Fight against the Airut in Runescape to Receive Awesome Rewards

Airut are high level Slayer creatures found in the south section of Kuradal’s Dungeon, and south-west of Piscatoris Fishing Colony. As cunning as they are strong, they’re a match for all but the mightiest of Gielinor’s heroes – and the only word on their lips is the name of their ancient swine goddess – Tuska. However, drops from them are really attractive.

Things you need to noticeairut-03111742

1. The top-end gear, high combat skills (combat level 150 at least) and quick wits will be needed for surviving from these strong monsters.
2. Prevail, and you can get your hands on Kaigi’s journal – a first-hand account of Tuska’s destructive power; the mighty razorback gauntlets – level 90 melee power armour; or pieces of the XP-giving Tuska mask – the terrifying face of things to come.
3. Airuts have two combat styles. If an airut is up on its hind legs, it’ll pummel you with melee attacks. Also, if it’s on all fours, it’ll spit deadly ranged attacks your way. Be care of its attack switching occasionally.
4. An airut can also wind up for a lethal special attack, and you’ll have to be on the ball to counter these.
5. The only way to stop an Airut if it has started the attack is to use either of the Abilities Flurry or Rapid Fire.

Rewards you can obtain

1. You can receive Slayer XP by battling the airut on a Slayer assignment, while not on a Slayer assignment to kill them will also earn you a small amount of Slayer XP.
2. The ariut can drop pages of Kaigi’s journal, which can be assembled in a full volume, to be stored in your player-owned house’s bookshelf.
3. There are also six pieces of a Tuska mask to be collected. When assembled and worn for the first time, the mask will grant you a hog’s helping of XP in a combat skill of your choice.
4. For each beast, you are able to obtain airut bones, which will give better prayer XP than dagannoth bones when buried.
5. The biggest surprise is that there will be a chance to pick up a pair of razorback gauntlets, which is a level 90 melee power armour gloves and can be changed for 35,000,000 coins.

Enjoy the battle with the airut to get rewards as much as you can. Be careful and good luck! For more details, check out the