Kill Cerberus To Get Crystals, Smouldering Stone And Hellpuppy

After waiting for a long time, Cerberus finally has arrived. It requires 91 slayer to kill the boss, but the drops are really attractive to players. So you will want to prepare enough runescape 2007 gold to accomplish this goal if you have not achieved this level yet. If you are eligible to kill the boss, you will want to figure out what drops you can get once Cerberus has been killed.

cerberus hellpuppy

Primordial, eternal and pegasian crystals

Currently, Cerberus is the only monster to drop primordial, eternal and pegasian crystals. You can create the new, top tier boots in Old School by combining these crystals with the current best-in-slot boots for melee, magic and ranged. All 3 crystals from Cerberus and boots are tradable, so you will want to stock up enough osrs gold to get some.

A Smouldering stone

Cerberus is also able to drop a smouldering stone. If you get a smouldering stone, you can combine this with either a dragon axe or dragon pickaxe to create either an infernal axe or infernal pickaxe. With the infernal axe, chances are you will get 50% of the firemaking experience. While with the infernal pickaxe, you will likely get some smithing experience.

A cool pet – Hellpuppy

If you are lucky enough, you can even get a hellpuppy. The hellpuppy looks hell-ish but lovely. It’s quite rare, but some gamers already got them in the game. Hurry up and join this fight to get your own one! If you are not luckily enough to get one, you can buy one at the GE if you like. So you had better to have rs 07 gold in stock to be ready!

Though rewarded with high requirements, it is not always easy to kill this new boss as you image. Chances are you have to try several times to kill the boss and this will bring a lot damage to you. So it is also always wise for you to stock up enough runescape 2007 gold to prepare for new fight with Cerberus. If you want to buy cheap osrs gold, you can visit Rsorder to buy osrs gold on up to $10 off.

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runescape 2007 gold Adamant and rune dragons

Adamant and rune dragons runescape 2007 gold are here! Courtesy of Dragonforcae and voted for by you, they’re fresh from RuneLabs and ready for battle. Delve beneath Brimhaven and jaunt through the World Gate to Kethsi to face these new monsters in high-level combat.

Earn new rewards such as upgrades to make level 90 power boots, a dragon slaying ring and rare, prestigious cosmetics. Learn forgotten lore, too, as you uncover the lost secrets of the Dragonkin. If you need to buy more merchandise, you can buy more Runescape Gold.

This week we’ve also got two new bank boosters in Solomon’s Store – available free to members – details of the week’s streams and news on the winners of our recent community competitions.

How to Start

Adamant dragons can be found in Brimhaven Dungeon. They’re formidable foes, so you’ll need high combat levels and anti-dragon breath equipment to survive. You’ll find more dragons behind magical barriers – passable at 70, 80 and 90 Slayer. Adamant dragons are available as a slayer assignment from Kuradal or Morvran.

Rune dragons are farther away – on Mount Firewake on the world of Kethsi. This new area is only accessible through the World Gate south of Eagle’s Peak, once you’ve completed Fate of the Gods and Ritual of the Mahjarrat. The only slayer master who will assign them is Morvran.

To stand a chance against these mightiest of monsters, you’ll – of course – need anti-dragon gear. It’s also wise to come packing dragonbane ammo, as anything else will deal greatly reduced damage until the rune dragons’ armour plating is breached.

Rune dragons also have a flight phase – all the more reason to come geared for range – and an enrage phase where their maximum damage increases with each attack.

Regular rune dragons are challenging enough, but elite rune dragons can also spawn on their death. These have all the deadly abilities of their kin, with a significant boost in power – and more lucrative loot.

For two weeks following today’s release, there are increased spawn rates on both adamant and rune dragons, and an increased chance for elites to spawn when rune dragons are killed. There’s also twice the chance to get an adamant or rune dragon slayer assignment.


Speaking of loot, there are bags of it to be had for intrepid dragon slayers. Their drop tables are brimming with valuables, including some all-new rewards unavailable anywhere else.

Rune dragons can drop items to upgrade steadfast, glaiven or ragefire boots, making level 90 power boots in all three styles. You’ll need two of the appropriate item to make an upgrade. The boots degrade, eventually reverting to their level-85 base items. Note that rune dragons only drop the upgrade components while on a Slayer task from Morvran. Elite rune dragons always have a chance to drop them.

The Kethsi ring is a possible drop from elite rune dragons, and imparts a 4% damage boost against metallic dragons when worn – 8% against those in Kuradal’s dungeon. It also gives teleports to adamant or rune dragons – which can be shared by a social slayer partner, if they’re also able to reach the dragons. The ring has five teleport charges, and is destroyed when those are used up.

Elite dragons will – rarely – drop a Kethsi scroll, which unlocks part of the cosmetic Kethsi outfit – styled after the long-dead mages of that world.

There are murals in Brimhaven and on Kethsi which can be cleansed with a fully charged dragonfire shield at 60 and 80 Firemaking. This grants a lump of Firemaking XP, and adds words to your Dragonkin primer.

Adamant and rune dragons also drop pages of the journal of a Dactyl Dragonkin who continued Kerapac’s experiments on metal dragons.

Check in at RuneLabs!

Today’s update really shows the awesome things we can accomplish through RuneLabs.

This month, we’re looking for similarly monstrous high-level mobs – keep submitting, keep supporting, and look forward to more RuneLabs content in the future!

buy runescape 2007 gold $10k PvP Tournament Announced for Old School Server

Jagex Game Studio has announced a buy runescape 2007 gold debut competitive tournament for Old School RuneScape to take place  24th – 26th July. It will have three different game modes: King of the Hill, First to X kills, and Last Team Standing. RuneScape gold. Aside from the tournament, the game will also get two new slayer bosses and PvP mode: Deadman.
“This summer, we can’t wait to adapt Old School RuneScape for the eSports community and watch teams battle their way to victory in this inaugural $10,000 competitive tournament,” said Mathew Kemp, product manager on the game. “We’re also looking forward to seeing how players tackle the unrelenting challenge of Deadman Mode later in the summer, as well as seeing how they shape up against the two new slayer boss monsters.”

Runescape Coffer Organization runescape 2007 gold

I awash my coffer at the alpha runescape 2007 gold of the year, and I came up with what I anticipation was a bigger system. But, I don’t anticipate it in actuality is better. I was acquisitive some astute RS players out there ability accept bigger suggestions. My capital affair isn’t space,Cheap RS Gold, it’s just abridgement of accessible tabs. I’d like a Slayer tab, but there is in fact no added room. I’ve added what my accepted bureaucracy is atm, so let me apperceive what I should change! Everything in tabs 1 – 6 is ill-fitted to my accepted levels. Everything afterwards that is in alphabetical chaos.

Tab 1: Currencies, accepted goals:

-Coins, Vis Wax, Asc Bow components

Tab 2: Teleportation and Misc.:

-Achievement set, seasonal/limited auras, just about every teleportation item

Tab 3: Combat:

-Finished potions and food, auras, weapons/armor, added action aids

Tab 4: Herblore and Summoning:

-Essentially continued action tab, but for amateurish products

Tab 5: Gathering Skills

Tab 6: Artisan Skills

Tab 7: Stuff I Occasionally Use and Can’t Get Rid Of.

Tab 8: Junk

-Stuff I’ll bandy away/sell. Eventually.


Runescape also offers a separate game

Runescape also has a separate small buy rs 07 gold game, although most are only available to paying members. Mini-game takes place in some areas, generally related to specific skills in the game, usually it requires players to cooperate or compete with each other. Examples of these mini-games include Castle Wars, which is similar to a real-life game of Capture the Flag, pest control, a high degree of combat-focused mini-games, and Guthix, one player (hunter) try to stop another player Fist (prey) from a charge to collect magical stones.

The task is to complete a series players can choose the story missions. These often have requirements, including minimum levels of certain skills, practical level, the pursuit of points and / or the other to complete the task.

Players receive tasks to complete various incentives, including money, unique items into new areas, seeking points and / or increase the skills of experience. Some tasks require players to work together, and many require players to participate in a challenging fight. Tasks are divided into categories based on the needs and difficulties. Once a player has completed all the tasks in the game, called “Task Point Cape” can claim the new task achievement project released periodically.

RS3 Behind the Scenes June 2015 cheap runescape gold

Summer is well and truly here, with a cheap runescape gold June packed full of red-hot content. Read on! Tuska Tuska is here, flying towards Gielinor with a toothy, evil grin on her face, hell-bent on the destruction of everything! Get involved now – pick your god and earn tasty rewards like the World Eater armour as you try to save RuneScape. There’s plenty to do in this world event, so make sure you explore her back as you hurtle through space. It’s not to be missed! Check out last week’s Behind the Scenes video and the Tuska World Event news post for more information. Slayer Belt The slayer belt project was one of first RuneLabs successes, suggested by the fabulous Dragonsseed. It’s an addition to the existing tool belt, with 12 items to add to help you on your slaying escapades. No longer will you be forgetting your slayer items, with essentials such as rock hammers, slayer bells – and more – being added to the belt. You’ll also be able to spend slayer points on adding your bonecrusher, charming imp and other useful items to the belt, saving you precious inventory space. Adamant & Rune Dragons Also from RuneLabs are the mighty adamant and rune dragons – as proposed by Dragonforcae! Addy dragons can be found deep within the Brimhaven Dungeon, and are a significantly tougher that their mithril cousins. They drop bars, of course, and some new bones too! Rune dragons are definitely the kings of this update, though, worthy of their rune title. They live on Kethsi – accessible via the World Gate – and require completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat and Fate of the Gods to access. You’ll want to shatter their rune plating first using dragonbane, then find a way to deal with their aerial attacks and increasingly damaging dragonfire. Some of the rune dragons are even more powerful elite versions, with even tastier drop tables. Rewards include components to add to glacor boots, make new tier 90 power boots for all combat styles. There’s are a cosmetic Kethsi outfit, and a Kethsi ring that provides useful damage boosts and teleports for dragon slayers. Hidden murals within the dungeons can unlock new dragonkin lore and chunks of Firemaking XP. You’ll also see adamant dragons in the Rush of Blood Slayer D&D. There’ll be an Early Bird Bonus for the first 2 weeks, too: increased spawn rates of all dragons, including the elites. Ninja Spotlight – Artisans’ Workshop This month, the Ninjas have focused on the Artisans’ Workshop. They’ve taken a huge amount of feedback from the forums and social media, concentrating on the rewards and functions of the workshop, making a ton of changes based on your ideas and requests. Using the workshop – especially making ceremonial swords – is now a much more pleasant experience, with brand new rewards including auto cannon filling! Hero’s Welcome The people of Rellekka will finally see the return of the legendary hero-turned-god V in a lore-tastic quest. In this exciting new chapter in the Fremennik storyline, you will get to meet and greet with V, and then participate in a dangerous raid on a number of the dragonkin’s secret lairs. These raids feature stealth elements and puzzles as you track down your scaly targets. Make sure you’re all geared up as you take on dragon guards and even members of the dragonkin themselves! The quest features a replayable boss fight which drops a new pair of thrown weapons and a tradeable, super-rare level 75 cape. You can also discover new resource locations when you are done – including more adamant dragons. Summer Beach Party Look out for some crazy stuff going on in the Lumbridge Crater this month – it’s the perfect antidote to the world-ending trauma that’s happening in the skies above us. Reyna – a survivor of the Battle of Lumbridge – plans to turn the whole crater into an awesome, summer beach party, but she needs your help to do it. Ferry buckets of sand to Reyna to receive mystery boxes full of great prizes, such as coconut hats, tortoises, sand capes and crab hats. Once the beach has been built, there is a huge party planned with a wide range of beach-themed events like a coconut shy, sandcastle building and barbecuing. Lots of XP will be on offer, and some special portals giving you quick and easy access to your favourite D&Ds. There are also a bunch of special tradeable items you can earn or buy using your Bonds! In Other News In Solomon’s Store, there are two more bank boosters – free to members – and a set of overrides to match the Vitality Suit: a cape, two-handed sword, two-handed crossbow and staff. There are also challenge gems that allow you to host your own competitions: staked or just for fun, for skilling or combat. Treasure Hunter has some new headpiece add-ons for your skilling outfits, too.

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Have you created an Ironman Account to give it a try? This is a fresh new challenge for you to get prestigious titles and chat badges, as well as dedicated hiscores. Since the Ironman mode is now available for you to challenge, your thirsty for cheap RS gold must be solved. Do you know that RSorder is holding free bonus until October 17?

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If you are buying RS3 & RS07 gold on RSorder before 03:00 A.M. GMT on October 17,2014, you can get extra 5% off free RS gold bonus to challenge the Ironman Mode and the newly improved Beast and Ghosts’ drop tables. Hang tough and let’s see how can you start the Ironman Mode and get rewards from Drop tables.

How can I start Ironman Mode with free RS gold bonus?

Creating an Ironman account: in order to start the Ironman Mode, you have to create an Ironman account first. Right-click on the randomize butter in the Design your Hero section to unlock an advanced section of the interface, then you be able to select Ironman or Hardcore Ironman mode for your new account.

What’s the difference of the Ironman Mode and Hardcore Ironman mode?

In general, the most distinctive one difference is that Hardcore Ironman mode has 2 extra lives but account with Ironman mode will no longer be playable once you were dead. However, you should really be cautious of the extra two lives buying because they are costly: one at total level 1000 with 100,000 coins while another at 1600 with a cost of 10M coins. Besides, when the two lives were used up, you can’t get any more for that account.

Buy RS 3 gold via Visa card to get better drops from Beasts and ghosts.

Jagex takes players’ votes into consideration and now has brought you all these rewards. It’s your time to buy RS3 gold via Visa Card to fight monsters to get lucrative rewards:

1.Three new sets of boots for rangers: these come in level 40,50 and 60 varieties and are dropped by basilisks, turoths and kurasks respectively.
2.Ghostly essence: it increases Prayer XP when killing ghosts, works alongside prayer-restoring necklaces from dungeoneering and scatters ashes automatically when they drop.

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