News Details:Zalcano Boss Guide

Zalcano is a skilling boss, mostly centered around mining, that’s imprisoned underneath the city of Prifddinas. This is also one of the few multi-skill bosses that cannot be killed using combat. You will get a mix of rs3 gold Mining, Smithing, and Runecrafting experience during the fight.

She was involved with the god wars and is related to Skotizo, and ventured to Tirannwn to search for her brother. She was imprisoned in her volcanic cell to be studied and contained. You may access her cell in the Southeastern part of the city.

In terms of profitability, many players have compared it to Zulrah before it was buffed. It consistently drops large stacks of bars, ores, runes, and gems, which benefit ironmen and mains alike. There is also the rare chance to receive a Crystal Tool Seed to create crystal pickaxes, hatchets, and harpoons.

Reaching Zalcano’s prison is quite easy as it’s in the town and near a bank. He is trapped in a spacious jail cell that has multiple rock formations, a furnace, and a Seren altar.

Boss Fight Strategy

This fight will have you running around a lot so stamina potions or full Graceful is a requirement. Be sure to bring Saradomin Brews for food since you want to free up space in your inventory to handle multiple runs.

As weapons have no use against Zalcano, players must bring their best pickaxe to mine Tephra from one of the rock formations. Each rock formation will have a noticeable glow, which indicates which one players should mine from. The boss may fire a magic blast towards a new rock, which indicates where players have to move to mine.

Players will have to avoid boulders falling from the ceiling (triggered by his stomp), red energy balls, and barrages of pebbles. Once Zalcano has fallen, players need to keep away until she gets back up or they will take damage. She will also have a phase that spawns red and blue demonic patterns, in which the red ones will cause damage to players.

It would be most efficient to start in one of the northern corners to mine tephra and gather a minimum of 3. The amount you mine is random and using the bonus for multiple ores from the Mining cape and Varrock Armour is highly useful. Moving on from the rock to the furnace should be a priority for this phase.

A dash to the eastern side of the prison, while dodging the aforementioned attacks, you will smith the tephra into refined tephra. A dash to the Seren altar will then allow you to runecraft the tephra into imbued tephra, readying you for the final attack.

If there are demon patterns on the ground, you should stand on the blue ones as it increases the damage and accuracy of throwing you tephra at the boss. If not, you should still swiftly throw your tephra to take her down. She should go down near instantly in a full world. Once the boss is weakened, you will mine it (while gaining experience) and takedown it’s real health bar. If your group is sufficient enough, you only have to repeat this for a few rounds to get the loot.

While most words are populated, World 378 has become the de-facto world for players to congregate. You don’t need to create raid parties so players can just jump in for the fight, which is similar to Wintertodt.

The best-known setup is the crystal pickaxe (which requires charges), Varrock Armour 4, a Mining Cape and any weight reducing gear in the rest of the slots available. If you plan on using tick manipulation, you may fare just fine with a Dragon or Rune pickaxe.

Notes for Ironmen:

For hardcore ironmen wanting to farm this boss for resources, it should be noted that it is not a safe mini-game death and you will lose your rank. On the day of release, the rank 31 HCIM had lost his rank by testing out the boss’s mechanics, and many other lower-ranked HCIM as well.

For ultimate ironmen having issues managing inventory space, there is a furnace and anvil within proximity to the bank and general store. You may smith all bars, ores and optionally sell them to vendors to liquidate Zalcano drops.

1.5-tick Manipulation

The initial mining phase of the boss works similarly to mining rune essence. Because of this, players have taken note and tried the same 1.5-tick manipulation method to get double ores, making this phase nearly instant before running over to the smithing phase.

This involves taking a Guam leaf, swamp tar, and a pestle & mortar and interrupting the process between a click on an object. It takes some practice to time it right, but it will allow you to complete actions instantly and increasing your activity rating during the boss.

It turns out that 1.5t works on every phase of the boss, so efficient players have been grabbing the MVP on most kills in worlds full of noobs. This has become an issue as players believe this is an unintended mechanic, but it makes the boss more rewarding for those willing to put in more effort.

Getting The Pet

The drop rate for Smolcano (the Zolcano pet) has been relatively unknown, but according to Mod Ed, only the MVP has the chance to get it. This adds another layer to the rarity and difficulty of obtaining the pet, and it will likely be mostly efficient tick-manipulating players who get it.

Wrapping Things Up

Zalcano is a relatively easy boss once you get the hang of it, and fighting in a populated world makes it a rather safe boss fight. There have been reports of efficient players making up to 5 million runescape gold per hour, so don’t be surprised if Zolcano gets nerfed soon. This is considerably easier than other end-game bosses in the game, so there is no excuse not to do the new quest and take advantage of it. Thank you for reading, more guides in!

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OSRS Last Man Standing Changes & More Suggestions from Players

According to players’ feedback, there are some changes made to OSRS Last Man Standing minigame. Now you can buy osrs gold enjoy a better playing experience. In addition, we also see a game player’s post on reddit, which also requests to improve LMS. Let’s take a look together.

What changes have been made to OSRS Last Man Standing?

Since the Last Man Standing rework has released, players who has enjoyed playing it has reflected some issues online. Depending on these feedback, OSRS team makes the following changes to improve the game experience:
- The Staff of Balance has had its missing special attack button restored.
- NPCs in Last Man Standing now can be targeted by members-only Ancient spells on F2P.
- There is a restriction throughout LMS that players in combat recently may no longer climb up vertical ladders. But they can climb down the ladders and the restriction doesn’t apply to the diagonal ladders of watchtowers.
- XP drops don’t overlap with the HUD any more.
- The number of LMS-enabled worlds has been adjusted as the launch rush has settled down.

Should the followings be made for LMS improvements? 

From a OSRS Last Man Standing game player, we have known some suggestions on LMS to improve the playing experience, including:
- Dark Bow should be removed from the loot table.
- Prevent the chests or crates from giving duplicates.
- Give more immunity time after getting a kill in the late game stage. It can become pretty difficult to filter out items, open the chest and sort out player’s inventory before getting rushed.
- The shortcut from the Moser Settlement to the Rocky Outcrops takes too long. A 1 or 2 tick stepping stone would be better suited for a fast-paced minigame.
- Nerf VLS (increase special attack cost to 50%). Pretty much never misses already and giving it four specs on top of that is unnecessary.
- Remove the amount of chests/buildings. A lot of the building made sense to have in the previous minigame but now feel totally useless.
- Remove the casual mode. It may make no sense when competitive is free.
- Ranking system is busted.

How do you think of the suggestions? Should these be made for LMS improvements?

10 Tips for Divinity: Original Sin 2 to Make Exploring Rivellon a Breeze

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a gargantuan game, one that will happily gobble up the hundreds of hours of your life in exchange for an immensely enjoyable and replayable experience, but one that is a little daunting to start. To get the most out of your first run through this excellent CRPG, we’ve put together some useful Divinity: Original Sin 2 tips and tricks, because knowledge is power, and power is everything in Divinity.

1. Find your path by looking at the monsters

While there is a critical path to follow in Divinity 2, it doesn’t often make itself clear. As such, your best bet is to pay close attention to the level of enemies in the quest lines and areas. Generally speaking, you should always be the same level or one below the enemies you’re fighting. If a particular fight keeps beating the hell out of you, then there’s probably a quest or two hidden away somewhere else on the sprawling maps that will help you gain a bit more power before returning.

2. Be a Lone wolf if you don’t like inventory management

If you’re not a fan of inventory management then the idea of looking after four characters and keeping their skills, equipment, and inventory in order is probably not one you’re keen on. Well, if you set your character up with the Lone Wolf trait when you’re creating them, then you’ll not have to worry about that. A Lone Wolf gets double the stats as they level up, and get more actions per turn, but you can only have two in your party. Not only does this allow you to build some obscenely broken characters, but it also cuts your inventory management in half, making it a great choice for newer players.

3. Don’t let the black cat go near the gates in fort joy

Early on in the first chapter, you’ll come across a little black cat. This little guy will follow closely behind you as you explore Fort Joy. If he stays with you, then you can summon him as a surprisingly useful partner in fights or even for traversal. If, however, he dies, then not only will you lose that fluffy friend, but you’ll be a terrible human being. The key to keeping him alive is to avoid the gate in Fort Joy that is surrounded by Magisters. One of them is an abhorrent person and will shoot the cat on sight. Simply give that part of the map a wide berth until you’ve successfully recruited the kitty.

4. Invest in Persuasion for your main character

A lot of Divinity is talking – it’s a massive RPG, so of course it is – as a result, you’re going to want your main character to be a smooth talker. While your choices in conversation do matter, things are much easier if you’ve got a high persuasion skill. This allows you to sweet-talk your way out of something fights, into some quests, and even talk your way into some great loot. Make sure you give your main character a silver tongue as they’re the one who’ll be doing most of the talking.

5. Invest in Thievery for a different character

This is another one to invest in, but for a different character. Lockpicking will you get into a wealth of places you’re not meant to be and chests you aren’t meant to open. It’s an incredibly useful skill, and one of your characters should definitely invest in it. As a bonus point, this normally requires lock picks, but if the character in question is undead, then they can just use their bony fingers. You’ll also be able to pickpocket foes, which can be useful if you want a bit of extra cash.

6. Focus on either Strength, Dexterity or Intelligence

Minmaxing isn’t necessarily essential in Divinity 2, but it definitely makes things easier. The three attack stats are Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. Pick the one for the kind of class you want – strength for warriors, dexterity for rogues or archers, and magic for mages of all flavours – and stick to it. This will allow you to dole out massive amounts of damage and quickly take out your enemies.

7. Invest a point or two into Necromancy

The skill lines you invest in allow you to use higher-level abilities and often give damage boosts, but there’s more to it with some of the abilities. Necromancy allows you to use magic that deals physical damage and even drain your enemies of their life to heal yourself. Most importantly though, it also gives you a passive buff that lets you drain your enemies just by dealing damage to their health instead of their armour. That means that if you’ve got a warrior that can deal huge damage but might be a little squishy, you can offset that by putting a couple of points into Necromancy in order to drain health from your opponents. It just makes keeping your frontline characters alive much easier, even if they won’t be using the dark arts directly.

8. Sell all your items to Camp Boss Griff, then kill him and take it back

Camp Boss Griff is a racist piece of trash. He’s also a key player in Fort Joy and a lot of quests involve him as a result. On top of his relevance to quests, you can actually buy and sell things from him and his goons, some of which are incredibly useful. If you like the idea of getting the most out of your time with him then sell any items you aren’t using to him and his crew. Then, when you’re a bit stronger, come back and pick a fight with all of them. Once the dust has settled, you’ll be able to loot them for a lot of those items back. It’s a great way of boosting your cash flow early on. Plus, he deserves it.

9. Don’t be afraid to restart or respec

This game is massive, and no matter how much you read before starting it, you’re probably going to make some less than perfect decisions, and that’s okay. The good news is that there are two things you can do if you’re worried you’ve messed up a character build. The first is to simply restart the game, of course, Divinity 2 can easily last 100 hours for a single playthrough, so that might be a bit extreme. In that case, there are mirrors dotted throughout the chapters which allow you to respec and redesign your character. You’ll need to buy new skills and armour if you decide to take a brand-new class instead of a basic respec, but it saves a lot of time and it’s free to do.

10. Status effects are king but take down the armour first

Enemies are at their best when they can’t hit you back. That’s why it’s important to learn how status effects work and how you can cause them. Stunned and Knocked Down will both take an enemy out for a single turn. Most status effects can only trigger if the corresponding armour type has been depleted, so get rid of that first before using a skill that stuns or otherwise takes out an enemy.Have a read of the skill itself to find out which armour will stop the effect. It does make sense most of the time though, with things like Stunned being blocked by magic armour, and knocked down being blocked by physical armour. Of course, this applies to you too, so invest in some good armour to keep yourself safe from these effects.

Why is Blizzard going to open WOW Classic and which players is it suitable for?

Since Blizzard announced the opening of WOW Classic this year, and reference to the 1.12 version, that is, will lead everyone back to the 60s, many WOW players are very excited about this. In the past May 30, Blizzard started an additional stress test. The official selected some players from the registration players to participate in the test. Many WoW anchors were qualified for the test. We are in different live broadcasts. I watched about 10 days and summed up some questions about cheap wow classic gold and Blizzard:

NO.1 Why should Blizzard start WOW Classic?
Speaking of this problem, I have to mention Nostalrius. In 2016, Blizzard filed a lawsuit against Nostalrius, the 2008 WOW Classic 60-class server that was founded in 2015, which already had 150,000 players.
Eventually Blizzard won, Nostalrius officially announced the shutdown of the server, and this move caused strong dissatisfaction with Nostalrius players, they have petitioned that Blizzard wants to close Nostalrius, then hope Blizzard open his own WOW Classic. In a short time, Blizzard received a large number of player’s petition signature, let Blizzard think that players are very keen on WOW Classic.

NO.2 Who are the players who join WOW Classic?
WOW Classic did a small-scale age census in the beta version, randomly selected a guild, the survey found that the vast majority of players are over 30 years old, and even a lot of 40+, and the number of people under 30 is very less.
If there is no accident, I think most of the players in this guild are old players of WOW. They have a special feeling for WOW in the past. In the familiar version of WOW Classic, they are not playing games. It is to find the youth that has passed away.
But on the other hand, it also shows that there are very few newcomers. Maybe those young people have never heard of WOW. If the age of a game is too old, it will mean lack of vitality and want to build on this age. The game atmosphere of WOW Classic should be more difficult.

NO.3 Why is it difficult for WOW Classic to attract new players to join?
During the period of watching the live broadcast, we found that WOW Classic has achieved the original taste. At present, it is only open to level 30, the leveling is very slow, and there is no landmark suggestion for the task.
In the age when the game was scarce, perhaps this is a kind of charm, but now there are so many kinds of fun product games, can such a setting attract new players?
In fact, we look at the trend of PC platform games in recent years, MMORPG has already become history, fast-paced MOBA, tactical games are the mainstream.
WOW Classic’s appeal to new players will be extremely limited. It takes 20 minutes for a task, and the last task is just to help you get a little experience. This feeling is not wonderful for new players. This 20 minutes may be Play a Fortnite and enjoy the game with a lot of fun.

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OSRS New Update: Ornate Maul Handle Added for Granite Maul Nerf

To stop the granite maul OSRS being too powerful, adjustment has been made to this Runescape 2007 gold two-handed melee weapon with the update this week. A new upgrade item named ornate maul handle OSRS is added with this change.

OSRS gmaul nerf with update on Sept. 5th

According to the latest Old School news post, adjustment has been made to the granite maul OSRS. The energy cost of the granite maul’s special attack, Quick Smash, has been increased from 50% to 60% with the update.
The granite maul is a two-handed melee weapon requiring 50 Strength and Attack to wield. It was powerful and low-cost, but has high KO potential given its ability to stack some hits simultaneously with other weapons. This OSRS gmaul nerf was made to stop this inexpensive weapon being so powerful. With the adjustment, the granite maul special attack cannot be used back-to-back.

Ornate maul handle OSRS used on gmaul

Besides the adjustment mentioned above, a new upgrade item called the ornate maul handle OSRS has been added to the game. The ornate maul handle can be used on the granite maul to reduce its special attack cost from 60% to 50%. You can purchase the ornate maul handle from the Emblem Trader in the Bounty Hunter shop with 1,250,000 BH points.
Note: The ornate maul handle OSRS will convert to 375,000 coins when lost on death in PvP.

What do you think about the gmaul nerf and the new ornate maul handle OSRS?

Four New Features of Pokemon Sword and Shield on November 15

The Nintendo Direct presentation did not go light on the Pokemon Sword and Shield information, revealing four new features we can look forward to when the game is released on November 15, 2019. The game is set in the fictional Galar region, which is heavily based off of the United Kingdom. We’ve already met a smokestack industrial revolution Weezing and a very punk Obstagoon, but the Nintendo Direct event delivered even more delights. Here are the four new features:

New look customization

The latest entry in the Pokemon series will still let you change up your outfit, but now the options are expanding from just top and bottoms to outerwear and gloves. You can even change your trainer’s hairstyle (I peeked an ‘undercut’ option there) and throw on a little makeup if you’re in the mood. Who leaves their house without their eyebrows on, ya know?

Pokemon Camp

During your journeys through the Galar region, you can stop and pitch a tent anytime at Pokemon Camp, where you can play with your own Pokemon and get to know them better, which will help them improve in battle. In the wild areas you can visit other player’s camps, and bring along your Pokemon to hang out with up to three other players at once. The presentation made sure to let us know to interact with other players’ Pokemon, as well. How curious.

Curry on rice

Yup, you can cook your own batches of curry on rice. The Pokemon Camp is an ideal place to whip up a batch of the incredibly popular Galar dish. There are over 100 different types of curry, and how your curry turns out relies entirely upon what you put into it – berries, ingredients, and love. Each curry you create will be registered in a special Currydex.

New Pokemon

Last, but most certainly not least, two new Pokemon were announced during the Nintendo Direct presentation. Cramorant is a flying- and water-type Pokemon that bears some resemblance to the food-stealing seagulls the UK is all too familiar with. Cramorant can use Surf or Dive to catch fish in its mouth – if Cramorant attacked while they have a fish in their mouth they can spit it out at their attacker in what can only be the best name for a Pokemon ability yet – Gulp Missile.

Oh, and then there is Polteagiest, who I would already die for. Polteageist is a ghost-type Pokemon made of tea that has its own unique aroma and flavor. Polteageist likes to hang out amongst tableware in hotels and restaurants, which is why they’re seen in a dang broken teapot. Apparently, you can taste Polteageist’s tea, if that’s something you’re into.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released for the Nintendo Switch on November 15.

Creating your character

After you’ve selected your realm, you’ll be able to create a character and begin your journey in earnest. You’ll choose your faction, class, and race, as well as fully customize your new character and give them a name. Select the Create New Character option to buy wow classic gold and begin the process.

There are four Alliance races and four Horde races to choose from. Each faction has access to nine classes, and just like in the original release of World of Warcraft, the Paladin and the Shaman classes are restricted to the Alliance and the Horde respectively.

Each race has specific abilities and traits that can have a big impact on your gameplay, so choose wisely.You’ll be able to create a maximum of 10 characters per WoW Classic realm, with a total maximum of 50 characters across all realms in your region. You’ll also be restricted to one faction (Horde or Alliance) on PvP realms.


3 ways to farm gold with Fishing

Farming Deviate Fish

Deviate Fish are used as a material by Cooks, who make it into Savory Deviate Delight, or by Alchemists to create Elixir of Giant Growth. While neither of these items grant any benefits in combat, you would be surprised how much gold you can make by selling these. Fishing can be great to make gold.

I recommend a combination of the secondary professions Fishing & Cooking, paired with the primary professions Alchemy & Herbalism. This can be a very vialble way to make gold in classic WoW.

Fishing for buff food

Many of the high-end foods that Cooks can create require fish. Of course, it would be a lot more lucrative if you had Fishing and Cooking. You can make some decent gold just by fishing these high end fish and selling them:

Winter Squid
Raw Nightfin Snapper
Sunscale Salmon

Fish for Oils

Some fish are also needed by Alchemists to create oils like the Stonescale Oil. Alchemists need these oils for the creation of Flasks and Potions, such as the Free Action Potion. Apart from the Stonescale Eels, the following fish can be farmed at lower levels, too. It’s a good way earn gold for your first mount.

Stonescale Eel
Firefin Snapper
Oily Blackmouth