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Crafting is rumoured to be a slow, useless and boring skill, but once you get into it there’s lots to do! You can make everything from pots for collecting flour to dragonhide armour for rangers. Crafting can be found all over the RuneScape world: the amulets people wear, the vials used in Herblore and the mystic staves used by magicians in battle. These items are all made by crafting. Please note that items shown shaded in light blue (in tables below) are free to play items.

You can get crafting exp from dyeing capes. You can get dyes from Aggie in Draynor Village. Go there and ask her about the colour you need. She will tell you what items are required and her fee. When you have the dye you need, use it on a black cape (get these from killing Highwaymen), or on a red cape which you can get from the clothes shop in Varrock. Members can also go to Ali the dyer in the north-east corner of Pollnivneach, or purchase ready-made dyes from Oronwen in Lletya.

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Hello, I’m really interested in whats possibly the fastest way to get all skills 99 in IronMan mode. Here’s what I think the best way is to achieve 99 in every skills. Please if you know a better way, let me know so I can change it.I’m not going for max when IronMan comes out, I’m just interested in how differently skilling will be compared to a regular account.

You wont want to power-skill those like most people on regular accounts since you need supplies to train other skills.


First, getting an axe. You can buy up to steel from Bob at Lumbridge. Personally I wouldn’t get too high in woodcutting until you get at least a rune axe. Rune is easily attainable from steel dragons at mid-combat level or with 86 smithing. If you are high enough level and have the necessary resources, get a dragon from the Dagannoth Kings.Now to actually train it.Woodcutting can benefit fletching, firemaking, construction and summoning.Of course you will be cutting normal logs until you don’t need them anymore for fletching and firemaking and got enough banked to make normal planks for construction.

Then jump to oak until you have enough for fletching and firemaking.Now you will need to cut a lot of willow. Enough to get at least 65 fletching and 60 firemaking. I would stay at willow until 70+ woodcutting to have some extra logs to make beaver pouches. These are some of the best pouch to make with green charms from low level to level 88 so i would suggest having a few 1000’s extras.

Now with level 70+ woodcutting, time to cut teak until 99, but bank ALL the teak logs. The best place to do so is at Ape Atoll after completing “Deadliest Catch” quest since there will be a deposit box a few steps from the teak trees for quick banking. You will need to cut approximately 140k teak logs. Converting those 140k teak logs into planks will give you 12.6m construction xp(level 98) and will cost 72m to convert at the sawmill or with plank-make spell.”Editing this soon for fletching and firemaking, you will most likely have to woodcut a lot after 99″


This one is pretty straight-forward. You will need food to train and/or kill bosses so you wont want to drop any fish.First start with doing the quest “Rock Slug” witch will get you from level 1 to over level 20 fishing. Then you can start fishing and cooking trout and salmon, at higher level you can start lobsters. You will then want to fish lobsters until 90 fishing. (Need confirmation, could swordfish+tuna be better xp/h than lobster?)At level 90 fishing you can start to fish rocktails you will need to fish 19k rocktails so you will need to get 19k living minerals.

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Runescape God Wars Dungeon II will be updated on Tuesday, March 29th. As players of RS, are you ready to join in the mysterious journey? Do you have the desire to get boss drops thorough beating them down? Will you prepare powerful supplements for your character gained by buying runescape 3 gold for sale? And can bosses be done in teams or solo? Now, just come to rs3gold to read some latest news.

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Requirements to fight bosses in God Wars Dungeon II
There are 4 big bosses in this new update, and if you want to defeat them, you need to spend money and energy on them with the exception of your basic skill. The Bosses are considered team-bosses for Reaper Tasks, rewarding about 20 points. Boots and gloves aren’t been added and basic mode was tested in tier 80 gear, while Challenge Mode was tested in tier 90 gear. Mod Ramen can get 2 minute kills in Basic Mode, and 3.5 minutes in Challenge Mode with t90 gear.
Fighting against Vindicta (Zaros General) needs 80 Attack,Twin Furies (Zamorak Generals) requires 80 Range, Helwyr (Seren Genera) needs 80 Magic, Gregorovic (Sliske General) requires 80 Prayer. Besides, the Reaper title, and songs will be the only requirements added for the regular Comp Cape.

Overview of the Staging Area & Reputation Interface

The environment is mysterious and based on deep blue color. It is an area of truce between the four factions. Each faction represents where you can turn in/spend reputation. You can only gain reputation, you can’t lose it. Feng is the Bounty Master. You can gain reputations with factions by completing a bounty from Feng. You can receive one a day stacking up to 5. Cosmetic Wings are rewards from the Zamorak Reputation system. Bear paws are rewards from the Seren Reptuation system.

What kinds of Boss Drops you can get

Luckily, you will get lots of good things from those bosses. As for God Armours, bosses will drop armour shards/crests similar to the blade shards/hilts in GWD1. Besids, you have the chance to get Magic, Melee, Range, and Hybrid Sets. As for weapons, you can get level 85 wear requirements with tier 80 damage and tier 90 accuracy. Weapons repair with coins. Weapons are whole drops from Bosses. As for armour: you can create Tier 80 Non-degradable set and then upgrade it into a Tier 85 set. The tier 85 will degrade into the tier 80. To repair it you use essence in the dungeon. Tier 80 is trade-able/augment-able. Tier 85 is untrade-able and unaugment-able.
The 6 Boss Pets have threshold systems similar to that of Nex’s. The Bosses drop seals which can be turned to other factions for reputation. There will be no Lore book drops on release.

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How Do You Deal with Hati & Sköll – The Wolf Pack Returns?

Hati and Sköll – the winter wolves of Fremennik legend – are back from Thursday the 16th of January. So, you can bring bonus XP aplenty for defeating them. Maybe, buying cheapest rs 3 gold is the fast way to make success in fighting against them. Welcome to rs3gold where you can get cheap rs 3 gold fast & safe.

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Runescape is based mostly on the medieval era

What’s the best site to buy runescape 3 gold never being cheated? is your first choice.How do you keep an online role-playing game, feeling fresh after 15 years? You can add a new level, people and equipment, but not those of a healthy and exciting sounds cruel capitalism dose. That is why the developer Jagex has just announced that it reshape the massively multiplayer online games RUNESCAPE as DarkScape, a new world, where players can get a new economic wealth, or die trying. In moderate threat area, there is no risk level, which means that the player can attack another player, regardless of their height difference. Guards are in town, but no patrol road. Moderate threat area consists of a red shield and sword single meaning.

High-threat area also lacks the level of risk, and is not protected by guards. Two common examples of high-threat areas, including upper and ground floors of some buildings, and in the wilderness. High-threat area consists of a skull and two crossed swords referred. Some areas of the original game security have become high-threat areas, including player-owned houses and rune essence mine. Darkspace is open to all players in RuneScape, they can actually log in using their existing account in RuneScape, but the game is still new, original Jagex hopes to attract a sufficient amount of players to help it cleverly experience. I can only imagine that the people who managed to persist in RuneScape this time will be very happy in a new, exciting adventure prospect. Personally, though, I’m not that excited.

Essentially, it sounds like DarkScape may be “Arabian Nights Eve”, many people have been hoping. And free-to-play, at that. It should be noted that it is still RUNESCAPE. It is also still in the experimental stage, it sounds like the future is uncertain server. However, it could be great fun while it lasts. Players in the Jagex studio again came up with a genius idea storm and change the game implemented the new changes Runesacpe called Darkscape. Gielinor (RuneScape position in) the world has entered a realm of darkness in the world can be completely PvP! For some players, this is a much needed update to the game as much as possible to play this game, to show the advantages of their own in the battle Wildy rules (Wilderness) applications.

Darkscape is free to play, including the contents of most of the members, so you have no excuse not to give it a shot, but be careful. Welcome in RuneScape. Most of us are in the game to play in our lives. In RuneScape is a massively multiplayer game, is primarily based in the Middle Ages people roam the land and the dragon king ruled with an iron fist. The game just so much to it, you can always find something new to do. In a sense, this game was released back in 2001, if you have come so far from it started as. The game is very fun and very addictive. You will spend countless hours in this game, the level and the project grind to get. Everyone has their own pro and love this game, and some of the pros and cons and hate it.

Overall, this is an amazing game is so much fun to play with friends or make new friends to team up with. In a sense, it takes a long time, if you’re going to try to complete everything there is so much to do in this game, in this game. This game lets you create your own person, and put them on their adventure, you progress through the game. Now, they have been in the current version of RuneScape (RS3), and they brought back a more classic version, in RuneScape (Old College) I will cover both versions. This story is very good, when it grips, you almost can not put the book down. In the exciting finale gave me hope third book, if it is such as this then we are in for a treat.
In return Canifis setting also sought to arouse more enthusiasm from the audience than ever before somewhere. Although Varrock what you might expect from a fantasy title, Morytania try conjure dirty, dirty little cottage combining images and two wet marshes and industrialization of hell. It is very well done, and paints a vivid image for the reader. I highly recommend it to return Canifis reading. Despite reading of betrayal in Falador understand what was happening, the franchise needed in RuneScape no further understanding.

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I have discovered a few methods to make Runescape Gold without a great deal of attempts, one solution that we found was through the Slayer skill.

The Slayer ability is excellent for advancing over the sport and training your own persona. All you need to perform is have the falls from every monster you kill as you cooperate, it is definitely so easy. Assess those inside out the door cost checker by the end of each and every excursion, once you gather the items which are fallen.

You will quickly start to identify that you’ll be obtaining money, and fast! After you have completed your Slayer undertaking, or possibly a few Slayer jobs in a row, possible go towards the Grand Exchange and offer your things. Even if the items aren’t selling nicely, selling those pieces of the most beneficial cost from the Grand Trade, will allow to still build a lot of cash.

I personally typical at the very least 200 -600k nighttime from slayer undertakings. After only a week of your practice slayer to have a few hours everyday, you are thinking about 2 – 5M a week. As you will quickly get harder endeavors which have been countless harder, your own personal slayer Amount increases. As soon as you achieve Slayer level 80 Valuable items are dropped more by these monsters, you are likely to continue to rake within the gold. I own a person better of over 2.5M in one day, plus it’s potential to make more, to match the project.

So nowadays you learn the way exactly make use of the Slayer skill to build the maximum amount of runescape gold as you like, try to recall, greater you teach that skill, the quicker and even more money you can make to get these awesome points you desire in the game, by way of example: Party Hats, Dragon equipment, Lord equipment etc.

About RS benefit with Catch Charm Wizard of rs gold

Charm Wizard – If you rs gold have not encountered them before – woodland creatures, can capture 72 hunter, hunter district southwest of trees dwarf fortress in RuneScape. Not only are they hunters XP, a good source, but they also produce attractive pieces are arrested, it can be made summon charm. Full details – while the tools you need – you can get by saying trees dwarf fortress gate, Southwest Yaktwee Swinmari Cianta’s.


To make this fun activity due attention, RuneScape have made some improvements to make it more attractive.


It now takes only five slices made attractive charm, instead of the original 10. Hunter XP adds up: it is now training methods with other hunters, at that level of competitiveness and earn a lot of calls at the same charm.


RuneScape have also launched a mysterious charm – film, if you’re lucky, in addition to charm colored pieces as standard – can be deleted. These can be used in any charm colored pieces, so they are handy if you need to complete a certain type of charm.


Hunting charm elves rs gold generally friendly, and we’ve also made some practical adjustments: in the area all the trees are gone, so the wizard shaking bushes easier to see what you can now store your Yaktwee the rod, the spirit seduction and glamor film and Yaktwee I and your lure is more clearly visible.

Enjoy A Birthday Cake of runescape buy gold

As time goes by, old school runescape has been accompanied with all of you for another one year again. Yes, runescape buy gold have grown up yet another year. So it’s time to hold a big party for celebrating the birthday of old school runescape. Come to enjoy the feast!

How to celebrate the OSRS’s birthday?

Do you still remember the first you join this big family of old school runescape? All of you experienced the Tutorial Island in old school runesacpe, and even many of you witnessed the changes of Tutorial Island in old school runescape. Until now, old school runescape forms a vibrant and active world with a strong and passionate community.
Jagex knows that many of you are curious about Prifddinas, and long for visiting the city for a long time. Therefore, the Lumbridge Guide tried best to convince the Elves to open the gates and hold a party.
Yes, over the next two weeks you will be able to visit the Lumbridge Guide or any of the Elven emissaries scattered around Gielinor for letting them transport you to OSRS’s first birthday celebration!

What can you enjoy in this birthday party?

During this big party, of course all of you can enjoy a delicious birthday cake. Meanwhile, you can also look forward to a surprising special birthday gift from Jagex. Guess what it will be?
You will see lots of players in this party, and you can also come with a bunch of friends. The party is a good opportunity for you to meet new friends and maybe join a team if you are alone.
Moreover, apart from many players, you can also party with some of the NPCs that have been introduced over the past 12 months. That is a rare chance to have fun with some NPCs, so which one do you prefer?
Through this year, you may have a lot of memories want to share with others and lots of fun is still fresh for you. Come to reminisce about the past year with some really old school runescape monsters.

This is the first birthday runescape buy gold celebration of old school scape. So do not miss the chance. Come to wish a huge happy birthday to old school runescape with your friends!