Final Fantasy XV Co-Op Possible If Enough Fans Want It

Final Fantasy XV is a little over a month away. The franchise has always had an exclusively single player campaign, and the latest iteration was designed to be no different. Previous instalments of the series have dabbled in Co-Op; Final Fantasy IX for example allowed a second player to control characters during battle. So when game director Hajime Tabata told Hobby Consoles (translated by Lulost on MOGnet Central) that it was something they would definitely consider if enough fans wanted it, it didn’t seem too far removed from reality. Tabata also said that it would be very difficult, but to not discard it for the future.
Considering that the vast majority of RPGs are single player, it is difficult to believe that there will ever be a Final Fantasy XV Co-Op mode. Especially on a project of this size. It could be that Tabata is simply trying to make the game as attractive as possible. I mean, who wouldn’t want a Final Fantasy XV Co-Op experience? Within the same interview, Tabata states that there may also be efforts directed towards optimizing the game for the PS4 Pro post launch, as well as developing a PC port. Again, this could all be in an effort to assure us that work on the game will continue for long after it has launched.
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The game seems to be receiving positive feedback after the first snippets of gameplay were released to the world. Though extremely unlikely, adding a Co-Op experience of some kind would cement Final Fantasy XV as the rebirth of the franchise.

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Final Fantasy XV Day One Edition Has a Surprise for Fans

With Final Fantasy XV available in more than a few countries before release date, it was only a matter of time before India saw an early release of the game as well. Gadgets 360 managed to get an early copy and we noticed that the game has something extra.
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Aside from the obvious day one downloadable content (dubbed as the Masamune DLC weapon), a reversible cover, and obligatory pamphlets that yields information on customer support, Square Enix also included the signatures of the development team with a background that reads: “Thank you for your support”.

It’s an interesting addition. More so considering most game companies don’t usually take this approach — allowing an entire or seemingly sizeable part of the development team to be known outside of the game’s credits.
Nonetheless, the developer autographs are present in the Peruvian version of the game which shares the same ESRB rating as the US version. Safe to say day one US buyers will get this as well. Considering that the day one edition of Final Fantasy XV is the same across the world, Indian buyers should get it too, along with extra DLC depending where you pre-order from.

So far, initial impressions of Final Fantasy XV seem positive. At least in terms of technical performance, what with performance before installing the patch being a whole lot better than what it was in Episode Duscae, the Platinum Demo, and the Judgement Disc Demo on a standard PS4. Stay tuned to Gadgets 360 for detailed, spoiler-free impressions soon.

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FFXV story speculation/theory

If the house of Lucis is really cursed as some theories say there are 112 kings with regis being the 113th “CXIII” and it is said by theory that regis would possibly turn into those beings seen on the US coverart so theoretically thats saying that there are 113 of those huge guardian things which seems unbalanced in terms of how they presented it in the US cover art. Unless maybe something happened Years ago which caused those beings to select those kings to become some kind of guardians as a curse starting from the 100th or very first king during that time. Maybe during that time long ago it was related to the time of the plague of the star origins.

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Something happened to EOS as a result of that climax, and those beings/god offered the Lucis king power so that the Lucis bloodline would live on to carry their curse/duty as “Knights of the round” in the will of that god which would be to guard the crystal from extinction which would prevent the plague of the stars. That said i think the Kings and the Huge beings are different entities. Maybe the ring ties to the beings on the US cover art meaning that those beings were the beings that offered them that bloodpact which gave them the source of Power, knowledge, and wisdom that could be passed on through linage and that ultimate power can be used to protect the world from falling apart from greed such as other kingdoms like Niflhiem that maybe used their crystals for technological enhancement/Plague of the stars. The reason they chose the Lucis line to have that power was probally connected to the powers the crystal Lucis had and the longevity of the lucis family.
Lucis is the only kingdom with the last crystal and because of that the world is under a deeper threat to the plague of the stars.The lucis line is weakening because of their duty to protect that crystal is limited to their own ever since the rise of the Nifilhiem Empire. Maybe they were at war for a reason such as Lucis having the knowledge from the entities to tend for all the crystals which seemed simple for Tenebrae and Lucis to form an alliance as they have oracles that can talk to gods/beings. While Nifilhiem doesnt have a power such as the kingdoms of lucis and tenebrae so they fight for their own survival of their society causing the war between Lucis and Nifilhiem. Being misunderstood of Lucis’s Intentions Nifilhiem Goes as far as invading other kingdoms to show that they wont be defied by their petty beliefs etc and they need to expand naturally as crystals are natural resources. But little do they know that the crystal has a much more profound existance and taking away that final crystal would result in the plague of the stars. Noctis as the last king is the only one privileged with the power of the “Knights of the round” now has to use the power, knowledge and wisdom kept in that ring in a last resort to save the world from the being that is behind the plague of the stars if it ever comes to that point where the plague of the stars finally manifests the planet. Which would mean he would have to summon the kings or the beings to aid him to fight against whatever has plotted the end of Eos ever since the dawn of its existance.

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Final Fantasy XV Has Finally Gone Gold

After a decade of development, a name change, and a recent delay, Final Fantasy XV has finally gone gold ahead of its November release date. To celebrate, Square Enix and animation studio DIGIC Pictures have created a gorgeous, dark, and surreal trailer for the game.

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Dubbed “Omen,” Square Enix describes the trailer as “a nightmarish ‘omen’ for [protagonist] Noctis’ father King Regis — a catastrophic future that must be avoided.”

As Noctic races his convertible down a long stretch of road, a series of explosions narrowly miss his vehicle. Noctis doesn’t seem the least bit fazed until he spots a dog calmly sitting in nearby grass, causing his car to spin out of control. The dog — who appears to be “Umbra” from Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV — as well as a ghostly vision of Noctis’ fiancée, Lunafreya, appear at nearly every turn. The former is a capable warrior, helping to destroy giant mechs and leading Noctis from danger.
A second, darker canine is far less friendly, leading a pack of three-headed creatures who surround Noctis as he spots Lunafreya unconscious on the ground of a fiery realm. He appears to lose control and becomes a shadowy version of himself, threatening Lunafreya with a trident as his eyes burn orange.

“May the gods forgive me,” King Regis says as an orange glow of energy begins spreading throughout the land.

If you don’t want to experience the horrors of Final Fantasy XV completely, alone, you’ll also to be able to play through the cooperative mode “Comrades.” The mode, which will be released as part of the game’s season pass, allows four players to control Noctis, Gladio, Prompto, and Ignis as they take part in “intense battles,” though it’s not clear if this mode will have any narrative consequences.

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FFXV JRPG Successful, FFXVI Prediction

JRPG’s. This meant that home consoles were no longer the hub of JRPG’s that they were prior to this point of transition.

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The genre largely migrated to the PSP/3DS or portable dedicated gaming platforms where the expectations for JRPGs was significantly lower to a similar product on home consoles. This made the cost to production to profit much more appealing to JRPG developers.

This is where we see a split when it comes to JRPG’s, Premium JRPGs (console JRPGs) and “pocket” JRPGs (any JRPG released on dedicated handheld gaming platforms (no Mobiles don’t count) such as the PSP/V and the 3/DS/New family.
The market for JRPGs isn’t as concentrated as it was in the PS 1 and 2 days, is there still going to be a market for premium JRPG’s by the time FFXVI comes out? I honestly think that the current model for what defines premium JRPGs will become unsustainable by the time FFXVI happens if and when it does.

So what does that have to do with FFXVI?

Simple, diminishing returns. FFXVI will be much more expensive to develop then FFXV, and the amount of sales needed to justify the games development along with the chance that more of the market for premium JRPG’s could very will shrink from what it is now.

SE knows this, that’s why they’re using FFXV to bring in as much “new blood” to the fan base as they can. The amount of new blood that FFXV brings in as stated by Tabata I believe will be what decides if a FFXVI even ever happens.

I believe that FFXVI if it happens will be a drastic departure from what we are seeing from FFXV, FFXVI will probably come on the PS5 at the earliest and will be pursuing a radically different direction to FFXV both in style, presentation and substance.

We are seeing a sort of Renaissance for JRPG’s as the definition of what constitutes a premium JRPG is being challenged by Underdog JRPG’s, JRPG’s that are built on a smaller scale and require a much lower financial commitment from the developer.

We probably entering a generation where FF as a brand will probably only release a single mainline title per generation if not once every two generations, by the time FFXVI comes out it should be possible to completely realism photo realism and it will cease to be unique at that point.

The alternative is that FFXVI is a game built on a much smaller budget that depends on other factors to gain consumer interest.

FFXVI won’t have the sales numbers of FFXV I guarantee you that, but at the same time it won’t be developed with the same budget as FFXV and will be taking a radically different route to FFXV and probably require much less sales to be considered successful.

Lets say that FFXV needs 5 million in sales in order to be a success, FFXVI would probably only need about 2 million at that point in order to be as successful. By the time FFXVI even comes out, technology would have progressed to the point that hyper realism would become the new “brown” of the PS360 generation.

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