OSRS Construction Guide: Levels from 1 to 99

There are certain skills in Old School Runescape which are very important for the High-level players. Some of them are combat-related, others are not related. Construction is one of the important non-combat skills for any High-level player in the game. Building your own house is going to make life easier when it comes to teleporting runescape gold or training certain skills such as Prayer.

In this guide, we are going to show you how to train your Construction skill from level 1 to 99 in a short time. This OSRS Construction guide will be covering everything related to the skill.

Training this skill requires you to buy a house from an Estate Agent for 1K coins. Once you have a house, you will be able to start training your Construction skill by building furniture all over the house.

Upon reaching Level 20 Construction, you will be able to hire a Servant from the servant house which is located in East Ardougne. There are 5 types of Servants you can hire, each one has a required construction level to be unlocked.These Servants are used to bring you Planks from your own bank, which speeds up the training process. The better the Servant, the more planks can be brought from the bank. Also, the trip time will be shorter, but the cost per item will be higher.

The available Servants can be unlocked at a Construction level of 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50. I would suggest you to start using Servants from level 40 Construction because any Servant below Level 40 is not that good in terms of capacity and the trip also takes a long time.

The hired Servant will appear inside your house only if you have two bedrooms with beds inside each one of them. You won’t be able to hire another Servant until you fire your current Servant.

You will be able to ask the Servant to bring you planks from the bank for 8 times only. After that, you will need to re-pay the Servant to start responding to your orders. The money can only be paid through your inventory or via the servant’s moneybag which can be built inside your house at level 58 Construction.
Building Rooms

Building furniture inside your house requires you to be in the Building Mode. There are many types of rooms can be built inside your house, each has different types of furniture. Each room has a required construction level to be built and the same applies to any furniture. And of course, the higher the requirement, the higher the XP you gain.

Right-click on any door inside your house and select “Build Door hotspot” to be able to choose from a list of rooms which can be built depending on your Construction level.
Level 74 to 99 Construction (Alternative)

From level 74 to 99, you will need to build Oak Dungeon Doors in the Dungeon room. Each Oak Dungeon Door requires 10 Oak Planks. Building one Oak Dungeon Door gives you 600 XP and 198,970 Oak Planks are needed to reach level 99. You can keep building Teak Garden Benches instead, but it’s all depending on your budget.

Overall, reaching high levels of Construction will allow you to use many useful things inside your house. The Ornate Pool is one of them which can be built at level 90 Construction and it rests all your stats, hitpoints and almost everything. There is also the fairy ring which allows you to teleport directly from your house through the fairy teleport system and can be built at level 85 Construction. The Nexus Portal is another thing allows you to teleport almost everywhere and you need level 92 Construction to build it.

After all, choosing a way to train your Construction is totally depending on how much are you willing to spend. Keep in mind that XP per hour ratios can’t be accurately calculated since it will be different for each one depending on lags and how fast you can get used to the process.

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OSRS Deadman Permadeath Stage on June 29

OSRS Deadman Summer Finals 2019 have started at 3pm BST on Saturday June 22nd, with top players from the Summer Season competing for $32,000 in prize money. OSRS Deadman Permadeath Stage will begin at 8pm BST on Saturday June 29th. On that day the Summer Finals will be held live at Jagex HQ, which will not be a ticketed event and will not be open to the public. Same as the previous Spring Finals, the 1v1 section of the OSRS DMM Summer Season Finals includes the last 256 surviving players of the Permadeath stage.
If you want to watch the Deadman Mode Finals, you could head to the official OldSchoolRS Twitch channel for the action of the Summer Finals Permadeath stage.
Deadman event ends with OSRS DMM Summer

It is confirmed that OSRS DMM Summer Season 2019 will be the last Deadman event of its kind. According to the Tweet from the official account, this decision is made “with a hiatus following whilst we refine what Deadman should be”.
If you have followed @OSRSPvP on Twitter, you could keep following it for official information, including updates on the Last Man Standing and Bounty Hunter reworks, and a focus on community-driven PvP.

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See the Latest Design of OSRS Crystal Armour Set by Mod Gee

The latest design of OSRS Crystal Armour, a brand-new crystal armour set, has been displayed by Mod Gee on Twitter. You could also learn some basics runescape gold of this new armour before its release with the Song of the Elves quest.
New Design of OSRS Crystal Armour

Recently the design of OSRS Crystal Armour has raised quite a heated discussion among Old School RS players. Now Mod Gee, the junior character artist for the game, has shown us the latest design picture of the Crystal Armour on Twitter.
The design has been adjusted for several times based on players’ feedback and advice. Some days ago the team initiated a vote on the straw-poll, allowing players to vote for the one they want from several designs. Mod Gee also said thanks for players’ patience and feedback, especially those who voted on the straw-poll and commented.
Learn basics of OSRS Crystal Armour

OSRS Crystal Armour is a ranged crystal armour set which is planned to release with OSRS Song of the Elves quest. The set consists of OSRS crystal coif, crystal chaps and crystal body.
The Crystal Armour has a set effect, which offers a 15% damage boost and a 30% accuracy boost to the crystal bow OSRS when all the pieces of the set are worn. If you only wear the individual pieces of the set, there will be 3% damage boost and 6% accuracy boost from this effect for each item worn.
You could read our OSRS Crystal Armour preview if you want to learn the armour stats and requirements to create.

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Not every skill might earn you Osrs Gold like this… Those words probably were said to you million times before. „Stop joking around, if you want to earn runescape gold , go Pking! Go and show your strengh in Duel Arena!“ But it‘s not that complicated. Every player shares different views on how the game should be played and blood baths in Duel Arena might not be for everyone, who wants to make Osrs Gold. As might know, in Old School Runescape, the foundation of your account is based on 23 totally different skills. Each of those skills brings new challenges to face and obstacles to overcome. Some of those might take not take much take to level up, but some might take you hours, days or weeks to master. Some of those skills might not make you any gold, while others, might will make your bank grow. At the end of the day, you want to understand the most reliable ways to generate rapid wealth now. Not tommorow, not next week. I mean, now! After you finish reading this article, we hope you will easily answer yourself to a question on how are planning to earn that powerful Armadyl Goldsword, or the legendary indigo blue Kodai wand. Though that those extra 50M will just drop out of the sky like a lootboxes? Or maybe your friends are super generous and will lend you some? If thats the case, please forward them to us. Believe us, life is not that easy, but don‘t start panicking just yet, as the answer to you questions is hidden in plain sight. Be prepared to invest your time into profitable skills. Those skills will not only beef up your overall stats, but will also kickstart your journey to a reliable and long-term source of income. Boys and girls, ladies and gents, here is what you should know about making OSRS gold with Runecrafting, Slayer or Hunter:


Runecrafting is probably one of those skills, that will take much more of your time, comparing to other skills. However, this is of the most profitable in-game skills, because, believe it or not, runes are always in demand. Runecrafters have been like a life-savers for Pkers, alchers and even skillers for a several years now. Therefore, it lets easily transform pure essences into juicy gold. This applies to every Runescape skill, but I cannot just mention the fact, that the higher is your skill level, the more rewards you get. Old School Runescape logic is pretty simple – double runes from essence is the same as calculated max hit  from your dragon claws. That also means that you will receive more profit potential for your efforts. But let‘s say that you have a job, a girlfriend or some friends. It‘s natural that might don‘t want to invest time into 92 runecrafting skill. You simply want to maximize your profits per hour. There a solution – try astral runecrafting. If you reached level 40 and doubled at 82, you can craft OSRS astral runes. Assume that you can get 180gp per item. If you reach runecrafting level 82+, you could be earning a tasty 1.4M an hour! #Runescape4life. Take a note that you need to reach level 92 to double nature runes, so this method could you save a bunch of time. Not only you will earn a tons of gold, but will also gain 24k magic and 35k runecrafting XP and hour doing so. Show me a person who wouldn‘t like that!


Slayer skill was introduced to players back in 2005. This skill is widely known as a support skill, which is best awknoledged as a long-term revenue at high levels. It provides players with a bunch of new weapons to use, number of new creatures to slay and variety of delicious drops. During your trip from slayer level 1 to an ultimate level 99, you might expect to make nearly 500M! Imagine you‘re playing Runescape with your mates. Suddenly, everyone decides to go all out and boost their Osrs max hit training strength or range. We‘re glad that you‘re reading this article, as from now on, you will know what suggestion you should give to you friends at such situations… Profitable OSRS
Slayer Monsters

Blue Dragons (level 111)

These creatures require no Osrs slayer level, meaning that you can melee or range blue dragons for their blue hides and dragon bones. These bastards are dwelling in Taverly Dungeon, Ogre Enclave or the Heros Guild – each with their own respective safe spot. Of course, it all depends on your level and combat style, as you might choose either melee or range. However, assuming that your numbers are pretty high, you could walk away with around 200k – 500k per hour. Insane business. Just don‘t leave your anti-dragon shield at home. It might come in handy.

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Here’s what you can expect this week!
Rotated ancient elven ritual shard inventory model to give clearer distinction between the item and the Magic stone used for construction.
Missing flooring has been re-added to a house south of Granny Potterington’s farm.
The ramp on the north side of Granny Potterington has now been fixed and can now be walked upon as expected.
Leather body (class 3), Bow (class 3) and Bow (class 4) no longer stretch when worn.
A gap above the scrollbar of the chatbox in Legacy interface mode has been removed.
Removed the monthly oyster’s longer closing animation, to prevent the top and bottom halves of shell clipping through each other.

Top ↑
Skills, D&D and Minigames
Leaving ‘Til Death Do Us Part event area with War’s javelins equipped will now reset your combat style back to melee.
Fixed a typo in warning message you receive when clicking on pillars during Til Death Do Us Part event.
Rift particles now draw correctly when teleporting to the Halloween event from an instance.
Tweaked wobbegong fishing locations to make sure they do not deplete too soon.
The Farming skillcape perk message now correctly reflects the master farmer outfit’s ability to clean herbs.
Players will now correctly return to the expected Player-owned Port portal entrance when they use the Exit function at their exit portal.
Signs of the porter will now work in conjunction with collecting clean herb from patches (via the Farming outfits) as well as collecting the Player Owned Farm honey varieties from the Apiaries.
The Crystal tool siphon will now only work on tools, as it was intended.


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Top ↑
Quests, Challenges and Achievements
Sick-looking sheep (2) can now consistently be prodded during the Sheep Herder quest.
Fixed an issue where the Rag and Bone Man quest could not be completed under certain conditions.

Top ↑
Block incoming share offers toggle now works correctly.
Mobile-specific options no longer appear in the options menu while in the tutorial on the desktop client.
The ‘destroy plant pots’ and ‘destroy buckets’ settings once again operate as expected.
A typo in the message given for destroying items in the settings interface has been corrected.
A typo within the settings interface in regards to sell value when interacting with vendors has been fixed.
Grammatical inconsistencies on the choice selection for a new account have been fixed.

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One thing though that we and many other Runescape fans get a real kick out of is watching Runescape rage quit videos. The whole rage quite thing has been done to death and some of them are clearly staged. But the ones where some guy or gal is playing a game of Runescape and gets screwed over makes a mistake or has the game crash on them and then they flip out is always funny. Well funny in a kind of messed up way, most of us are not actually laughing at the persons misfortune, but 99/100 the situation that causes a person to slam down the power button, flip their keyboard or start cursing more than a sailor is something that we can all relate to!

What made us think about Runescape rage quit videos today is that as it is coming close to the end of 2017, we know that in the next couple of weeks some very clever Runescape fans will be uploading the best Runescape rage quite clips that have happened this year.

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Improved Volcanic Mine

According to the player’s feedback, made some improvements

1. You can lift the upgraded version of the fertile soil spells on the lunar spellbook and get 40,000 points. (note: needs Volcanic ash and the runes to cas)

2. Get rewards with an additional 100 points from mining a boulder to the whirlpool in the Volcanic Mine.

3. Mine XP has been polished by 10% .

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The desert city of Menaphos has been a black square on the RuneScape map for over a decade now, so a lot of fans were pleased to see that it would be the destination for RuneScape’s next expansion. Unlike the harsh and hostile Kharidian Desert, Menaphos is more akin to an oasis city like ancient Babylon. The basic story that awaits players is that the pharaoh of Menaphos is actually a puppet of the corrupt goddess Amascut, who is busy tearing the surrounding area to pieces in search of her father. Standard RuneScape fare.

Amascut’s rumblings have, fortunately for the player, also revealed the Tombs of Menaphos, which is a unique dungeon that will favour the player’s knowledge of RuneScape puzzles and skilling rather than their combat abilities. Players will also come across a new god, Crondis, a devourer-type desert god who is consuming all of the city’s resources. Completing a quest will allow the player to enlist Crondis an ally to fight Amascut in the main pyramid that looms above Menaphos. That pyramid is, of course, a giant slayer dungeon full of creatures who want to kill and eat you.

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A sneaky closing announcement from Jagex at RuneScape 2016 was the raising of the Slayer skill level cap to 120 as part of the Golden City of Menaphos expansion. Players who already have a virtual Slayer skill level of 120 will not be affected by the change and will keep their completionist capes. Players below the level 120 boundary will have three months after the release of Menaphos to reach the new maximum level.

This isn’t just a pointless level cap increase – upon reaching the new level cap, players will be able to become their own Slayer Masters, assign themselves Slayer Tasks and create their own monsters in dungeons.

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Runescape is based mostly on the medieval era

What’s the best site to buy runescape 3 gold never being cheated?RSorder.com is your first choice.How do you keep an online role-playing game, feeling fresh after 15 years? You can add a new level, people and equipment, but not those of a healthy and exciting sounds cruel capitalism dose. That is why the developer Jagex has just announced that it reshape the massively multiplayer online games RUNESCAPE as DarkScape, a new world, where players can get a new economic wealth, or die trying. In moderate threat area, there is no risk level, which means that the player can attack another player, regardless of their height difference. Guards are in town, but no patrol road. Moderate threat area consists of a red shield and sword single meaning.

High-threat area also lacks the level of risk, and is not protected by guards. Two common examples of high-threat areas, including upper and ground floors of some buildings, and in the wilderness. High-threat area consists of a skull and two crossed swords referred. Some areas of the original game security have become high-threat areas, including player-owned houses and rune essence mine. Darkspace is open to all players in RuneScape, they can actually log in using their existing account in RuneScape, but the game is still new, original Jagex hopes to attract a sufficient amount of players to help it cleverly experience. I can only imagine that the people who managed to persist in RuneScape this time will be very happy in a new, exciting adventure prospect. Personally, though, I’m not that excited.

Essentially, it sounds like DarkScape may be “Arabian Nights Eve”, many people have been hoping. And free-to-play, at that. It should be noted that it is still RUNESCAPE. It is also still in the experimental stage, it sounds like the future is uncertain server. However, it could be great fun while it lasts. Players in the Jagex studio again came up with a genius idea storm and change the game implemented the new changes Runesacpe called Darkscape. Gielinor (RuneScape position in) the world has entered a realm of darkness in the world can be completely PvP! For some players, this is a much needed update to the game as much as possible to play this game, to show the advantages of their own in the battle Wildy rules (Wilderness) applications.

Darkscape is free to play, including the contents of most of the members, so you have no excuse not to give it a shot, but be careful. Welcome in RuneScape. Most of us are in the game to play in our lives. In RuneScape is a massively multiplayer game, is primarily based in the Middle Ages people roam the land and the dragon king ruled with an iron fist. The game just so much to it, you can always find something new to do. In a sense, this game was released back in 2001, if you have come so far from it started as. The game is very fun and very addictive. You will spend countless hours in this game, the level and the project grind to get. Everyone has their own pro and love this game, and some of the pros and cons and hate it.

Overall, this is an amazing game is so much fun to play with friends or make new friends to team up with. In a sense, it takes a long time, if you’re going to try to complete everything there is so much to do in this game, in this game. This game lets you create your own person, and put them on their adventure, you progress through the game. Now, they have been in the current version of RuneScape (RS3), and they brought back a more classic version, in RuneScape (Old College) I will cover both versions. This story is very good, when it grips, you almost can not put the book down. In the exciting finale gave me hope third book, if it is such as this then we are in for a treat.
In return Canifis setting also sought to arouse more enthusiasm from the audience than ever before somewhere. Although Varrock what you might expect from a fantasy title, Morytania try conjure dirty, dirty little cottage combining images and two wet marshes and industrialization of hell. It is very well done, and paints a vivid image for the reader. I highly recommend it to return Canifis reading. Despite reading of betrayal in Falador understand what was happening, the franchise needed in RuneScape no further understanding.

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