Ready for Old School and Runescape Mobile Devices

This Monday, the long-waited announcement – mobile versions of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape had been released out. Old School mobile devices will be availble this winter while Runescape will be availble in 2018, you will be test the first in line closed to beta soon.

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According to Jagex’s new landing page for RuneScape on mobile, the interface of the game has been optimized for mobile devices. Cross-platform play will be possible between mobile and desktop players as well.

“This is a real step change for MMORPGs and a signal of Jagex’s intent to continue to push the boundaries of live games,” said Phil Mansell, Chief Operating Officer, Jagex. “The RuneScape titles will become the first mainstream and established Western MMORPGs on mobile in full, and the first to deliver interoperable play between PC and mobile platforms. We believe in taking our games to wherever our players want them; recent player surveys showed an overwhelming 90 percent of active players and 64 percent of former players telling us of their very high intent-to- play on mobile.”
It’s officially said that Jagex will not charge any extra fee for the mobile/tablet version, and the app will be free on iOS and Android. If you are a member, you can still have access to all worlds on the app. While if you are not, you can go into the non-members worlds only. In addition, they don’t plan to increase the membership price.

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NextGen accidentally leaked in livestream with runescape gold 50% off sale on 5.22

During a livestream on Friday, Jagex Mod Shauny accidentally leaked a logo of what appears to be some kind predatory bird with the words “NextGen” below. Actually, what is Runescape Next Gen? Is it somthing relating to Runescape?

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Jagex has apparently been working on something related for quite some time, according to a Reddit thread from 2015 linking to a now deleted job listing that was for a “next gen” MMO. The most recent overhaul, called NXT, happened only last year. It is possible to think Next Gen is any kind of sequel to Runescape, but could either be another overhaul or something else entirely.

Base on David Osborne, Runescape’s lead designer. “This was a slide from an internal company livestream, so there must have been something leftover from that,” he wrote, before adding in another comment that people shouldn’t “expect any further information any time soon.”

Now, we are pay highest attention to the newest information about Runescape Next Gen and keep posting when the official explanation has been given.

Account Security Week in Runescape
On May 15th, Account Security Week has been added into Runescape. In Account Security Week, you will get some rewards if you have the RuneScape Authenticator enabled on the account.

What is Account Security Week?

RuneScape Authenticator is a Account Security in replace of old Jagex Account Guardian system. As the RuneScape Authenticator has been release on May 15th, you will get some rewards if you have the RuneScape Authenticator enabled on the account.

What reward will you receive?

If you have the RuneScape Authenticator enabled on the account, you will get some rewards 2 extra Treasure Hunter Keys every day they log in from 15th May to Sunday 21st May.

If you claimed your XP lamp in October 2016 during Customer Support Week, in this time, you can claim a second lamp during this week only!

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Good news to Runescape F2P gamers! Two new bosses as well as a tasty combat upgrade go to free-to-play version of Runescape. F2P players

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King Black Dragon, Giant Mole & hard-mode Huge Mole

Now, F2P players can accept the King Black Dragon to get the drops: dragon bones and dark dragonhides. deadman mode 07 gold  These drops

are sellable simply by free players, but can only possibly be buried and processed through members. In addition to this particular, free

players are also competent to defeat Giant Mole and also hard-mode Giant Mole bosses within the Falador Mole Lair. In order to produce a

more streamlined and satisfying bossing experience, the Agility requirement which ought to access to the employers has removed in online

game. As a good reward to free players. Now, take your best weapons and gears to adopt down these bosses and get your hands on the

profitable drops.

F2P Combat & Dungeoneering revise

Combat update make dual-wielding has become possible for free players. The ability to use off-hand weapons can definitely revitalize your

combat creates and set ups. Besides, a host of new combat abilities in addition has added in this up-date. Apart from the overcome

update, some new weapons have also been added to the dungeoneering reward purchase free players. They can be ordered with reward tokens

attained by Dungeoneering.

Make the most connected with Prismania Plus

From 3rd March until 7th March, Prismania will be setting up a welcome return to Prize Hunter. You’d better prepare several Keys ahead

since it’s Prismania plus. Yes, just as you can easily see, all stars and lamps are prismatic, what is more essential, they also offer

an additional 10% XP-boost to a different skill group each day time. Get some cheap Runescape rare metal on to reap the

benefits of this treasure hunter.

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Old school The Inferno–RSorder

Best website to buy runescape 2007 gold on RSorder by paypal or alipay without any confirmation.We received a lot of feedback regarding our proposal for The Inferno, the home of TzKal-Zuk (Jad 2). In this developer blog we would like to discuss a design for The Inferno as a piece of content which is completely separate from the TzHaar Fight Cave.
The Inferno
The Inferno is the next step up for challenges offered by the TzHaar. Those of you daring enough to take on The Inferno will be made to sacrifice a fire cape in order to be granted access to this intense test of skill (the payment of a fire cape is a one-time fee).
Please note: The Inferno is entirely separate from the TzHaar Fight Cave.
If you accept the challenge you will be faced with 40+ waves of 6 previously unseen TzHaar monsters, all leading up to the fight of a lifetime. The Inferno will test even the most skilled players, challenging you both mechanically and in terms of endurance.
If you are able to make it to the final fight, you are in for a treat. You will be up against TzKal-Zuk, an incredibly fierce foe that will not be taken down by just anyone.
Our goal with this content is to, once again, bring you that same feeling of accomplishment that you felt the first time you killed TzTok-Jad. This boss will be very challenging and will turn you into a panicky mess as you approach the final fight.
The Rewards We will be offering a new best-in-slot melee cape as a reward for completing The Inferno and taking down TzKal-Zuk.
The poll
This content will be offered in two questions: one asking whether or not you would like the content and the other asking whether or not you would like the reward.
Question: Should The Inferno be added to Old School RuneScape? This is an activity similar to the Fight Cave, offering waves of monsters
Question: Should a new best-in-slot melee cape be given as a reward for defeating TzKal-Zuk?
When can we expect to see The Inferno in Old School?
We had initially planned to release The Inferno around mid-February as we had a gap in our release schedule. However, with The Inferno as a separate piece of content this becomes more of a challenge. We need to know what you think is best to help us move forward with The Inferno and Old School as a whole.
If we want to release The Inferno in mid-February the content may not be all it could be visually. We would likely have to re-use a lot of assets from the existing TzHaar area, tweaking them to make them unique. The gameplay will not suffer as a result of the content being released in February, however the graphics certainly will.
Past mid-February we have a very full development schedule which includes a lot of updates instrumental in both keeping people playing Old School and reaching new players. Content such as the Monkey Madness 2, Deadman mode seasonal servers, Zeah batch 2 and more. Because of the tight development schedule and significance of what we plan to to be making, we are very limited with how much time we can spend on The Inferno.

The old version of Runescape has a new expansion

Most reliable place to buy runescape gold on RSorder within 3-10 Mins. Adding new content to Runescape Old School, the server which aims to recreate when the game was in its glory days, seems kind of weird to me. If the whole point of it is that it’s a nostalgia-fueled romp through the game that stole every waking moment of my 12-year-old life, why are they adding new stuff to it?

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Either way, Jagex have introduced the continent of Zeah to the game. At the moment, it only features one city, Great Kourend, however further additions to the continent are planned for future updates. Great Kourend has five houses at each other’s throats, and it’s up to you to decide who you’re loyal to.

Each house seems to be based on a range of skills. For example, House Hosidius has an emphasis on farming and cooking, whereas Arceuss (not the Pokémon) is more focused on magic, runecrafting and prayer.

The big mechanical introduction are the minigames related to each house, which offer a quicker way of levelling up your skills. I remember spending upwards of 12+ hours a day when I was at my lowest point, simply carting fish to the nearest bank so I could flog them later. Being able to do that quicker sounds both great and kind of sad. It was weirdly pleasant to just chill with players you’ve never met before while grinding skills, and I hope these new minigames kept that feel intact.

You can head to Zeah in-game right now, by talking to Veos in Port Sarim. You can find a full breakdown of what the update includes on the Runescape blog.

As far as updates go, I’m pretty impressed at how extensive this is. I’m still trying to see how it fits into Old School, though.

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Want to make enough RuneScape 2007 gold in Old School Runescape to benefit most of the new continent, Zeah? If you want to have a better performance in OSRS, you should ensure you have enough RS 2007 gold in your bank. If you are at a low level presently, it might hard for you to make money fast in game. Luckily, here are our guides on how to make money in 2007 Runescape fast at low level.

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Start off money making

For low level players, one of the best money-making method is feathers and this also is a great way to train combat level. Head to the chicken coop south of falador, kill the chickens and sell the feathers. You will make good profit in this way. And then you can kill cows if you can. Pick up their cowhides and sell them at the Grand Exchange. Cowhide tanning would be your best bet if you were purely going for profit.

Skilling to gain RS gold fast

Fishing – Fishing in draynor village with a net, you can make money with anything you catch here. Also you can cook the fish for some money. You can do this until you are able to fish lobsters. Woodcutting – you can cut trees and make money with the logs. You can also level up Fletching or Firemaking in this way. Woodcut is a great way if you want to make money fast.

Free collection money-making option

Flax is used on bow strings and you can keep increase your fletching levels in this way. You see, you are no longer goout and making your own bow strings, so you can get a decent amount of RS 2007 gold in this way. If you are also looking to boost combat at a low level I suggest cows south of falador. Collect the hides, and either tan them and boost your crafting or sell them to other players and you will make good money.

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RSorder Guide:Shared acquaintance is a mechanism

Shared Experience

Trustable place to buy osrs gold on RSorder by paypal or alipay without any confirmation. You can toggle aggregate acquaintance on and off alone for yourself. Aggregate acquaintance is a apparatus which will accolade with a baby bulk of acquaintance every time addition amateur in your affair performs an action which you are aswell able to do. For example:

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You accept 39 Smithing. Somebody on your aggregation makes a Novite Maul. Because you accept the akin appropriate to artisan this item, you and whoever abroad has XP allotment toggled with an according or college smithing akin will accept experience.

You accept 39 Smithing. One of your teammates makes a Promethium Platebody. Because they crave akin 99 Smithing, you will not accept any experience, even if you accept Aggregate acquaintance on. Any added amateur who has 99 Smithing will accept experience.

Important: A lot of of the non-combat acquaintance will be aggregate as continued as anyone has abundant akin on a ability and has toggled allotment acquaintance on. The exact activities cover a lot of doors, a lot of addle room, and non-combat activity. Although it is not advised to accord action experience, it will accord backbone acquaintance for barred doors; abracadabra acquaintance for bewitched barrier doors, clear puzzles and bewitched constructs; and adoration acquaintance for aphotic spirit doors. Authoritative Runes for Runecrafting does NOT plan with aggregate experience.

Inspecting skills, familiars and inventories

On your affair interface, appropriate bang on a person’s name and baddest ‘inspect.’ You will again be able to attending through your teammates account and ability levels, appropriately allowance you to see if they accept a akin acceptable abundant to break a addle or accessible a door.

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Beginner’s Guide to Deadmen Mode From RSorder

Deadmen mode will come to Old School on next Thursday. Are you ready to throw in the new game mode? Take your time to prepare enough runescape 2007 gold in your bank to make a fortune in the game. Before engage in the new game, you’d better arm yourself with useful tips to make most of the game. Here are some basic guides you should know:

New economy in the game
The Grand Exchange is disabled in Deadmen mode.
No gold in the beginning.
Certain items are going to be extremely rare and valuable compared to Old School server.
Items such as secondaries for Herblore are going to be in short supply.
It’s possible to insure certain items.

Skilling comes first in Deadmen mode
GP will be extremely useful for everywhere.
Some skills will be insane GP on a fresh server.
Making money methods with buyable items.
Quests may be 2x EXP, either way still useful.
Skills such as crafting, will be hard to obtain battle staff, so having help would benefit you.
Training in own house gives almost no XP.

Pick your location carefully
Deadman mode will have the same map as the live game.
Most areas will be extremely dangerous.
Tutorial island will be the only non-pvp place.
Try and find training methods within safe zones.
Agility rooftops are not safe areas.
Training at place like slayer tower would not be intelligent, and regular spots will be dead content.
Locations with quick getaway or agility shortcuts will be very useful.
Map out your surroundings.

What you can do in Deadmen mode
You can protect up to 5 skills if not skulled (2 combat 3 regular).
You can protect up to 3 skills if skulled (1 combat 2 regular).
You can change the protected skills at any time.
You can use Agility obstacles during combat.
You can use objects in your house even if you lose the con level.
You can raid a players bank for 28 stacks if you kill them.

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Show off your Pumpkin to win free RS gold

Show Pumpkin Lantern to Win Free RS Gold

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The third player will get 10M RS 3 Gold or 2M RS 07 gold.

Other participants will get 5M RS 3 or 1M RS 07 gold.


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How To Make the Most Of Bank Raiding System In Deadman Mode To Gain OSRS Gold

Deadman mode is going to be released in mid-October. Are you ready to have fun in the new mode of the OSRS? Bank raiding is one of the main things that hotly debated among players. Would you like to play in Dead man mode at the cost of your valuable items? Luckily, you can take the advantage of bank raiding system to gain more Runescape 2007 gold in 07 RS. Besides, you can always buy cheap Runescape 2007 gold on RSorder to help enhance your in-game character.

‘Beat’ the bank raiding system

The banking raiding system is a double-edged sword in Deadman mode. However, successful players are able to ‘beat’ the bank raiding by using mule accounts to protect their valuable items. In addition, players also can consider hedging all their valuable items by trading them for liquid or assets that are difficult to raid to protect their banks. If you are in need of OSRS gold in your bank, you can always buy cheap RS 2007 gold from RSorder.

Join a clan to gain more OSRS gold

In Deadman mode, pvp initiation will occur almost entirely under the protection of a clan who will likely find ways to avoid the punishments of death. More often than not, the high risks of losing valuable items will stop individual players and small groups from being able to pvp. However, clans will gain bigger rewards than others because of this. So it is wise for you to join a clan to gain more wealth in the game.

Invest more time to avoid been raided

Players definitely will put effort into protecting their banks through mules and other mechanic-abusing means in Deadman mode. In fact, the longer time you are in the game, the less possibility you lose as a percentage of your wealth. You should invest quite a long time in the game to diversify your assets. In this way, you can keep 50% of your bank even at 28 items lost on death. Also you can gather cheap Runescape 2007 gold on RSorder to buy what you need in the game.

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Equipment and Inventory Changes with runescape 2007 gold

The folks at Runescape have posted an update detailing new changes and functionality additions to the equipment and inventory systems.

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When it comes to great weapons and armour there is plenty of choice in RuneScape. In fact there are so many different items it’s sometimes hard to keep track of them all. This is why we are introducing the pre-purchase advice tool. Before you buy anything – from a shop, at the Grand Exchange, or from another player – you can now check out what the bonuses of the item are, and, in the case of worn items, whether there are any restrictions that might prevent you from wearing them. You can use this tool to find out what skills you need to train, and what quests you need to complete, to use a particular item.

Those of you who are in possession of a dragon platebody will see that it has undergone a graphical overhaul, as requested by you on the forums.

Next, we have made a change to the equipped inventory screen for Ranged weapons, so now you can see the ranged strength of weapons like javelins, arrows and crossbow bolts.