Free RS Umbral Chest Offered as Twitch Prime Loot

From June 18th, RS Umbral Chests are offered to all Twitch Prime members. By opening the chests you will obtain some guaranteed super-rare prizes runescape gold , items beneficial for skill training and other rewards.
RS umbral chest available for Twitch Prime members

As the Twitch Prime offer this month, two RuneScape umbral chests can be obtained from June 18, 2019. If you are the member of Twitch Prime, you could log into your Twitch Prime account and claim the umbral chest.
A guaranteed super-rare Treasure Hunter prize can be gained from RuneScape umbral chest. By opening the umbral chest, there is a chance to obtain various prizes, including 200m coins, Lucky Guthan’s staff, Lucky Ahrim’s staff, Lucky Dharok’s staff and more. You can also get some items which can be used for experience, such as RuneScape silverhawk feathers, protean hides and protean logs.
How to claim Twitch Prime RuneScape umbral chest?

Follow these steps if you want to claim your umbral chest or other RuneScape Twitch Prime loot:
1. Create or log in to your Twitch Prime account.
2. Find the offer on the drop-down list on Twitch. Click on the link in Step 1 to link your Twitch and Runescape accounts even if they are already linked.
3. Login if asked to.
4. Click “Confirm” on the Runescape webpage.
Then you are able to start playing to enjoy the RuneScape umbral chest or other Twitch Prime loot.

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NextGen accidentally leaked in livestream with runescape gold 50% off sale on 5.22

During a livestream on Friday, Jagex Mod Shauny accidentally leaked a logo of what appears to be some kind predatory bird with the words “NextGen” below. Actually, what is Runescape Next Gen? Is it somthing relating to Runescape?

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Jagex has apparently been working on something related for quite some time, according to a Reddit thread from 2015 linking to a now deleted job listing that was for a “next gen” MMO. The most recent overhaul, called NXT, happened only last year. It is possible to think Next Gen is any kind of sequel to Runescape, but could either be another overhaul or something else entirely.

Base on David Osborne, Runescape’s lead designer. “This was a slide from an internal company livestream, so there must have been something leftover from that,” he wrote, before adding in another comment that people shouldn’t “expect any further information any time soon.”

Now, we are pay highest attention to the newest information about Runescape Next Gen and keep posting when the official explanation has been given.

Account Security Week in Runescape
On May 15th, Account Security Week has been added into Runescape. In Account Security Week, you will get some rewards if you have the RuneScape Authenticator enabled on the account.

What is Account Security Week?

RuneScape Authenticator is a Account Security in replace of old Jagex Account Guardian system. As the RuneScape Authenticator has been release on May 15th, you will get some rewards if you have the RuneScape Authenticator enabled on the account.

What reward will you receive?

If you have the RuneScape Authenticator enabled on the account, you will get some rewards 2 extra Treasure Hunter Keys every day they log in from 15th May to Sunday 21st May.

If you claimed your XP lamp in October 2016 during Customer Support Week, in this time, you can claim a second lamp during this week only!

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The desert city of Menaphos has been a black square on the RuneScape map for over a decade now, so a lot of fans were pleased to see that it would be the destination for RuneScape’s next expansion. Unlike the harsh and hostile Kharidian Desert, Menaphos is more akin to an oasis city like ancient Babylon. The basic story that awaits players is that the pharaoh of Menaphos is actually a puppet of the corrupt goddess Amascut, who is busy tearing the surrounding area to pieces in search of her father. Standard RuneScape fare.

Amascut’s rumblings have, fortunately for the player, also revealed the Tombs of Menaphos, which is a unique dungeon that will favour the player’s knowledge of RuneScape puzzles and skilling rather than their combat abilities. Players will also come across a new god, Crondis, a devourer-type desert god who is consuming all of the city’s resources. Completing a quest will allow the player to enlist Crondis an ally to fight Amascut in the main pyramid that looms above Menaphos. That pyramid is, of course, a giant slayer dungeon full of creatures who want to kill and eat you.

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A sneaky closing announcement from Jagex at RuneScape 2016 was the raising of the Slayer skill level cap to 120 as part of the Golden City of Menaphos expansion. Players who already have a virtual Slayer skill level of 120 will not be affected by the change and will keep their completionist capes. Players below the level 120 boundary will have three months after the release of Menaphos to reach the new maximum level.

This isn’t just a pointless level cap increase – upon reaching the new level cap, players will be able to become their own Slayer Masters, assign themselves Slayer Tasks and create their own monsters in dungeons.

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2007 Runescape Low Level Money Making Guide for More RS 2007 Gold

Want to make enough RuneScape 2007 gold in Old School Runescape to benefit most of the new continent, Zeah? If you want to have a better performance in OSRS, you should ensure you have enough RS 2007 gold in your bank. If you are at a low level presently, it might hard for you to make money fast in game. Luckily, here are our guides on how to make money in 2007 Runescape fast at low level.

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Start off money making

For low level players, one of the best money-making method is feathers and this also is a great way to train combat level. Head to the chicken coop south of falador, kill the chickens and sell the feathers. You will make good profit in this way. And then you can kill cows if you can. Pick up their cowhides and sell them at the Grand Exchange. Cowhide tanning would be your best bet if you were purely going for profit.

Skilling to gain RS gold fast

Fishing – Fishing in draynor village with a net, you can make money with anything you catch here. Also you can cook the fish for some money. You can do this until you are able to fish lobsters. Woodcutting – you can cut trees and make money with the logs. You can also level up Fletching or Firemaking in this way. Woodcut is a great way if you want to make money fast.

Free collection money-making option

Flax is used on bow strings and you can keep increase your fletching levels in this way. You see, you are no longer goout and making your own bow strings, so you can get a decent amount of RS 2007 gold in this way. If you are also looking to boost combat at a low level I suggest cows south of falador. Collect the hides, and either tan them and boost your crafting or sell them to other players and you will make good money.

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Australian Server Ping is commonly 30-60

New Zealand Ping is commonly 20-40

World 15 Barrows is commonly 30-50

US Server Ping is commonly 200-300

These are the a lot of accepted but it aswell will go lower and higher.

Ok!My Pings for RS3 servers are as follows…

USA (East Coast): 260 and 265

USA (West Coast): 195 and 208

Australia: 28 and 44

And as there are aswell UK servers on OSRS…

UK: 333 and 338

Personaly And online bold I play I absolutely dont like any ping >100 so yeah. Amuse add some Aus servers ASAP.

I anticipate it’s fair to accept australian servers – aswell P mods can’t analyze themselves on the forums. So you ability not be able to put badges next to their names in abutment list. Hope to see these servers brought in.

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Prepare RS 07 Gold for Raid Dungeons in Zeah – The Hardest PvM in OSRS

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Raid dungeons will come in Zeah batch 2

With the coming of the second part of Zeah, Old School players are going to encounter an awesome boss – Raid dungeons. Currently, Old School team still work on the them, and this might to be a challenging boss to all players or the hardest PvM encounter in OSRS. When Raid dungeons released, it will be genuinely difficult and the drops will be rare. The new boss will come to the game in summer of 2016 and you have enough to enhance your character to face the new boss in game. And cheap Runescape 2007 gold on RSorder can help you a lot when you are playing the game.

Raid dungeons – solo boss or team boss ?

When it comes to a new boss, one of the big concern is if the boss is a solo boss or team boss? So what you want this boss be? It seems that many players are more want to have a group boss and no more solo boss in game. It is believed that PVM is most fun in a group. However, it is not nearly as enjoyable for a solo boss. The game shouldn’t limit itself to solo content, especially a game like OSRS. However, some players would like to have a solo boss since they don’t what to share the loots or gold with others. So what is your choice? Whatever, you can turn to RSorder for help if you need RS 2007 gold after the release of the new boss.

After the Zulrah, Cerberus and the Abyssal Sire, Raid Dungeons will be another big and challenging boss in Old School. Zeah is supposed to be introducing raids and it could potentially be the best PvM update to ever happen in OSRS. Whenever, you need RS 07 gold, you can Buy RS 2007 gold cheap on RSorder. Now you can buy cheapest RS 2007 gold on RSorder since you can get Xmas gift packs on our site.

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Make early preparation for important updates

Most Runescape players are tend to pay their attention to the new updates in game. As well important to focus on popular content, this happens able-bodied with for archetype slayer. New Defenders, for instance, is the new added items in game and Master Quest Cape will also add to Runescape a few days later. If you want to get these new items in game, you should make sure to gather enough RS 3 gold a head to ensure you can get them as soon as possible once they are available in game. If you need money in game, you can buy RS 3 gold cheap on RSorder.

Don’t focus on time-consuming updates

Sounds easy? But this is not as easy as you image in fact. You see, it is not always easy for you to decide what update is time-consuming or not. For instance, you should consider is it absolutely charge a new abstemious if we accept already so abundant acreage available? Even afterwards getting Maxed, shouldn’t you just be acclimatized to adore added content, rather than traveling for yet addition 99? However, you don’t have to worry about gather enough RS 3 gold in your bank to help you make the most of the update.

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Runescape: Fastest F2P Money Making Guide 2015

Trustable place to buy rs gold with fast delivery and 100% safe gurantee on RSorder.So you guys are here to read on how to get the most amount of money in runescape in the shortest amount of time. It wont be a cake walk but with a bit of time and experience you can finally get your first bond. That bond will be the key for you to get a free 14 day membership with all of its benefits.

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This is dedicated for players who don’t want to raise their mining level up to 85 to mine runite or get level 85 smithing to superheat runite bars. Yes these two options are the best ones to make money in the end but many will find themselves feel unmotivated to grind so many hours until finally they can start feeling the profit. Mining rune is a drag because many free to play worlds is crowded with players thinking the same thing. The Less rune you mine the less profit there is in the end. Which is the same for collecting the wine of zamorak. Also, smithing is a very tedious process which most often results in you needing to spend loads of hard earn time to reach a high level or spend loads of money to shed off some hours of that long tedious smithing exp.

Well it wont be easy, but in the end combat exp is always the best exp. The hardest bosses in runescape have the best drops and it is much more enjoyable slaying monsters. But what ferocious monster do you have to kill inorder for you to get that quick gold? This monster is found mainly in lumbridge, waiting for the right chance to show enemies deaths door. You can always find players with all ranges of combat levels, weapons and skills to take down this menacing foe.

Yes you read it right, this level chicken which can be found on the images below (farmers den), gives the best amount of money per drop. They can drop feathers in quantity of 5-15 which is worth 220-660 gold in the current Grand exchange price. In one hour of fighting with my combat level I earned approximately 1500-2000 feathers without having to run to the bank or eat food. At higher combat levels like 45 magic,ranged, melee you get a multi target move that makes killing chickens so much faster. But it isn’t just selling the feathers, it’s about fletching them into headless arrows. Just buy the arrow shafts because it is a waste of time woodcutting then making it to arrow shafts. Buying it is much quicker cause the time you spent on the process is less gold earned than killing more chickens.

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Runescape Treasure Hunter Novtumber pageant from RSorder

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From 00:00 universal time on nineteenth Gregorian calendar month till 23:59 universal time on twenty third Gregorian calendar month, Novtumber pageant seeds are on the market in Treasure Hunter chests – a boon for those wanting to coach Farming and Prayer.

Unlike regular seeds, you do not would like a patch – they’re going to grow anyplace that you just will build a fireplace. Plant them and watch as they quickly sprout to maturity.

You then have 2 options:

Decide the manufacture and provide it up for Prayer XP. you will get ‘perfect’ manufacture from time to time, that yields a lot of XP.

Forgo the manufacture for Farming XP and therefore the probability to urge back a number of your seeds.

Note that you have got a restricted time to reap them before they decay, giving solely token XP. do not plant too several at once!

In addition to the Harvest pageant seeds, magic beans ar returning, and may be obtained as you gain Farming XP from lamps, or from farming itself. These will be accustomed produce the Farmer’s outfit, or changed with Martin the Master for seeds and a cosmetic hoe.

Finally, items of the Farmer’s outfit are on the market on Treasure Hunter, and every one lamps and stars used on Farming or Prayer can yield +25% XP.

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