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Here’s what you can expect this week!
Rotated ancient elven ritual shard inventory model to give clearer distinction between the item and the Magic stone used for construction.
Missing flooring has been re-added to a house south of Granny Potterington’s farm.
The ramp on the north side of Granny Potterington has now been fixed and can now be walked upon as expected.
Leather body (class 3), Bow (class 3) and Bow (class 4) no longer stretch when worn.
A gap above the scrollbar of the chatbox in Legacy interface mode has been removed.
Removed the monthly oyster’s longer closing animation, to prevent the top and bottom halves of shell clipping through each other.

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Skills, D&D and Minigames
Leaving ‘Til Death Do Us Part event area with War’s javelins equipped will now reset your combat style back to melee.
Fixed a typo in warning message you receive when clicking on pillars during Til Death Do Us Part event.
Rift particles now draw correctly when teleporting to the Halloween event from an instance.
Tweaked wobbegong fishing locations to make sure they do not deplete too soon.
The Farming skillcape perk message now correctly reflects the master farmer outfit’s ability to clean herbs.
Players will now correctly return to the expected Player-owned Port portal entrance when they use the Exit function at their exit portal.
Signs of the porter will now work in conjunction with collecting clean herb from patches (via the Farming outfits) as well as collecting the Player Owned Farm honey varieties from the Apiaries.
The Crystal tool siphon will now only work on tools, as it was intended.


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Quests, Challenges and Achievements
Sick-looking sheep (2) can now consistently be prodded during the Sheep Herder quest.
Fixed an issue where the Rag and Bone Man quest could not be completed under certain conditions.

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Block incoming share offers toggle now works correctly.
Mobile-specific options no longer appear in the options menu while in the tutorial on the desktop client.
The ‘destroy plant pots’ and ‘destroy buckets’ settings once again operate as expected.
A typo in the message given for destroying items in the settings interface has been corrected.
A typo within the settings interface in regards to sell value when interacting with vendors has been fixed.
Grammatical inconsistencies on the choice selection for a new account have been fixed.

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100 Tainted Shard Charges – The Four Riders of the Apocalypse will need all the help they can get during this month-long mini world event. This is why the LootScape crate awarded to each and every one of you following one of our October streams will receive 100 extra charges on the Tainted Shard. And the easiest it is to defeat those monstrosities from Daemonheim, the more riches you’ll get from the loot cave!

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If you have read some of our past blog posts, you will know that we love the Old School Runescape pets. They are so much fun to have, but for a new player, knowing what ones are realistically attainable can be tough. That is why today as well as letting you know about Rs3gold very cheap rs gold , we want to let you know what pets we feel new players should go for. By the way, we do not mean brand new players to the game, but players who have reached a bit of a mid to high level and are looking for that extra challenge.

Giant Mole Pet

You can make a lot of money getting this guy and some nice loot as well. Plus he is a very easy boss so you will not have too much trouble getting him. Mole digging can be annoying, but it is worth doing to get him.

Venenatis Pet

Ok so he is kind of creepy looking, but this is one that is a lot of fun to go for it is a PvP area so watch for that, but in general, the requirements are quite low for him, just make sure you want out for other players.

Zulrah Pet

If you are a lower level player, you want to go for this guy. This is one of the easiest bosses and as low as level 70 – 75 will be able to do this. You get a nice amount of loot, so you can make a nice amount of money. The only problem is, it is so easy that it is a little boring.

So if you are new to the world of OSRS pets, these three would be a good place to start. Let us know what OSRS pets you have and if you want to buy Old School Runescape Gold check out our special offers so you can save some money.

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With this with a traditional task, we players are liberated to play. A well-known home is echoed in the current update. Also, remember that this Friday’s Double XP is going on! While the shaman house – RuneScape probably the most historic tasks. Now liberated to play, open to anyone who has never had the chance to try individuals.Please dont miss Rs3gold free rs gold for the Double XP Weekend.

We gave the home a fresh fresh paint, fixed some errors, and made the entire task smoother general experience. Never had a much better time to help the son get his golf ball back. In addition towards the new layer associated with modern luster, we make sure you keep the wreath house you realize the feel and look. Even if you’ve completed this task sometime ago, why not have a look and tell us that which you think?

This set of double XP weekend break: only a couple of days later, double XP weekend is going to be held on Friday 15th September at 12:00 UTC (game time). Wish to know how to increase your double advantage? This is some advice to view.Want to observe how your performance? Be sure you choose to obtain our email and you’ll receive an e-mail with monthly statistics at the start of next 30 days.

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Fulfill your Idea about Combat Pet with Combat Pet Competition

What do you think of rs gold combat pet? Have you ever imagined the appearance of your favorite combat pet? Right now you have an opportunity to fulfill your imagination, for Runescape holds a Combat Pet Competition. If you happen to have interest in this, please hand in your submission when you are ready for it.

The ways to submit your idea

one way is to hand in the pet picture to with the subject title “Combat Pet Competition”, and at the same time the contents should include your display name, the name of the pet, the skill that the pet can do, your description for the pet and other details you want to share. Just remember your ideal pet should be designed with the following skills: Attack, Constitution, Defence, Magic, Prayer, Ranged, Strength or Summoning.

The other way is to upload your imagination to the twitter or instagram using the hashtag #MyCombatPet with the above contents on the image.

The deadline of the submission

The submission ends on May 9th, 2017, which means you still have enough time to design your combat pet right now.

The process of the whole competition

1. Submit your ideal pet

2. Ninja Team will pick out the top 5 pets of each skill

3. You can vote your favorite pet among these selected pets in Runescape.

4. The final winner for each skill will come true with the help of Ninja Team.

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Runescape 2017 Easter Mini Quest!

Is there a game that loves its cheap rs gold special seasonal events more than Runescape? We do not think there is and this year, Jagex really spoiled us with a very fun special event for Easter. Today we are taking a closer look at that event and letting you know what we thought of it.

Many folks in the office had a lot of fun with this. Burthorpe is where you need to be and it could not be any more obvious how you start the quest, you talk to the out of place Easter Bunny! We found this very amusing and love it when Jagex exercise their sense of humor. Sure he may stick out like a sore thumb, but we thought the Easter Bunny was really cool.

This is a pretty simple quest, but it is also fun and fun is what it is supposed to be. Still, there are a few things that you will need.

1 Bucket Of Water

1 Cooked Shrimp

1 Log

1 Compost

10 Potato Seeds

Once you talk to the Easter Bunny, he gives you a “magic notepaper” when you click on this you will be given a clue. The first clue he gives you will require that you go to the cabbage patch, south of where the Easter Bunny is, where you will find a “special” cabbage. He will ask for some stuff, give him it (it is some of what we have listed up above) and then get ready for the next clue.

With talking cabbages, talking eggs and plenty other crazy things going on. This is one of the most fun special events, we have done in quite some time and we do not want to spoil it for you. But just do what we said and it will start things off for you nice and easy.

Once you complete the quest the Easter Bunny will hook you up with some items including an Easter Bunny head, Bunny Emote and a couple of medium sized Butterfly Jars.

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Old School RuneScape – 10 Tips That are Bound to Make you Rich

For fans of the original version of buy runescape 3 gold RuneScape, they were relieved when it was announced a number of years ago that there were going to be dedicated servers specifically for that style of play. As with such a change, there have been a bunch of various tips and tricks to earn some serious cash in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) and as a result, I’ve decided to put together a quick list of 10 of the best tips that you can use to start making some decent Osrs gold.

1: Mining

Mining is a noble profession and in RuneScape it is quite the profitable one. When you first start out you can only really go for iron, coal, and steel, but they can sell for a fair amount after smithing them into bars. Once you’ve managed to acquire a few more levels, get mining specifically on runite, as they are bound to make you more than a pretty penny. Just be sure to make use of your mining potions, at least that way you get even more of a pay-out for less work!

2: Fishing

Fishing is along the same sort of lines of mining, except you don’t need to worry about running to another location to make the most out of your product, as the moment you get them they’re pretty much at their full value already. Yes, it may take time to work up the skill to fish for some of the more profitable items, but earning cash can take time; before you know it, however, you’re going to be selling sharks for a considerable amount of osrs gold.

3: Clue Scrolls

When it comes to clue scrolls they can be a little bit hit and miss at times, due to just how long it can take to find one every so often, but they average out to about one every 30 minutes – just by killing random NPC’s and hoping that things pan out. After one finally drops, just follow it and do everything it tells you and before you know it you will be treated to a treasure trove of gold that you won’t be disappointed by.

4: Sell in Bulk

Selling in bulk is a great way to turn your efforts into profit, depending on if you’d like to put the time in with other players. It doesn’t particularly matter what the bulk set of items they are because there’s always going to be someone out there that wants a bunch of that item, but doesn’t quite want to put the effort in getting them all. In these cases you can completely upsell the items as you see fit to eventually rope in a tidy profit.

Be warned – People will try and wean out the price a little bit for bulk items, so do your math before selling. Losing out on 100gp isn’t too special, but if you’re losing 5K with each sale, that quickly mounts up and makes making money not nearly as beneficial.

5: Flipping

Flipping is the process where you purchase an item, be it singular or in the form of bulk and then proceed to sell it for an increased profit. One of the best ways to do this is to look at some price guides online to see how certain items are doing on different worlds; all so you can purchase them cheaply from one place, only to upsell them for a considerable amount higher on another one.

6: Slaying Flesh Crawlers

This one is for fans of combat to scratch that money making itch and that is to go after a bunch of Flesh Crawlers; wherever you prefer to fight them. These mobs tend to drop items of value, such as runes and herbs and these items are well known to have a bit of a decent sale price on them. While this method won’t get you millions in the long run, it’s one of those tips to avoid the monotony of grinding away at something else – when you would much rather be doing some killing.

7: Fletching

Fletching is a great way to make some cash in OSRS and part of that is down to the fact that it isn’t one of those skills you need to level very much to get the most out of it. To even start making money on it, all you have to do is bulk-buy some feathers and some oak-logs, make some cheap arrows in the form of headless arrows. After that, just sell some of the arrows at a bulk price and you’ve got your profit right there!

8: Picking Potatoes

I will admit, of all the options on here this seems to be the least interesting and the least entertaining, but it can net you some decent profit if you stick with it for long enough. After about an hour’s worth of picking and selling potatoes you can make around 30K, possibly even more if you keep at it. While it may not be particularly glamorous, it’s definitely a tangible way to earn some money, especially for those of you who are more towards the early game of things.

9: Cows and their Hide

Similar to picking potatoes, the hide that cows tend to drop can quickly amount to be relatively useful if you go and get them tanned. It won’t take you long to get them all tanned and you can sell the tanned hide to others for a considerable surge in cash and that’s simply by taking down pretty much any poor cow that decides to spawn near you.

10: Pick up Any and All Gold

You’d think this would be the most obvious, but funnily enough it’s the one that people tend to ignore the most. I understand that while you may not want to tediously pick up every piece of gold that ever dropped from an NPC, but just think about how much gold that you might have ignored throughout all of your time in RuneScape? By any chance, is that a lot of gold?! Yeah, I thought it might be; hence why from here on out you should make sure not to ignore any gold left lying around, because while you might feel it doesn’t amount to much – eventually it will and you’ll feel a tad silly about leaving so much free cash behind.

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Upon my arrival I was met by PR manager Adam Tuckwell who informed me that I was to buy cheap rs3 gold have an audience with Mark Ogilvie, the games lead designer, to talk all things wilderness and beyond. After being led into the bowels of Jagex Studios and passing by many arcade machines, I was told to take a seat in a room filled with every item that could induce a full-blown nerdgasm: a huge TV, comfortable leather sofas, an Xbox 360 complete with Kinnect – and even Warhammer models in the corner. I was seriously contemplating never leaving this place.

After a short wait and with a cup of English breakfast tea in hand, I was greeted by the sight of RuneScape’s lead designer Mark Ogilvie who appeared to be carrying with him a massive world-map. “The old Wilderness is back!” says Mark slapping his prop and grinning broadly. For those unaware in ways of Jagex’s MMO, the ‘old’ Wilderness was a place of open PvP with full-loot privileges and a general vibe that said “shit-your-pants-tense” or something equally as poetic.

“I literally spent Tuesday morning getting the crap beaten out of me and losing all my gear” Mark tells me – the Wilderness’ hospitality obviously reaches as far as lead designers. “It’s just so great to experience the open PvP-stuff of the Wilderness again, and the players are just loving it at the moment”. There is obviously a lot of excitement in the air about the recent return of some much-loved game play but of course the big question was, why take it away in the first place?

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A mural abstracted from the current

What’s the best site to buy runescape gold never being cheated? is your first choice.My grades breadth guardian can manage to do justice. I was alone insatiable anniversary islands will be as large in atomic Holmes L e’Harmless, and Tuai hotel LEIT, Waiko and Aminishi growing.

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I am perfectly willing to admit that they produce create from accepting an abstract mural come “scale-up” Oriental Land. I expect a lot of people are familiar with the approaching pardon NXT can complete the bold hypothesis accepted abstract apple weakened and immersive below.

Apple recognized the bold scale-up is about ridiculous task, but there is a new beginning for the islands and alpha so that it can be accessed any city / town to build their larger than those on the mainland. I expect it will definitely be closer to the breadth of affidavits, if the land use NXT east is a little reckless, but keen to increase the assets it needs to create.

Another thing I’m afraid of is activity done abridged. Ideally, 7 islands anniversary will accept a number of different wisdom, appointments, but Runelabs Lead adage selection alone will finish it (and others access depends on the development time), which is obviously not the case.

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Maybe I accept my highest expectations: Yes, but there are a lot of abeyant reality should not be wasted.

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Tips of Training Runescape Invention Skill

Invention skill has come to Runescape, have you tired this brand new skill in game? Invention is a elite skill and it is worth for you to spare some time and money to have a try.

Beginning Tips for Invention skill:

1. If you don’t have items to disassemble, buy items from NPC shops.
2. Untradeable Broad arrows can be Disassembled.


Tips to determine the modules from left to right:

1. Note the inspiration cost.
2. Switch first module with second module, and note inspiration cost.


more details:

The Australian servers for RS3–RSorder

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