What’s your wishlist about the Elder Scrolls Online?

According to the official news, Zenimax Online Studios is about to release the third piece of paid DLC for their MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online; The Thieves Guild. It will introduce the much-loved guild and a new, expansive location in Hammerfell: Abah’s Landing.


The developer has promised continuing support and content in the future including the Dark Brotherhood DLC, a journey to the Daedric Realm of Apocrypha, a”Daedric disease”, an area in the Argonian homeland of Black Marsh, and a spell crafting system but there’s still a couple of things we’d like to add to that list, if possible.So we may like the wishlist as these:

1.For one thing, The Elder Scrolls Online has been around for two years now and, while new Skill Trees have been introduced, we’ve been left with the same four classes to play. It would be interesting to see the introduction of a new class, perhaps focusing on a specific branch of magic seen in the previous Elder Scrolls games, such as expanding on Conjuration and its ties to necromancy, or Illusion Magic.

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2.The game still lacks any support for unarmed combat; a Martial Arts skill tree would be fitting, considering previous Elder Scrolls games offered Hand-to-Hand skills and racial buffs to accompany it.It’s not a major problem, but some players have found it disappointing that the Khajiit have no use for their claws.

Additionally, The Elder Scrolls has offered player housing in the past, you were even able to build your own home in the Skyrim expansion Hearthfire so the addition would make sense.A instanced place to call your own with your guild would add that little touch to the community aspect of the game. It’s also a fun diversion which people will absolutely end up spending hours and hours playing with, we know we will!

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Tips for to ESO Champion System Bonuses and Champion Points

Recently, Zenimax is reviewing Champion System passives in Elder Scrolls Online and asks players’ feedback on official forum and reddit. It is time to show your special idea, but how well do you know about this system? This guide is aiming at giving you a full comprehension of passive skills and abilities, as well as points earning in that system.
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What is champion system/point?
Champion System is a system that can be received after you reach 50 level in Elder Scrolls Online. This system was added to the game in 6th Update. Containing passive skills and abilities, it is very important for character progression. Champion Point is something that like Experience, and can be earned after your character hits Veteran Rank 1. There will be a progress bar appears below your regular experience bar. From this time will start to earn experience for Champion system (champion point), while also earn regular experience.

How to earn champion points?
Your ingame activity will decide your progression to earn Champion Points (CP). Every action that grants you traditional experience also gives experience for Champion System. For example, you can earn CP by killing enemies, visiting dungeons, challenging arena, etc. There are 3 types of points: The Warrior (red), The Thief (green), and The Mage (blue). Each type has independent progress bar, and you will make progress one by one. For example, you will start collecting exp for Warrior type when you enter into the system, and once you receive 1 Warrior Point, your red bar will turn to be green and you will start receiving Thief point. After that Mage point process will begin. This cycle will repeat again and again.

What are the benefits of champion points?
As you collect the CP, you will get passive abilities for your character. Consistent with the types of points, the abilities are also classified into three categories. Warrior abilities increase defense, HP and health regeneration of your character; Mage abilities increase Magicka pool, regeneration and power of spells; while Thief abilities increase your Stamina pool and regeneration. Digging a little deeper, each category above has 3 subcategories (constellations), and every constellation contains define amount of stars, while each star grants a passive ability. There are two groups of Passive abilities, one available by default and the other must be unlocked by investing your CP. You can decide to use all points on one constellation, or spread the points for all 3 constellations. The difference is that the fewer categories you choose, the deeper you go.

After reading the guide above, have you got further understanding about the Champion System? Now it is your time to make suggestion and shape the system to be better. Of course, to get better experience, cheap eso gold for sale on safewow is also important, so just come to buy some cheap with free coupons!

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Planned changes for siege weapons will come to The next DLC for ESO Thieves Guild

ESO always has fast-paced content updates. When Orsinium was released barely over a month ago, we will soon get hand to the next DLC, Thieves Guild that is going to drop in the first quarter of 2016. And before it comes, Zenimax has unveiled their plan to make some PvP changes and expected to collect players’ feedback.

The next DLC for ESO, Thieves Guild will come early in 2016
Many players might still feel attached to the Orsinium even when they have completed the Veteran version of the Maelstrom Arena. People might have worried that there is not new content to keep them playing after complete Orisinium. However, only after about a month since it released, we got the news that the next DLC update will hit the first quarter of 2016 and it’s all about the Thieves Guild. We might be asking if it is worth spending 3000 crowns for a month of content, but would it be possible that the contents Zenimax made are so exciting, making players to burn through it faster than they can expect? At least, Maelstrom Arena is never easy as different encounters provided there, which refresh your experience in every match by requiring you to adjust your play style. And now, we can just expect for the new DLC next year!

Planned changes for siege weapons revealed to collect feedback
The Lead PvP Developer, Brian Wheeler just posted a small insight to some changes for siege weapons coming to next updates on the official forums, and asked for feedback on their concepts before they hit the PTS or even the live servers. Before heading to the details, it is appreciated that Zenimax is now being transparent to let the community in on the upcoming changes. Compared to the previous tight-lipped attitude, they now seem to be opening up to allow people voice out their feedback before it’s a real thing. Now see what changes are in plan for Thieves Guild:

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1. Damage from siege weapons is being increased by 30% (possibly even higher).
2. Siege weapons that apply a snare debuff will now apply a normalized snare of 50% and last 6 seconds.
3. All side effects from siege weapons (snare, healing taken reduction, siege damage increase taken) are no longer removed via cleanse or any purge related ability.
4. Oil Catapults will now take away about 5000 stamina from those it hits.
5. The Lightning Ballista will now remove 2500 magick from the enemy targets.
6. Ballista now turns faster and their “scatter” variable has been removed to make them 100% accurate to your aimed location.
7. Scattershot now adds 20% damage taken from other siege weapons instead of 10%.

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Simple Ways to Make Gold in The ElderScrolls Online

In The Elder Scrolls Online, gold is indispensable for players, especially new players. Apart from selling resources, good equipment and loots, there are two happy ways to make eso gold in the game world, destroying Dark Anchor and exploring Dungeons. What I need to say, the two ways is not make you directly get items instead of the gold reward .

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Destroying Dark Anchor is a happy way of making extra gold. As you adventure in ESO, you can find the massive Dark Anchors all over the Tamriel. You can defeat Daedra and remove Dark Anchors with a small group. And you can get higher quality loots and rare items. How to turn the items into money? One way is to directly sell them. The other way is to break down them and get crafting materials. If you’re lucky enough, you may get turn the items into some rare materials which can be sole at higher price.

Exploring dungeon is the other good way to earn money for you in the game. There are a variety of dungeons for players to explore. Some of dungeons are easy but some is quite difficult. As players, you can not only experience the most fun eso activities but also gain the most rewards. As you challenge dungeons, you can obtain all sorts of items, some of them are excellent. You can sell those good gears to others to make much gold. If you have enough time and energy, you can repeating to dungeons to gain more items for your class.

By the two ways above, you can make teso gold, as well as get experience for you character to upgrade.

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Guide to The Elder Scrolls Online: Royal Communique

Now it is high time to join the The Elder Scrolls Online as ESO team meets one of the new characters players will encounter while playing through the Orsinium DLC game pack story. In this Meet the Character entry, you’ll learn a little about Kurog gro-Orsinium the warrior-king, reigning monarch of the Orcs. And players can gain some ESO Gold to play the game. The details about Royal Communique: For the Eyes of High King Emeric are as follows.

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As asked for, I’ve traveled towards the new town of Orsinium to set of the progress of the friend and ally, King Kurog. Unlike the situation given to you by Kurog themself throughout his last trip to Wayrest, the Orcs aren’t a united nation and also the city is not even close to complete. Despite Kurog’s proclamation of kingship, most of the clans still operate as independent city-states, and a few clan chiefs directly oppose Kurog’s reign. Regardless, the king is constantly on the promote his agenda of a united Orsimer nation and a rebuilt Orc city. Orsimer nation along with a reconstructed Orc city. If anybody can succeed at these momentous tasks, it’s certainly Kurog gro-Orsinium. ESO Gold really can help you be succeed in game.

Through each one of these difficulties, King Kurog remains an imposing figure. He is really the best warrior-king. He’s strong and savage in fight, boisterous and fun-loving privately, and absolutely callous in politics. He’s an incredible appetite for existence generally, in addition to a singular passion for drink and food. Somewhat, Kurog jogs my memory of the exuberant child?afull of wide-eyed question along with a spontaneity that varies from Orcishly crude to remarkably sophisticated. In lots of ways, he’s a real conundrum: lighthearted and gleeful one moment, brooding and deadly the following.

You can meet King Kurog yourself within the Orsinium DLC game pack for ESOTU, visiting PC/Mac on 11/02, Xbox 360 One on 11/17, and PlayStation4 on 11/18. And remember to buy ESO Gold when you in the Orsinium DLC game pack.

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safewow Elder Scrolls Online Drink Guide:Psijic Ambrosia

The Psijic Ambrosia is a drink in Elder Scrolls Online which bestows 50% additional XP gain to a character for 30 minutes.
The Psijic Ambrosia is an XP booster. It is a drink, just like other drinks in ESO, and can be crafted with Provisioning. When you drink a Psijic Ambrosia your character will receive an additional 50% XP from all sources for 30 minutes.

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If you log out during the 30 minute duration the timer will pause and continue when you log back in.

You can use the Psijic Ambrosia on top of other food and drinks and nothing will cancel the Psijic Ambrosia effects except for logging out which pauses the timer. You can’t use two or more Psijic Ambroisa at the same time. The Psijic Ambrosia does stack with other methods of XP boosting such as the Ring of Mara and ESO Plus.

The Psijic Ambrosia works with XP gain so it will advance your Level or Veteran Rank and will also count towards gaining Champion Points.

The reason that the Psijic Ambrosia exists at all is because of the planned introduction of a similar potion or scroll to the Crown Store which will grant 50% additional XP for 2 hours. The Psijic Ambrosia can’t be purchased on the Crown Store and must be crafted with Provisioning.

Just like any other drink in ESO you can craft a Psijic Ambrosia if you know and obtain the ingredients and have learned the recipe.
The 7 fragments can only be obtained by completing Provisiong Writs. The higher level Writs have a better chance of rewarding a fragment.

You have to have the Recipe Quality passive at Rank 4 and the Recipe Improvement passive at Rank 6 to lean the recipe for the Psijic Ambrosia.

Once you have found the recipe fragments, learned the recipe and gathered the ingredients you can craft a Psijic Ambrosia at any Cooking Fire like a regular food or drink.

Your Provisioning passives such as Connoisseur (increased drink duration) and Brewer (increased number of items made per ingredients) will work with the Psijic Ambrosia.

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ESO Imperial City Details with safewow 6% off eso gold

The First official DLC game pack for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, Imperial City, now has a release date. The DLC has be on PTS later on July, and the launch date for PC/Mac is August 31st, for Xbox One September 15th, and for PlayStation 4 on September 16th.
Imperial City DLC is included in active ESO Plus memberships. For others, the only way to purchase the DLC at this point is to buy it via the ESOTU Crown Store for 2,500 crowns.
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The core of the DLC includes a new playable area at the heart of Cyrodiil, the Imperial City, which has now falled into the hands of Molag Bal’s minions. The Imperial City consists of six Districts, the vast Imperial Sewers network and the White-Gold Tower.

VR 16 Sets & New Currency: Tel Var Stones
Fighting Molag Bal’s personal guard, the elite Xivkyn & other Coldharbourian invades rewards players with a new currency called Tel Var Stones. Tel Var Stones are used to trade for the new Veteran Rank 16 armor sets.

The special part about Tel Var Stones is that if a player from opposing faction kills you, they can then claim the Tel Var Stones you carried.

This reinforces the PvP element already present within the DLC – the Imperial City is, after all, located right in the middle of a PvP zone. There are sanctuaries within the Imperial City, but you should be prepared to engage in PvP combat.

The Imperial City comes in two parts—the DLC game pack, and the base-game patch. Below is an explanation of each.

Imperial City Details
Release Info
The Imperial City DLC game pack will be coming to PC/Mac on August 31st, Xbox One on September 15th, and PlayStation?4 on September 16th.

The full Imperial City DLC game pack is included with an active ESO Plus membership. If you are not an ESO Plus member, or your membership lapses, the Imperial City DLC game pack costs 2,500 crowns in the ESOTU Crown Store.

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How to Leveling Quickly as a Nightblade in the First Levels

There’s no stealth alternative for a Nightblade within The Elder Scrolls Online, and the game’s main stealth class contains a wide array of skills and abilities to provide players with a heavy dosage of DPS. While the Nightblade may be slow to leave the gate, its maximum potential is reached rather early within The Elder Scrolls Online. When geared properly, the class can become a viable killing machine within AvA.Welcome to join safewow summer 6% off sale to buy eso gold now !
When leveling a Nightblade, players may want to take several options into consideration. A Nightblade’s weapons are key to landing heavy critical blows, and Nightblades focusing upon Magicka should synchronize their skills with a viable Syphoning build. Regardless or skill specialization, however, selecting weapons and armor will be important for any close-combat players utilizing the Nightblade within early levels, as their unique damage output is paired with a relatively low Health cap. While The Elder Scrolls Online grants players many opportunities to customize their Nightblades in many ways, the following sections will outline tips for “cookie cutter” Nightblades focusing on high damage outputs and stealth.

Weapon Choices
Nightblades, like many classic rogue-type classes, take advantage of daggers, one-handed swords and one-handed axes. Dual wielding consumes Stamina; while two of the Nightblade’s skill trees access Magicka as a component for skill usage, the Nightblade’s final skill tree, and the Nightblade’s sneak and sprint abilities, do not.

Dual wielding delivers stamina-based power hits through the player’s Stamina bar, and players may later select a specialization with either daggers, swords or axes. Daggers increase the Nightblade’s critical hit percentage while swords increase damage. Axes, meanwhile, deliver bleeding damage-over-time de-buffs to enemies. Fast and light weapons are preferred, and low-leveled Nightblades can use them to essentially kill enemies with a single stroke during quests and exploration.Never miss 8% discount code ESOXBPS to buy cheapest eso gold PC/Xbox/PS4 from http://www.safewow.com/the-elder-scrolls-online-gold anytime!

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Guide

Right, it’s time that we attempted to clear up this mess once and for all. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited launched on the PlayStation 4 last month, but despite the fact that the game’s been out for a reasonable amount of time, we still get asked the same old questions on a regular basis – the most common of queries being: what is The Elder Scrolls Online?
And so, we’ve decided to put together this hopefully helpful guide for anyone who’s still unsure as to what this fantasy role-playing game actually is. We’ve broken the article down into numerous sections based on specific questions, covering everything from the basics through to some slightly more complex explanations. Without further ado, let’s get started.

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Is it a sequel to Skyrim?
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was a massive hit back when it launched in 2011. The game catapulted Bethesda’s long running franchise into the mainstream eye, so it’s no wonder that so many people think that Tamriel Unlimited is some sort of sequel. However, they’d be wrong.

The Elder Scrolls Online, as its name suggests, is not a single player release. It also doesn’t have much to do with Skyrim. Sure, it’s released four years after, and it shares numerous gameplay traits with the series’ previous instalment, but if you’re expecting Skyrim 2, then you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Is it made by the same people who made Skyrim?
No, not really. The Elder Scrolls series has been Bethesda Game Studios’ main property for generations now, but The Elder Scrolls Online wasn’t developed by the same team. While the game obviously had to be overseen by the franchise’s original creators, the team behind it is ZeniMax Online Studios, which was founded in 2007. The Elder Scrolls Online is the studio’s only release.

Does it run on the same engine as Skyrim?
Perhaps thankfully, it does not. Skyrim’s Creation Engine was based upon an old engine that Bethesda had been using since the days of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. As such, it’s got a reputation of being, er, less than stable.

It’s no secret that Bethesda titles like Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and indeed Skyrim, were plagued by bugs both minor and game-breaking. Of course, since Tamriel Unlimited is a massively multiplayer online title, there’s no way it could have been built on the same engine. As a result, you certainly shouldn’t expect countless glitches and crashes from The Elder Scrolls Online. From what we’ve played, it’s actually really well polished from a technical standpoint.

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How to Fast Farm the elder scrolls online gold

It is not easy for players to earn lots of gold in The Elder Scrolls Online. Slaying monsters makes players collect a little. As to quests, players have to spend much time and energy in gaining some gold. However, players need a great deal of currency in the game. For example, the cheapest horse cost 17000 gold coins. In all, it is easy to cost but hard to gain.
How to fast farm eso gold? There are some methods for players.
When players complete quests, they will get some money as rewards. It is common way to earn money in the game. However, as what I said above, players have to spend much time and energy on it. No longer say more about it here
Crafting Resources
As we all know, there is a variety of resources in the game, such as maple, herb, meat, iron and so on. Various resources can be used to craft different items. Herb can be made into potions.  Blacksmithing crafts armors with iron. Thus, players can collect those resources to sell. Players can sell the raw recourse. It is better to refine the raw materials first for sale if gamers want to get more coins.

Valuable Items
Having completed quest, players can obtain rewards including good equipment and weapons. As eso gamers, they can sell their good equipment or unique weapons in the Zone Chat. First, they ought to show the items in the Zone Chat to make others know. If someone want to buy, they can right click the item to sell.
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