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Items Needed:5-10 coins, Spade, Garlic (you can find some on a table in Seers’ Village), and a regular Fishing rod (can be bought from any fishing shop).

1 Quest Dwarves at the entrances to the tunnel that goes under White Wolf Mountain.

2 Head west to the northern edge of McGrubor’s woods, north of Hemenster, where you will find a loose railing. Find a red vine and use your spade on it, or click the “Check Vine” option. You should get a red worm. Get 2-3 worms and then exit the woods and head southwest to Hemenster, north of the Fishing Guild.

Note: Once inside, beware of level 44 Guard Dogs, as they will attack you if you get too close.

3 Go to Hemenster.Try to enter the gate to Hemenster and a man will say that you will need the Competition Pass, show him your pass and he will let you in.

4 Talk to Bonzo and tell him you want to start the competition, pay 5 gp and he will tell you that your fishing spot is beside the willow tree.

5 Put the garlic into the pipes on the south wall of the north building by the Sinister Stranger. The Sinister Stranger will complain about a horrible smell and you will change places with him.

6 Fish at the spot by the pipes using the red vine worms. You will catch a unique type of fish that you can’t catch normally, and that will be the prize winning fish.

7 Return to the dwarf on either side of White Wolf Mountain and he will reward you.

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The Grotesque Guardians are a pair of gargoyles found on the Slayer Tower’s rooftop. The Guardian of Dusk, a monument to service and fortitude who keeps watch to the west.The Guardian of Dawn, an effigy of grace and rebirth who keeps watch to the east.You can learn this OSRS Grotesque Guardians Guide and buy Cheap RS 07 Gold for your combat equipment.

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OSRS Grotesque Guardians Guide

You will need 75 slayer to get access to the grotesque guardians. Your slayer master will give you a task to kill gargoyles you can opt to take on the fearsome grotesques instead. You should Obtain a key and unlocked the roof.

The fighting of Grotesque Guardians
players must bring a rock hammer or granite hammer to finish them off.Granite Hammer,Black Tourmaline Core,Guardian Boots,Granite Dust and Granite Cannon Balls,Granite Ring,Granite Gloves. During the battle you will face two personal attacks The Guardian of Dusk and The Guardian of Dawn. If you die during the fight, lost items will be placed in a magical chest near the roof entrance. Before players can reclaim their items, they must pay 50,000 coins. So you need to take some OSRS Gold for this fighting .

The granite ring offers low defensive bonuses across the board, with the exception of a modest ranged defence which comes at the expense of magic defence. It requires level 50 Defence and level 50 Strength to equip. The ring can be imbued in the Nightmare Zone for 500,000 points and as a result will see its stats doubled.

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We’d like to offer a new type of gloves/vambraces, exclusively dropped by Revenants found within the Revenant Caves that are aimed towards ranged combat. These gloves/vambraces would offer a slightly higher ranged attack bonus than the Barrows gloves alongside a small Ranged strength bonus at the cost of defence stats and melee strength.

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Important Information

Your free membership and cosmetic will be credited to your account on Monday 17th October.

There are two variants of the cosmetic armour override:

One for Ironmen with the Ironman logo on the pauldron.

One for Hardcore Ironmen with the Ironman logo on the pauldron and a red skull emblazoned on the helmet.

Be warned – if you quit either Ironman or Hardcore Ironman mode (including dying in the latter) you will lose the cosmetic armour override from your account.

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The beta will begin in the coming weeks. If you are accepted, you will be notified via the RuneScape message centre. Participants are free to share their experience within the beta through videos, live streams and screenshots.

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If you wish to participate in the Last Man Standing beta, please apply here: application form.
Mods Archie, Ash, Ed, Ghost, Ian, Jed, John C, Kieren, Mat K, Maz, Ronan, Roq, Weath, West

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Easier key information examination

Old School team add examine options to 95 keys in Old School Runescape which have describing their purpose. Old School players now are able to simply examine a key to solve the mystery of where it is used instead of playing a guessing game to try and find out which key is for what. The key update is mint, that would’ve been so tedious to examine your keys. If you need RS gold in game, you can also buy 2007 RS gold RSorder easily on RSorder.

Piscatoris Nets received a buff

In addition to the key examine information, the nets in Piscatoris which can be searched for seaweed also have received a buff. The seaweed rate before this update was every 15 – 21 seconds and now it takes 3 seconds for the seaweed to respawn in these nets. Sounds great? In order to make sure you can make the most of the update, it is very necessary for you to gather enough RS 2007 gold to enhance your character. RSorder always can be the best choice for you.

All the Vet’ion lures will be patched soon

Just as you can see, Vet’ion actually has some pretty nice mechanics now in game (multisquare lightning, dodge-able but high-hitting earthquake). However, the length of the kill is really annoying, and perhaps to a lesser degree luring the dogs away from Vet’ion, not combat with the boss itself. Old School team will look at a Vet’ion rework in the future. Vet’ion isn’t a nice boss to kill and the fact that you had to use this trick to even stand a chance is a pretty big indicator of that.

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Jagex has today announced that the closed beta phase of the recently announced action title block N Load is started. Jagex is well known for the successful role-playing game Runescape.

Block N Load, the recently announced online multiplayer action game from Jagex, now the closed beta phase has been reached. The developed for the PC game, which will be released on Steam start of 2015 has undergone a number of updates and improvements and is according to the developers now ready to be presented to a limited public.

“Since we announced the game a few weeks ago, there was great interest in Block N Load. Therefore, we are pleased to confirm now that we have reached the milestone of closed beta, “said David Solari, Vice-President of block N Load. “We will be distributing a large amount of code directly and through our partners. We are looking forward to the feedback from the players when they get to know our crazy heroes, like Doctor Eliza, Cogwheel, Sarge and the other block heads. ”

At block N Load is an online multiplayer shooter in which according to the developers head is as important as accuracy. Block N Load combines first-person action with a strategic building, where teams compete to build defensive and offensive positions before they storm through tunnels enemy headquarters.

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