Preview What will Change Greatly With Diablo III Patch 2.1 and buy diablo3 items on

It’s said that the longing Diablo III Patch 2.1 will go live in “this month”, according to Diablo production director John Hight, who has recently accepted an interview at gamescom 2014. Indeed, he also provided details about the upcoming Diablo III PC patch and to the PS4 and Xbox One editions of the Ultimate Evil Edition. Diablo3star wants to help you preview what will change greatly with Diablo III patch 2.1 today.

A lot of 2.1 content will be released for PS4 and Xbox One versions of the UEE.

Soon after Diablo III patch 2.1 comes out for PC players, a lot of the 2.1 content will be released for diablo 3 PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the Ultimate Evil Edition. “The consoles will receive features from 2.1, including Greater Rifts and Treasure Gobin Realm area of the Vault.” Said John Hight. “Seasons and leaderboards will not be transferred to the consoles.” Added John.

New gameplay Seasons will start in 2.1 patch.

One of the biggest additions to Diablo III in patch 2.1 is a competitive system which is known as Seasons, an entirely new gameplay mode. Seasons encourage you to roll a new hero and race against others to complete new challenges, acquire new and exclusive loot, and experience once more the feeling of starting fresh.

Though Diablo III developers haven’t officially announced how long the Seasons will be, but that information will be released when the Season opens. “We want to make sure we give people enough time to build up their character, but not too much time; we want it to be competitive” Said Kevin Martens, the lead content designer in a recent Korean interview.

Elemental Damage changes in Diablo III patch 2.1.

As the big “hidden” damage component in Diablo III, Elemental Damage boosts your damage, but only via skills that deal the type of elemental damage while some other types are very underrepresented, especially for some classes. Hopefully, Elemental damage changes in Diablo III patch 2.1:

1. Starting in patch 2.1, to Crusader class, +% Cold Damage from the pool of affixes for Smart Loot for the Crusader class will be removed, but the affix will still roll on non-Smart Loot drops.
2. +% poison Damage will be removed from the Smart Loot for the Demon Hunter.

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Diablo 3 RoS PTR Changes: Urshi upgrades,pagagon level, items , a new Seasonal Legendary Item and Monks!

we draw even nearer (but with no end in sight) towards Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.1 going Live, the PTR has undergone some major changes once again.

It’s clear that the Blizzard devs are trying to change the game and keep engaging the players. No doubt, their player base must have reduced in size after the initial release of Reaper of Souls, but now they understand that they need to change the endgame to retain their following.

As the PTR is still min full swing, Blizzard just implemented these major changes (With a lot more coming up, according to teases and rumors):

Urshi, the Legendary Gem artisan, no longer appears when you fail a Greater Rift, but at the end of each Greater Rift you finish. You can choose to upgrade your Gem there or go on to the next Rift level.
When the 15 minute mark hits on Greater Rifts, the Rift boss will spawn immediately.
Legendary Gems can now be upgraded by 4 ranks at a time if you try to upgrade them in higher level Greater Rifts.
Legendary Gem rank upgrades have been reduced but the scale has been expanded.
You can now only get the 2nd affix for the Legendary Gem when it hits 200.
Two-handed weapon damage has been buffed up to 30%. All the damage on these weapons have been raised from their previous buff of up to 26%.
Two-handed Item levels from 10-70 in Patch 2.1 have been buffed to expand all the weapons for all player levels.

While these are the current changes, Blizzard devs have leaked major changes for Monks (insert tears of joy and exultations to Ivgorod here). These include:

Increased Spirit generation and Primary Skill damage.
Increase in Attack Speed (but these won’t show up on the tooltip).
Mantra of Evasion is out, Mantra of Salvation is in and shall Monks and their allies additional 20% All Resist.
A new rune for dodge which is named Agility.
Seasonal Legendary Item for Monk has been changed on the PTR which increases Sweeping Winds stack by 5-7 swirls.

Please excuse me as I offer sacrfices in thanks to Ivgorod.

The large number of changes in the PTR can be an indication that Patch 2.1 might even be further away than we thought since they do have to tweak for balance and efficaciousness of the changes. Still, knowing that there are so many new things to look forward to in Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.1 ensures Sanctuary’s popularity in the long run.

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Diablo 3 RoS: How hard are the Greater Rifts and diablo 3 items anyway?

While some players on the PTR are extolling the great challenge Greater Rifts have, others are skeptic about this new Diablo 3 RoS game mechanic. A lot of Hardcore players have been complaining that the only way they usually lose characters is through load lag and other non-monster related reasons. If you ask me, there’s nothing worse than losing level 70 characters to a delayed loading page.

This is perhaps the biggest reason why most Hardcore players are really waiting for Greater Rifts. These dungeons are technically infinite as long as you can beat the timer and don’t die. If you’re lucky and the PTR doesn’t bug on you, you get dungeon after dungeon of monsters, elites and RGs that have higher HP than the last. At some point, you’re going to be overwhelmed. I like to think of Hardcore players as the Spartans of Diablo 3 RoS and Greater Rifts could be their Hot Gates. If only they all had the same abs and red underwear as Michael Fassbender, I’d be a Hardcore player before you can say ”Xerxes”.

So how difficult are the Greater Rifts? I would say these dungeons are only as difficult as your play skill and gear. I’ve met players who think Torment 1 is a nightmare while others breeze through Torment 4. It all depends on your gear and how good you are in Diablo 3 RoS.

But for your reference, here’s what the fans and theorycrafters over at Diablo Incgamers think the Rifts are keyed to:
· Greater Rift Level 1 = Normal

Greater Rift Level 3 = Hard
Greater Rift Level 4 = Expert
Greater Rift Level 6 = Master
Greater Rift Level 8 = Torment 1
Greater Rift Level 11 = Torment 2
Greater Rift Level 15 = Torment 3
Greater Rift Level 18 = Torment 4
Greater Rift Level 21 = Torment 5
Greater Rift Level 25 = Torment 6
So when you think about it, you’re actually demoting yourself to Normal if you entered a normal Nephalem Rift on Torment 6. You’ll have to reach the 25th Greater Rift before it starts to feel like the game is actually trying to kill you again. For some players, this is good news since their gear isn’t ready for the last 3 Torment levels. For other players, it can be a bit frustrating as the challenge has to be earned.

But I think the real life of a Hardcore player, is looking for that challenge that gives him the chance for a beautiful death. They don’t mind losing their level 70 character as long as it’s to a boss or mob that really can kill them. Or I’ve just been watching the 300 again.

It’s good to note that the Legendary monk INVIS has made it to Rift level 100 using a combo of gear designed to scale with the monster HP.

Blizzard developers have mentioned, though, that they’re still fixing the difficulty setting on the Greater Rifts and what I’ve posted here may not be the final difficulty setting on these dungeons.

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Diablo 3: How to get diablo paragon level in the Fastest Way Possible

arming for Legendaries has no doubt become much easier in Diablo 3 thanks to the Bounty system and input from all the theorycrafting fans all over the world.

Just after the anniversary drop rate increase, Blizzard decided that they’d keep the current rate, much to everyone’s delight.

Still, there are better ways to farm the items you need. If you’re looking for a Ring of Royal Grandeur, the only way to get it is through a Torment 1 box from Tyrael. The awesome tank and heals shield Salvation only drops from Act 5 caches. So how do you get the ring, the shield and any other Cache-only drop as quickly as possible? Here’s how:

1. Play with a party. Most of the time, all the players want the Ring of Royal Grandeur so it’s best to go through the Bounties in Act 1 with a team.

2. Split farm with your party. Split farming is done through each member of your team finishing bounties at the same time. Make sure that you can farm the bounties in roughly the same amount of time. An example would be while one member finishes the Fields of Misery, another player kills off Leoric while the other kills the Butcher, which are all bounties in Act 1.

3. Don’t open any chests (unless it’s part of the quest), look at bodies or destroy jars, bookshelves and other possible sources of loot. This technique follows a little-known and never-confirmed rule in the theorycrafter fanbase. The Junger rule states that Diablo 3 has a pity timer for characters who don’t get Unique drops. The chances to get a drop go higher and higher until you do get a Legendary item at which point the pity timer resets. We’re gunning for a Unique drop in a cache so it’s best to farm a lot of boxes and open them all at once while avoiding all the chests and possible loot sources.

4. Avoid or run from mobs that aren’t part of the Bounty. On the Diablo 3 higher-Torment levels, the monster density can get pretty brutal. If you can, avoid them at all costs and get to the cave or the boss battle as fast as you can.Some players have reported getting 5-7 Rings of Royal Grandeur in Diablo 3 from this method. Try it out and give me some feedback on how it’s going for you! Keep in mind thatthese are just the suggestions of hardcore theorycrafters so you need to keep at it for a while before you may get results.

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Farming Tips for geting more diablo 3 items

The most common endgame scenario for Diablo 3 is usually farming for legendary items, set items and materials that you need to get the kind of gear you want.

For players who have all day to run around Rifts and Bounties, they can simply play to their hearts’ content. But for players who have limited time to play, they need to optimize their gameplay the best they can so they get a good haul after a few hours’ run.

So how do you farm for Legendaries and Set Items in the most optimized way? I’d like to think that it’s a matter of considering the following:

Not dying. When you die, you lose time since you have to respawn and repair your items. Failing an elite fight on a bounty or a Rift guardian is not only a hassle, it’s a mistake.
Number of kills over a period of time. You get items from monsters. Even if it isn’t a unique or set item, you get your crafting materials from the white, yellow and blue items they drop.
Maximizing your time in-game. When you’re farming, your efforts have to be focused on the task. Walking, dead zones in the map and catching up with your team are going to take time away from killing monsters and farming items. Walking speed is actually very important.
Luck. There are some extremely bountiful runs and runs that just suck, no matter how you optimize.
Party members. How well your team works with the difficulty setting and monster density is crucial to keeping your kill rate at maximum.

So how do you take all of these into consideration to create an optimized run for farming? First, make sure your DPS is good. Here are some Diablo 3 farming tips:

It’s not about Magic Find, it’s about Speed. Relying on chance to get you your items isn’t going to help. You need to kill the most mobs and elites as fast as you can without dying. You need to kill the most monsters and elites in the shortest amount of time.
Prioritize movement speed after DPS. Even if you’re the tank, you need to contribute to party damage even at the expense of more potions, heals and resource management. After that, make sure you move as fast as you can. The faster you walk or run, the sooner you get to the enemies.
Have good AoE. Area of effect skills kill more monsters in less time, so if you’re in a DPS role or something close to that, spam the AoE.
Teleport when you can. It’s much faster to when you teleport to your team when you’re done with your business in town. If you get separated in a Rift or Bounty, it’s better to teleport to where more monsters are than to run to your friends.
If you’re dying too often then you’re doing something wrong. If your party wipes or you die too often, change your build or lower the difficulty. Your death and repairs are slowing your farming down.


Diablo 3 is still changing thanks to hotfixes and patches so it’s best to be updated on the new things being implemented. It’s important that your Diablo 3 farming is optimized so your precious game time isn’t wasted.

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Design A Legendary 5: Choose Your Name in Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.0.5

Do you want to participate in this project and identify the item with your favorite name? The following information will give you tips.
As the legendary need be available with the release of Reaper of Souls without anything wrong, the name of this Mephisto-themed, one-handed sword to be chosen plays an essential role. And the Diablo work team chose five which fit the tone and theme of the weapon. Those five player-submitted names are:
1. Spine of the Father
2. Rancor
3. Shard of Hate
4. Malevolence
5. Sankekur’s Sorrow

Gold costs will be reduced

The cost of crafting the most powerful gems is high enough, but there is also an ongoing cost to using them, when it comes time to unsocket a gem. The cost of unsocketing Flawless Imperial, Royal, and Flawless Royal gems will all be reduced in an upcoming patch.

Vote Kick Restrictions Removed

The Vote Kick system is there to allow the players in a group to remove another player who is not participating. It has been fairly restricted so far, and some of those restrictions are being lifted in the upcoming patch.

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Diablo 3 log in problems has Solved with Diablo account

Have you met with some problems with logging in your Diablo account? There are so many players complained that they couldn’t do anything for about 10 seconds while logging in, then resume normally. To make all players enjoy themselves in Diablo, the Diablo work team tried their best to solve these issues.

Well, the log in issue has been addressed for both EU and US, and is now resolved. This issue resulted in widespread latency and general login issues across both North America and Europe. They are still working to resolve this service interruption for both gameplay regions and will be sure to provide an update as soon as they can.

Explanations of the problem are not yet forthcoming, which leaves open space for conspiracy theorists who — like Rush Limbaugh asserting everything is related to a Benghazi coverup — can insert wild tales about why Blizzard would want to block their customers from accessing their own product. I don’t mind though, since such posts make forum scrolling a bit more amusing.

Now, the Diablo work team provides some solutions when you encounter same problem.

1. Launch Diablo 3 and connect to
2. Create a game.
3. Alt+tab out of the game and open a command prompt.
4. Run the netstat command and wait for the command to finish running.
5. In the list of connections there should either be a 199.108.32-35.x :1119 or 12.130.245-247.x :1119.
6. Please copy down the IP address listed above.
7. Run a pathping to the IP address.
8. Copy and paste the results into an email and send to attn: Omrakos.

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New Features For The PS4 Edition with d3 gold

Diablo work team has launched the PlayStation 4 on Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition. It brought new changes to the game.
Here are some features on the PS4

1. Apprentice Mode allows two characters at different levels to level up easily with each other. Using a side-kick type of system, the lower level character is temporarily boosted up to the higher level for that play session.
2. Player Mail will be available, to let players send items to an ingame mailbox of other players on their friends list.
3. When a Legendary drops for a player, there is a chance for an extra Player Gift to drop, specifically for someone on the friends list. It can be opened by any character on the friend’s account, and the item will roll a Rare or Legendary appropriate to that character.
4. A fun feature is the Nemesis system, which was previously called Avenger Kills in the previous developer discussion at BlizzCon 2013.
5. Some parts of Diablo III haven’t had a big impact so far, and are being boosted for this edition to give the game a more “arcadey” feel.
6. One of the areas that was a little tedious on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions of Diablo III was dealing with loot in a local multiplayer game, where only one person could have their inventory open at once.
7. The PS4 edition is being tuned specifically for the console. It will include all of the Reaper of Souls Expansion features, as well as the base game content and recent patches. This includes the Crusader class, Acts 1-5, Adventure Mode, and all the other expansion content.

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New Patch 2.0.4 come with cheap diablo 3 legendary items

Reaper of Souls has been released for days, and players have experienced for these days, they found various problems in this game, the Diablo work team have noticed this. To make all players enjoy better game life, the Diablo work team decide to launch a new patch for the game, patch 2.0.4 will come soon, the new patch will get some issues solved.
The three sections in the guide with Diablo III PC / Mac patch

1. Next Minor PC Patch: Patch 2.0.4 – Details on the bug fixes and changes expected in the next small patch, which will likely be called patch 2.0.4. With the scheduled server maintenance for tomorrow, this patch will ikely arrive then, unless there are issues that keep it from going live.

2. Future PC Patch Updates – There are many issues and bug fixes being worked on or investigated by Blizzard’s QA team, that will likely be fixed in an upcoming patch. The issues that haven’t been specifically detailed as being fixed in the next patch are listed here, although many of them will probably also be taken care of in patch 2.0.4.

3. Next Major PC Content Patch: Patch 2.1.0 – The first major content patch in the expansion is Patch 2.1. It will bring some fun new content, including Seasons with ladders and the new competitive Tiered Rifts, and more. The major upcoming features that have been announced for patch 2.1, or are likely to be added with that patch, are all listed.

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share ROS Fan Art Semi-finals in diablo 3 CDK store

On March 19, 2014, Blizzard has revealed the list of 25 semi-finalists of Reaper of Souls Fan Art contest.

Twenty-five semi-finalists
Over the last month, there are plenty of artisans from all over the world to participate in this art contest. They welcome the coming of Reaper of Souls by their heartfelt and amazing work. Their works vividly they illustrate the grandeur that the main heroes fight against the Angel of Death.
Moreover, Blizzard will reward the winners over $11,000 worth of prize and a two-night trip to Blizzard HQ in Irvine. So far, over 3,600 pieces of artworks have been submitted. Players who still never submit any artwork should notice that the contest ended last week.
Until March 19, deviantART staff has selected the top 25 artworks to be displayed. And the top three grand-prize artworks will come from the twenty-five ones. Besides, Blizzard has promised that they will announce the three grand-prize winners in the next few weeks.
Your opinions about the artworks
Upon being displayed on the website, these works receive high praises from players. Even the words of amazing, astounding, and gorgeous become their exclusive description. What would you want to say for the appearance of these main heroes? Which artwork is your favorite? For these works, which part needs to be improved? Even what is your expectation for your favorite Diablo 3 heroes?

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