The Removal of Blockades and Blocking in Archeage Caused Heated Discussion

One of the most important features of Archeage, blockades has been in the game since the launch of Archeage and given players much fun to earn money. However, it will no longer exist due to its negative impact in safe zone and the abuse of AFK blocking. As an amazing feature in the game, this decision from Trino, when resolves some problems, inevitably causes much dissatisfaction.


Archeage Blockades is prohibited for some negative impact


Originally, the ability to block a player to extort ArcheAge Gold or unleash a barrage of skills is a desirable feature in ArcheAge. However, when it brings players the feel of standing inside the fiction world, some problems are following: Players cannot free themselves from a blockade in the safe zones, making the game isn’t fun. Someone had even set up varying accounts with carts and leave them afk all day blocking the entrances to a zone, which made rider’s escape alone wasn’t able to bypass the blocking.
To solve this problem, Trino had ever thought of changing the policy and only allows it working in conflict zones. However, the function is difficult to fulfill as some zones can convert into peace, and the team may not reaction the blockades efficiently in time. As the final decision, the Blockades are not allowed to use anywhere via any means (vehicle, ships, avocados, or otherwise.). And players who violate this rule before Oct. 23 will receive a warning, and get temporary or permanent account bans if they do again after Oct.23.


Players complain that the Archeage Team made a hasty decision


With the changes on Blockades, players lose the fun to plant avocados in front of hauler to stop its movement, so that they complain that the officials made a hasty decision regardless of the whole community’s opinions. Though the poll that running on forums showed a trend that most players agree to remove blockades, people doubt that most of them may hadn’t even seen the vote because there are only about 1000 votes on the poll. So they appeal to the officials that do poll through the game, or linking it on glyph when they take a game-changing decision, rather than only do it on forum.
To response this query, the community manager, Trion Celestrata explained on the reddit that the fact many players have got into trouble with Blockades is the main reason to limit the function, and the poll is just one aspect. He said, “We did it because it literally came up again and again and again to us, and we witnessed many instances where users went above and beyond in their blocking behavior. The poll is one aspect of this, but this is not just about the poll. So many users continually reported this on almost every server that something had to be done.”

2015 ArcheAge Updates revealed

Trion Worlds producer Merv Lee Kwai today published a detailed article letting ArcheAge’s 2 million players know what they can expect to see coming to the game in 2015.

First of all, Trion is improving communication and transparency with players, pledging more from the ArcheAge team on forums, social channels and live streams — starting now.

Some of the key improvements being made include:

Trion will be slowly introducing alternative drop methods to the game to help combat inflation within the game’s economy.
Some of the most popular cosmetic and companion items will be made available through the loyalty system, in addition to supply crates. An example of this is the highly anticipated Sloth glider.

The team will be adding new mechanics like a weekly ranking system for the PvP Arena and Fishing Tournaments.

To ensure that in-game rewards reflect the level of effort taken to obtain them, Trion is making it a priority to review top tier drops and rewards — better loot for harder work!

More bots and hackers kicked from the game create a better experience for all players.

Players now see the initial stages of the road to Diamond Shores, Secrets of Ayanad, which is populated with creatures and quests designed to support the level cap increase to 55.

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Methods to Make ArcheAge Gold with Labor Points System easily

Under the labor points system, earning ArcheAge gold can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Labor points work are much like health and mana in that they are constantly being used and replenished within normal gameplay, but have no immediate effect on the user’s ability to participate in combat and interact with other players. Labor points are instead required to complete several basic tasks, such as crafting, reaping harvests, or building houses and ships. The more difficult a task, the more points are spent and the more experience is gained. Labor points are recovered at different rates for premium and non-premium players, and non-premium players are only able to regain labor points when logged in to their ArcheAge account. Regardless, the bar will always be refilled with a little time and patience.
Labored Tasks for Earning ArcheAge Gold
While this may seem like a restrictive system for prospective gold farmers, one can theoretically build a money-making empire without having to worry about labor points.
By paying other users in ArcheAge gold to complete labor tasks for you, you will rise to the level cap in no time at all, making it considerably easier to make ArcheAge gold fast. While some may be hesitant to part with their precious ArcheAge gold initially, this method can pay off beautifully in the long run. You can rest while your workers happily accept their pay, and before long, you will have more gold than your account can carry, and all without you ever having to spend a single labor point.
Of course, not everyone knows enough ArcheAge players to be able to pull this off effectively, and not everyone has enough gold to pay a significant number of workers. Completing laborious tasks to earn ArcheAge gold is a reliable, but not entirely exciting process. Popular methods includes crafting and selling trade packs, building up farms, and creating special houses with beds.
Crafting a trade pack costs 60 labor points, as does trading it in to a NPC vendor. Trade packs can be filled with most items you’ll find in-game, and keeping a close eye on supply and demand in the in-game economy is the key to earning ArcheAge gold. By filling a pack with items and travelling to an area where these items are expensive and difficult to find, you can then sell the pack for a tidy profit. Be careful, though — trade packs are highly sought after in the world of ArcheAge and visibly encumber the player, making them a prime target for murderoues thieves.
Harvest ArcheAge gold in Farms and Housing
Creating your own virtual farm is as easy as buying a few seeds, but building a truly profitable farm will require a little more effort. Just as traders need to keep an eye on the world’s supply and demand, farmers must study the constantly fluctuating prices of their wares-to-be. The act of harvesting crops can cost varying amounts of labor points, so try not to overwork yourself.
Building a house can cost a signigicant amount of labor points, but the payoff is substantial. Many homes include beds, which can be slept in to regain labor points in seconds. It pays for itself!
Trade Your Earned ArcheAge Gold
Of course, you could always just buy the gold from online sellers. Sites such as host a number of buyers and sellers for the latest virtual currency from around the world, and registration is completely free. Simply clicking on a listing from a verified seller and purchasing it with real money will get you your ArcheAge gold in no time, and all without you ever having to lose precious labor points.

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Tips to Make ArcheAge Gold easy and fast!

In ArcheAge Online, earning gold is the basic to enjoy the game.Here are two simple ways to make ArcheAge gold fast.
Farm Crafts for ArcheAge Gold
Over a dozen new recipes have also been introduced. 14 recipes for the Brilliant Hasla Relics and Eternal Hasla Relics, the second and third Hasla weapon tiers, respectively, are now available for use at the cost of a varying amount of Gilda Dust, and a recipe for an Illustrious Storage Chest has been added to Regal Carpentry Workbench.
Players can now view and utilize designs for the vehicles the Apex Squall Car, Ezi’s Glider, the Moonshadow Glider, the Red Dragon Glider, and the Thunderbolt Glider at Mirage Isle. In addition, the flight properties of Ezi’s Glider, the Moonshadow Glider, the Thunderbolt Glider, the Red Dragon Glider, and the Feathered Dragon Glider have been balanced to match more closely with the Ultimate Glider. This means that all vehicles remain equal on the overworld in terms of stats, but retain their unique abilities between them. The four-slot Farm Wagon recipe now requires a two-slot Farm Cart summoning scroll for use, transforming the Farm Cart from an ordinary item into a more refined upgrade path.
Archeum Tree Saplings for ArcheAge Gold
Those wishing to stock up on valuable Archeum Tree Saplings will be happy to hear that their price has now been reduced from 1 ArcheAge gold to 10 copper among vendors.
Regarding the updated interface, bugs surrounding the in-game map and Regal Carpentry Workbench have since been addressed. Players can also report spam directly from within a chat from now on. The trade interface now includes a notification for players who change a locked trade into an unlocked trade. A three-second delay for when a player can choose to accept a locked or unlocked trade has been added to this new feature to prevent any possible mistakes.

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Treasure hunting underwater is one way to make ArcheAge gold. Compared with other MMORPGS, ArcheAge treasure hunting is funny and adventure. Cheap archeage gold with 8% discount code – ARCHEAGE8 is here

To hunt for Treasure in deep sea, you first need to make a necessary preparation:

1. You need a fast boat to sail to the sea spots where you will hunt for treasure. You can craft a boat or borrow one. It is recommended that you get the Clipper.

2.To hunt treasure underwater, you have to diving gears which help your character breath underwater. Generally, there is a set of Scuba gears on every boat, two in the Clipper and six on the galleon.
3.It is required to take 20~30 Recovery Pouches. You can craftPouches. One Pouch requires Recovery Kit *1 and 1 Leather *1, which will cost you 25 LP.

4. Buhuta’s Bubbles. It is recommended that you take 5~10 Buhuta’s Bubbles.

5. Flipper. It is optional to take Flippers with you. Flippers can increase 30% of swimming speed.

6. Diving set (optional).


The following map shows you some treasure spots where You can go to by boat.

As you see from the above map, treasure spots are scattered underwater. You need to diving and find treasure chests or valuable cargo in sunken ships. Please you pay attention to the underwater monsters.

If you look for a chest, it can not be opened underwater. You nee to lift it up to the surface. Then open it and get your loot. You can sell your loots for ArcheAge gold.

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A Spot for ArcheAge Auroria Armor Plate, Leather, Cloth and Jester’s Coinpurse Farming
Believe that many players still do not know what mobs drop the Plate, Leather, Cloth pieces and Jester’s Coinpurse in ArcheAge Auroria continent. Here, would share you a spot to farm armor and Jester’s Coinpurse in Auroria.
There are 67 NPC would drop these armor in Auroria, but it is very hard to get these Auroria armor, how to fast farm? Some players has farmed 500+ mobs and still did not saw any loot in Auroria. While I have killed over 1500 mobs and only seen 1 Auriora Piece drop, personal feel these drop rate is 1/1000, and also have a good luck. Due to at that drop rate the rarity for these items and RNG on item type makes the item set unattainable in the game. Another, if you get the wrong armor which you do not want, can sell it on the AH and get the piece that you really want. Below is the Auroria armor price in AH, too high.

About Jester’s Coinpurse farming, it is very weak drop rates for them in Auroria you know. Now there is a cool little spot to kill LV50 Abyssal Shard Slime NPC to get Coinpurse fast in Exeloch zone. Check this YouTube video recorded by GG Gaming player and farming Auroria armor at the same time.
Details of ArcheAge Life System-Specialty Trade
As we know that, a game is fun nature cannot leave the money trading, general game of running business is the fastest way to earn money, then the following to introduce the way to earn ArcheAge gold run business –Specialty Trade.

Specialty: when you clicked on O key options, and then you will find a trade point, you will find that there are different specialty areas. Specialty area is divided into: 1. the mainland Nooyi specialty, 2. Harry mainland specialty, 3. The Sea of silence. Every regional specialty, specialty is divided into: 1. The system in a specialty of trading platform built, 2. Aboriginal specialties, this will need to go buy a fantasy island meet drawings in the field of the corresponding map of court building.
Trade: the following is to explain the most common form of trade, before making a trade is generally look at first just trade that project, and what is the specialty of local can do, what kind of trade material, the interpretation on the double specialty as an example. Prepare materials: materials can be in the auction house to buy or make your own, before making to find trade platform where on the map, it opens at the M key maps to find. Found to make production, production is generally needed to 60 points; labor, of course, if a high proficiency later after labor will be reduced. Specialty production after completion of this specialty will be back to the players. Back, when the goods can’t carry gliding at the same time. After back goods, players will get a state. Goods below the maker’s name, the trade success, maker if it is not the player himself, earnings can only get 80%, 20% residual income for producer, of course, if all players’ labor, the income of ArcheAge gold natural is 100%. Products can also be on the ground, a way is C key specialty in the right-click on the above, or use the generic skills to lay down their tools.

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In Archeage course of the game, players will be randomly encounter special event – space rift. Prior to this players will receive a guided task, which requires players to be beheaded at the different stages of the monster cracks appear, complete the task, you can gain a huge honor points and experience rewards. Spatial rift is divided into three phases, the first well to kill the mobs. Cheap archeage gold with 8% discount code – ARCHEAGE8 is here

But from the beginning of the second phase of the monster began to greatly increase the difficulty, especially in the third phase of the 3-star elite strange, since Rift in a strange bunch are all centralized, touch a strange city blame its vicinity came to kill, so it requires Archeage players to kill groups. And experience in small series, the group can not even blame the group, only to Eagle Ranger or dragon blade operation guarding it will pull out of the fight one by one.

It must be mentioned in the ancient century set a very humane – team-wide invitation. Bottom row of buttons at the interface of social options, select a team, if the player is currently in state team you can click the button into the team, and you can use the range of the invitation. Nearby whether team captain will receive an invitation to join the team, if accepted may be incorporated in the regiment. Archeage players in the process of doing the task, skilled use of this feature can greatly enhance efficiency.
However, although many tasks, but the Archeage players can do the task according to personal preferences, as set featuring ancient century “section to complete the task” can be submitted. Daguai do not like, do not like to do the task of the player is simply the gospel – but it needs to be noted that, if only partially completed the task of submitting the case, a reward system will be reduced accordingly.

And like the players to do the task, you can choose over-done, get more lucrative rewards. This design is useful for the different personalities of the players; at this point it is consistent with Archeage sandbox game as a wide range of positioning.

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ArcheAge Healing Gears with cheapest ArcheAge gold for sale

ArcheAge Healing Gears and Healing Skills Choosing
If you want to make a healing class in ArcheAge, you must have a brief knowledge of healing gears and healing skills. In this article, I will show you a few tips and tricks about healing. Cheap archeage gold with 8% discount code – ARCHEAGE8 is here
First of all, what skills will contributes to your healing capability?
Regeneration: Heal targets every second. And the healing duration will last for 10 seconds. Your allies and you will benefit from the skill. The max range is 30 meters.
Antithesis: single target heal skill and need a short cooldown time. When matching with Conversion Shield, you can get instant cast skill. And the skill will become quite strong when you apply it on the target with Resurgence. Max range is 25 meters.
Mirror Light: Remove debuffs from your allies and you. You can also get perfect healing buff for your tank.
Mend: AOE skill, you and your allies will be healed in the radius – 20 meters. The skill fits for group battle in dungeons on the condition you will have enough mana.
Fervent Healing: You can cast this skill when you get to the target physically. You can cast only 5 times when the cooldown time is over. The max range is 30 meters.
Renewal: Renewal + Resurgence + Mirror Light will make you tank in the dungeons.
Other passive healing skills recommendation
Quick Recovery + Alms + Invigorated Healing + Defiance + Joyous Spirits + Hearten
Then how to choose armor to enhance your healing capability?

If you want the raw healing output, cloth gear will be much better than plate and leather cloth. The latter two cloths will more fit for the tanking characters in the game, because you can get much defense from the leather and plate cloth.
As for the weapon choosing, shield and club will fit for tankier. Greatclub will fit for the raw healing power. Besides, you can obtain 5% bonus from the two –handed weapons. As for the gear stat, you should follow the sequence: spirit>intelligence>stamina. And pay attention to your mana pool.

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ArcheAge Hallotide event has come with cheap Archeage gold

Amazing news, ArcheAge Hallotide event has come. Excited, beautiful colors, jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin balloons, party tables, tombstones and more special items have been shown. Check here to know more details of Hallowtide event in official news.

What’s time of Halloween-themed Festival
October 21 – November 4 (the conquest of Auroria begins)

Where to celebrate?
Austera and Ezna two major port cities of Erenor.

What’s archeage items you can get?
Consumables and Candies
Finish the Hallowtide Daily Quest to earn a Hallowtid Goodie Bag with a random selection of consumables and festival event candies, such as Greedy Goblin Gummies, Frankenflavor Jawbreakers, Marshmellow Sugar Pumpkins. The consumables/bag from the daily quest are bound to character. But many players felt that a chance to get something like Archeum or Thunder Struck trees, would be better than the 1 piece of 60min buff candy you get.

Cash Shop Items
You will also find some Hallowtide cosmetic items in Marketplace during Halloween. It is need cost your credits for these costumes items, Hat, Pet, Mount, House Decorations, Glider, Armor/Weapon Regrade Scrolls, specific Halloween chest or others? If you have not enough credits, can buy APEX and use it to obtain credits.

How to Earn ArcheAge Gold?
You should know this Hallowtide event is tantamount to marketplace farming event. Most of special Hallowtide themed need your credit in Marketplace, believe many players do not have enough credit or do not want to spend extra credit to buy them, but very much like to get them, So it is a good chance to earn gold now in AH or trading to players directly. Prepare 4-5 characters in your account for dailies quests to get cakes, candy or others. And buy costumes from marketplace or AH to sell/resell AH with your price. Good luck.

Personal very excited for Halloween holiday event, though this activity has not fully updated finished, hope more special items will be show, OK, there is a Russian ArcheAge Hallowtide Event guide you can know.

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