Detailed Information about Steel Titan in Runescape

Steel titans are level 99 Summoning familiars, which is currently tied with the Sachem skinweaver for being the highest leveled familiar. A steel titan is not affected by the Protect from Summoning prayer or the Deflect Summoning curse, and it will hit as high as it would have if the prayer or curse was not active.


Steel titan pouch

Steel titan pouch is made by using a Summoning pouch on a Summoning obelisk with 178 spirit shards, a crimson charm and a steel platebody in the inventory. On the one hand, making pouch can help you earn 435.2 experience points; on the other hand, using pouch to summon a steel titan can gains 4.9 experience points with 10 Summoning points costing.
Moreover, steel titan pouch can boost your stab, slash, and crush defence by 15%. As for the special attack, which has four powerful ranged or melee attacks, depending on if your enemy is within melee distance, or at a distance.
You can turn the pouch into 10 Steel of Legends scrolls by clicking on an obelisk with the pouch in your inventory, selecting the second tab and choosing to make Steel of Legends scrolls.

Steel of legends scroll

Steel of legends scroll enables the use of the Steel of Legends special move for a steel titan to inflict four ranged OR melee attacks instead of one in the next attack.
Steel of legends scroll cannot be bought from a store, while can be traded for gold. Steel of legends scroll can be converting into 292 coins in high level alchemy, and into 194 coins in low level alchemy.
When use steel of legends scroll, your familiar will unleash 4 powerful range attacks upon your enemy. This spell uses 12 points on the familiar’s special attack meter. Meanwhile, using the pouch on a Summoning obelisk can create 10 scrolls.

The steel titan has 4 methods of attacking: magic, ranged, melee and special move. Unless the special move is repeatedly used by the summoner, the steel titan will only focus on ranged and melee attacks. Do you enjoy it?