If Single-player Dungeon & Zone will be added to WildStar?

Till now,the Wildstar have released for 3 moths .In addition to a ton of bug fixes, the next major content patch for WildStar is schedule to include a new single-player zone, the Defile, 5-man content, a 20-player public event and a brand new single-player dungeon. In a meeting with Stephan Frost at PAX Prime we learned most of the secrets regarding this upcoming content patch. Unfortunately it don’t have an ETA yet, as Frost said it’ll be ready when it’s ready. cheap WildStar Platinum here http://www.wsoplat.com/.

In the 2014 PAX Prime, the related staff of Wildstar give away some important information which includes the new 5 players dungeon and 20 players raid. The most important news is that there is a new single-player dungeon and single-player zone.

The single-player dungeon means solo, which would change the situation that you can’t survive without team. In a sense, the new dungeon would attack some AFK player back to the game. While, we still have no idea about the difficult level of the single dungeon. As for my personal view, i hope the ordinary players can finish the challenge by themselves effort.

Finally, WildStar’s first single-player dungeon has been announced and is the first area that is completely voiced over. The Omnicore runs parallel to Datascape and allows more casual players to see more of the game’s content without dumbing down actual raid difficulty. Just like every other dungeon, there are bronze, silver, and gold rewards that are about on par with veteran dungeon rewards.

As the dungeon progresses, players can see NPCs raiding the Datascape and even interact with them. Eventually it’s the player’s duty to flip the killswitch on Avatus, once the raiders have taken him down. There are also multiple pathways that either focus more on puzzles or combat, so there’s something for everyone. Finally, at the end of the dungeon we will finally understand the secrets of Nexus.Now, let’s expecting the next patch!

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WildStar auction house has finally become simple to use after UI2.0 update, here we take a look at some of the features of the auction house . The auction house is divided into two parts, one is the equipment auction house, the other is material auction house, first we take a look at the equipment auction. Buy Cheap WildStar Gold in http://www.wsoplat.com/  and learn More detail about WildStar auction house.

Equipment auction has equipment selection classification area; search custom equipment name; select the sort, you can sort by a variety of options prices, grade, and quality; screening, where you can screening according to your own equipment needs, such as your equipment level, the main attributes needed, quality of equipment and the number of coins you can afford, very convenient; in-game items can be taken to auction approach to make a purchase, you can bid here, after the close of the auction, if your bid is the highest, then you will get the goods.

On the left select the items you want to sell or equipment, then enter the minimum price and a price, click LIst Item can be posted to the auction house.

But now each item is retained in the auction for the two days, and will charge some fee.

Below is the price of same item in the auction, you can refer to pricing.

Each role can sell up to 25 items simultaneously.

Here is the introductory of material auction

Auction material is very distinctive, you can publish buying in the auction house, let’s look at the process:

Open Create Buy Order, you can filter out the material you want to buy, and then select the desired purchase quantity, unit price, and then click to create orders.

When you submit an order, other players sell the materials you need at Sell Now interface and sale prices in line with the requirements of your order, you can get this material up.

In Sell Now interface, will show the current material that you can sell, and each material has a Current Price, here is the current material has been released buying orders, and the show the highest price, if you click Sell Now, the material will successfully sold immediately and get back gold via mail.

Here you can also increase the price of goods, so that the material will enter your sell list until someone buy and you will get WildStar Gold.

Also in the WildStar, all the transactions in the auction house are needed wildstar gold as commission charge, but face to face transaction, can save this cost.

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WildStar is strange that this is remarkable, and that it should be a cause for celebration when a new game in a popular genre seems happy to be what it is. But the recent history of the MMOG is a story of games caught between audiences, brands and genres. WildStar ignores all that and sets out its stall deep within the territory established by Blizzard a decade ago. Perhaps that’s not surprising: developer Carbine was founded by 17 members of the original World Of Warcraft team. buy Cheapest WildStar Platinum from http://www.wsoplat.com/.

WildStar presents a new experience for gamers looking to delve into an MMO landscape. There’s plenty to be impressed by, but don’t expect this game to be the one that changes online gaming for you or converts you into an MMO gamer if you’re not one already. That said, if you’re looking for a new game to play while you’re waiting for your favorite MMO to give you new content, or maybe you’re a seasoned player looking for a new world to conquest, than the world of Nexus could be for you. It could also potentially make a great gateway MMO.
since WildStar offers many of the same tenets and action as other MMOs, this one could be a great way to determine your interest in online gaming without hitting the knowledge barrier of established franchises. WildStar just released in June, so the community is still young, learning, and tolerant of newcomers. If you’re looking for a new world to dive into, fly a ship to Nexus and get started.

Nexus is one of the most mysterious and dangerous planets in the entire universe, and you just decided to make it your new home. It was once supposed to be the lost planet of the Eldan who have vanished under mysterious circumstances. There are ancient ruins, mystical forests and unexplored moons just waiting to be conquered. However, most of those places are inhabited by cybernetically-enhanced monstrosities, frightening beasts and hostile alien races.

WildStar infuses amazing stylised art with the latest technology to create a stunning visual experience. Set on a wondrous alien world, WildStar delivers a wild and mysterious adventure among the ruins of an advanced civilisation – allowing you to play the way you want to play while experiencing an unprecedented level of exploration and discovery!

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How to Make Fun in Wildstar PVP to Enjoy Cheap wildstar Gold

There are some people complain online that PvP in Wildstar is simply not any fun. They try their best but still can’t enjoy themselves. Here, wsoplat offer some solutions and very low price ws gold for you

Some problems in game:
One of the players-Jacob tell his experience: “The complete separation of skills, abilities, and gear between PvP and PvE means that there is no way to play both. If I jump into a random “PRACTICE” ground on a character, within 30 seconds I am a stain on the Walatiki Bridge. As DPS, my attacks glance off of the enemy like farts in the wind. As a healer, I used to be able to contribute a very slight amount, but since the last drop I am dead even faster than my DPS chars. And it doesn’t help that at least half the time the enemy is a premade team who is likely using vent or some other benefits that we don’t have. Not to even mention bots and exploits. The last I try to learn to Pvp, but it still does not work.”

By gathering some high level players’ experience, which may help you.
1. The best gear is great. But cruising through any content with no effort is pointless. No matter how good your gear is, but if you stand in the poop you will die (and maybe wipe the raid).
2. Uber Pvp gear lets you cut through world enemies like a god. It makes combat easier, but it can only remove the challenge from you.
3. Skill is meaningless when you can just out gear everyone else. And Sisyphus is a good role model for a gaming experience.

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This is what you can see from Wildstar official forums about the recently found bug:

“Hi all,
We have become aware of an issue where some players who have attempted to purchase the Advanced Riding Skill have been charged but not received the upgrade to their mount prowess (some players reported losing up to three times the cost, due to receiving three errors). Buy cheap wildstar gold , the best choice is http://www.wsoplat.com/.
If you are reaching level 40 please do not purchase this skill until we update this thread that the bug has been fixed.
Our team are working to investigate and fix. Any player who has been affected will have the gold cost refunded to them.
Thanks for your understanding with this issue!

Yes, many players who have reached level 40 reported the same issue. They enjoyed most of the parts in Wildstar, though frustratingly, but it’s really frustrated that when he went to purchase his Advanced Riding Skill with a certain mount of wildstar gold, but did not get the update. Even worse if he tried again but still nothing. That’s several Platinum lost! How upset one could be at this moment.

Surely you will get your refund, but this bug hasn’t been fixed yet. Anyone who is accessible to this update should not purchase it until the official site has given latest information.

There once was the mount boost issue. The fact is any MMO needs its players’ help to make the game even better. So if you happen to find something wrong with it, report to Carbine immediately.

On the other hand, Addons make Wildstar a lot easier and more enjoyable. Addons are effective aids helping players especially newbies to find out the exact position where they are, where the chests are and many others that can make the game much more easier to play. Using them (but not too much, or the fluency will be affected) can solve many problems you will meet when playing the game. Let’s see what are the best addons for Wildstar.
(Note: Don’t be too dependant on them!)

Amp Purchased : Show what amps you’ve unlocked.
AuraMastery: Help place spell and ability CD tracking timers anywhere and pop-up notifications of certain events, IE debuff warnings.
BijiPlates: Better nameplates.
ClassicQuestDialog/ BetterQuestLog: Change the chat bubbles which is kind of confusing.
GalaxyMeter: Combat metrics (DPS and HPS meters)
Galaxy Library: See every item in the game, look at stats, ect.
GatherBuddy: Show you all nearby gathering resources.
IconLoot: Better loot notification.
JunkIt /Ern’s Junk Repair: Automatically repair armor and sell junk items.
NavMate: Square minimap, coordinates and clock and more.
ProtoMail: Mail fetching automation.
SCastBar: Moveable, resizable cast bars for everything.
StickyHintArrow: Increase the quest helper arrow time without having to click the objective every 5 seconds.
RestXPReminder: Give you a warning if you’re not logging out in your house, to ensure maximum Rested EXP.

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Wildstar Online Leveling Up Guide with WildStar Online Gold

The number one question is always “how to level up fast in wildstar online?”. There are many wildstar online Honestly, there is an easy way to level up quickly in wildstar online. You must focus on leveling up and nothing else. You can’t try to rush through the quests and move on to the next area or try to spend WildStar Online Gold to for better weapons too quickly.
Complete All Quest
When you’re doing quests, make sure you complete all the quests in your area. Don’t move on until you have completed all of them. Also, don’t worry about which reward is best. You will have better items once you have reached a high enough level anyway.

Also, if you can complete more than one quest at the same time. Then I recommend doing so. Complete 2 or 3 quests at the same time, saves you time from doing the quests one by one. Time saved means you will be able to complete more quests in a shorter amount of time than one by one.

When To Clear The Dungeon
You want to clear the dungeon after you have completed all the quests in your area. This allows you to clear it fairly easy. This way you’re not under leveled for the things in the dungeon. Also, if you can do it with a group that would be best but I will touch on this later in the article.

PvP Matches
When to do PvP matches and how many to do before moving onto the next area. You want to do a minimum of 3 pvp matches before moving onto the next area after you have completed all the quests in the area and the dungeon. This will allow you to be prepared for the next area and level up quickly in wildstar online. Just like the dungeon, your best option is doing pvp matches with a group. I will touch on this right now.

Level Up With A Group
If you have friends that wildstar online or know some hardcore gamers that are getting into wildstar online than leveling up as a group is your best option. Just don’t team up with someone that needs to take a lot of breaks such as going to the bathroom, smoking, or whatever. Also, don’t team up with some kid that needs to be in bed by 8pm or that one guy that needs to be in bed by 10pm or he will wake up late for work.

Leveling up with a group that will play wildstar online as much as you do and as hard as you do will make things go a lot smoother. Make sure your group all know what you’re doing in order. All the quests in the area, then the dungeon, and then 3 pvp matches before moving onto the next area of wildstar online.


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Wildstar Trigger Fingers AMPs Location Map with Wildstar Gold Cheap Sale

In the Wildstar, you can’t purchase all classes’ AMP point from vendor. You should acquire some AMP point through monster drop. As we all know, the most expensive AMP for now is the Trigger Fingers. The market price of Trigger Fingers almost above 1500 Wildstar gold. Although the other AMPs are not so expensive, the average price beyond hundreds gold. So, how can we get these AMPs?
Now, we have collected the level 50 map for Trigger Fingers AMP drop location:

In these two maps, not only there are Trigger Fingers AMP, but also there are other rare AMP and some purple Wildstar items. Those are very valuable. We sorted the AMP listed which can’t purchase from store.

If you acquire these AMP don’t sell out in store,you can get excellent price in Auction House. I was own hundreds gold in my backpack, but it isn’t enough to pay my moth-card. But now, i have thousands Wildstar gold, why not come with us!

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WildStar is unashamedly a themepark MMORPG, but how does the multi-player aspect really stack up? In his latest column, Gareth Harmer examines just how group-friendly wildstar gold Carbine’s game really is.

Information about WildStar has come largely from Carbine Studios….until today. We have a full suite of articles that cover the game in general, PvP, crafting, the Medic and Engineer classes and housing. It’s a ton of information that you simply do not want to miss. Read on! Of course, graphics and story are mere seasoning; it’s gameplay that’s the meat. At this stage it’s hard to tell how Wildstar’s notions of dual DPS/Healer (or tank) characters will really work, either alone or in groups, and more time is definitely needed to see how the different character builds play out.Wildstar Gold. The good news is that the game has ample attributes to tinker with and plenty of opportunities to develop your character. (Personally, I’m tickled that one of the attributes is “moxie.”) The controls are also nice. By holding down the Shift key, characters can sprint for a short period, which makes running less of a chore, and things like talking to people and picking up loot are automatically streamlined through the use of keyboard controls. Finally, a quick double tap on the S or W keys allows you to dodge attacks.
The WildStar site has been updated with enticement for players to add a two-step verification to their accounts by July 10th have sweet rewards to look forward to receiving in-game.Wildstar Gold. As if keeping all of your hard earned loot secure isn’t reason enough to apply 2-Step Verification to your account, we’re sweetening up the rewards, cupcake. You’ll still get your usual incentive: 2% XP, Renown, and Prestige bonus Cybernetic Eyepatch In-game title of Certifiably Certified But starting July 10th, anyone with an active 2-Step Verification attached to their account gets one of the sweetest rides on Nexus, the Retroblade Mount.

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How to get Elder Gem in WildStar using cheapest wildstar platinum

In the Wildstar, when you are arrived at 50 level that you can acquire wildstar gold the Elder Gem. What is Elder Gem on earth? What is it function? In the main city, there is a GEM Vendor, you can exchange various Wildstar Items here. Elder Gems can be spent on many diverse types of goods.
1. To exchange purple suit
Do you envy the player who arm with purple suit http://www.safewow.com/wildstar-gold-us ? When you have enough Elder Gem, you can visit the red circle place to exchange for it, even though you are the casual player.
2. To exchange AMPs Point
If you want more AMPs point, you still can come here trade with vendor.
Methods to Get Wildstar Elder Gem
The way to acquire the Wildstar Elder Gem is easy. When you are at Level 50, there is a new Elder level. Each level up you can get a Gem, and each week you can get up to 140 Gems
The another way to get Gem is that when you have Boombox, you may get a Elder Gemstone. Each time you use this item, you can get 1 Elder Gem.
In a word, Elder Gems are the very important currency for WildStar. To enter into 20 vs 20 raid, you nee Elder Gem to exchange the key. If you are interested it, you would better to get all Elder Gem every week.

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