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Crafting is rumoured to be a slow, useless and boring skill, but once you get into it there’s lots to do! You can make everything from pots for collecting flour to dragonhide armour for rangers. Crafting can be found all over the RuneScape world: the amulets people wear, the vials used in Herblore and the mystic staves used by magicians in battle. These items are all made by crafting. Please note that items shown shaded in light blue (in tables below) are free to play items.

You can get crafting exp from dyeing capes. You can get dyes from Aggie in Draynor Village. Go there and ask her about the colour you need. She will tell you what items are required and her fee. When you have the dye you need, use it on a black cape (get these from killing Highwaymen), or on a red cape which you can get from the clothes shop in Varrock. Members can also go to Ali the dyer in the north-east corner of Pollnivneach, or purchase ready-made dyes from Oronwen in Lletya.

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Runescape IronMan Maxing Guide and cheap rs3gold supplied by rs3gold

Hello, I’m really interested in whats possibly the fastest way to get all skills 99 in IronMan mode. Here’s what I think the best way is to achieve 99 in every skills. Please if you know a better way, let me know so I can change it.I’m not going for max when IronMan comes out, I’m just interested in how differently skilling will be compared to a regular account.

You wont want to power-skill those like most people on regular accounts since you need supplies to train other skills.


First, getting an axe. You can buy up to steel from Bob at Lumbridge. Personally I wouldn’t get too high in woodcutting until you get at least a rune axe. Rune is easily attainable from steel dragons at mid-combat level or with 86 smithing. If you are high enough level and have the necessary resources, get a dragon from the Dagannoth Kings.Now to actually train it.Woodcutting can benefit fletching, firemaking, construction and summoning.Of course you will be cutting normal logs until you don’t need them anymore for fletching and firemaking and got enough banked to make normal planks for construction.

Then jump to oak until you have enough for fletching and firemaking.Now you will need to cut a lot of willow. Enough to get at least 65 fletching and 60 firemaking. I would stay at willow until 70+ woodcutting to have some extra logs to make beaver pouches. These are some of the best pouch to make with green charms from low level to level 88 so i would suggest having a few 1000’s extras.

Now with level 70+ woodcutting, time to cut teak until 99, but bank ALL the teak logs. The best place to do so is at Ape Atoll after completing “Deadliest Catch” quest since there will be a deposit box a few steps from the teak trees for quick banking. You will need to cut approximately 140k teak logs. Converting those 140k teak logs into planks will give you 12.6m construction xp(level 98) and will cost 72m to convert at the sawmill or with plank-make spell.”Editing this soon for fletching and firemaking, you will most likely have to woodcut a lot after 99″


This one is pretty straight-forward. You will need food to train and/or kill bosses so you wont want to drop any fish.First start with doing the quest “Rock Slug” witch will get you from level 1 to over level 20 fishing. Then you can start fishing and cooking trout and salmon, at higher level you can start lobsters. You will then want to fish lobsters until 90 fishing. (Need confirmation, could swordfish+tuna be better xp/h than lobster?)At level 90 fishing you can start to fish rocktails you will need to fish 19k rocktails so you will need to get 19k living minerals.

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How Do You Deal with Hati & Sköll – The Wolf Pack Returns?

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Enjoy EoC and legacy mode together in runescape

Since the release of legacy mode in runescape, Jagex is trying their best to make it better. And now they are bringing the state fact update: Legacy Mode has settled at 35% as players’ primary choice, with an additional 9% using it at least some of the time. What’s your opinion on that?

Update to rs legacy mode you need to notice
According to Mod Pips from Jagex, Legacy Mode has settled at 35% as players’ primary choice, with an additional 9% using it at least some of the time. However, there are some rules for that update:
1. This update is only counting members.
2. The additional 9% using it at least some of the time means that they changed to Legacy mode at least once that day.
3. The previous stat was ‘After a day of release, just over 30% of players (members) are using Legacy Mode.’

Enjoy EoC and legacy mode together in runescape
Players will always have the option to play with whichever style they want in runescape. But the fact will always remain that Legacy-style PvM will be inferior to EoC. There is no strategy or skill required other than quick switching and your choice of armor/weapons.
But EoC should always far out scale legacy in DPS when bossing because that was one of the main reasons it was created. Legacy-style combat gives Jagex so little room to make amazing, difficult, skillful, and immersive bosses.
People will play EOC, people enjoy EOC, people enjoy Legacy, and people will play just Legacy. People are different.

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Welcome the coming the rs Legacy Mode

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Legacy is designed for returning players

Legacy mode in RuneScape 3 is a new combat system to older players. Players can play the modern game with the traditional interface and old-style combat. Since it is an optional system, you can turn on or turn off it if you don’t like it. So it has no any effect on Evolution of Combat. Besides, there is no need for players to learn the new combat system.
Since then, players choose Evolution of Combat, because they like it, but not because they have to do so. Meanwhile, if you as a returning player cannot adapt to EOC, or you would like to enjoy the game with a traditional feel, you can choose Legacy as you like.

A DPS increase and better PvP experience in Legacy

Except for the traditional game play experience, there are some changes to distinguish Legacy from EOC, including a DPS increase and better PvP experience.
Legacy offer a higher DPS to players. Ability damage has been fine-tuned for the sake of the balance of ability, and the weaker abilities have been improved. Besides, special attacks on weapon have returned back.
Besides, 138 combat formula has returned, tweaked to have equal contribution for melee, ranged and magic.

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