RS Orthen Dig Site Rewards: New Potion Recipes & More

RS Orthen Dig Site is coming to the game this month. Here you could learn osrs gold some basics and the rewards for this new dig site.
General information on RS Orthen Dig Site

The new RS Orthen dig site will be based on the island of Anachronia, and it will be released to fill the gaps between 90-120 Archaeology. The release date of this new dig site is Ocotober 19th. Level 90 Archaeology is required to get started in Orthen, and completion of Desperate Measures will help you out with some of the later areas.
Unlike other dig sites, Orthen is divided into several locations scattered around the island of Anachronia. Throughout the Orthen dig site, there will be 10 new excavation spots of varying levels, 22 new artefacts, and 5 new materials. In addition, there will also be eight mysteries to be exact.
New rewards for RS Orthen Dig Site

There will be 5 new potion recipes with the coming of RS Orthen Dig Site:
Holy Aggroverload
Summoning Renewal
Archaeology Potion
Powerburst of Opportunity
Spirit Attraction Potion
In addition, there will also be 2 Skilling off-hands:
Orthen Furnace Core
Artificer’s Measure

We will update our news if there is more information on RS Orthen Dig Site. Moreover, you could buy RS gold with high security from our site.

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The above image is taken last week’s newspost in which we explained the changes we’d like to make, as well as the reasoning for them.New items have also been added, with all three God variants of runescape gold 2007 the Max cape, and a very special limited edition homage to Easter in the form of a Rubber chicken. There are only 99 Rubber chickens up for grabs, so make sure you check back for their launch!

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In last week’s newspost we announced our intention to implement some changes to the Corp cave, and the God Wars Dungeon boss rooms. The changes are unpolled, because we believe they’re vital to prevent the targeted griefing of Ironmen, and also to prevent Ironmen abusing Special attacks performed by other accounts. We announced the changes before implementing them to ensure that your voices would be heard, and we could act on feedback we were provided with.

Initially we proposed that the change to the Corp cave be made for Ironmen of the combat level of 50 and over. There were concerns that this wouldn’t deter griefing because it’s too easily attainable and so wouldn’t resolve the issue. With this in mind we’ve opted to increase the combat level required to enter the cave. There were also concerns that by making this change we’d be setting a precedent of catering to Ironmen.

There was also a misconception that there would be two caves visible, which would detract the immersion of the game. This isn’t the case, as it’ll continue to appear as though there was only one cave, and you’ll enter the cave relevant to your account status and level. We do believe these changes are necessary to Ironman mode, both to ensure the enjoyment of Ironmen, but also to preserve the challenging nature of the gameplay by ensuring that interactions with other accounts can’t be misused.

When entering the cave, Ironmen with a combat level of 90 or higher will be taken to an Ironman-only cave. Ironmen below the combat level of 90 will be taken to the same cave as other regular players. This is to prevent low-level Ironman accounts being made solely for the purpose of griefing Ironmen in this new cave. It does mean that any Ironmen with a combat level of 90 or higher will no longer be able to enter the same cave as other regular players, however all other cave functionality (such as teleports) remains the same.

Should the Sanguinesti staff be a potential reward the final boss of the Theatre of Blood? The staff requires 75 Magic to wield and costs 3 Blood runes per cast. It is identical in stats the Trident of the swamp, but can hit 1 damage higher. It has the added effect of a 1/6 chance to heal you for 50% of the damage dealt when attacking an NPC. The Sanguinesti staff is tradeable and does not degrade.


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After last week’s Easter frolics, this week’s update brings the F2P PvP world, plus some bugfixes and under-the-hood maintenance while we gear up for Up to 9% off runescape 2007 gold the oncoming iOS mobile beta, more Theatre of Blood development, the game integrity changes we pitched, and your requests Poll 58.

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The size of the Slayer helmet has been reduced on female characters to better match their usual proportions.A typo has been fixed in Cap’n Hand’s dialogue.A typo has been fixed in Rashiliyia’s tomb.I don’t see how that can’t be justified in some cases. I did this to get by, as I saw it as an one time befalling to reside a ages area I don’t accept to attempt hard.I accept it’s actual amiss and adjoin the agreement of conditions, but in my bearings I had appealing abundant no added choice.

Forthcoming Changes

Under the hood in this update, we’ve got some engine changes in preparation for the iOS mobile beta that’s due next week, based on the learnings the last beta round. Have a read of the recent mobile blog to see what the team’s been working on. In the forthcoming beta, we’d like to try out the improved mobile handling of the bank and shops, among other things.

Watch out for invitations in your inbox on our site Tuesday 10th April. Remember, even if you get an ‘invitation’ email claiming to be us, or a pop-up on Facebook, but there’s no invitation in your inbox on our site, that means it’s a fake. Please be careful what you click on the internet – especially links in unexpected emails!

We regret we’re not seeking more volunteeers to test this beta.

We’ve also spoken recently about a wide variety of changes we’re planning for the game, including game integrity work to help Support keep on top of cheats & bots, and also a proposal for redesigning Old School’s death mechanics. We’ve had an abundance of feedback about these, some positive and some negative, and are taking a bit longer to trawl through it before confirming our next steps. You can imagine it takes some time to review literally tens of thousands of responses to the death mechanics survey! To help guide our decision on that point, we’ve got some extra tracking code going into the game to help us see just how much people are dying, and .

Finally, our sysadmins are preparing some heavy maintenance to our network and hardware at the various hosting facilities. This is going to require them to take numerous worlds offline for several hours at a time, doing different hosting sites on different days, starting later in April.They’ll post their schedule in advance, as it’s confirmed, to help you plan your activities accordingly, and they’ll give ample countdowns before the worlds go offline for the day. Please keep an eye out for announcements on our site.

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The Ninja and Growth groups happen to be upon overdrive this particular month, generating enhancements which have effect.First, the toolbelt will get the transformation, getting all your unlocks on to just one, workable display screen. and lo, it is about using the new inclusion of the grappling connect.

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The Fight Academy continues to be introduced boom updated, and today shows Trend as opposed to the more complex Guide fight setting. It will have more new gamers knowing the fight program, which could just become a positive thing.

Tribal Trials

We have the smooth place for your job cards events, and Apr provides the cheeky ‘Tiki’ one by means of Tribal Trials. Shamanistic difficulties and uncover Howie, the instead fantastic tribal dog.

Spring Fayre

and let’s remember which Gratitude to Guthix and also the Spring Fayre still tell you the month. In case you have frequented the Fayre, you will realize that it is often rebalanced with no lengthier needs any kind of access bridal party to relish the fantastic actions. Anybody for any place of Hook-a-duck?

Invention Batch 2

Invention Batch 2 is here, along with this, a few excitedly anticipated improvements and changes to the most youthful ability.

Completely new to Creation, these types of may be used to automate an array of duties gradually with time, while if you’re off-line. All you have to to perform is maintain your power generator capped plan bright cost.

In addition, you may your personal class to tinker aside in, that you can get in the new space in the back of the Creation Guild. This elaborate in the menus:

1. The Alchemiser

2. The Auto Disassembler

3. The Plank Maker

4. The Partial Potion Producer

5. The Automatic Hide Tanner

6. Salivating over your keyboard

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This week, Runescape released more outstanding QoL monthly updates from PvP Week. In addition, there are other aspects that will change in the next week. Now let’s take a look at the details!We’d like to trial the world restriction schedule next week, so as with any changes like these, your feedback is very much welcomed and appreciated.

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For many Ironman players, a common frustration is in the God Wars Dungeond. They tend to spend more time on 40 killing counts to enter the boss’s room, only to find that they are starting a killing that has been left by previous players. This means that they are high and dry, having to waste time re-banking and getting more kill counts, or wasting time killing a boss who won’t get loot.

Because of this, Runescape is making some minor adjustments to the owners of the God Wars Dungeond so that they will reset when the room becomes empty. This means that after a few seconds without any player in the room, if the boss has already suffered some damage, it will reset and regenerate at the usual rate of rebirth.

Upon completing the Chambers of Xeric, loot notifications are now able to support longer messages, so they can now describe a triple loot – if you’re lucky enough to get that at least.Using the Tip jar in a player owned house now once again lets the owner know how much was tipped.

Previously, players with Friends and Ignore lists longer than 200 entries could not use the Sorting buttons on the side-panels. While the Clan Setup screen did allow sorting, it would freeze your client while doing so.All the lists can now be sorted regardless of how long they are, and without causing your client to freeze like that.

An additional sorting option has been added, allowing you to sort the Friends and Clan lists according to when the player last changed worlds. The old Legacy sort options took this into account, so we’ve now given it an extra Sorting button of its own.Any damage received during the Lunar Isle cutscene is now cleared when the cutscene ends.

The PJ timer used on PvP worlds has now been applied to Bounty Hunter worlds.Fake XP drops will now appear for Ironmen when attacking other players. We’ve also made the fake XP drops respect the ‘Grouping’ toggle the XP drop setup menu, which they previously didn’t do.

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As we have briefly revealed yesterday, to help your decision making the Old School team has launched some Tournament worlds, in which you can test the rewards to be polled for the Theatre of Blood. Today we will share future details about the test and you can also buy cheap runescape 2007 gold from us.
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Right now you can login to a tournament world to test these rewards from Raids 2,I’m ambrosial afflicted with the abyssal fishing amend so far, and affluence of humans were there on the belvedere with me, either adequate the accidental contest OSRS gold for those fishing bonuses or just audibly fishing sailfish and dejected blab jellyfish.: Theatre of Blood which will be polled later, including:

Justiciar armour (Justiciar faceguard, Justiciar chestguard, & Justiciar leg guards)

Ghrazi rapier
Infernal defender
Sanguinesti staff
Scythe of vitur
Vampyrium vambraces
Please note that the proposed rewards for Raids 2 have been added to the Tournament Supplies chests on Tournament worlds and currently are placeholder in a fetching bubblegum pink. Moreover, those which pass the poll will be changed into unique assets.The 3 chaw heals from the dejected version, makes the angle absolutely valuable, and not too baffled either because whilst it heals 3000 overall, you still charge to yield 3 bites.

How can you test the rewards?

For the beta is planned to test the rewards against various scenarios, it’s the first time that you are allowed complete access to the Tournament world rather than previous openings where you were mostly confined to the Clan Wards area. You can right-click Assignment from a Slayer master to get a slayer task. Plus you can get another task free of charge by right-clicking Assignment again.

What is more, for convenience there are magic tablets and teleport scrolls added to the supplies table, and ecumenical keys to instantly access God Wars Dungeon bosses.After logging in, your banks will be automatically full of an assortment of items. At the same time, you will have 100,000 slayer reward points, 2,147,483,647 Nightmare Zone points, as well as a player-owned house fully furnished with the highest level furniture for all rooms.Enjoy your game free,Have you joined in the Tournament worlds? If you need to buy Runescape 2007 Gold for Sale, please come and buy OSRS Gold cheap from Rsorder.

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The Old School team has launched some Tournament worlds,Now, we will share more latest details for carefully.The Livid now covers the acreage (and had deadened Pauline. that’s why she’s not floating) and the amateur has to do the “clean up”.The amateur has to dig up the awkward Livid and abode them in the boilerplate of the acreage (the amplitude in foreground of Pauline).

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The rewards in Tournament Worlds

In order to prepare of the Theatre of Blood OSRS,You can login to a tournament world to test these rewards ,That’s including:

1.Justiciar armour (Justiciar faceguard, Justiciar chestguard, & Justiciar leg guards)
2.Ghrazi rapier
3.Infernal defender
4.Sanguinesti staff
5.Scythe of vitur
6.Vampyrium vambraces

You can try rewards anywhere, instead of using the latest OSRS tournament global products limited to PvP,Please note that the proposed rewards for Raids 2 have been added to the Tournament Supplies chests on Tournament worlds and Currently they utilise placeholder models in a fetching bubblegum pink.Moreover,magic tablets and teleport scrolls were added to the supplies table and those which pass the poll will be changed into unique assets.

Quality of Life Month Updates Details

1.Tears of Guthix streams will now last a minimum of 9 seconds before moving.

2.You use the new Make-all interface.

3.The Dark core pet no longer has sounds attached to its animations.

4.The amount of XP you receive has been slightly reduced

5.You may now store Buckets, Compost, Super compost, Ultra compost, and Plant cure with Leprechauns with noted versions of the items.

6.Another data orb has been added beside the minimap

In the RuneScape world,you need to contact our 24/7 Live Chat to get your free 07 Rs Gold . More discount has prepared for you.Afresh they’ll accept to ablaze the blaze and bake the Livid.Due to all the combustible abstracts about (like seriously, aggregate is fabricated of wood), the amateur will accept to casting Humidify about to assure the farm. Already done, allocution to Pauline to accomplishment the quest.

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What a big surprise! A new quest involving Vampyres – A Taste of Hope OSRS is coming soon, as the 4th part of the Myreque questline. Let’s find out its release date and more other information with safe and cheap rs 2007 gold .Currently T90 aggrandized ability armour drops artlessly 1 of the affair that it’s fabricated out of, behindhand of accuse remaining, instead of an bulk proportional to the bulk of allegation left. This has allegedly bulk me able-bodied in to the hundreds of millions for no absolute reason. It could even bead the associated all-powerful allegation packs while you’re at it.

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It has been announced that a new quest A Taste of Hope is planned to come soon. It will involve in slaying some Vampyres and will be regarded as the 4th part of the Myreque quest series, following In Aid of the Myreque quest. And we will be able to see a dev blog about it in the next week or two.
Although this quest is being worked as part of the OSRS Raids II project, it is revealed that the quest will not be a requirement for the Raids II – Theatre of Blood. But don’t worry for there will be benefit to completing the quest. In addition, it will be released couple weeks prior to Theatre of Blood.

New weapon for A Taste of Hope

At the same time, we also learn that a new weapon will be added along with the quest. This weapon is designed based on the Ivandis Flail from 2008 – a two-handed melee weapon. As such it will function in a similar way. You can compare its image in the picture below with the Ivandis Flail’s and see their difference.

New Weapon for OSRS A Taste of Hope

Perks aswell accept a lot of bulk and while I do animosity an big-ticket advantage traveling to decay I accept that with scavenging 3 bringing in lots of chargeless apparatus and accepted acclimation it could be alarming to accomplish them accolade too abundant – so I’m in fact alright with these just accepting larboard as they are to abstain abuse. That said, augmentors and T90s raelly accept no such bend cases of abuse. It’s just PKers accident out on banknote for no absolute reason.Many players love to play quests for a variety of different gameplay tied up into one neat package.

On top of this, augmentors are now a tradeable annual yet aswell is not alone on afterlife if accident an aggrandized item. Yield for archetype my aggrandized ganodermic – the top/bottom are account ~1.7M while the augmentors are account ~1.2M, that’s almost bisected the bulk of the armour just lost. I’ve died abundant aback augmentors became tradeable that allegedly tens of millions in augmentors accept just been pissed away.Hope A Taste of Hope will be just what you expect. And soon you will learn further information while getting cheap OSRS Gold gold from us.

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QoL month is coming to an end, but don’t forget the most recent “QoL – Minigames & Other Suggestions” poll is still live in-game until Monday 26th February, so make sure you head to a poll booth and cast your vote! There’s lots of QoL coming with today’s update, but it doesn’t end there. We’ll continue delivering the outstanding updates from the previous week’s polls over the course of the next few weeks. We have lots of 2007 rs gold For Sale in stock.

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Players may no longer release black chinchompas while in combat. This also applies to Deadman Mode and overrides the existing functionality for Black chincompas where they appear to everyone when dropped.Auto-retaliation in PvP while under the effect of spells that disable movement is now more consistent. The message displayed during this time has been restricted as to not spam the chatbox as much.

Players who attempt to teleport to the same location quickly in PvP worlds will now be notified that there is a cooldown on using the same teleport spell again. Teleporting to one location then onto a second different location will not be impacted.The penalty for skipping a Bounty hunter target that is more than 5 Wilderness levels away has been drastically reduced. The current penalty is 30 minutes if the player skipped is within 5 Wilderness levels and 3 minutes if over 5 Wilderness levels.

A reset option has been added to box traps. If the trap has successfully caught a creature, it will collect & re-set the box trap. If the trap was unsuccessful, it will be picked up and placed down. The time taken is the same as harvesting and setting the trap manually.

Crystal saws now have charges deducted if, and only if, you needed their stat-boost in order to build the furniture you were making. This also applies when making flatpacks at a workbench.The interface for teleporting with Mushtrees on Fossil Island will now accept keyboard shortcuts.

The barge guard at the Digsite now has a quick-travel option to Fossil Island. Similar functionality has also been added to the row-boat to return to the Digsite. This can only be used after completing the Bone Voyage quest.When making jewellery at a furnace, left clicking the furnace will now bring up the jewellery interface relevant to the bar that is being carried. Should both Gold and Silver bars be in the inventory, the regular “smelt which bar?” selection interface will be displayed.

Compost bins that are ready to have compost collected from them now have a left click option of “Collect” which will start to fill empty buckets in the player’s inventory when selected.The spellbook icon now changes colour to represent which spellbook you are on at a glance. In order: Regular, Ancient, Lunar, Arceuus

Un-enchanted versions of Gold jewellery now have unique inventory models to help differentiate between them and their enchanted counterparts.Emptying the contents of the Gem bag into the inventory can now be done by holding down shift and left-clicking it.Emptying the contents of the Herb sack into the inventory can now be done by holding down shift and left-clicking it.

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Are you readu for RuneFest? you can own RuneFest Shield. This cosmetic shield offers no defensive stats, and is purely for fashionscape. If you always watch, you will have chance to redeem it by talking to Diango in Draynor Village. Don’t forget you can buy Runescape 2007 Gold cheap and fast on rsorder.

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RS Fans!Welcome to Join Rsorder 10th birthday Party for Up to 9% off OSRS gold / Runescape gold and More products with code AC18 During Mar.1-Mar.5!

The Winter Season will begin with the end of the Autumn Invitational.There will be some changes of Winter Season.

You can get 15x XP in combat and 10x XP in other skills Outside of safe zones ,get 10x XP in combat and 5x XP Within safe zones. You will get up XP at 500k per day.

POH Pools changes
This will counter clans using one player’s pool for infinite special attack.

Quest Completions changes
Desert Treasure will automatically be completed for all players.

Respawn Locations
The Winter Season giving all players the option to respawn at the Grand Exchange.

Deadman Bank Raiding Changes
When you die you only lose 80% of your stacked items in your bank, and this only applies to stacks of 5 or more.

There will be numbers of new Worlds will appear in the Worlds lis of Winter Season until the Season’s start.

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