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Devilian’s combat makes it a totally competent action-RPG/MMO. Combat hits the sweet spot and while the enemies aren’t terribly bright or memorable, the process of fighting them is fun and addictive, if a little too easy. The interface is clear and the systems are well designed. It’s possible to have several hours of fun with Devilian until you realize that not much is going to change for the better, worse, or more interesting. What’s most missing is a sense of urgency, drama, emotion, or reality, even just the slightest indication that you actually matter in the world. No matter how much you feel like a badass for killing that group of undead soldiers with a single blow, the moment is fleeting as you’re pushed aside by the next, identical looking avatar, killing those same undead soldiers with the same spell or weapon. This is not a new problem in MMOs, but it’s surprising that sixteen years after the appearance of Everquest, developers aren’t more interested in solving it.

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Devilian is a fast-paced, action-packed MMOARPG where you play as a Devilian — a half-devil hero on a quest to protect Nala from the all-consuming evil corrupting the world. Battle alongside thousands of other players as you hack, slash, burn, and blast your way through a vast persistent world.

Unite with fellow Devilians to defeat monstrous creatures in challenging dungeons, fight for supremacy in massive PvP arenas or open world Guild vs Guild combat, or compete for fame and fortune by climbing to the top of the Abyssal Tower leaderboards.

Choose from four classes with their own unique skills and playstyles. Unleash the power of a true devil with each class’ Awakening, increasing their strength and giving them access to devastating special abilities.

In Devilian, it’s good to be bad.

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