Info about Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2019

Just like clockwork, it’s that time of the year again in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. We’re talking Halloween! Whether it’s the Bloody Harvest in Borderlands 3 or some other spooktacular event, games are pulling out all the stops to give us a good scare. Enter the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2019 celebrations. Here’s what we know so far about this particular Halloween event and what we’re expecting.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the festivities from previous years, then you might be relieved to know that not much has changed. Here’s some basic information about the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost this year:

  • It’s going to run from October 29 to November 19
  • All players will be able to access the Festival of the Lost even if they don’t own Shadowkeep

With last year’s Halloween shenanigans, the game’s story heavily colored the general vibe of the Festival of the Lost so we can predict that the same thing will happen in 2019. Yes, we’ve made a million and one “Moon’s haunted” jokes ever since Destiny 2: Shadowkeep dropped, but continuing in that fine tradition wouldn’t be remiss at all considering everything.

We’ve seen some strange altars pop up recently that have been giving us lip – maybe those will finally be solved come Festival time? Whatever the overall direction, we can bet that there’s going to quests, bounties, and more from the Moon’s finest. It’s possible that we’ll also be able to get a second crack at the Haunted Forest, though this hasn’t yet been confirmed by Bungie. We don’t think we’ll have to wait much longer for an update on these things though, so we can likely expect more information from Bungie about how to kick off the spooky season.

OSRS: How to Talk in Clan Chat

OSRS Clan ChatClan chat is a communication tool in Old School Runescape. Using clan chat in OSRS players can chat with other players across multiple worlds in the game. Another feature allows players to use Friend Chat to talk with rs3 gold friends in the main game.

They are a fun way to talk to and meet other players on the OSRS server. They are also a great source for tips and tricks.

What follows are some tips on how to use clan chat in OSRS.
Finding a Clan Chat Channel

To find a clan chat channel in OSRS, find and click on the “join chat.” It should be noted the free-to-play players below 150 cannot access this feature.

Type and find the name of the player that is hosting the channel and the player will be able to chat with other members on that channel. Players can see what other players are using that chat channel and what worlds they are in. Players can communicate using public chat boxes.

Players can also see ranks of other players if they are on the host’s friends list. If the friends do not have a rank, they have a friends icon. A player does not have to be friends with the channel’s host to join a chat.
Sending Messages

Players can send messages using the prefix “/”. Players can write to their clan mates in the public chat feature.
Creating a Clan Chat Channel in OSRS

A player can create a chat using the “create chat” button. Chat owners can rank friends and moderate who can chat, enter, or remove people from the chat. The creator can also name the chat with a name up to 12 characters long.
Restricting Access to Clan Chat

Clan creators and moderators have the ability to restrict access to a clan chat. Moderators can choose to limit access to only their friends, recruit players, or allow anyone access to their chat. If players have certain players that they do not wish to join their clan chat, they can add that player to an Ignore User list. Moderators also have the option of disabling their chat or restricting “who can join” to “me”.

Moderators also have the ability to kick or ban a user from their chat. Any member with the rank of “corporal’ or higher may temporarily kick a player of lower rank out of the chat. That play must wait 60 minutes before they can re-enter the chat. All players may also choose to leave the chat simultaneously to empty and reset the chat.

Only 100 players may be in a chat at one time. A higher ranking member can bump a lower ranking member out of the chat, and they must wait for a spot to open to reenter. There is also a friends list cap of 400 people, and only 400 people may be banned at a single time.


Best Healers Rankings – Phase 1

Just like we did last time with the Best DPS Rankings, we will now briefly analyze the best healers of World of Warcraft Classic!

Thanks to the recordings of many fighting statistics from Molten Core and Onyxia, hundreds of guilds were able to bring their details into a big common database in order to obtain metrics about the Classes’ HPS, Heal per Second, during these raids.

Once again, we remind you that there is no better Healer because its stats are better than the others. We must take into account the unique skills provided by these Classes to their raiding groups.

There are also consumables such as foods, potions and elixirs, but also equipment optimizations and buffs through unique skills.
wow classic
The Metrics

The following Tiers represent the best HPS found in the Molten Core and Onyxia raids. (Source Warcraftlogs)

Remember this when you create a raid roster: it is composed of multiple groups. In these groups, you have to put classes that combo greatly between themselves thanks to their skills and talents. Doing this will optimize the raid DPS output!

Three examples:

A Shaman in a Horde Melee DPS group will greatly increase damage through the Windfury Totem;
A Feral Druid in a distance DPS group to increase the chances of critics through Leader of the Pack! The Druid can also restore mana through Innervate and Rebirth a raid member in battle to bring it back to life;
One Alliance Paladin per group will share Auras to improve overall stats

best healer wow classic
More details


The Paladins have the highest armour in-game with their plate gear. This usually allows them to be more durable than other Healers who may be less resilient, and therefore provide more heals to the raid over the duration of a fight as they will need less heals themselves.

Very flexible in their uses, it is often recommended to have several Paladins in a raid. They bring many zone buffs through their auras, and the Fire Resistance Aura plays a centre role during the Phase 1 of Classic, since Molten Core and Onyxia contain many Fire monsters and elementals.

Although they do not have the excellent Horde’s Shamans’ Windfury Totem, the Alliance’s Paladins stack each others with the many buffs they bring to their groups, maximized by their talents like the Improved Blessing of Might, the excellent Blessing of Kings, or the Improved Blessing of Wisdom.

Finally, the Paladins are Mana-savy! The fast Flash of Light spell coupled with the talent Illumination allows him to save a lot of Mana, and thus to heal more.


Our cloth bearers are among the most powerful healers in Azeroth. Priests don’t bring as many bonuses as their Paladins friends, but they compensate by a greater variety of protection & healing spells for Mono or AoE targets: Prayer of Healing, Renew over time, damage absorption Power Word: Shield, Greater Heal or even the Lightwell and the generous Power Infusion from the Discipline tree demonstrate their importance in a raid. This last talent requires some sacrifice in Sacred for a slightly more Discipline build. After all, the more DPS, the shorter the fight, and the less heals your raid will need.

Dwarves Priests are particularly valued for their Fear Ward talent, protecting a target from a Fear effect that could have ruined an encounter.

The Spiritual Guidance and Spiritual Healing talents are not to be missed if you want to maximize your heals without using more Mana.


Opposed to the Paladin, the Shamans excel at Area Healing (AoE) with the smart Chain Heal, but lack talents to save some Mana even with their weak Mana Tide Totem supporting distance DPS groups. Their healing power is slightly below those of Priests but Shamans have better buffs.

Often placed in Melee, their Windfury Totem are of the most importance to melee groups, especially for Warriors who can then multiply their monstrous damage.

Let’s not forget about the powerful Strength of Earth and Grace of Air totems, especially when improved by the Enhancing Totems talent.

Their Tremor Totem are countering the Fear effects, and are much more effective than the Dwarves’ Fear Ward talent.
And of course, especially in Phase 1 : the essential Fire Resistance Totem


Even at the bottom of the HPS Ranking, Druids are fantastic tools in raids!

They are also very flexible in their talents and you will often find hybrids “Restoration / Balance” with the talent Moonglow saving a lot of Mana, or hybrids “Restoration / Feral” for the talent Heart of the Wild increasing the total Intelligence and therefore the heals power. Specializing fully in Restoration allows you to unlock the Swiftmend talent, for a powerful heal.

So many great spells:

Faerie Fire is THE spell your raid constantly wants on bosses or during burst phases for the armour reduction this spell offers.
The Mark of the Wild is always welcome to reinforce the raid’s output.
Innervate is very demanded by the manavorous casters.
Rebirth can save individual mistakes or doomed pulls.
Remove Curse is essential to remove Lucifron’s Curse in a raid against the boss of the same name, at the expense of some Heal.
Thorns allows the tank to do some extra damage and therefore improve its Threat level.

Not to mention the different Druids forms, allowing them to adapt in the blink to every situations.Note that Flask of Distilled Wisdom are very good consumables for them.

Gearing Up Suggested for OSRS Mithril Dragon Killing

Mithril dragons are a nostalgiac, hardy dragon that most of us probably remember trying to kill as a kid. They were introduced along with cheap osrs gold the Ancient Cavern as an upgrade from Steel Dragons from years past and came with a shiny new Dragon Fullhelm as a drop.


Unfortunately, they’ve never really been easy or profitable to kill due to how inaccurate even maxed players will hit against them.


Since this dragon has an extremely high base defense with the only stab being a slight weak point, the idea is to get the best stab & strength set up to get in some his. This should either use the Dragon Hunter Lance or a Zamorakian Hasta, with the former having a 20% accuracy bonus against any dragon.


The armor should be made up of Bandos armor with a fighter hat (for accuracy) and Primordial Boots. A Dragonfire shield is a must-have for offensive stats, defensive stats and how it can ward off the dragon’s powerful breath. An extended anti-fire potion should still be used in combination.


An amulet of torture should be used in the necklace slot, although a fury would be suitable as well (having a stab bonus). Barrows Gloves, an imbued Treasonous Ring and any god blessing would be other suitable accessories.


While an Inferno Cape would be good, any tier of Ardougne cloak would be better due to the stab accuracy and prayer bonus. Any skill cape would also do OK for the prayer bonus, but it would be less than efficient.


Your backpack should consist of Super Combat Potions, a few prayer potions and lots of high-healing food to endure the fight. Saradomin Brews or combo food isn’t really necessary as this isn’t the type of fight for damage to stack up against you like other bosses.

Top Ten Spookiest Pokemon List

With Pokemon Sword & Shield on the horizon, we know that we’re definitely looking forward to some of the adorable critters that GameFreak has revealed so far. Wooloo? Yes. Yamper? Hell yes. However, true fans will know that underneath the cotton candy exterior of Pokemon lurks some pretty terrifying stuff. It’s not all rainbows and sunshine when you’re a Pokemon Trainer, and catching every last monster also means taming some real creepers. Just in time for Halloween, check out our list of the top 10 spookiest Pokemon (if you dare).

Top 10 Spookiest Pokemon – Gengar

Gengar might be a bit of a predictable pick, but come on. We all remember when Gengar and Haunter spooked the pants off Ash in the original series, and honestly, what’s not to be terrified of when it comes to this purple menace. Gengar is basically 60% mouth – have you seen the size of that thing? On top of that, part of Gengar’s lore is that it was once human, which in turn compels it to try and kill other humans. What?

Top 10 Spookiest Pokemon – Jynx

This is another pretty obvious choice. While we’ve got to admit that Jynx’s robes are pretty darn fashionable – they could easily dethrone Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh in a goth girlfriend-off – everything else about this Pokemon is just scary. The vacant expression recalls some of our most feared foes from zombie horror games. It feels like Jynx is hiding something, but that they’re either only going to tell you on your deathbed, or in the voice of the talking baby from P.T.

Top 10 Spookiest Pokemon – Mr Mime

Potentially problematic interactions with the mothers of Pokemon trainers aside, there’s something just a little creepy about Mr Mime being, well, Mr Mime. Those of us who watched Detective Pikachu are already disturbed by how this mostly fleshy-creature is actually *gulp* fuzzy. Did anyone say body horror? This is the peak of it.

Top 10 Spookiest Pokemon – Duskull

Now we’re taking it back to horror basics. We’re talking ghosts, ghouls, and well, skulls. Duskull is literally a floating skull with blazing infernos for eyes. If this isn’t something that will scare the crap out of you in a dark alley or a haunted house then honestly, you’re inhuman.

Top 10 Spookiest Pokemon – Houndoom

Houndoom is a literal, well, hound dog from Hell. Sure, it may not have three heads, but it’s definitely got the bone armor and the manacles to look right at home in one of the many circles of Hell. Houndoom shoots hellfire out of its mouth (this is basically canon), and it sounds like a burn that’s been caused by one of these bad puppers never goes away. How’s that for scary?

Top 10 Spookiest Pokemon – Garbador

Garbador is just a huge pile of trash. Scary on its own? Not really. However, peer a little closer at this thing. It looks like the majority of its body is comprised of shiny things that look like interior design knick-knacks, and scrunched up toilet paper rolls. Now, the horrifying realization sets in. How did Garbador grow to that size? The answer’s staring you right in the trash pile: it ate a family of four and all of their belongings.

Top 10 Spookiest Pokemon – Mimikyu

Mimikyu just doesn’t look right. Sorry, everyone. Yes, it’s adorable, but at what cost? Absolutely everyone is unsettled by Mimikyu, and we’re talking other trainers and Pokemon too. This is a Ghost Pokemon whose true form once scared someone literally to death. Now, we’re glad that it never takes off its makeshift mask, because we’re not quite sure that we’re ready for that but honestly. Looking so horrifying that it literally murders another person? That’s metal and spooky as hell.

Top 10 Spookiest Pokemon – Drifloon

Now we’re doubling back to some terrifying Pokemon that are awful because, well, they do objectively reprehensible things. Don’t let the adorable look of Drifloon deceive you; we’re already on the alert since the thing appears to have no mouth. However, why this little puffball is problematic is because it abducts kids. Drifloon is solely responsible for a whole raft of Amber alerts, and that’s messed up. It lures kids in with its unassuming appearance then bam! Awful.

Top 10 Spookiest Pokemon – Phantump

Phantump belongs in the “looks like a literal Halloween prop” camp of spooky Pokemon monsters. Forget Jack-o-lanterns. Tree stumps are in this year, especially if they’re haunted and have tiny little t-rex arms. The worst part about Phantump, however, is its lore; Phantumps are created when regular ol’ tree stumps are possessed by the spirits of kids who died in the forest. Cool! Happy Halloween!

Top 10 Spookiest Pokemon – Ditto

Well, Dittos are terrifying because they’re the most unpredictable of the lot. Also, every single Ditto form of a Pokemon has looked like some sort of horrible uncanny valley concoction that’s begging to be put out of its misery. Ditto Pikachu? Good god, come on. Ditto is the true horror game nemesis: you can never be sure of where it’s lurking, never sure of whether or not one of your allies is this cursed fiend itself. The only warning you’ll get is the flesh appearing to melt off this apparition’s bones until it stands before you in all of its purple-pink glory, stare empty and accusing. You’re next.

News.WoW Classic: Dire Maul Now Available!

Built thousands of years ago to house the kaldorei’s arcane secrets, the formerly great city of Eldre’Thalas now lies in ruin, writhing with warped twisted forces. Competing covens once fought for control of Dire Maul’s corrupted energy, but they have since settled into uneasy truces, choosing to buy wow classic gold cheap exploit the power within their own territories rather than continue to battle over the entire complex.

Located in Feralas, Dire Maul is a sprawling 5-player dungeon encompassed within three wings. Adventurers can explore its ancient corridors for fun and profit and even infiltrate the entrenched ogre tribe on a Tribute Run to claim powerful rewards and buffs. You can also battle your faction-mates in the free-for-all outdoor PVP arena “The Maul” within the Broken Commons outside of the dungeon. It’s a great way to hone your PvP skills among friends.

The closest flight path for Horde players is Camp Mojache. From there, then run west until reaching a road in the High Wilderness that forks to the North.
Alliance players will fly into Feathermoon Stronghold as their closest flight path then run east until reaching a road in the High Wilderness that forks to the North.
Bosses: 16
Level Range: 54-60 (Recommended 55-60)

There are many quests available to undertake within Dire Maul beginning at level 54, but it’s recommended that players reach level 55 to have a higher chance of success. Dire Maul is a particularly dangerous dungeon for the unprepared and you’ll need dependable teamwork to make your way through all three of its wings.

If you want to go further than the East Wing of Dire Maul, you’ll need to procure a couple of additional keys, have a rogue with a high enough lockpick skill, use a Large Seaforium Charge, or use a Truesilver Skeleton Key (which can be created by blacksmiths) to make your way into the two additional wings.

To get a key to the remaining areas of the dungeon, you’ll need to track down (and chase down) the imp Pusillin in the East Wing who can drop Crescent Keys. He’ll lead you on a merry chase, but don’t be fooled when you think you have him cornered at last.

You’ll need an additional key to make it all the way into King Gordok’s room as well— the Gordok Inner Door Key. This key can be looted from Guard Mol’dar in the Gor’dok Commons.

Dire Maul has plenty of challenges to undertake and loot to glean from within its halls if you know where to look and includes many Horde, Alliance, and class-specific quests.

* Orb of Deception: The Orb of Deception is a world drop that can be found throughout Azeroth, but many players choose to farm for it within the halls of Dire Maul due to the number of available creatures to kill. With this random drop, you can change your identity to that of the opposite faction. Just beware that not all are easily fooled and when engaging in PvP, your name will still appear as an enemy despite how you look.

* Librams: There are three Librams available to earn via quests within this dungeon.
-Libram of Focus- Used to create the Arcanum of Focus which permanently enchants a leg or head slot with +8 to Healing and Damage from spells.
-Libram of Protection- Used to create the Arcanum of Protection which permanently enchants a leg or head slot item with 1% dodge.
-Libram of Rapidity- Used to create the Arcanum of Rapidity which permanently enchants a leg or head slot item with 1% haste.

* Royal Seal of Eldre’Thalas: Each class can complete a quest available at level 60 within Dire Maul to receive a beneficial trinket. You’ll need to loot a book from the creatures within to turn in for your reward.


Both warlocks and paladins can earn an epic mount beginning at level 60—but they’ll need a little help from their friends to claim their new rides.

Warlock players will be able to follow a series of quests to earn the Dreadsteed of Xoroth epic mount. The questline begins with Mor’zul Bloodbringer in the Burning Steppes where he’ll detail what you’ll need to complete in order to summon and capture this steed.

For paladins who have reached level 60, you’ll begin your venture to claim the epic Charger mount with Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker in Stormwind starting with the quest, “Ancient Equine Spirit.”


Last, but certainly not least, paladins and warriors can create and claim the epic weapon, Quel’serrar.

To begin your quest to add this weapon to your armory, you’ll need to collect Foror’s Compendium of Dragon Slaying from within Dire Maul. You’ll need to turn it into Lorekeeper Lydros in the Athenaeum within the dungeon. He’ll give you A Dull and Flat Elven Blade. Your next step will involve a confrontation within Onyxia’s Lair where you’ll need her to breathe fire on the Unfired Ancient Blade, then drive the blade into her defeated corpse. Once you’ve completed your epic quest, you’ll receive Quel’Serrar.

What are you waiting for? Dire Maul is now open and waiting for your party to plunder its ancient halls!We are a professional, safe, reliable store that can provide you with wonderful game experience. The WoW Gold Classic we are selling are cheap and handcrafted, you don’t have to worry about anything. We take our passion for fulfilling your request and are always ready to help.


WoW Weekly Bonus Event: Battle For Azeroth Dungeons

The Battle for Azeroth Dungeons Bonus Event is underway,WoW Weekly Bonus Event: Battle For Azeroth Dungeons,All week, open Group Finder (default hotkey: I) to queue for any Battle for Azeroth dungeon on Normal or Heroic difficulty.Alternatively, get a group of veteran dungeoneers together and travel to one of the Battle for Azeroth dungeons on Mythic difficulty:

Atal’ Dazar
Temple of Sethraliss
The Underrot
Shrine of the Storm
Tol Dagor
Waycrest Manor

Look for the following all week long:

Chronicler Shoopa in Zuldazar or Chronicler Toopa in Boralus has a quest for you – Emissary of War. Or, if you forget to pick it up there, you can start it within the Adventure Journal.
Quest requirement: Complete 4 Battle for Azeroth dungeons on Mythic difficulty.
Rewards: One loot box containing a piece of gear from Heroic difficulty The Eternal Palace.
Passive bonus: The final boss in each dungeon drop additional loot on all difficulties (except Mythic Keystone difficulties.)

Every Week

The Bonus Events system consists of a rotating schedule of different activities, currently scheduled to run each week beginning on Tuesdays. Each Bonus Event grants a passive bonus to a particular game activity and offers a once-per-event quest with a noteworthy reward for accomplishing a related goal. The in-game calendar can serve as your one-stop reference for the event schedule. The Adventure Guide also offers a direct link to active Bonus Events, allowing you to easily accept any associated quests.

News: RS Ranch out of Time Coming in November 2019

Runescape Ranch out of Time announced at RuneFest 2019 is an expansion to player-owned farms on the island of Anachronia, and it is planned to release in November 2019. In this new cheap rs gold Player Owned Farm, you will be able to breed new kinds of livestock such as dinosaurs, frogs and salamanders.

Runescape Ranch out of Time in November 2019

At RuneFest 2019, Ranch out of Time has been introduced to public, which is a new Player Owned Farm set up on the island of Anachronia and is planned for release in November 2019. On this island, there are some new kinds of livestock added such as dinosaurs, frogs and salamanders. And you will work with Great Granny Potterington who focuses on raising great big reptiles together to manage farms.

What will you enjoy on Ranch out of Time Runescape?

In the new Player Owned Farm, you will terraform the land into five new paddocks made of base camp resources with Great Granny Potterington, and the paddocks can be divided into two large sizes, one medium, one small and one carefully reinforced breeding paddock. Besides, there will be 14 new scaly species to breed on the farm, such as:
- Frogs (level 42) and salamanders (level 102) kept in small paddocks;
- Jadinkos (level 76) and ripper dinosaurs raised in medium paddocks;
- Apoterrasaurs, quads and rexes may be kept in large paddocks.
These animials will be obtained from hunting and slaying, and the new livestock will require up level 120 Farming.

Destiny 2 Ralniks’ Hatchet Guide – Essence of Jealousy & Location

If you’re someone that’s looking to make the most of the Lectern of Enchantment in Destiny 2 :Shadowkeep, then you’ll already be familiar with all the Essence quests that you have to farm out if you want to get the most optimal roll for your Moon weapon of choice. Need a complete list of all the possible shooty and stabby things? We’ve got you covered. Got your eye on one particular one? Our Destiny 2 Ralnik’s Hatchet guide will help you piece together the Night Terror sword.

If you’re not entirely familiar with what you’re going to need Ralniks’ Hatchet for, well, we’ll get you up to speed. If you’re after the Night Terror Moon weapon, then this is an essential component if you want to complete the quest that nets you the sword — Essence of Jealousy.

To complete the Essence of Jealousy quest and to pick up a Night Terror, you need to have fulfilled the following criteria:

  • Finish 50 activities (either Lost Sectors, Patrols, or Public Events) on the Moon
  • Kill 25 enemies with a sword
  • Possess Ralniks’ Hatchet

If you’re not quite sure about how to get your paws on Ralniks’ Hatchet, then you’re in luck. It’s not actually that difficult; you’re going to have to do a lot less scouting than some of the other Moon weapon components.

Our tip would be to head straight for the Anchor of Light. If you’ve spent any amount of time in the area, then you’re likely going to remember that there’s actually a Fallen wreck of sizable proportions just kicking around in the east of the map. Pop into it, and traverse the fairly straight-forward inside. Gun your way through enough dolts and there’ll be a Fallen Captain kicking around: kill him (fanfare optional), and you’ll be able to pick up Ralniks’ Hatchet. Once you’ve got this component, you can take it back to the Lectern of Enchantment for it to work its loot magic on the proceedings.

Now that you’ve got our guide on where to find the Destiny 2 Ralniks’ Hatchet Moon weapon component, knocking out the roll that you want on this weapon should be a piece of cake.

​RuneScape – Runefest

A lot of the things they appear seemed interesting. But 120 agriculture is a big bone rs3 gold from me… that’s the endure accomplishment I capital to see to 120, aforementioned with herblore.

And archeology seems… interesting. But I’m not traveling to authority my breathe. It seems aggressive and aggressive and runescape acquire never formed able-bodied together.

Also abundantly aghast they didnt advertise any changes to monetization. We allegation players to breach and we allegation NEW players. Everything that was appear was aimed at already absolute players and that’s a massive mistake.

Theres already so so abundant agreeable new players will acquire to get through afore they blow 90 percent of what was announced. With the accepted amateur calculation that’s absolutely depressing.

I was absolutely absolutely acquisitive for an advertisement for a next gen runescape. From the amphitheatre up. I anticipate it’s a big aberration to accumulate nailing on added agreeable to a bold that’s over 15 years old. It’s just absolutely off.

The bold for new players is annihilation like the bold is appear end bold anymore. It’s like assorted amateur from assorted credibility in time with altered architecture goals in apperception burst calm and I just dont see that alive continued appellation anymore.

Really ambition you guys would acquire bit the ammo and invested in a cast new title. If you appear rs2 you had the aforementioned fears as you apparently do now, that humans will not acquire a new bold of OSRS gold and no one will wish to about-face over.

But the exact adverse happened. I anticipate it’s a decay of dev time and accomplishment to accumulate afterlight rs3 in it’s accepted state.

Even admitting some of the updates complete absolutely cool, it’s just not abundant to accompany in new humans or to accompany a ample block of humans back. A lot of the players just switched over to oldschool, they arent absolutely in the wind. So cast new players is what we absolutely bare and some changes to monetization.

Because if players to army to adaptable if its assuredly released, it will not be acceptable if they see what the bold has become monetization wise. Humans my bearing just wont acquire it and theres traveling to be a hell of a lot of bad press.

I wish the bold to succeed, I absolutely do. But this abstraction of “lets just accord them more” isnt abundant if we acquire 20k players online if just brace years ago it was amateur that.

You gotta accept that it isnt artlessly about us not accepting any agreeable larboard to explore. For the all-inclusive majority of the players you acquire larboard at least. Its fundamentally added than that.