Elder Scrolls Online’s Midyear Mayhem PvP Event Now Has Officially Returned

Elder Scrolls Online’s Midyear Mayhem PvP event is officially back, and the horns of the war bellow once more from Thursday, January 23 at 10:00 AM EST, and until Tuesday, February 4 at 10:00 AM EST. And during this PvP event, you can find that there is a lot of rewards just await, for instance, you can earn XP, bonus rewards, and Alliance Points just by battling your fellow players in the Alliance War, Battlegrounds, and of course, Imperial City.

In order to make sure you receive your due honors, you need to hang on to the Scroll Of Pelinal’s Ferocity and then reuse it during this event period. If you happen to discard it, here is another method you can make it up, you can acquire another just from Predicant Maera for 100 Elder Scrolls Online Gold or just 100 Alliance Points (look for her near Battleground camps for this purpose also).

And now, here is how you can join this fight, check this out:

The very first one is: Navigate to the in-game Crown Store and then get the FREE “Details On The Midyear Mayhem” quest from the Quest Starters category.

The second one is: Travel to your faction’s main gate in Cyrodiil from the Alliance War menu.

The third one is: Locate the NPC named “Predicant Maera” and get the quest called “Midyear Mayhem.” (PLEASE NOTE: If you completed the quest previously, then you will not need to do this again).

The fourth one is: Finish the above-mentioned quest to receive your Scroll of Pelinal’s Ferocity and a Pelinal’s Midyear Boon Box.

The fifth one is: You need to use the scroll to activate a two-hour, 100% buff to Alliance Points earned from PvP activities and XP earned from player kills.

Elder Scrolls Online Update — The Final DLC (Downloadable Content) Pack Dragonhold Is Officially Released

Now you can sharpen your mighty swords and then gear up your character with advanced equipment for the final fight, because, you know Dragonhold now has already been launched for The Elder Scrolls Online for PC and MAC OS. What about the users on Xbox One and PS4? Well, there’s no need to worry about them, cause it will be landed on their respective consoles on 05 March 2020. Users of MAC and PC platforms can log-in into their accounts to venture into the brand new lands of Southern Elsweyr. You might know, when the massive Elsweyr DLC chapter has published earlier last year it featured not only just mighty dragons into this amazing game, it has also introduced the Northern Elsweyr zone and began the season of the Dragon story wherefrom it left off, that continued with the DLC Pack (Wrathstone Dungeon) at the very beginning of the year.
This DLC pack comes with some new adventures and several modifications to The Elder Scrolls Online. In short, it features a brand new zone to explore, which is also known as a lawless region that is full of bad guys and criminals. With this DLC pack, that means you get able to find an epic new main story to finish, including all new side-quests, delves, dragons, and world bosses await you. An exclusive season of the Dragon Bonus Quests, well, is also included.

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DLC (Downloadable Content) Pack:

This game delivers this dragon storyline’s long-year season to its epic conclusion and in the meantime, includes the following elements:

*Amazing Rewards (More than just ESO Gold)
*A New Zone To Explore
*Challenging Quests
*Navigate Southern Elsweyr And Then Discover Pellitine

Ten years ago, a region of Pellitineb was totally smashed by a terrible fire. Those people who remained alive are struggling to survive in the extremely dangerous world to reduce the difficulties and overcome the bandits, slavers, and worse. And there is only a team of survivors hold firm against the chaos. And after that, a team of dragons shows up from the North and start invading the world once again to put it in turmoil.

The Elder Scrolls Online News: Review From TESO: Greymoor | This Is An Historic Return To Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls Online’s one-year-long Dark Heart of Skyrim storyline begins in earnest with this game’s latest chapter expansion: TESO: Greymoor. For the very first time in this long-running Massively Multiplayer Online Game, this snowy, swampy expanses of Western Skyrim are officially open for exploration, even though this is not exactly the same game world players will remember from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
If you have read this expansion’s brief introduction, then you should know that this MMO takes place 1000 years before The Elder Scrolls V, which means some of Skyrim’s recognizable locales, for example, the crowded city streets of Solitude and the riverside village of Morthal, look quite familiar but they are also slightly altered this time around. Gamers will also find a very different status quo in Tamriel’s northernmost kingdom. The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor introduces a kingdom-wide crisis involving werewolves, a growing vampiric threat, an elusive coven of witches, and mysterious Harrowstorms that ravage Skyrim and drive its denizens crazy.

As a matter of fact, I have not played Skyrim for several years, therefore, running around the MMO’s version of the kingdom did not initially offer me the rush of nostalgia that I was hoping for. Walking up to the towering stone walls of Solitude and then jumping around its bustling docks totally brought me back, however, I was not completely overtaken by a warm, fuzzy feeling.

But just as I continued to explore, the warm-and-fuzzies began to creep in, not just because of the recognizable locations and monuments, but because of the general topography of this land and the manner in which I arrived at these locations. For instance, at one point I was semi-aimlessly exploring a snow-blanketed mountain, slaying vampiric sabrecats for the experience. Then, when I was descending a windy path, I suddenly noticed exactly where I was and, look and behold, happened upon the comfortable cluster of houses that is Morthal. This exciting blast from the past reminded me of the sense of adventure and discovery that already pulled me into Skyrim all those years ago.

The central narrative of The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor revolves around your hero helping to get Skyrim’s two rival kingdoms, and their bullheaded rulers to address a roiling, underground threat lead by the Icereach Coven, who are plotting to tear Skyrim apart from the inside out quietly. Aiding you in your mission are the virtuous Lyris Titanborn from the main questline and Fennorian, a quite friendly vampire who does not totally elicit warm responses from passers-by. While Lyris is one of the best, most memorable characters in The Elder Scrolls, therefore, it was quite nice to have her along for the ride during the largely bleak campaign.

This new content and quests included in TESO Greymoor are largely standard ESO fare. You are tasked with venturing into enemy encampments and dangerous caves, retrieving or just destroying all different kinds of items of interest for loot, experience, and Elder Scrolls Online Gold. However, the strength of Greymoor as a whole is that the wretched, gothic atmosphere and imagery that defines the Chapter permeates everything, from the stories driving main and side quests, to the enemies plaguing the landscape, to the look of Tamriel itself.

Do ESO Daily Quests for Rare Item in ESO 3-Year Anniversary

It’s been three years since the launch of Elder Older Online. And during ESO’s 3-Year Anniversary, you can enjoy the New 2nd Annual Jubilee Cake, Anniversary Gift Box, not to mention the rare item. Please join in the special event right now.

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When will the ESO 3-Year Anniversary end?

It’ll last till at 10:00 AM EDT on April 18, 2017.

What Can You Get During the ESO 3-Year Anniversary?

Once you complete the Appetizing quest Ache for Cake assigned by the famous baker – Chef Donolon , you can get the new 2nd Annual Jubilee Cake in your Mementos collection.

How Can You Find Chef Donolon to Complete Ache for Cake?

One way is to find the chef in Vulkhel Guard, Daggerfall, or Davon’s Watch directly. And the other way is to find a free Jubille Cake Voucher in the Crown Store, which will provide a way to the Chef’s location.

What Can You Do with the Jubilee Cake?

Anyone in your group can get a slice of the cake placed in the world by you, and receive a two-hour 100% XP buff.

During the Anniversary, What Else Can You Get Besides Regular Rewards After Completing ESO Daily Quests and Weekly Quests?

You can get an Anniversary Gift Box which consists of crafting materials and at least one rare item (Nirncrux, Motif chapters, Style items, Furniture crafting items etc.). Although the anniversary has been on for less than one day, many players are very excited to play the daily quest in order to get a rare item.

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Detail Ularra & Vvardenfell as ESO: Morrowind is Coming

As the release time of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is coming closer and closer, we can learn more about it. Today we mainly describe Ularra and Vvardenfell in detail.

Ularra – One of Three Unique Battlegrounds

Ularra is located in an old, abandoned temple which needs opponents to fight to control higher ground. The center, surrounded by thick vegetation and ruins, can only be accessed by using the teleporter which is on platforms located between each base. If you want to avoid the spying and the attack from the center, you can travel underneath the central shrine. In addition, although there is a large space for you to fight in Ularra, you should be aware of falling off.

Even if you have controlled the center, you should pay attention to the ambush because the teleporter may offer an unexpected attack.

Just like the other two battlegrounds, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Domination are also available in Ularra.

Vvardenfell – the Centerpiece of Morrowind

Vvardenfell, the large island is located in inner sea of Morrowind, and it’s also the new frontier of Morrowind. One of the most significant landmark of Vvardenfell is the volcanic Red Mountain, which constantly shoots ash into skies. And it affects the ecology of Vvardenfell greatly.

There is a port city, Seyda Neen, on the southwest of the island, from where you can go to the rest of the island. And the Living god VIvec of the Tribunal is in the nearby Vivec City.

The town of Balmora is in the north of the island’s Bitter Coast. And Sadrith Mora is located on the east of the island and in the middle of various smaller islands. Besides the wilderness of the island is filled with strange creatures.

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Second Map Of Battlegrounds: The Red-Hot Foyada Quarry

Since The Elder Scrolls Online revealed the first map of Morrowind’s Battlegrounds: Ald Carac, the second one of the three unique Battlegrounds maps is coming to Morrowind now. The unique map is called the red-hot Foyada Quarry.

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Different from the narrow and claustrophobic Ald Carac, Foyada Quarry features wide-open spaces and limited cover. The deserted granite quarry is full of lava and red glow. Be careful not to fall in it! Plus, you can view exactly where the action is right from the start.

The Foyada Quarry funnels the action right into a hotspot for team fights, the center of the map, via a selection of granite pathways and seared wooden bridges. It’s such a fast-paced Battleground that teams are able to quickly close and engage with each other, thrusting you into battle almost immediately upon leaving your base as the majority of the map is so open. In addition, should the battle in the middle get too heated, you can always retreat to your base, which has limited pathways of attack and provides some of the only high ground in the map. Besides, the outside ring provides cover in the form of mining equipment, granite blocks, and forges.

Making your enemies burn or avoiding the map’s red-hot center altogether are good method to defend against danger when battling in Foyada Quarry. If you are a player who features crowd control abilities like Templars or Dragonknight, utilize your strengths in the unique Battleground where full of hazards.

Particularly, you might find that ultimate abilities with an area of effect can shut down enemy players and allow you to control the space in Team Deathmatch while the fighting focuses around the center of the map.
Each team’s flag is located at the top of their base. The additional cover available around the sides of the map and the high visibility of the map allows you and your team to react to what the other teams are doing once your team controlling the middle of the map. It makes defenders have a distinct advantage since there are only two walkways up to your base and flag.
The three of the capture points is easier to defend in Domination as they residing underneath each base while the most important fourth point resides right in the middle.

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ESO Jester’s Festival is closer and closer. If you want to jape and jeer at the world, wear Jester’s Festival hat, ride Sabre Cat mount, and make ESO Jester personality to poke some fun at those who take life too seriously. Besides, the Earthtear Cavern housing is also coming for sale. Here is ESO Crown Store showcase in March 2017.

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1. Jester’s Festival Hat Pack. There will be three jester’s hats available on all platforms during the Jester’s Festival from March 23 to April 3, including the Bi-Color Coxcomb Cap, the Ass-Ears Cap, and the Fool’s Cap and Masque.

2. The Earthtear Cavern housing in a furnished and unfurnished version. It includes some Redguard touches from later occupants. Certainly, you can decorate the house as you wish as well. This housing is available on March 9. It is likely to cost over 10000 crowns.

3. Craglorn Multicultural Furniture Packs which would go well in Earthtear Cavern. It contains Bedroom pack, Kitchen pack, Knick-Knacks pack and parlor pack, all available from March 16 to March 20.

4. Sabre Cat mount and Sabre Cat cub pet will be available on all platforms from March 16 to March 20. It may cost 4.5 crowns like the elk mount which lasted for a short amount of time.

5. The Jester personality to make a fool of the world. It will be available from March 23 to April 3.

In addition, the Wild Hunt season is arriving since March 2, which will provide Wild Hunt crates to replace storm crates, as well as Wild Hunt mounts, like Wild Hunt Bear, Wild Hunt Senche and others.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Two Ways Purchasing A Home In Homestead

Players have the opportunity to buy a home in The Elder Scrolls Online according the release of Homestead. Once you have a home you can purchase furnishings and even add some utility with different

locations for weapons, armor, gear, training, and your pets and mounts.

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As we mentioned before, there are two methods to purchase home in the world of Tamriel.The easiest way is purchasing a home from the Crown Store, but it’s too expensive. You can either choose any

furnished or unfurnished home you like in the Crown Store.
Players do have the option to purchase homes with Gold as well. First complete the “A Friend in Need” Homestead tutorial quest, then talk to the residents of the area its found in to get their

approval. They’ll ask for favors and send you on quests. So how much would you pay for each type of home?

Apartments: 11000 – 13000

Small: 40000 – 70000

Medium: 190000 – 335000

Large – 760000 – 1.29M

Manors – 3.775M – 3.785M

Notably, everyone could buy the exact same location if they so choose, and the interior will be your own unique one.

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Zombie Horse Costs 1.2K & Crown Crates Coming November in ESO Crown Store

Recently, something new is coming into ESO Crown Store, including polymorphs to change the entire appearance. Surprisingly, the Zombie Horse mount is for sale as well, with no sign. Besides, there was a plan at PAX West that Crown Crates would release late November.

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Zombie Horse mount can be purchasable for 1200 Crowns

ZOS keeps to their word! The Zombie Horse mount is now for sale on the Crown Store. Excited? It is not all! All 3 polys only costs 4800 Crowns, and the Zombie Horse mount is 1200 each.

You didn’t misread it! Zombie mount was 2.5K crowns last year, but now it is 1200 Crown only! It would be purchasable on Oct 28 at 03:00 AM GMT. Will you rush for the Zombie Horse mount?

Note: the Zombie Horse mount will never sell on Xbox.

Polymorphs can change the entire appearance, including voice

To be honest, polymorphs are more functional than the dye packs, because the later is a one-time use. For functions, polymorphs can change your entire appearance, including shape, size, race, even voice. If polymorphs overwrite your appearance, they are togglable through the collectibles appearance menu. Unlike costumes, polymorphs cannot be altered color wise.

For fragments, there are two available in the base game, and one technically as a disguise. Specifically, the 3 Xivkyns are from the Imperial City DLC and the Baron from Wrothgar DLC. These two require no extra purchases to access. You just need to do a quest to obtain the skeleton. The draugr is bought in crown store. So it is not part of the base game.

Crown crates are scheduled to release in November

At PAX West, the original date for the release of Crown Crates was mid to late November. And an official article says it would be the end of November. So stay tuned!

In addition, Alliance inspired hairstyles and adornments are also purchasable in the Crown Store. Get your alliance hat and alliance mount and go your alliance hat and alliance mount.

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