What Weapons in Runescape Are Good For Maximum Combat Stats?

Combat Stats are bonuses found in the Worn Equipment section of the interface which are determined by the equipment a player is wearing. Equipment bonuses are highly important to certain aspects of RuneScape such as player killing in Wilderness and fighting in the Duel Arena. However, in your opinion, what weapons in runescape are good for maximum combat stats? There are some advices from some players, will you agree?

Chaotic clawsChaotic_claw_detail

The chaotic claw is a dragon claw enhanced with 5 chaotic spikes. It requires 80 Attack to wield like all other chaotic weapons. After approximately 10 hours of combat, the chaotic claw will run out of charges and will require recharging by the rewards trader at Daemonheim.
Unlike other chaotic weapons, the chaotic claw starts at 100% charge. A fully charged Dungeoneering claw will last for 10 hours of combined combat. The timer will run out more quickly if multiple foes are attacking you at once. Once the charge has been used up, the claw can be recharged, for a fee by the rewards trader.

Crystal bowCrystal_bow_detail

A crystal bow is created when an elf sings to a crystal seed and enchants it into a bow. The most prominent elf with this talent is Ilfeen, who will perform this service for players for a price.
One crystal bow will last for 2 hours and 5 minutes of continuous shooting. Players who plan to use crystal bows on extended trips may wish to bring more than one bow. As crystal seeds are tradeable, players can buy them from other players or the Grand Exchange and pay Ilfeen to re-enchant them into crystal bows.

Staff of light20121124000334!Staff_of_light_detail

The staff of light is a two-handed staff that requires 75 Magic to wield. It is obtained as a unique drop from ice strykewyrms, which require 93 Slayer to kill.
The Staff of light is commonly accepted as the best trade-able weapon to use for magic. Not only does it have high magical damage and magical accuracy bonuses it has a 1/8 chance to save all runes when casting a combat spell. Besides, the Staff of light is cheaper, and no repair cost.

Combat bonuses are split into three categories: Defensive Stats, Offensive Stats, and Hit and Block Chance. You may need to consider your choice based on those three categories. So what’s your opinion?