old school runescape gold Zoom and The Herb Sack

This week’s update is here and Old School is about to get a lot bigger… Or smaller. You can now decide thanks to the addition of the zoom feature!


The zoom feature can now be found in your settings tab, allowing you to zoom in or out of Old School to suit your needs. Whether you’re at a big boss and you want to catch all of the action or you want a close-up screenshot of your fashionscape outfit, the zoom feature will be able to help you out.

By default, the zoom feature will not be adjustable by using the scroll wheel on your mouse. To enable this, head into your settings and click the zoom icon. If you do not want to use the scroll wheel to adjust your zoom you can instead stick to using the bar in your settings tab.

The difference between being fully zoomed in and fully zoomed out is quite drastic. Here is a comparison of the two:

If at any point you want to return to the familiar default amount of zoom, you can right click the zoom icon found in your settings tab and select “Restore Default Zoom”.

The herb sack

The herb sack is now available from slayer masters for a cost of 750 slayer reward points. The herb sack allows you to store up to 30 of each of the following grimy herbs:

Grimy guam

Grimy marrentill

Grimy tarromin

Grimy harralander

Grimy ranarr weed

Grimy toadflax

Grimy irit leaf

Grimy avantoe

Grimy kwuarm

Grimy snapdragon

Grimy cadantine

Grimy lantadyme

Grimy dwarf weed

Grimy torstol

Never again will you be have to live through the pain of leaving a grimy herb on the ground to disappear. With space for up to 420 grimy herbs, the herb sack will be a must-have for slayers.

old school runescape gold This Weeks Patch Note And Character Showcase

This week, old school runescape gold teams are making their effort to improve the quest that due to release this time. Hope you can understand and look forward to the much more exciting features.

They’d orginally planned to release the latest Grandmaster quest The Light Within this week, along with a massive expansion to the Ancient curses and spells that will open up whole new ways to play the high-level game.

But late last week, they made the decision to delay the quest’s release by a week. Had they gone ahead as originally planned, it wouldn’t have met the high standards necessary for such a complex, eagerly anticipated piece of content-particularly one with far-reaching effects on other areas of the high-level game.

Simply, they’d rather take another week to give the content the polish and quality they you deserve, rather than put it out before it’s ready. They are working hard to bring The Light Within up to scratch. In the meantime, you can see details of the fixes and tweaks.

Others, the first of three showcase pieces from terrifyingly talented artists comes to Solomon’s Store today, the Barbarian Outfit.

Character artist Mod Ante has been given the chance to cut loose and flex his creative muscles, coming up with designs that show off his vision and skill. The theme for today’s release was simply Melee and the Barbarian Outfit doesn’t disappoint. Comprising a full cosmetic override outfit, with weapons and an impressively beefy walk animation, it’s a strong look for battle-born brawlers everywhere.

Pick up the Barbarian outfit today and keep an eye out for ranged and magic-themed offerings, coming soon. Otherwise, you can take a look at this week’s patch note and learn what will be improved for The Light Within.

Death towards the Dorgeshuun old school runescape gold!

Considering that the Lost Tribe old school runescape gold quest many humans have visited the Dorgeshuun mines, but no cave goblin has yet were built with a tour from the surface. The Dorgeshuun Council fears that this H.A.M. group could possibly be planning another attack, as well as send a real estate agent for the surface to look into, and they are generally seeking an adventurer to act like a guide. RuneScape gold. Introduce your new Dorgeshuun friend to Lumbridge’s residents, silently take out guards, and foil those intending to bring Death on the Dorgeshuun!
If you’re able to save the town you may be rewarded with many Thieving and Ranging XP, as well as the Dorgeshuun will highlight ways to use the special attacks of two of the heightened weapons. Additionally , you will access a whole new a higher level the H.A.M. cave and steal larger rewards.
In other news…
The mighty Guthix has decreed the the years have come for his tears to present Construction xp to adventurers for whom it is their lowest skill, but as long as they own a family house.

Positive points demon factions property analysis old school runescape gold

Let me talk first attribute points old school runescape gold factions. Upright: L level is plus 1 point defense, 11:00 blood, add a little blood is blood plus 14-15, plus power by 3:00 to be 4/4/3, plus 1 min 5 hit, 2-3 to avoid. Xiepai: Anti-liter one is 1:00 9:00 Blood, add a little blood is 13-14 blood, increases the power by 3:00 to be 3/3/2, plus 1 min 4 hit 2-3 to avoid. Magic School: 1:00 liter as an anti 14:00, add a little blood is 15-16 blood, power by 3:00 to be 6/6/5, plus 1 min 3 of 6 hits avoided.

Well, I attribute points factions said a bit from attribute points is the best, the worst Xiepai magic school, but from the weaponry is the best school of magic Xiepai worst, decent are in the middle, there is the attack speed, evil is the fastest, down is magic.

But I found that I got a evil 8, add 25 power 12 min, the attack was 77, just out to get the weapon (double ax). 8 decency to take the same 99 novice sword attack. Magic send eight newcomers promise to take 133 attacks.

Also, take a different weapon attacks are not the same, magic gun attack a lot higher than the same level of take Xu attack. Evil, too, with a knife than a pair of high Tomahawk lot, you would have the same level of knife and gun attacks and Yue Xu higher than it was, but there is not much higher, but after the equipment go up against a lot worse, n is the same, to take the 13 knives and 13 to take the ax, even if you take the ax and take the knife attack 16 13 almost.

Magic and n are the same, there is the skills, basic skills are the same. 54 different skills in evil is the increase of female attack, is the yin, magic, male property defense, magic attack speed is home, the first change in the PK, and will not look at second, and basically look, who attribute attack or high property anti-high.

Old School Runescape Gold Trading Solution from Players

It has been a while since you guys Old School Runescape Gold talking about trading solution in old school runescape. And finally, Jagex is going to come out with a poll about trading solution. With the trading solution due to be polled in the coming weeks, let’s see some players’ opinions about what features are important to them.


Paying taxes for trading in osrs


As for solving trading solution, everyone should give a little. This means things like paying taxes. One day you’ll have to pay taxes (if you don’t already do) but it’s for the greater good. Think of it this way, it’s a great money sink!

Well, the question is where are the taxes going? How do these taxes contribute to the successful operation of community management and government?


Inflation can also be a good thing


A lack of inflation discourages people from buying items, since those items inevitably decline in value over time. Instead, it is safer to keep your wealth as cash.

This is bad for the game, since it reduces the profitability of PvM. If GWD/Slayer drops were viewed as a stable investment, there would be far more players willing to buy and keep them. As a result, prices would rise.

We obviously aren’t talking about scale on the level of what occurred with PvP worlds and statuettes. Just enough so that players are motivated to actually buy things. Economies always do better when people are willing to spend money!


Tax would keep GP valuable


Since people get gold pieces through trading NPCs and as drops from monsters, there is constantly more flooding into the game. Without something to take the GP out at a similar rate, the value of GP naturally and inevitably decreases.

A tax, the GP from which would not directly go to players, although it couldn’t totally fix the problem, would definitely help alleviate it, and keep GP valuable.


Tax rates harm the low end consumer


Flat tax rates harm the low Old School Runescape Gold end consumer or newbie tremendously because at the end of the day everyone is paying the same flat rate in taxes, and effectively not much has changed in terms of economic saturation.

Link: http://www.csfee.com

old School Runescape Gold and RS Legacy Combat Mode Update

Do you still remember a runescape’s previous post about big plans for combat? Yes, it’s now finally coming! You will old school runescape gold be able to enjoy an initial beta in May if nothing else. As long as it goes well on testing and feedback, you may have the chance to see the official version this summer.

Details of Legacy Combat Mode updates

The Legacy Combat Mode is especially for those who preferred the old combat gameplay and game interfaces. That means players are able to play the modern game with the feel of the old combat gameplay and interfaces by using the Legacy Mode.
For those players who have the sense of nostalgic, Legacy will feel like the simpler experience familiar to those who played prior to the Evolution of Combat and RuneScape 3.
Meanwhile, the majorities of game worlds will allow those in Legacy Mode to play alongside EoC players, so the two groups can play together, interact and fight side-by-side if you wish.

Opinions from the first look at Legacy Mode

Legacy Combat Mode

Everything has two sides, so various people would have different opinions for the Legacy Mode.
Some people are really loved the old version, so they hope the legacy Mode can allow custom interface skinning. They would definitely jump at the chance to reskin it all to the 2011 graphics.
Conversely, other players think that three versions of the game are going to be confusing. Most new players will probably start in legacy since it will be easier to get into. Those same players might never even try the EOC version.
All in all, Jagex is going to make it as an option so that players can choose that depends on themselves. It’s the best of both worlds.

Legacy Mode will not old school runescape gold simply be a replica of the game back from 2011, but it will have the most important things, such as especially old-style interfaces, removal of EoC abilities and reinstatement of Special Attacks. Once you have tried it, don’t forget to discuss that on Facebook!


Berserk Ability with old school runescape gold

Have you ever used the berserk ability? Is it ever bothered you? What is the reasoning behind this ability being so awful compared to its magic and ranged equivalents? Based on that, let’s see some details about the berserk ability with old school runescape gold.

Details of the berserk
Berserk is an ultimate Strength ability. When activated, for 20 seconds all Melee damage dealt by the player is doubled, at the cost of 50% extra damage taken from NPCs and other players.
Additionally, the user’s armour rating is halved. This makes it easier for players on a Slayer task or PK’ing a target because of the rapid damage dealt.
However, you may need to notice that this ability in a PvP situation as the target can attack you and deal very high damage. You are able to hit over 6000 per hit on enemy targets with a boosted strength stat and Assault, but it cannot increase Dismember and Slaughter damage.

Opinions of the berserk
1. Something needs to change so damage modifying ultimately can be on par with each other.
2. Jagex should release an additional reward for The World Wakes that’s a strength ability titled something like “Azzanandra’s rage” that would serve as a melee version of the other two abilities.
3. In fact, the lowered defense helpful. You can use it only when you are grinding, whether it be a slayer task or hell hounds. And then use a penance aura when you grinding, the decreased defense will allow you to take more damage while still maintaining nearly full hp with soul split due to the increase in damage. It is perfect in that respect and requires no rebalance.
4. Berserk will not be a huge problem because with the range or mage ones you’re limited to a small area and cannot leave it. In pvp a player could use surge or escape to get out of range and completely negate it, which isn’t the case for berserk.

Everything has advantages old school runescape gold and disadvantages, but it’s just about how you play them. Try to create a wonderful journey with those abilities you own. Ability cannot accomplish you, yourself can.