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Why such players in RuneScape Classic?

It’s not that many players will play this game, first of all because this wave of independent online game design and classic old-school games attracted server, which directly reflects the current industry players dissatisfaction, and prove the market is still there is such a game; secondly, writing and questioning is always interesting hell, top notch. In short, there is nothing special blend of old 2D sprites and 3D world, it is worth spending a lot of time playing it.

How do you enjoy RUNESCAPE classic?

As mentioned above, quotes, however, does not extend to the new account. As we all know, the game is played a lot of old players, then you will meet with fierce competition, so if you plan to take advantage of this opportunity, we must be fully prepared, this is optional, you buy rs07 gold cheap to buy items you need. This way, you can get ahead of others in the game.

At present, we must know that in RuneScape Classic has come back, if you’re one of the fans of this game, you can seize this opportunity to enjoy the most. There are 15 members in the world, one of which will be reserved for the time being only access to those old classic player who stuck with it all the way through. Therefore, you should not miss the opportunity to do so, and to give it a try. It is sure that you will help 07 RS gold sales, has made significant progress.

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Raid dungeons will come in Zeah batch 2

With the coming of the second part of Zeah, Old School players are going to encounter an awesome boss – Raid dungeons. Currently, Old School team still work on the them, and this might to be a challenging boss to all players or the hardest PvM encounter in OSRS. When Raid dungeons released, it will be genuinely difficult and the drops will be rare. The new boss will come to the game in summer of 2016 and you have enough to enhance your character to face the new boss in game. And cheap Runescape 2007 gold on RSorder can help you a lot when you are playing the game.

Raid dungeons – solo boss or team boss ?

When it comes to a new boss, one of the big concern is if the boss is a solo boss or team boss? So what you want this boss be? It seems that many players are more want to have a group boss and no more solo boss in game. It is believed that PVM is most fun in a group. However, it is not nearly as enjoyable for a solo boss. The game shouldn’t limit itself to solo content, especially a game like OSRS. However, some players would like to have a solo boss since they don’t what to share the loots or gold with others. So what is your choice? Whatever, you can turn to RSorder for help if you need RS 2007 gold after the release of the new boss.

After the Zulrah, Cerberus and the Abyssal Sire, Raid Dungeons will be another big and challenging boss in Old School. Zeah is supposed to be introducing raids and it could potentially be the best PvM update to ever happen in OSRS. Whenever, you need RS 07 gold, you can Buy RS 2007 gold cheap on RSorder. Now you can buy cheapest RS 2007 gold on RSorder since you can get Xmas gift packs on our site.

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RSorder 7th Anniversary Party: Free runescape 2007 gold cheap Giveaways is coming! Does anyone remember that Mod Ronan guaranteed to never convert old worlds to osrs F2P when F2P launches in Old School Runescape, but add some if necessary? But currently, he posted to take advices about what worlds should be F2P in OSRS.

Changes on members-only worlds
When F2P was available in RS07, Mod Ronan claimed frankly that Jagex would “be using the existing F2P worlds and, if necessary, adding additional worlds,” and never “be converting any existing worlds from members to F2P.”

Some people recalled Old School Poll 15 prior to F2P, where Jagex mustered remarks on whether 10 worlds should be removed from the world list to boost activity on the other world. We wouldn’t consider this matter now.

Within a month, Jagex posted to collect suggestions on what worlds should be converted to F2P. What do you think about such change?

Change World 1 or add new worlds?
In face of such an astonishing change on worlds, people stand for two factions. Some insist to add worlds for F2P as Jagex promised, because worlds for members only are already crowd, even it is already pretty hard to find an empty world for stuff like kraken & smoke devil boss. But others think that few worlds can be changed for F2P, like World 1 or a RP world.

A fair number of supporters suggest converting World 1 to F2P. Currently, worlds have about 300 players average, which is so small. Converting worlds will improve competition and less people will be able to do specific bosses so that the demand for those RS07 items will become high.

Few of them have given out a daring plan, converting a RP world to F2P. They are fond of RPing, but there are 40 thousand people in it so that they cannot get there. If there is a F2P RP server, it should be fine.

Which worlds would you like to be converted to F2P? Or is it more reasonable to add new worlds for F2P than to convert old worlds? Anyway, extra 5% free RS07 gold bonus is still ongoing, and everyone can buy cheapest RS 07 gold at Rsorder. Have fun!

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RuneScape’s Lost City of of the Elves finally opens its doors after 10 years

Jagex has announced a major new content update for its flagship MMO, RuneScape, unlocking Prifddinas, the high-level content capital of the game for players. This content update is called Lost City of the Elves, with the metropolis being the conclusion to a quest chain players first learned about 10 years ago. It contains four clan-controlled districts for players to explore, as of this writing.
The first is held by Clan Iorwerth, which challenges players to defeat 10 bosses in a row. With each victory, the task becomes harder, as the enemy drops a dark crystal that de-buffs characters before the next fight.

Next is Clan Trahaearn, whose zone introduces players to the Seren Stones and tasks related to mining and smithing. Meanwhile, Clan Cadarn offers the Max Guild Garden, where users can top out their skills and earn a place on the Throne of Fame.

Finally, Clan Crwys offers content for farmers and woodcutters, and gives players access to the elder peach tree, as well as a third spirit tree.

Elsewhere, this content update offers city-wide activities, including activating and collecting missing pieces for the Golden Shattered Heart Statue. Players can “explore the mysteries of the Memoriam Chamber,” or race between districts to earn experience points and yield boosts from the Voice of Seren.

The second half of this Lost City of the Elves content update will be unlocked before the end of 2014, and will contain four more clan districts, as well as other high-level content.

“It’s an incredible amount of content,” said Phil Mansell, vice president of RuneScape, in a statement. “[T]he team is working around the clock to double this by the end of 2014. It’s also pleasing to reflect that if it wasn’t for the success of our Player Power initiative, the Elf City may well have not emerged into the light. This was, by far, the most desirable piece of content for our fans and we’re delighted to offer them the keys to this new kingdom today.”

RuneScape is available to play for free on browser. The massively multiplayer online game was released in 2001, and takes players to a world of medieval fantasy named Gielinor. In addition to free accounts, players can sign up for paid memberships, unlocking additional content not available to free users.

Helpful ways to make rs 07 gold fast for a beginner

Like real money in our rs 07 gold daily life, RS gold plays a very important role in the game Runescape. Players need it to protect themselves as well as to beat down others. So if you are just a beginner in Runescape, you must learn some ways to make RS gold fast. If you have found the effective Runescape gold making methods, then you will have enough money to buy better armor and weapons.

As a low level player the simple way to make fast RS gold is to collect items that needed by higher level players. High levelplayers who do not want to spend time on the items will buy from you. At this time you can sell your items for high price. You can see that the gold is rolling after you. There are mainly two items that are best selling items in the early times.

1. Feathers. Feathers is a thing that massively needed by players. Killing chicken is the simplest thing to do in the game to get feathers. In Runescape there are so many skills you can work on at one time such as combat, cooking and prayer. Each feather can be sold for about 4 gold pieces in the Grand Exchange. That is truly not a lot but feather is easy to get 1000 feathers for each chicken will drop about 5 feathers.

2. Cow hides. Once you have leveled up a little you can buy a better armor and weapon and move to the cow field. Each cow you kill will drop a cowhide. Each cowhide can sell for more than 100 gold pieces at the Grand Exchange.

Hope you find these rs 07 gold tips useful. And also, if your Runescape gold is not enough and you don\t have so much time to farm it in game, you can feel free to csfee, here we can offer you huge of cheap RS gold with fastest delivery and 24/7 online customer service.

How to Make RS 07 gold by Slayer?

Do you want to become a RS 07 gold millionaire in Runescape? Well if so, you must know some effective ways to earn money in Runescape. Here at csfee, we also collected some great ways to create money in RS, and one of the best we want to share with you today is to make money by Slayer.
The Slayer skill is excellent for your RS power leveling and progressing in Runescape. All you need to do is to get the drops from every monster you kill in the process. While you collect the things which are dropped, check them within the cost checker at the end of each trip.

As long as you have completed one or a few Slayer tasks, you can go to the Grand Exchange to sell these items. Even if you don\t sell at the lowest price in the Grand Exchange, it can still help you create lots of money.

At the beginning, you may earn at least 300 – 700k a day on average from the slayer tasks. However, after you have trained the skill for a week, you can easily make 2-5M per week. Along with the increase of your slayer level, you will encounter the tougher and the monsters will drop more valuable items. You will get more than 2.5M a day when you Slayer level reached 80+.

You are able to farm runescape gold by doing slayer tasks repeatedly, and due to the advantages for your combat stats, it\s a great way to improve a large range of stats and impress friends. If you enjoy training your Slayer skill then you’ll start to see your profits grow quicker. Most players in Runescape will train slayer at least one time per week, however the true key to making considerable amounts of money in Runescape while Slaying, is to do it as frequently as possible and when possible, do it all of times, you will notice the benefits immediately, after the first kill even.

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Buy rs 07 gold for New Tab in RS07 Bank

Jagex is always trying to make rs 07 gold your rs life easier. So do we. We now provide you with a huge stock of old school runescape gold along with the cheapest price and the fastest delivery. On the other hand, Jagex now provide you with a new tab in your osrs banks.

How to use the new tab?

osrs banktabs

With 9 new tabs, you can now divide your bank into up to 10 categories, helping you sort your items in whatever way you like.
To start a new tab, drag an item to the ‘New tab’ icon at the top. You can click on those tab headers to look at each tab in turn, and you can drag the tab headers to re-order your tabs.
Besides, there’s a new Bank Settings menu, accessed via the spanner icon. If you don’t like the tab headers showing the first item in each tab, this menu lets you choose a couple of alternatives. You can even hide the tab panel altogether, provided you’re not using it.

There will be more options for the tab headers in the future.

In future you may have the chance to see more options for the tab headers. Players have sent in various suggestions for icons that could be drawn there instead, representing the skills, or categories such as ‘Costumes’, ‘Emote clues’ and ‘Questing’. While Jagex haven’t tried to bundle these ideas into this update, they’ve left space on the Bank Settings menu for this sort of future expansion if it looks popular.

Biggest change in Old School RuneScape’s new bank system

Back to the system originally launched in July 2008, when you withdraw a stack of items, this used to make all your other items shuffle around to fill the gap immediately, which could be very annoying while you were trying to click on them. Old School RuneScape’s new bank system has been written to avoid forcibly rearranging your items like that.

Old school runescape rs 07 gold has done a lot in banks and tabs, and all of those specific changes are trying to let you enjoy the game better. Meanwhile, our cheap rs gold along with free bonus is also trying to be helpful in the game. Hope you enjoy the game!

Ways to Wear Multiple RS Rings In One Finger At Once with rs 07 gold

As we all know, runescape rings rs 07 gold can often provide little by way of protection, and may also come with other benefits such as teleportation. Besides, the ring slot is one of the most versatile equipment spots in runescape. Each of you may have possessed more than one of those. However, do you find that it’s difficult to switch two of them, such as you are using a combat ring for most of a kill, but wants to switch to wealth at the end? Here are some suggestions that you may need.


Option one for no restrictions on rings


For rings without restrictions, you can click equip which would send a ring to the first open slot, or you may need to decide which hand you want to put it on. Crit and armor boosts would stack.

Meanwhile, there would also be a right-click option to equip a ring on the new offhand slot.

Besides, you need to notice that special effects of rings like wealth, vigor, or leviathan wouldn’t stack in either option.


Option two of designating rings


The second option is to designate all combat boosting rings for one hand, and all support rings for the other. It prevents possible OP combos of combat rings, but limits use combos of non-combat ones.

On the other hand, another possibility is to keep the restriction for combat rings, but has no such restrictions for non-combat for better flexibility. For equipping non-combat rings could also follow the first option.


Option three about dealing with current rings and offhand rings


In that way, you can make all current rings as main hand rings firstly, and then introduce new offhand rings like what was done for dual wielding weapons.

Like offhand weapons, an offhand combat ring would probably end up having 50% of the crit bonus of its main hand version, but they may actually going as high as 2/3rds of main hands which rounds much more nicely with rings like onyx or Tokkul-Zo which have 2.7% and 1.5% crits respectively.


Since every ring is rs 07 gold having their niche uses, it’s difficult to pick just one ring to wear, especially in PvM. So follow the tips above can help a lot. By the way, if you are still trying to win as more rings as you can, you could visit, which is a professional gold selling website along with rs3 and rs07 quest helper.


Ways on Making Millions of RS 07 Gold

Runescape gold is sweeping RS 07 Gold fiercely all around and it\s not make easy! There are loads of great ways of money making but it can be very boring. Do you want to know how to make Runescape money fast by yourself? Do you want to know what is the best way to get RS gold? Here, I will let you know many ways to make RS money easy and fast.

1. Edgeville Dungeon

Edgeville dungeon requires a brass key to go through the shortcut and contains hill giants which drop big bones. They also drop runes and limpwurt roots which are worth a lot. But these can often be crowded so speed is of the essence, after a full inventory you can sell at the grand exchange or bank them before selling in bulk. But this isn\t all, many people ignore what else is in the dungeon. Hobgoblins have a high chance of dropping limpwurt roots and you can make around 80k per inventory if you get enough. But this can sometimes be long and tedious as they don\t always drop them. ( the lv 28s are more likely to drop limpwurt roots). Since the release of resource dungeons, the price of limpwurt roots has fallen so you may wish to stick to hill giants.

2. The Armour Make

You need the ability to smith complete iron. Mine about 1,000 metal Ores, smith them into bars, then smith them into Male and Female sets. For every and every arranged with platelegs you make, make one using a plate skirt. When you have about 10/20 complete sets. market every and every arranged for 2K Runescape bucks each. If not adequate for you, you can repeat the idea above to create many earnings of RS money. Also you can perform this with Bronze, even although not as very much bucks as with Iron.

3. Demons

If you are a high level then you should train on either lessers or greaters depending on your combat level. Greaters tend to drop rarer items including rune full helmets and adamant platelegs. I myself have managed to gain 3 rune full helmets from fighting these once. They can be found in Crandor and Karamja. These are relatively quiet spots with the ones at Crandor almost empty. An alternative to demon killing on Crandor would be killing moss giants which drop big bones and provide decent experience.

4. Minigames

There are lots of minigames which can be helpful to you for making RS money. Though most are in member worlds, games such as Fist of Guthix can earn you cash as well as experience. By doing Fist of Guthix, you can rank higher while gaining tokens to spend on rewards such as rune beserker shields or rune gauntlets. These can then be turned to worn equipment and sold for a small fortune. Other minigames include staking in the Duel Arena or in Clan wars. These are very risky and I don\t advise using these 2 methods unless you are very skilled and know what you are doing. However, these minigames could also get you to millions if you play right.

We hope you find these tips RS 07 Gold useful and become a RS millionaire even faster and easier than before. Of course, if you don\t have so much time to farm gold by yourself, just feel free to buy Runescape gold cheap and fast from our site.