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If you love or have interests in the Togruta species coming in 2015, it’s really good news to buy them cheaper with the 50% discount. However, there are also some players wondering whether this species is worth buying or not, and we should know its features before making the decision.

Is it worth unlocking Swtor Togruta species?

Togruta have “head-tails” and headpiece jewelry you can choose from like Twi’leks, but they also have large horns called “montrals”. They have a very wide range of skin colors, unlike other species who are often restricted to similar shades of the same color. Their head-trails and montrals are very detailed in texture, and you can see all the small wrinkles of their skin. You can also choose the color of their skin and the color of their montrals, much like choosing a human’s skin and hair color.
Togruta also come with a race ability called “Storytelling”. It has no combat affect, but can be used for fun or for roleplay. It will cause your Togruta to gesture in front of them as if they are speaking to a crowd.
If you want to play a new character with a distinct and colorful species, it may be a good chance to unlock Swtor Togruta now especially with the discount.

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This isn’t something we ever want to happen, but when buy swtor credits it does, we take it seriously and do everything we can to resolve the issue or issues. We are adding additional processes to try and prevent this particular situation from happening again. Here’s essentially what took place today and what’s behind the long downtime:

What happened? Wasn’t this tested?
The issues we encountered were fairly complex, and having more than one just made things complicated. The first problem was the patch for our BitRaider and SSN launchers were inconsistent and ended up causing different issues after we took the servers out of maintenance. As a result, some of you actually received a game patch, while others didn’t get anything. You’d think we would catch that in our normal tests, but it was an oversight in our process which we have since corrected. The big issue was part of the patch that should have been included was missing data, so it was pulling information from 5.4 instead of 5.4a. The net result was a variety of issues – including some of the patch changes didn’t seem like they were deployed.

Although we extensively test all of our updates at all stages of the process, the missing parts just caused enough oddball problems, we had to take the game down again to figure out what was going on. In reality, had I been a little more patient, we would have caught the issues beforehand, yet the long downtime would not have been avoided. In addition, not everything we had planned to fix is actually included. For example, we have resolved the exploit with the Umbara Stronghold, but it didn’t make it in the 5.4a patch. Therefore, we have our normal infrastructure maintenance planned for next Wednesday, so our current plan is to deploy the change at that time. We implore you to not participate in this exploit as we don’t want any further disruptions in your game play.

Players lost time today, especially in the EU, is anything being done?
Losing playtime is always painful, especially when there is a “double” event running and Dailies awarding crazy high CXP. I’m kicking around a variety of options with the team, as we want to apologize and reward your patience. Some of you have asked to have our Double XP/CXP event extended and others have asked us to keep the current CXP amounts for the Daily Areas. Others have asked for different compensation, and we’re looking at all options as the last couple weeks have been tough on all of us. We’ll lock down what exactly we’re doing and let you know in the coming days.

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After completing either Coruscant or Dromund Kaas Nar Shaddaa will be the second planet swtor credits cheap players experience while leveling up. It’s another city planet which means it pretty much sucks. Luckily for you, using this guide will make it suck just a little bit less. What level you come to Nar Shaddaa depends on what level you finished Taris and if you did the Bonus Series. Don’t worry if you skipped the Bonus Series… Trust me when I say that most people do.

Anyway, let’s get started with Nar Shaddaa. The very first quest you will pick up upon ariving on the planet will be from Minister Plennid…

For this quest you need to kill the Kintan Kings NPCs for the passcodes. They can be a rather uncommon drop so you may have to kill quite a few. This doesn’t really matter though, considering the bonus quest has you kill 30 of them to complete it. You’ll want to stick around for this bonus quest, it’s a nice boost in XP especially if you skipped out on the Taris Bonus Series.

After you finish When Diplomacy Fails you’ll want to head far west to get to the Taxi Terminal. Grab the Taxi path and fly to the Upper Promenade where the quest When Diplomacy Fails tells you to go. When you land grab the Quick Travel terminal thingy and head north to turn in your quest. After doing so, if you have a class quest in lower promenade do that before you continue to the Nikto Sector.

All over the Wannshock Tenements area (the first area you come to in the Nikto Sector) you will find glowing blue crates. Open them up and collect the Stolen Combat Implants. After you’ve gotten all 4 of them turn the quest in to Nurkolas up north. Doing so will start another quest called Slave Raiding. Also in the room right next to Nurkolas’ there is another quest which is a Heroic +2 quest called Blood Money. If you’re a healer or a tank with a healer companion you can probably solo this quest. It’ll give some good XP so it’s worth a try.

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There are many different Crew Skills in the game, as I am sure you already know swtor credits for sale by now… Crew Skills are the Professions or Tradeskills, whichever word you prefer, of Swtor. Unlike any other game in order to participate in any of the Crew Skills you will need to have a Companion. Players can gather on their own but they are not able to run missions or able to craft without a companion.

That means while you will be able to participate in Archaeology, Bioanalysis, Scavenging and Slicing other crafting Crew Skills such as Armormech, Armstech, Artifice, Biochem, Cybertech and Synthweaving will be off limits unless you have a companion available to you. Also the mission Crew Skills, Diplomacy, Investigation, Treasure Hunting and Underworld Trading will also be off limits unless you have a companion available to you.

For gathering Crew Skills you are able to raise them the old fashion way, such as going around and collecting all the different nodes or you can raise them just like they were Mission Skills, by running different types of missions for skill ups. If you’re interested in running Missions on any of the Crew Skills take a look at this guide to learn more.

The final thing worth mentioning about Companions and Crew Skills is each companion for every class will have different and unique bonuses available to them for different Crew Skills. These bonuses can be something simple such as +15 Bioanalysis or Archaeology to something more unqiue and useful such as +2 Critical chance with Underworld Trading. If you’re interested in seeing the long list of bonuses available to each companion take a look at this guide here.

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Archaeology allows players to find imbued items like lightsaber crystals buy swtor gold and ancient artifacts. As archaeology is mainly used to mine crystal nodes, you could compare it to Mining in other games. The crystals obtained from the crystal formation can be used by a player with the Artifice tradeskill to construct lightsaber modifications and armor for Force users. The items found using Archaeology can be used in the Artifice and Synthweaving Tradeskills.

Bioanalysis allows players to collect genetic materials from plants and certain creatures. The genetic materials you can collect include cell fibers, bacterial strains, toxic extracts and medicinal fluids. The items gathered with Bioanalysis are used in Biochem to craft medpacs, stimulants, and biological implants.

Scavenging allows players to recover useful materials from piles of scrap or damaged technology that they come across. Crafting skills such as Armormech, Armstech, and Cybertech use the items gathered through Scavenging. Scavenging is well suited for heavy armor users such as Bounty Hunters or Troopers.

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Petty criminal, starship mechanic, woman of mystery, royal queen: all of these terms swtor gold apply to Risha, daughter of notorious crimelord Nok Drayen. Considering her upbringing as a violent gangster’s child, it’s a wonder Risha turned out remotely normal. Wise and experienced beyond her years, she has led an adventurous life containing some extremely dark chapters.

Despite her biting sarcasm and general selfishness, one can never shake the feeling that Risha would be a better person if only she knew how. Years spent among the galaxy’s dregs have fostered layers of personal self-defense mechanisms and a cynical shell around her. Only the most persistent friend has any hope of meeting the “real” Risha hiding beneath the surface.

A born leader, Aric Jorgan is one of the Republic’s most capable field officers. He enlisted in the military at an early age and quickly distinguished himself as a talented marksman. His impeccable service record earned him a spot in the Republic’s top sniper squad, where he successfully carried out over a dozen missions against high-ranking Imperial targets.

Since his transfer to Fort Garnik, Jorgan has earned a reputation as a hard and demanding taskmaster. However, few realize his surly demeanor belies a genuine concern for the well-being of his troops. While those under his command may not particularly like the brooding Cathar, they almost always respect him.

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Few places in the galaxy have seen the peace promised by the Treaty of Coruscant so swtor credits for sale thoroughly cast aside as the world of Balmorra. Fiercely independent, this long time ally of the Republic has led the galaxy in advanced droid and weapons manufacturing. Now Balmorra’s workers live and suffer under a full Imperial occupation force.

Soon after Balmorra was colonized, in the infancy of the Republic, it became a haven for some of the most prolific manufacturers of fearsome weaponry and battle droids in the known galaxy. These terrible military assets, combined with the planet’s strategic location close to the Core Worlds, kept Balmorra in a constant state of war. Setting its sights on the weapons of war manufactured on the planet, the Sith Empire resolved to take Balmorra, and in answer the Galactic Republic sent soldiers to aid the Balmorrans in their fight to preserve their independence.

As the war tore on and continued to spread, the strained Republic could no longer afford to spend its forces on Balmorra. Wave after wave of Republic troops were pulled off of the world for redeployment elsewhere in the galaxy, until finally, in accordance with the Treaty of Coruscant, the Republic was forced to officially end its support of Balmorra. A small, underground Republic force was left on the planet to aid their Resistance, but the Balmorrans knew the truth of it; they had been abandoned. Even so, the Empire was still unable to take full control of Balmorra.

Now, years after the treaty, a regrouped and rebuilt Republic is testing the limits of their fragile peace with the Empire, sending back the reinforcements they had pulled off the planet years before. Although the Balmorrans are accepting of Republic help, they do little to hide their resentment at having been abandoned years before. Meanwhile, the Sith Empire is escalating their presence on the planet, determined to claim Balmorra’s weapons, and put an end to this conflict once and for all.

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This is the most basic boss of them all in this instance, he is literally can i buy credits for swtor nothing more than a simple tank and spank. Of course he comes with two adds, the two elites on either side of him but both of them have 8k HP and are no match for you and your group! Take out his adds first and then eliminate him, extremely easy fight. After you kill him be sure to loot him (Duh!) and then use the Security Console behind him.
Security Console

One thing you will start to get used to with these instances is that in each one there is some sort of console or item to trigger an option which rewards you with Lightside or Darkside points. I won’t tell you which one to choose, that is entirely up to you for the entire course of this game. The only advice I will give is choose wisely! After you mess with the console you will want to continue down the path and and over to Section Zero. There is a lot of trash here but nothing you and your group can’t handle.

This entire place is pretty straight forward except for one little thing that stands out, the blue hologram bridge. When you get close to it this bridge will light up and show you it’s available, but first a word of warning… Every twenty or so seconds the bridge vanishes and a large boulder flies through this gap. You obviously don’t want to be around when the bridge disappears or when the boulder rips through the gap, for this reason if you don’t know the last time the boulder past, wait for it to pass again before starting across.

Shortly after this blue bridge you will reach your final objective area where your Flashpoint quest will update and you will be tasked with taking out the final boss, Battlelord Kreshan.

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The Guide of How to Picking the Best Crew Skills for Your SWTOR Class

On the official forum of Star Wars the Old Republic, there is a faithful player who has contributed the very minute guide to the others since he has done the research into it. The guide can help other players find the best crew skills for their players. In order to well gear your character, you had better to buy more swtor credits for you characters.

Today let me tell you what these bonuses mean. We can know that companions now have two bonuses, efficiency and critical. First of all, comes to efficiency which comes in +5,+10, and sometimes maybe +15. It could be just a speed bonus for players to crafting. In my opinion, they are 5%, 10%, and 15% faster speed of crafting and mission completing.

Next let us come to critical which comes in +1, +2, and even +5. That means players have +1%, +2%, and +5% additional chances for the mission or craft.

What is Critical in crafting? That is to say player will either craft an additional item, or if they are making gear, it will come with an augment slot which they can fill with an augment. Players can gain additional items and even some rare rewards from the critical in missions.

In general, the player who has released this guide consider that critical will be better than efficiency since ironically, critical is more efficient with gamers’ money and materials. All in all with changes of these times, it’s not as valuable to critically craft  SWTOR armor and SWTOR weapons  as augment slots are comparatively cheap.

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Swtor End Season 5 Comes Next Week with Patch 3.3 & PvP Weapons Gifs Revealed Now

The end of swtor Season 5 will come on next Tuesday, July 21, along with the release of patch 3.3. During this last week, hop into hunting with cheap swtor credits and improve your rating. You will have a chance of gaining the cool Gladiatorial Nexu Mount and various weapons that shown on official website recently with animated gifs. At the same time, the upcoming patch 3.3 will bring you with various contents to enjoy!


Rewards of swtor end season 5 and animated gifs of pvp weapons


Details of Swtor season 5 could be traced back to the beginning of May when Bioware firstly introduced Gladiatorial Nexu Mount for one of the rewards at the end of the season. And with it being around the corner, more rewards have been revealed. Want a refresher? Here is the answer: In addition to one of the available Nexu installation, Giradda will provide a unique decoration, title, color crystal, and a unique set of melee weapons. On top of those, a popular figure 96 and awards, black, silver stripes of color crystal Lockbox (seasonal crystal award was last seen in the fourth quarter) will be available in next ranked season. Here you can get a sneak peek at what pvp weapons can be expected next Tuesday, or head to SWTOR official site to see the animated gifs of those weapons.

Assault CannonDouble Bladed LightsaberAssault RifleSniper RifleBlaster PistolLightsaber

Rules and requirements to get the ranked rewards for Swtor Season 5


Have you reached a high rating in season 5? Now as there is no more than one week before it releases, you may need to know the rules of Rank to help you know how much efforts will be needed to get the rewards. Basically, the top ratings decide the result. Your highest-earned rating in the end of this season will determine your tie, and the higher your tier the more glorious your rewards! The Highest Earned won’t be revealed once Season 5 has come to an end, but you can check the Warzone Rating and Stats page in the Warzone Queue GUI to check the Current Ratings for reference. as for those pvp weapons shown above, you will need 1350 solo or team rating to obtain them.

swtor season 5 pvp rewards and requirements

Swtor patch 3.3 will come next Tuesday with abundant contents


With the coming of end season 5, patch 3.3 will also kick off on July 21 to bring abundant contents. For example, the Warzone commendation legacy lockbox is available to transfer Commentations to characters; new Togruta Race is added to be fierce in combat, which needs your courage and good gear to conquer; the biggest new Yavin stronghold comes with more hooks, rooms, decorations, etc. besides, patch 3.3 will reduce prices of PvP gear, making it more open to regular people, so that you can get more helpful gears with less swtor credits us.


End season 5 is coming, have you gotten enough achievements? Seize time to make final attempts, and you will get a turnaround to win the season 5 rewards. For another view, it is also a warm-up for the playable patch 3.3. Buy cheap swtor credits with 10 dollar cash coupon on Sw-tor-credits to take action now!