Detail The Ancient Hypergate Swtor like Gameplay & History

The Ancient Hypergate is a PvP warzone. The Ancient Hypergate warzone’s gameplay is based around two energy pylons at each side of the field and safe zone in the middle. Never miss the cheapest swtor credits buy from


The Ancient Hypergate is a simulation that trains the Republic to battle against Imperial troops. The scenario takes place in an ancient ruin that contain incredible technologies. The ruins are protected by a security system which are powered by two energy pylons. The Republic and the Empire must capture the pylons before their enemy can.


The idea of the warzone is to capture and power up the pylons by capturing Gree energy orbs from the center safe zone or by defeating enemy players. The warzone itself is made up of several rounds with each round consisting of a set time limit before the pylons explode and release a lethal amount of radiation that kills any player it touches. In order to charge the pylons players must bring Gree energy orbs back to their pylon or defeat enemy players. With each one giving a certain amount of points based on the multiplier to the respective team who defeated an enemy player or captured a set of energy orbs. As the round progresses the point multiplier goes up thus making defeating enemy players and gathering orbs worth more points.

Victory conditions are whichever team can charge their pylon to max capacity the fastest, this is indicated by a green bar for your team’s points and a red one for the enemy. It should be noted that neither team’s points are “locked in” until the pylons emit the deadly radiation. Each team’s score bar has a small arrow that shows how much more charge either team’s pylon will gain once they lock in and emit the radiation. Pylons are not set however and can be captured by the enemy team, thus allowing a double cap. If both teams reach max charge at the same time the victor is decided by whoever has the most points.

Learn Guide to to Archetypes in City of Heroes

Archetypes in City of Heroes are similar in some ways to classes in other games, but due to the freedom CoH offers, it’s best to think of them as a sort of framework for what powers you’ll have available to you.

Each of the game’s fourteen Archetypes are unique even in cases where they share the same sets of powers. While a Blaster might share the same primary power sets with a Corruptor, their unique mechanics and damage scaling are entirely different. For example, a Corruptor selecting Fire Blast would only deal ~75% of the damage a Blaster would with the same powers.

Let’s break a couple down today.


Inherent Power – Defiance: The Blaster’s Defiance mechanic allows it to fire off its first two powers in its primary powerset as well as its first power in its secondary powerset even while affected by crowd control. Defiance also grants the Blaster a stacking damage buff when using abilities that lasts for a couple of seconds.

Primary Powerset: Ranged Attack

Secondary Powerset: Support

The Blaster is best thought of as your traditional ranged glass cannon character. Though it does have access to extremely powerful melee attacks, a Blaster would put itself at considerable risk trying to focus on them. Some players do decide to focus on melee attacks nonetheless and the community refers to them as “Blappers”.

This Archetype is tough to solo as its best strategy is simply to kill things before they can kill you. And they will kill you if you bite off more than you can chew. If you intend to solo on a Blaster, it may be best to look into powersets that offer you a degree of extra control to be able to better manage hairy situations. Primary sets such as Ice, Electric and Dark Blast offer powerful debuffs as secondary effects and even hard crowd control options.


Inherent Power – Vigilance: Vigilance grants the Defender player an Endurance discount depending on how damaged their teammates are. The inherent also offers the Defender a damage bonus based on team size and current level.

Primary Powerset: Buff

Secondary Powerset: Ranged Attack

The Defender, a ranged Archetype, is for players who want to focus primarily on supporting their teammates. While the Archetype may have access to the same ranged attacks a Blaster does in its secondary sets, they only deal ~65% damage when compared to a Blaster using the same powers. What the Defender gets in trade is the strongest buffs and debuffs in the game. Whether you’re debuffing enemy accuracy with Dark Miasma or running Tactics from the Leadership power pool to buff your teammates, you’ll get the most out of these effects.

I don’t recommend playing the Defender at all if you are a solo player. The Defender is for players who want to play in groups.


Inherent – Critical Hit: A Scrapper’s Critical Hit mechanic is straightforward. A Scrapper has a 5% chance to land a critical hit for double damage against targets Minion class or below and a 10% chance against targets above Minion class.

Primary Powerset: Melee Attack

Secondary Powerset: Defense

The Scrapper is the go-to Archetype for players looking to do melee damage in City of Heroes. It’s a simple and straightforward Archetype with consistent damage and solid defenses. It’s generally hard to go wrong with most combinations of powersets here, but like anything else, look for synergies you can take advantage of. Dark Melee debuffs enemy accuracy with every attack making it a great pair for Defense-based secondary sets such as Super Reflexes.


Inherent – Containment: Controllers deal bonus damage to targets affected by their crowd control effects. Controllers also have a chance to “crit” their CC powers, giving them a stronger effect on their target.

Primary Powerset: Control

Secondary Powerset: Buff

Something fairly unique to City of Heroes is the ability to focus on crowd control as your main style of play. As its name would imply, the Controller does just that. There are many ways to control enemies in City of Heroes, there are methods such as soft control, which includes knocking enemies to the ground or back a few feet. But there are also harder control effects such as Holds which render targets completely incapable of taking any actions at all. The Controller excels at all forms of crowd control, but Holds are its bread and butter. If you want to completely lock down the battlefield, the Controller may be your Archetype.

While we’re discussing the Controller, let’s briefly explain how crowd control works in City of Heroes. The simplest way to understand it is to know that every target has a certain level of status protection and in order to apply a crowd control effect to that target, your outgoing CC must exceed the target’s protection level. For example, a Boss rank enemy has a protection rating of 3. A Controller’s crowd control effects are all Magnitude 3, meaning that you’d need to cast your Hold (or other CC) power twice on a Boss before the first one’s inactive effect wears off for it to actually take.

You can also get lucky and crit on your crowd control as a Controller (the flytext ‘Overpower’ will appear on your screen), adding a bonus Magnitude of 1 (for a total of four), exceeding the status protection of the boss and affecting it immediately.

Additionally, the Controller has access to the Defender’s Buff powersets as a secondary powerset, making it an excellent team support character that can bring both crowd control and buffs/debuffs to a team.

With the right build, Controllers are also capable of dealing incredible damage. The classic Fire Control/Kinetics Controller is one of the game’s best farming builds.

Like the Defender, the Controller is generally a better team-oriented Archetype. It can solo, but it does this better at later levels or with certain primary powersets.


Inherent – Gauntlet: Gauntlet adds an AoE taunt effect to all of a Tanker’s attacks and auras. Tankers also have a chance to “Bruise” a target, reducing their damage resistance by 20%.

Primary Powerset: Defense

Secondary Powerset: Melee Damage

Like the Controller, it’s all in the name. The Tanker is for players who want to hold aggro and protect their teammates. While the Tanker may have access to Scrapper melee damage sets, it only deals ~65% as much damage as a Scrapper, but it’s significantly hardier and does a much better job at holding aggro due to its Gauntlet inherent.

The Tanker can solo, but it will do so slowly given its typically low damage potential.

That’s it for part one of our guide to Archetypes!


Desperate Times RS3 Quick Guide to Win Charos’ Clue Carrier

The new RuneScape Desperate Times quest finally come online. Prepare necklace of Charos & more. Follow this guide, team up with Kerapac and Thok and solves puzzles to win runescape 3 gold Charos’ Clue Carrier, master clue scroll, huge XP lamp and more.

Desperate Times RuneScape guide

1.Talk to Seren on the 2nd floor of Burthorpe Castle.
2.Talk to Osman/Vanescula Drakan/Zarador for a location, then talk to Sir Amik Varze/Brundt the Chieftain/Moia for a workforce, and finally talk to Azzanadra/Garlandia/King Roald for seeds. No matter how’re three combination of your choices, they will fail.
3.Head west of Piscatoris Fishing Colony to The Needle, speak to Kerapac.
4.Talk to Kerapac again after closing the 5 temporal instabilities near the needle, in backyard and upstairs of the house.
5.Head to McGrubor’s Wood, get into mysterious hole south-east of the fairy ring. Then investigate the coffin, read the Letter from Charos.
6.Go to the Digsite, step on the portal near the Empty Throne Room till it unlocks. Find the first key, step on the exit portal to the west. Note the order of the icons.Rearrange the slide puzzle in middle to match the icons seen from the chests.
7.Go upstairs at north of Varrock Castle entrance, step on the portal in room to the south-east for 2nd key.
8.Get in the Black Knights’ Fortress and step on the portal nearby for 3rd key.
9.Talk to Reldo, give Charos 3 rune bars, 2 runite stone spirits, 10 gleaming energy, and 10 mind runes, then return to The Needle.
10.Talk to Kerapac, then kill the 5 Sliske clones, pick the fragments on the path to make Sliske’s mask.
11.Wear the mask and kill Guthix to harvest memories, then talk to Guthix near the empty fairy ring.
12.Click the 4 green mutable anima once each .
13.Go into west room past Sliske, jump gap outside window on south side, run across planks, drop down and climb rock face then through obstacle. Run around through each room, open the door at the last room.
14.Switch all the green mutable animas. Use temporal rifts to teleport between levels.
15.Get unrefined animas around the laboratory, switch some of the green mutable animas, making them direct to Kerapac.
16.Return to the Council in Burthorpe and talk to Seren.

Now follow the guide to complete the Desperate Times RS3 quest and win the Charos’ Clue Carrier and more. But don’t forget to prepare necklace of Charos and other required items. Also buy RuneScape gold for sale from us if you need any.

FIFA 18 World Cup update has not changed gameplay, fans only imagine that

Many FIFA 18 players have been wondering about changes to the gameplay that have not been communicated since the free World Cup update. All imagination, says EA now.
With a free update to FIFA 18, EA Sports has made many football fans happy who want to race in national jerseys for the current World Cup in Russia. However, many a FIFA 18 player did not get very warm with the new World Cup mode. The gameplay feels allegedly slower, passes are said to be less accurate and the dribbling is much harder.

At least that’s what the mood seems to be like when talking about the official FIFA forum or Reddit. Although these observations are piling up, all players should have imagined these changes only. At least that’s what Andrei Lazarescu says, acting as the producer at EA Sports for FIFA World Cup ™ mode and the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 18.

2 reasons for the changed feel

Compared to Eurogamer Lazarescu stated that the gameplay in World Cup mode was unchanged. But there are also two good reasons why FIFA 18 players could get the idea that something has changed fundamentally here.

1st reason:

The values of the individual World Cup players have been renewed and adapted to their form within their national teams. This means that the strong kickers from the players’ FUT teams now tend to have significantly weaker scores. So especially skills like the accuracy of fit and running speed feel much less. But only because fans are used to something different from their stars.

2nd reason:

Lazarescu simply suspects that even the new interface from World Cup mode can lead to some psychological delusions. With the new stadiums, the new menus and the new player faces, it can be suggested to the brain that this is another game. And then it just feels different.

News.New RS Hunter Method &High Level Yellow salamander Introduced in July

The latest official news post has revealed that a brand-new Hunter method will be introduced to buy runescape gold the game in July ,it will completely change the way you hunt.Additionally, there will be a new high level salamander, barehanded butterfly hunting improvements and other changes.

The Reason for the New RS Hunter Method Changes

Before the arrival of the Crystallise spell alongside the quest The Light Within in 2015, Hunter was in a good place and was reasonably well balanced. Top end XP per hour rates at unboosted level 99 were about 250k.

However, Crystallise changed everything. XP per hour rates rocketed to around 900k when boosted. Ultimately, So need to make some changes to make the game balanced.

The Changes of New RS Hunter Method

1.Introduce PvM style drops.
2.Make the Elite Hunter Outfit available to earn in-game.
3.More concessions to AFK players and a new tier of salamander that is exclusively for Hunting.

New RuneScape salamander & butterfly changes

A new high level yellow salamander is being introduced. It uses the regular net-trapping method but with a change – the salamander will be released from the player giving you XP without an item. Due to this, the new salamander cannot be caught in your inventory, and therefore cannot be wielded as a weapon. These changes provide a more uninterrupted skilling experience.

Barehanded butterfly hunting is being altered to become more AFK-friendly and offer better XP, making it the main AFK hunting method. When you successfully barehand catch a butterfly, you will still immediately release it, but the NPC is no longer removed from the map. Instead, the player will automatically attempt to catch the same butterfly multiple times, allowing you to stay in one place for a little while before the butterfly flees and another needs to be found.

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Learn OSRS Crystal Armour Details with Effect & Requirements

A new armour set, OSRS Crystal Armour is coming to the game later with the release of Song of the Elves. The armour requires crystal armour seeds and crystal shards to create, which are both new items gained in Prifddinas.

General information on OSRS Crystal Armour

OSRS Crystal Armour is a new ranged crystal armour which will be released with Song of the Elves update. According to the latest official news post, crystal armour is made as a ranged set with stats similar to black dragonhide. Ranged crystal armour will degrade into an uncharged version.
The whole armour set consists of the crystal coif, crystal chaps and crystal body with a set effect. When all three pieces are worn, players can receive a 15% damage boost and a 30% accuracy boost to the Crystal bow. This effect will apply partially when wearing individual pieces of the set, which means a 3% damage boost and a 6% accuracy boost will be given for each item worn.

How to create OSRS Crystal Armour?

The new ranged crystal armour set Crystal Armour is created by combining crystal armour seeds and crystal shards. Tradeable crystal armour seeds can be gained after completing the Gauntlet. As the armour can only be made in Prifddinas, the completion of Song of the Elves is required to equip this armour set.
Here are requirements to create Crystal Armour:
Crystal coif: 1 crystal armour seeds, 50 crystal shards, 70 Smithing level, 70 Crafting level
Crystal chaps: 2 crystal armour seeds, 100 crystal shards, 72 Smithing level, 72 Crafting level
Crystal body: 3 crystal armour seeds, 150 crystal shards, 74 Smithing level, 74 Crafting level

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Learn Terror From Beyond & Legions of Scum and Villainy

Terror From Beyond is a level 50+ Operation, while Legions of Scum and Villainy is a Level 55 operation. Firstly, you need to buy credits swtor from safe with great experience in this field.

Terror From Beyond overview

Travel to the Gree controlled planet of Asation, where you’ll join others in an intense series of battles leading up to a final face-off against an unyielding enemy. It’s up to your team to close the Ancient Hypergate, opened by the deadly and malicious Dread Masters, and destroy a galactic goliath before it destroys the galaxy!

The Dread Masters have unleashed unspeakable horrors on the Gree-controlled world of Asation, and if the threats are not contained, they will spread to every corner of the galaxy! This Operation pits you against agents of the Dread Masters in a race to seize control of the long-dormant Gree Hypergate, which now ushers through creatures unlike anything in the known galaxy. Fight your way through five new epic boss battles, including a final encounter with an enemy of unprecedented scale – the Terror From Beyond.

Legions of Scum and Villainy overview

Dread Master Styrak has emerged and has recruited over the planet of Darvannis with his army of Cartel mercenaries. Anxious to capture the rogue Sith, the Republic & the Empire have sent a strike team to the harsh desert planet of Darvannis in order to kill the Dread Master and lift a heavy burden from the Galaxy.

Have a great adventure in game.

Lornsword Winter Chronicle Coming to Steam Early Access on May 30

When Lornsword Winter Chronicles lands in Steam Early Access on May 30th, it will do so with eyes firmly set on wooing both ARPG and action-strategy fans. It comes with a unique blend of features including resource management, base building and maintenance, exploration and dynamic combat. Lornsword is a story-driven fantasy action strategy game presented in a “three-dimensional top down perspective” where players will see the consequences of their decisions.

Lornsword Winter Chronicle features “a drop-in and drop-out cooperative mode that allows the player to team up with an ally for intense melee and ranged based combat against enemy factions” and will be presented over the course of a prologue and three chapters.

“Lornsword Winter Chronicle builds on the foundation of classic real time strategy gameplay with an engaging narrative and detailed graphics, but with a more direct and action based control system. Players will need to make some hard and fast choices about sustaining and growing their armies. Players will need to think on their feet in fast paced battles and decide if they should take the fight to the enemy as commander of an army alone or enlist the help of an ally through co-op play in the unfolding real-time tactical control of battles.”

Lastly, there are plans for a console release after the PC launch later in 2019.

New RS3 Hunter Method: Changes in Crystallise, Salamander & More

Recently, a new RS3 Hunter method has been announced to introduced in game in July this summer, which will bring changes buy rs3 gold in the Crystallise spell, salamander and butterfly. There are also new PvM style drops added then.

New RuneScape Hunter method

The new hunter method the team is to introduce will change the way you hunt completely. Now in the game, there are totally two viable hunting methods, including crystal chins and tortles, which are both box trapping. After the introduction of the soon-to-come update, the viable method will increase to 8- 9 along with the new method. Besides the new method, there will also be new mechanics, PvM style drops, which is likely to contain some unique items, introduced in game.

Changes in Crystallise spell, salamander and butterfly

With the update, there will be changes in a lot of contents including the Crystallise spell, salamander and butterfly.
1.The Crystallise spell can be cast on empty box traps instead of full ones.
2.For 30s, creatures enter a trap will be caught then freed automatically, granting XP but no resources.
3.Barehanded butterfly hunting will be more AFK-friendly and main AFK method with better XP.
4.The caught butterfly will no longer be removed from map, meaning you can catch one butterfly multiple times.
5.The physical size and click box of butterflies will be increased.
6.New high level yellow salamanders will be introduced, which once caught via regular method will be released, giving XP rather than items.
7.More Black salamanders and net trap hotspots will be added to the wilderness.

Seem the updates in Crystallise spell, salamander and butterfly will surely make hunting easier for a lot persons.

Buy New Battle-Car Nimbus Fast with Rocket League Elevation Crates

Rocket League, the videogame that combines football with vehicles developed by Psyonix, will receive the Elevation Crate on October 8, a new crate that have 18 Customization Items will start appearing as a drop after the completion of Online Matches.

Rocket League Elevation Crate Items

On October 8, Monday a new crate of booty arrives at the Rocket League, the Elevation Crate, which among other items will have the new Nimbus car, which you can see in the images.
At the moment are confirmed by Psyonix the new battle car ‘Nimbus’ and the explosion of goal ‘Solar Flare’. Up to 18 new items, including wheels, trails and boosts (some of them can also be seen in the image below).

Psyonix has also confirmed in Reddit that the new car ‘Nimbus’ will have a hybrid hitbox and features a futuristic-look, such as X-Devil, Endo or the Skyline.
How To Get The Rocket League Elevation Crate and Items?

The Elevation Crate can be obtained in-game for free as a drop, you only need to complete online games! Then you can use Rocket League keys to open the crate for the new Nimbus and other new Customization Items.
All the items of the new Rocket League Elevation Crate are subject to the same probability of drop as the rest of crates since September 2016.

But remember that playing games to collect crates are grinding, and drawing your favorite items out from crates are gambling, anyway we wish you good luck!