companions get max affection gain from (96 from an appropriate-level uncommon-quality gift).

Do not give your companions trophies, technology, luxuries, or underworld goods! These are easily sold on the GTN for the same price as practically any gift, which will give 2-4 times as much affection for the same price.

SWTOR Sith Inquisitor Companions Guide

Just remember that for affection, you can max out each companion’s affection just by spending around 50,000 credits on the gift vendor / GTN per companion. When it comes to effectiveness, Talos is the only healer, Andronikus does the most damage, and for tanking I personally prefer Xalek (though I would not consider him a massive advantage over Khem Val).


Want the best builds and leveling tactics for every advanced class in SWTOR?

If you answered that question with a yes, then you need to get the Aeon SWTOR Mastery Guide.

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2 Useful Tips for Easy swtor gold with 10% bonus at swtor2credits

Currency plays a large role in every MMO, and the galaxy far far away is no exception. From training costs, to speeders, and even to taxis, it seems everyone is trying to get a piece of your credit stack. Fear not, the star wars universe is chalk full of wallet filling opportunities that will have you movin’ on up to the east side of the space station in no time. Swtor gold cheap at http://www.swtor2credits.com/.

While each Crew Skill has the capacity to make a good amount of credits, this guide focuses on some of the simple and effective methods anyone can use to line their space pants with star-bucks.

Be Stingy

As the old saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned, and it works just as well in The Old Republic. With the amount of gear/items you receive from quests, heroics, flashpoints, PVP dailies there should be no reason you’re spending credits on anything other than training new abilities and running crew missions. That being said, don’t pump too much money into you’re crew skills (except maybe Splicing) as the cost of sending one of your companions out will quickly begin to skyrocket. It’s a safer bet to pace your crew skills out with your leveling, as the rewards received from quests are then able to fund your expeditions.

From quest rewards and mob drops alone, you should have no problem covering all training and speeder costs straight through to level 50 if you spend wisely.

Warzones and PVP Dailies

If blood money is your thing, there’s a decent amount of credits to be made from every PVP match and daily quest that goes along with it. The daily quest also has the added reward of a random PVP item container, which will give you a BOE item around your level that can be vendored or thrown up on the GTN for the chance at a little more money. And remember, medals earned in a warzone contribute to your credits gained.

For the PVP inclined, you’ll also be collecting Warzone Commendations and Valor. The commendations providing a good set of custom gear at level 20 and 40, and the valor will give you a head start on that rank 60 Battlemaster status you’ll be craving when you hit 50.


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Swtor2credits Guide for Swtor Legacy Storage with Safe swtor gold

Recently, a lot of hot topics about Swtor Legacy Storage have been hotly discussed among players. Eric Musco, one of the devs, has also went to SWTOR forms to explain the Legacy Storage feature now and then. However, a systematic guide is necessary. Now you can learn more information from swtor2credits guide and also buy safe swtor credits from there too. http://www.swtor2credits.com/

How do I get Legacy Storage coming with Galactic Strongholds?

It’s well-known that SWTOR Legacy Storage will come to this game with the upcoming Galactic Strongholds Expansion. You will get Legacy Storage for free with the completion of the “introduction to Strongholds Mission” upon acquiring your first Stronghold. Legacy Storage will be craftable and is possible to appear on the Cartel Market. That is to say, it would be available on GTN for credits as well.

How to add another Legacy Storage to the Strongholds?

Some players want to add another Legacy Storage to their Strongholds, but they are worried about addition of more storage space. Eric has responded that these worries are groundless for it doesn’t. Adding more Legacy Storage “units” will simply add another access point, similar to how the cargo hold works. Then it allows you to increase the size by adding more bays.

Swtor2credits guide for the size of the bay.

Legacy Storage comes by default, with one bay unlocked. The bay will have 80 slots in it. You can also purchase additional bays with credits or Cartel Coins.

Can I transfer items through my Legacy Storage?

To this issue, it depends on the features of the items. For some, such as the BoP items, though great efforts have been made on it, you cannot place or transfer BoP items through your Legacy Storage. More efforts have to be made.

For other items, such as your crafting materials, you can surely access them from the Legacy Storage. The way it will work is that when you go to craft something, your materials will be pulled in this priority order: Inventory, Cargo, Legacy storage.

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Developer Update: Spoils of War with swtor gold

Game update 2.8 Spoils of War is now live, and with it, BioWare posted 3 developer updates and a developer blog. in These designer Chris Schmidt, PvP Designer Alex Modny, Lead Flashpoints and Operation Designer George Smith and Associate Producer Andrew Horwitz ( many new names here? ), outlines what to expect with the new update. You can read them all in there original form over at the official Star Wars: The old Republic website here and here, or you can read it all below as we have shamelessly copy pasted it all for you viewing pleasure.

Greetings Galactic Citizens!

On the Republic and Imperial fleets, you will notice some new floating advertisement terminals perhaps too enticing to ignore. When activated, you are a captive audience for the Star Cluster and Club Vertica Casino advertisements, inviting you to come and experience the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife for a limited time.
The heart of Nar Shaddaa Nightlife is the Smuggler’s Luck and Kingpin’s Bounty slot machines. Through these machines, players can win unique weapons, armor, cosmetic abilities, and mounts including an exclusive Rancor mount!
Smuggler’s Luck machines consume Smuggler’s Casino Chips, which can be purchased with Warzone Commendations. Players using these machines have a chance of winning additional Smuggler’s Chips, Kingpin’s Chips, or Golden Certificates (more on these in a second). Additionally, the machine will sometimes grant you a Feeling Lucky buff, which increases your chances of winning on a Kingpin’s Bounty machine.

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SWTOR Guide for Jedi Knight Guardian Skills and Ability II with cheap swtor credits

In the previous article, we introduce the skill analysis of Jedi Knight Guardian. Today, we would continue to share the experience of choosing skills for Guardian. Hope this article would help you guys learn more about this gorgeous character.

Third Level

Shien Form: This skill in PVE is useless. To add the Single Saber Mastery and Shien Form all effect can increase 12% damage, all attack skill which would consume the focus can get 1 focus recovery. There is no doubt the function of Shien is recovering the Focus quickly.

Unremitting: After you release Force Leap in 4 second, the damage reduced 20%. In addition, it will remove all conditions. If you arrive at this level, this talent skill you must choose it!

Burning Blade: Blade Storm has 50%/100% chance to create DOT damage. Generally, it wouldn’t play a big role.

Gather Strength: When you are reduced speed by the monster, the next attack skill which consumes focus would increase 5%/10% effect. It is a practical skill, why not choose it?


Blade Barricade: After release Riposte in 6 seconds, it will increase offensive 2%/4%/6%. If your armor is not so good, this skill would better for you!

Warding Call: Released this skill, you can reduce 40% damage in 10 seconds. Absolutely it is the necessary choice.

Profound Resolution: To reduce the CD about 15/30 for Resolute. You can depend on your personal necessity to choose it.

Pacification: To increase the damage of Force Sweep, Cyclone Slash, Hilt Strike about 5%/10%/15%. Actually, this skill is not effective.

The Forth Level


Effulence: Force Sweep no longer consumes focus, if you arrive at this level this absolutely is the necessity.
Vigilance: To reduce Overhead slash CD 2/4/6 seconds, Blade Storm CD 1/2/3 seconds. It is the main skill to explore in PVP, and the primary DPS skill in PVE.
Narrowed Focus: During the Shien Mode, each time you get range damage would get 1 focus.


Shield Specialization: To increase the Shield strike rating about 2%/4%. While, if you choose to improve the advanced offensive sill, this would be a great choice.
Command: To increase the group force CD 7.5/15 second. Undoubtedly, it is the necessity ability.
Courage: If you lack of force, this skill you would better chose it! The courage can reduce the next Force Sweep and Blade Storm force consume.

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How Much Information about SWTOR Credits Cartel Coins do You Know

If you are a player of Star Wars, you may know the role of Cartel Coins which plays a critical role if you want to experience more new contents or enjoy more stimulus moments in SWTOR patches. However, how much information do you know about SWTOR Cartel Coins? Today, we’ll help you have a clear understanding about it.

What is the role of Cartel Coins in SWTOR?
Finding out the role of Cartel Coins is the premise for you to use it. Cartel Coins are a kind of game currency. It can be used to trade for gears, experience booster, vanity items, character transfer and so on. Taking the character transfer for example, you’ll be required to spend 1800 cc for each character to transfer into a new server. If you want to experience new contents or use more advanced weapons, you have to use the coins to exchange from the vendors or from the GTN. Hence, preparing for enough Cartel Coins is the basic step for you to experience many new things timely and completely.

How to make Cartel Coins in this game?
After understanding the role of Coins, you may want to know the way to get it eagerly. As for the ways to get coins, there are wide choices for you. And sometimes it does not need the slightest effort. On one condition, Cartel Coins will be given as rewards when you subscribe into this game. In order to encourage more players to be members of subscribers, considerable coins will be sent for free. This is the easiest way to get it. On the other condition, you need to purchase from Cartel Market by paying real money. You’ll be asked to register and provide some of your personal private information, including mail address.

Where can you use the Cartel Coins?
Once you have already prepared for enough Coins and made it clear about what you are going to purchase, you will need to know where to spend Cartel Coins. In general, you need to find your ideal weapons in Galactic Trade Network, the corresponding price will also be showed clearly. Moreover, you can buy from other players directly. Different weapons or gears will be gained in screw process. Every player has the right to sell their spare gears to other players even in the same guild.

What the cartel coins bring to you?
Cartel coins are used to buy necessary gears or weapons. Hence, before you decide to spend coins, you need to figure it out what the outputs are after using them. Generally speaking, your gears would become more advanced, your level should be improved by using them. In a word, your status in the game is getting better than before by using coins.

I hope there would no more doubts about the Cartel coins for you after reading the information above. According to the official news, a new chance is coming very soon by using cc. The new Ework companion Treek which would be released in Patch 2.3, will have no legacy level requirement if you purchased with cartel coins. Are you ready to meet it?

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Several Tips for the Relics of the Gree Achievement with swtor credits

Finally, Relics of the Gree is coming to us now. From the PTS, we’ve already known the general contents of this event. A lot of achievements need to be done in this
event. This would be another great chance for wide players to get a big fight since the twelve bosses in Game Update 2.2: Operation Nightmare. Here, we would give you
some tips for completing these achievements. It would be much better if they can bring you some hints in the following fight.

Locating your targets all the time in the fighting process is the premise to ensure your victory. Just as other raids in this game, boss is always the final target you need to clear in your each mission. Several bosses are distributed in this event, as well. Gravak’k and Surgok’k are the two main bosses in metal achievement. However, there are also many other obstacles will come to you in the fighting process. 1000 droids and 25 creatures need to be cleared out at the same time. And these obstacles distributed in 5 planets. Hence, Mini Gray Secant would not be a bad choice for you. Locating your targets all the time is quite necessary to help you complete your mission timely and accurately.

Allocating your time reasonably in each planet is also an important strategy to complete more achievements. As I have mentioned above, all the droids and the creatures are distributed in 5 planets. The difficulty of completing missions is varied from planet. According to the PTS, planets like Tatoonie and Quesh are fairly easy to
complete while planets like Alderaan and Balmorra would be extremely time consuming as creatures are scattered all over. Consequently, allocating your time reasonably
plays a critical role in completing your missions smoothly.

Each achievement is measured with different rewards. If you are careful enough, you may notice that the Relics of the Gree achievement can be divided into two kinds.
One is the general named Metal Achievement: Gray Perpendicular and the other is PVP. Each of them has different required sub-achievements. Of course, different rewards
will be given, different Legacy title and achievement point. Hence, making a comparison before taking in achievement would not be a bad choice for you.

If you have better ideas or strategies for meeting the coming Relics of the Gree Achievement, we’re all ears to your explanation. You can visit our Facebook to
interact with us. Your any suggestions will be appreciated sincerely and warmly.Come to buy swtor credits pay by paypal no conformation any more on swtor2credits.com
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Farming swtor credits and learn SWTOR Scum and Villainy Guide II

The second boss is the Titan6: In the normal mode, there is only one player who play as big Tank to fight with big boss, and deputy Tank to deal with foes. Before the

life blood about 20%, there are three skills. When they announced Defense Sequence Two, they would release rocket to all people and can’t dodge. But all players should

keep distance with each other, the damage would increased if you guys keep close. Then, you should pay attention to escape the red circle release AOE damage. Next,

there are several robots will release and the boss would repeat to release the rockets. After that, the boss would announce the Defense Sequence Three and you guys

would better hide behind the rocks. As long as you enter into the yellow zone after the rocks, you would crouch automatic.
Due to the boss can take off like a rocket, and the rocket left a trail of fire can kill you instantly. Then, there are six robots all round. You should find the big

Boss as soon as possible, and the assistance Tank should pull the foes near to the Boss. The other players who have rage should pull foes close to Boss either so that

AOE damage can hit Boss. Just repeat these stages till the life blood of boss about 20%. The Boss would transmit to the shape of Tank and set fire around him, the

vanguard fighter and tank should stand in the space of fire.

The Hardcore Mode: First is the increased of the Defense Sequence Two rocket damage. Due to the Rocket you can not escape that, so all the players would better spread

out and stop running so as not to increase the damage of closer. After the red circle AOE strike and the second Defense Sequence Two, it would release the strong AOE

damage to deal with the current tank player. If the output player stand in this circle would be killed in second and another tank should take over the Boss. In

addition, during the stage of Defense Sequence Three, each rock only can hide one person so you should react quickly to find a rock hide yourself. The second stage,

the boss transfer to Tank it would pull the long-distance players into the fire so that everyone would absorb the damage from rocket. So, you guys would separate out

and release the CD.

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