Learn Changes to OSRS Blade of Saeldor, Crystal Shard, Elven Signet & More Apr. 8

This week sees the release of more Quality of Life changes from previous poll. Read the details below to learn changes to OSRS Blade of Saeldor, rs 2007 gold crystal shard, Elven Signet and more.

Changes to OSRS Blade of Saeldor this week

With the update on April 8th, 1000 crystal shards now can be used on the Blade of Saeldor at a singing bowl OSRS, which can permanently prevent it from degrading. You need to reach level 82 in both Crafting and Smithing.
Additionally, if you charge a Blade of Saeldor that has charges left, it will divide the number of remaining charges by 100, round down and take this number of shards away.

Crystal tool exchanged for crystal shard OSRS

You can now use the Crystal tool, Crystal armour, Crystal weapon seed and enhanced Crystal Teleport Seed to exchange for the crystal shard OSRS. The NPC can be found in the pub in Prifddinas.
Crystal weapon seed: 10 crystal shards
Crystal tool seed: 100 crystal shards
Crystal armour seed: 250 crystal shards
Enhanced Crystal Teleport Seeds: 150 crystal shards

Some other changes with update on April 8th

1. The percentage save rate on the Elven Signet is raised to 10%.
2. The chance of a Mossy Key drop from moss giants in the Wilderness has been increased.
3. There is a new room in the Iorwerth Dungeon, in which there are some Iorwerth warriors.
4. Demi-bosses in the Gauntlet now may drop a weapon frame.
5. The burnt pages in Wintertodt supply crates has increased by 50%. Now you are able to exchange extraneous Wintertodt uniques for more burnt pages with Ignisia at the base camp.

What do you think about these changes this week?

Guide on Pincurchin Weakness in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Forget about just toppling goats in Pokemon Sword and Shield. You can turn your focus onto tipping things that are a lot more dangerous instead. We’re talking about spiky Electric monsters here, and in particular, you’re going to want to know what Pincurchin’s weakness in Pokemon Sword and Shield is.

So, you’re someone who wants to figure out what the soft spots on a Pincurchin are. Well, we can tell you one thing from the outset: it sure as hell doesn’t look like it has any. This Pokemon is literally covered in barbed growths and it looks like a radioactive Snom. We’re not really wanting to touch this one with a ten-foot pole, which is why figuring out Pincurchin’s weakness is so important. We’ve already helped you divine what would be the best way to take out a Dubwool, though we can’t say that punching a Pincurchin really hard will have the same effect.

Instead of punching a Pincurchin (read: with a Fighting Type Pokemon, okay, we’re not monsters), we recommend that you just bury it alive. Yeah. Just bury it. It’s an Electric Type Pokemon which means that it’s going to be weak to Ground moves, so our top tip here to deal with it is to have a Pokemon cast Earthquake on it and just call it a day.Cave in all of Circhester Bay while you’re at it – that’s where these prickly little nuisances spawn anyway. You’d be doing the rest of Galar a favor if you dispatched them all in one fell swoop, or caught them all. Whichever is easiest.

So now that you have our guide on Pincurchin’s weakness in Pokemon Sword and Shield to contend with, it should be fairly easy for you to nab one of these bad boys.

Where to buy OSRS Gold – a guide on Old School RuneScape currency trade

Who of us never dreamt about earning money by playing games? We were in our teens, maybe younger, getting our first experience with a PC, thinking: “Woah, it’s s amazing!” and then: “How nice would it be to be able to earn decent dollar by playing…”

And then we grew up to realize that it may not be that easy. Game tester? It’s a grind. Game developer? You need a certain specific skill set and a hell lot of talent. A pro player? Again, you need a skill set and talent. Streamer? You require a cool personality.

And then we realized, what MMORPG games really are. In terms of trading in-game gold, Old School RuneScape, also known as OSRS, is a staple example in the business.

Why buy runescape 3 gold?

It’s not about buying the currency. It’s more like buying the time. How is that? It’s simple.

Every Gold Coin in OSRS has two sides. One side are the suppliers, people who made farming the Old School RuneScape gold their full time job. They keep farming gold for eight or more hours a day, amassing in-game wealth we couldn’t name a number to describe it. One the other side, there are the Old School RuneScape gold buyers, who have another full time job, that doesn’t allow them to sit in front of the screen for eight straight hours. They have spouses, children, responsibilities, and if they desire to stay on the top of the play they need to buy some time, that they don’t have. Say, they’d need four hours a day to grind 10m RuneScape Gold they require. Instead, they can go to a specific website, and buy 10m RS Gold for a reasonable price. Effectively they are buying four hours of their life. It may seem like not much, but in a larger scale it’s 5 days a month, and a whopping 61 days a year! If we were given a chance to buy 2 months of our lives each year, we’d ask: “Where do I sign?”

Where to buy Old School RuneScape Gold?

Many years ago when RuneScape Gold trading was not yet so developed, way before the OSRS times, the questions was: “Where to buy RuneScape Gold?” Now many people and players know, that trading RuneScape Gold can be profitable, so there is more than enough sites that want you to buy OSRS gold. Which one to choose?

Today buying OSRS is not a big deal. You find the website where you can buy OSRS Gold, yo ugo to their Live Chat, make a gold order, and after the payment you wait for the delivery. And this is key word here: “Wait.” Since you want to buy the RuneScape gold to save time, you should choose the fastest service, that delivers the gold in the shortest period from completing the payment and making contact on the live chat.

And this is exactly why you should buy RuneScape Gold here, at Sellers and Friends. We deliver the gold the fastest among all.

Where to sell gold in Old School RuneScape?

Many people understood the potential in OSRS Gold trading, which is why they wanted to find themselves on the other side of the deal. They knew, that the demand is high, and the in-game trading will not be enough for the players. What if someone created an independent, online, off-game place to trade OSRS Gold? What if that person accumulated an immense amounts of the currency to have it on hand and sell to demanding players?

It is how the whole in-game currency trading companies were build, with Sellers and Friends standing out. After some time online, the basic rules of market kicked in. Now every entity had OSRS Gold for sale, and the price differences became negligible. What matters the most then? What’s it all about in the first place? The answer is simple.

The time.

Now people began to search for the fastest service. If they were to pay additional 0.1 $ just to get their currency instantly instead of waiting for it for an eternity, they were willing to do. Interestingly enough, Sellers and Friends came up with an idea of a Live Stock. It’s an innovative feature, where you can see exactly how much of the currency they have, and during their working hours (18h/day) you get your order in less than two minutes.

How to earn OSRS GP?

With game as developed as RuneScape, you can probably think of several ways to earn some OSRS Gold to sell later on. The Old School RuneScape players creativity is truly a proof that humanity was created as a picture of God.


Every MMORPG game has its farming methods. It’s basics.

However, RuneScape is not one of these games that will make it hard for you in terms of farming. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Old School RuneScape sometimes feels as if farming was the main purpose of the game. Who knows, maybe it is?

Of course, you can go for PvE or PvP, you are free to wander in the Wilderness and PK unaware victims, but how long will it provide you with fun? We say – not for long.

“But farming will not give you fun!” some may say. They’re right, tedious, laborious, mundane farming is boring as hell, but it makes you money. Quite a lot of money, to be fair.

We will not go through every farming method in-depth. We’re describing them thoroughly in the OSRS money making guide. We only want to warn you, that some methods are available for free users, and some of them are exclusive for members.
Market Flipping

Wherever the market exists, there will be flipping. What is flipping in OSRS? It’s exactly what it is in other games, or even in real life. Whenever you buy something low and sell it high, you make profit.

We’d like to give you a golden mean to flipping in OSRS, but it’s not possible. Whatever we’d recommend, may be inadequate, and out of date in a couple of days or weeks. There is no one, perfect recipe for making profit on flipping. You have to be present, wary, cautious, aware of the market situation on current world, take many factors under account, etc. Today certain item is stagnant, tomorrow it’s price may skyrocket or fall to the ground.

Also, keep in mind the risk factor. Flipping can always end up bringing more loss than income, if things go south. If you are not into sitting for countless hours in the Grand Exchange, and risk is not for you, then you should look for something else to make some coin.


In theory, it is the easiest one in terms of flipping, but the practice shows it may be the hardest. It requires patience, knowledge, time, and a little bit of luck. Some addons might be helpful.

When the game has so many players as RS07, there is a significant likelihood, that someone sometime will need to get RS Gold ASAP. He will take his most precious item, that he know that is expensive, and place it for an abnormally low price on the market. If you manage to snatch this item, you may have just earned 50 m or 100 m GP with just a few clicks.

However, you have to possess certain knowledge of the value of things. You have to be able to tell whether specific weapon is listed for a normal, too low, or too high price on the fly. The time, that you’d need to check the particular item’s average price is the time that an experienced OSRS trader needs to use the opportunity. You can’t let that happen, if you are thinking about this money making method seriously.

Bulk flipping

Sniping is very satisfying. One trade giving you a considerable profit will always be an icing on the cake. However, one good trade from time to time is irregular and unreliable, to say the least.

It is why people began to bulk flipping. They take a large amount of items that are currently popular on the market and trade them in a bunch. Even a small margin may result in a massive profit if the amount of items is big enough.

The downside of bulk flipping is that you need a big initial capital or item stock.

Reverse bulk flipping

This one is hard option, with many risks, requiring a ton of knowledge along with huge cojones. We do not recommend this method for beginners.

When you are bulk flipping, and you buy a certain item out of the market, the price automatically rises. Then you post your offer guaranteeing higher price for the goods you bought low. Reverse flipping happens when you do it the opposite way. You sell the item in a bunch for a lower price, undercutting bit by bit, which makes the overall price go down. Then, as the price goes down to a satisfying level, you buy everything out, making slight profit.

Just like in the case of regular bulk flipping, you need resources, both items and Gold coins.

The knowledge part is crucial, when you can predict the upcoming price changes. If you manage to flow on the market wave, you can end up with a massive income.


There was a Duel Arena implemented to the game not so long ago, where people can somewhat gamble for high amounts of OSRS Gold. The premise is that you have a maxed account (99 Strength, 99 Defense, 99 Attack) and your opponent has it as well. If you are far away from maxing your account, you can rent a maxed account, and there are many website offering such services. The amount of Gold varies depending on the duration of the rent.

Rules are simple. No armor, no equipment, no Prayer, ranged, etc. Pure 1 v 1. The initial odds of winning are pretty much equal.

The only thing that you can do to increase your odds a little bit, is to swap stances. You have three to choose from:

- offensive – +3 Attack,

- defensive – +3 Defence,

- neutral – +1 to Def, Att., and Str.

You need to pay close attention to what your enemy is using. Swap to defensive stance as he’s about to attack, and return to the offensive stance before you make a swing at him.

Always double or triple check your enemy’s inventory, if he’s not planning to cheat on you. Once you notice something suspicious within his items, step away from the duel.

Power leveling

Did we mention, that RuneScape 2007 is not that flashy, action packed video game? Quite frankly, there . The process of skilling the likes of Construction or Herblore doesn’t give much satisfaction among the community. Not to mention receiving the Cape of Accomplishment with requirement of maximum level 99 in all skills, completing all quests, every Achievement Diary, and unlocking the music. The discussion whether it’s worth it or not still remains. And still you need a membership bond to have the Skillcape. What rewards does it give you? What are its properties and benefits? Probably the fame. Once you login to the game, you’ll feel the reverance that no bonds can give you.

Players who aim to get the Skillcape have to get ready for hundreds if not thousands of hours of grinding. However, Gold is a solution to everything in OSRS. For a couple of billion GPs you can buy the power leveling services. Someone will grind for you!

You can find a nice addition of gold in this business, if you are the one grinding for someone else. If you’re patient, playing a couple of hours daily should not be a problem, and you will have more than enough customers. Sky is the limit.


Old School RuneScape despite its looks and gameplay, is advanced, complex MMORPG game with tons of activities, that you’d need a few decades to fully understand, let alone master it. The ways that you can make gold in this game as so many, you can’t decide which one to choose. From a regular farming and crafting, through staking, up until the market flipping – there are plenty of OSRS gold-making methods.

Jagex quickly understood the potential that the OSRS game offers, and used it to its fullest. They’ve allowed RuneScape players to have a tremendous influence on the marketplace, and just by cutting a small fee from each trade the RuneScape developers are making tons of profit day by day.

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For more information about RS2007 gold trade, cookies settings, if you have any doubts or issues, anything, please contact our Live Chat customer service support staff. You can also use the message box down below to contact us, just leave your email address, and our customer support staff will answer. Please, use english if your default location isn’t United Kingdom or United States.

For the advanced buyer protection, keep your accounts password, register character name, mobile phone number, skype username, real names, e-mail address, checkout details, and all credentials in safety. Our Live Chat representatives will not be able to refund your cash despite their best effort in cases of recklessness.

Now that we presented everything about our content and product, anyone can buy cheap OSRS gold at very low cost, to get the best gear, weapons and put monsters and bosses on the menu, especially the ones that drop the best loot. After all, striking great deals is the goal of our all.

Blizzard has just posted patch notes for the latest WoW Classic update

Basin, two new factions, Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza, Battleground Holidays, and

various bug fixes.

Arathi Basin

Join the League of Arathor or the Forsaken Defilers as they battle for precious resources.

Pitting 15 members of each faction against each other, the race is on to be the first to 2000

resources, capturing strategic landmarks around the Basin to increase your team’s gain and

cripple the enemy. There’s never been a better time to join the war.

Arathi Basin will unlock at 3:00 p.m. PDT (6:00 p.m. EDT) on Wednesday, March 11.

Battleground Holidays

Most weeks, Warsong Gulch, Alterac Valley, and Arathi Basin now enjoy holidays that begin

on Thursday night at midnight and continue until Tuesday morning. During a holiday,

emissaries from that Battleground will be found in the major cities, and honor/faction rewards

for performing objectives in that Battleground are increased.

Bug Fixes and Updates

There is now a warning dialogue when players enter a raid that has an active raid lockout,

giving players the chance to avoid accidental raid saves.
Harvesting gathering nodes that are on zone boundaries should now be more reliable.
Many particle effects and transparency effects now display more accurately. For example:
Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker will appear brighter than before.
Perdition’s Blade will appear brighter than before.
Particle effects on the Warlock and Paladin class mounts will be less pronounced than before.
Fixed an issue that could cause Nefarian to momentarily fly away after revealing his true from

at the beginning of Phase 2 of his encounter.
Players who are Honorless Targets are now immune to Mind Control.
Player-controlled pets now move in a straight line to their target when commanded to attack,
rather than defaulting to behind the target.
Mana Tide Totem should now reliably deliver a fourth tick of Mana Tide.
Blood Pact is no longer re-cast when Amplify Curse is used or Nightfall procs.

Detailed Info on New OSRS Pet Ranching Skill Proposed

According to the latest OSRS Dev Blog, we have known that the team is planning to add a new skill Pet Ranching in osrs gold game. With this proposed skill you can collect, train and battle your pets, as well as enter Pet Raids.

What is OSRS Pet Ranching?

Pet Ranching is a new skill proposed for OSRS, which is related to obtaining, training and battling pets, and finally conquering the pet raids.
As long as your OSRS account is at least 10 days, you can be able to receive one from three pets from Professor Magic Tree. Then you can leave your pet in Daycare Centre to train and breed your pets. Throughout the pet battling, damage dealt will depend on the opposing pet’s type.

What to receive with OSRS Pet Ranching level increased? 

As you train your Pet Ranching skill, the amount of pets you can hold will be increased and you will also unlock the accesses to pet raids. Look at the followings to learn the details:
Level 1: 1 pet can be restored in your roster.
Level 11: 2 pets can be restored in your roster.
Level 15: Access to the Lumbridge and Varrock Pet Raids
Level 20: Access to Daycare Centre
Level 21: 3 pets can be restored in your roster.
Level 25: Access to Pet Healing Centres.
Level 31: 4 pets can be restored in your roster.
Level 35: Access to the Falador and Seers’ Village Pet Raids
Level 40: Ability to use Pet moves outside of battle
Level 41: 5 pets can be restored in your roster.
Level 51: 6 pets can be restored in your roster.
Level 55: Access to the Ardougne and Canifis Pet Raids
Level 75: Access to Darkmeyer Pet Raid
Level 85: Access to Prifddinas Pet Raid
Level 99: Skill cape

What do you think of the new Pet Ranching OSRS skill?

Guide on How to Get Borderlands 3 Ripper Legendary

There’s been no shortage of cool Legendaries popping up in Borderlands 3 recently, and we’re not just talking about weapons – artifacts have been making a comeback too. Now, if you have your eyes set on one particular gun-blade combination that’s guaranteed to get your enemy’s heart racing before they exsanguinate, then the Borderlands 3 Ripper Legendary might be up your alley.

If you’re trying to figure out what’s going with the Ripper at first glance, well, you’re probably not alone. For one, it looks like a gun but it has a blade stuck to the front like some kind of makeshift bayonet? Well, alright. The Ripper is a Legendary that we can get behind because of its pretty impressive passive if you’re someone with a penchant for up-close murder. The special weapon effect is called “They say I’m a doctor now” and it means that you deal 200% gun damage to enemies if you’ve meleed them. This damage buff lasts for a few seconds. The special weapon effect name evokes Jack the Ripper, which we reckon is also why the bloody visual effects on this weapon are so great. The weapon can spawn as Shock, Radiation, Corrosive or without an element.

If you think that this weapon sounds like a good time for you, especially as someone who loves to be dealing damage up close. To pick it up, well, you have a chance of getting it randomly from pretty much any type of loot source in the galaxy. However, there are two particular bosses in the game that have an increased chance of dropping the Borderlands 3 Ripper Legendary, and those are the Brood Mother on Nekrotafeyo and Alicritious Vanda in Promethea’s Cistern of Slaughter. If you’re having trouble finding the Cistern of Slaughter, we have a guide right here that will help you – and we’ve relinked it for your convenience.

Now that you have our guide to getting the Borderlands 3 Ripper Legendary, it should be a bit easier for you to (quite literally) rip through the enemies that are standing in your way as long as you’re getting close enough.

Thorium Brotherhood Reputation Guide in wow classic

There are lots of reputation factions that you might want to increase when you first hit level 60. The Thorium Brotherhood provides some great crafting recipes for Tailors, Leatherworkers and Blacksmiths, including Fire Resistance gear, which is required for some bosses in the Molten Core and the Blackwing Lair. Buy wow classic gold cheap

Reputation Rewards
Reputation Cost Recipe Recipe Type
Friendly 12g Recipe: Transmute Elemental Fire (Phase 5) Alchemy
Friendly 7g Plans: Dark Iron Bracers Blacksmithing
Friendly 3g Formula: Enchant Weapon – Strength Enchanting
Friendly 16g Pattern: Molten Helm Leatherworking
Friendly 15g Pattern: Corehound Boots Leatherworking
Friendly 8g Pattern: Flarecore Gloves Tailoring
Honored 6g Plans: Dark Iron Helm Blacksmithing
Honored 22g Plans: Dark Iron Destroyer Blacksmithing
Honored 22g Plans: Dark Iron Reaver Blacksmithing
Honored 9g Plans: Fiery Chain Girdle Blacksmithing
Honored 8g Formula: Enchant Weapon – Mighty Spirit Enchanting
Honored 6g Pattern: Lava Belt Leatherworking
Honored 16g Pattern: Black Dragonscale Boots Leatherworking
Honored 18g Pattern: Flarecore Mantle Tailoring
Honored 6g Pattern: Flarecore Robe Tailoring
Revered 7g Plans: Black Amnesty Blacksmithing
Revered 7g Plans: Blackfury Blacksmithing
Revered 20g Plans: Fiery Chain Shoulders Blacksmithing
Revered 8g Plans: Dark Iron Gauntlets Blacksmithing
Revered 18g Plans: Dark Iron Leggings Blacksmithing
Revered 10g Formula: Enchant Weapon – Mighty Intellect Enchanting
Revered 9g Pattern: Molten Belt Leatherworking
Revered 9g Pattern: Corehound Belt Leatherworking
Revered 9g Pattern: Chromatic Gauntlets Leatherworking
Revered 9g Pattern: Flarecore Leggings Tailoring
Exhalted 12g Plans: Blackguard (Phase 4) Blacksmithing
Exhalted 8g Plans: Dark Iron Boots Blacksmithing
Exhalted 12g Plans: Ebon Hand Blacksmithing
Exhalted 12g Plans: Nightfall Blacksmithing

Neutral to Friendly

There are some repeatable quests to complete for “Master Smith Burninate” at Thorium Point. You will need 2 Incendosaur Scale, 1 Coal, which can be bought from him, and either 4 Kingsblood, 4 Iron Bars or 10 Heavy Leather. The Incensosaur Scales drop and can be skinned from the dinos in a cave in the cauldron. The entrance is at around 47,43: Heres a map.

These quests all award 25 Reputation for the Thorium Brotherhood. This means that in order to get to Friendly without anything else, you will need to turn in 1200 Heavy Leather, 480 Iron Bars or 480 Kingsblood. Keep in mind though, that there are also some regular quests here that award reputation!

Friendly to Honored

This is arguably the easiest step of the reputation farm for the Thorium Brotherhood in Classic WoW. The only thing you need to do is turn in Dark Iron Residue. To get all the way from Friendly to Honored Rep with the Thorium Brotherhood, you will need a total of 960 of it, as it only awards 25 Rep per 4 Dark Iron Residue. You can turn it in at the same NPC as before.
Honored to Exhalted

Lokhtos Darkbargainer resides in the Tavern of the Blackrock Depths, in the far left corner. He is also the primary Quartermaster or Vendor for the Thorium Brotherhood, as he sells all the Reputation rewards. Here’s a list of what you can turn in here:

10 Dark Iron Ore – 50 Rep
1 Fiery Core – 200 Rep
1 Lava Core – 200 Rep
2 Core Leather – 150 Rep
1 Blood of the Mountain – 200 Rep

Sulfuras, Hand of RagnarosSulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros

In addition, by turning in a Sulfuron Ingot for Lokhtos Darkbargainer, Players can aquire the “Plans: Sulfuron Hammer”, which is required for the Legendary Hammer, “Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros”. In combination with the Eye of Sulfuras, of course, which drops from Ragnaros himself.

OSRS Western Provinces Diary Guide (Hard and Elite)

Welcome back to the Western Provinces Diary Guide, I will start with a quick recap. The Western Provinces Diary in Old School Runescape is a diary with many tasks based around locations in the western provinces of Gielnor. You will have to visit areas, completing quests, fighting monsters and other various assignments in areas such as Tree Gnome Stronghold, Feldip Hills and Ape Atoll. For each task I will list the skill and quest requirements, some skills can be boosted others cannot. There isn’t really an optimal order as often you will be completing tasks here and there as you find them in game or on your quest.

As with other diaries there four parts: easy, medium, hard and elite. You must complete the previous level in order to complete your current level and claim its rewards. You can claim the rewards after each level from the Elder Gnome Child, located south of the Grand Tree. This is the second part of the western provinces diary guide and will cover the hard and elite diaries, which offer much tougher tasks than the earlier levels.


Kill an elf with a crystal bow: completion of the Roving Elves quest, 70 ranged and 56 agility. At the end of the Roving Elves quest choose the crystal bow as the reward, you can easily find an elf to kill in Lletya.

Catch and cook a monkfish in Piscatoris: completion of the Swan Song quest, 62 fishing and 62 cooking. Catch some monkfish in any of the many fishing spots at Piscatoris using a small fishing net and cook them in the south west range.

Complete a veteran game of Pest Control: no quest requirements, 100 combat level or higher. Exactly the same as the previous two Pest Control tasks, just take the veteran boat.

Catch a dashing kebbit: no quest requirements, 69 hunter and you can use boosts if you wish. The dashing kebbit is located in the Piscatoris falconry area. You will need to pay Matthias 500 gp to borrow his gyr falcon and falconry glove, once these are equipped you can catch a dashing kebbit simply by clicking on it.

Complete a lap of the Ape Atoll Agility Course: you must have completed the quest Monkey Madness I quest and have 48 agility. Before starting the course you will need to use the ninja monkey greegree as only ninja monkeys may use the course.

Chop and burn some mahogany logs on Ape Atoll: you must have completed the quest Monkey Madness I quest, have 50 woodcutting and 50 firemaking. Bring a tinderbox and any axe, the mahogony tree is located in the south west of Ape Atoll.

Mine some adamantite ore in Tirannwn: you must have started the Regicide quest and have 70 mining which can be boosted. Any pickaxe will do. The mining location can be found just west of Lletya.

Check the health of your palm tree in Lletya: you must have started the Mourning’s End part I quest and have 68 farming. Bring 1 palm sapling and plant it in the patch in Lletya and pay the farmer 15 papayas for him to ensure your sapling grows.

Claim a hat from Rantz after registering 300 chompy kills: must have completed Big Chompy Bird Hunting, 5 fletching and 30 ranged. Same as in the previous levels.

Build and Isafdar painting in your POH quest hall: completion of the Roving Elves quest and 65 construction. You will need 3 mahogony planks, 1 Isafdar painting purchasable from Sir Renitee in the White Knights Castle, a saw, a hammer and 25k gp to build the quest hall if you don’t already have one.

Kill Zulrah: you must have started Regicide, there are no skill requirements but you should have high magic/ ranged and good equipment for either to stand a chance.

Teleport to Ape Atoll: must have completed the recipe for disaster (Awowogei sub-quest) and have 64 magic. The spell uses 2 fire runes, 2 water runes, 2 law runes and 1 banana.

Pickpocket a gnome: completion of the Tree Gnome Village quest and 75 thieving. Simply locate a gnome in Tree Gnome Village, right click him and select pickpocket.

Amongst your rewards you will receive: 1 antique lamp giving 15k experience. The ability to upgrade to the Elite Void Knight set and teleport crystals will now hold 5 charges for you.


Fletch a magic longbow in Tirannwn: must have completed Mourning’s End Part I and have 85 fletching. Travel to Tirannwn and then fletch a magic longbow using a magic longbow (u) with a bow string.

Kill the Termonuclear smoke devil: no quest requirements but you will need 93 slayer. No boosts allowed, you should have good gear for this task. He can be found the Smoke Devil Dungeon which is south of Castle Wars, usually you will need to be on a slayer task to fight him but for the Western Provinces Diary you are allowed to kill him without being on one.

Have Prissy Scilla protect your magic tree: no quest requirements, 73 farming. Plant 1 magic sapling at Tree Gnome Stronghold using a spade then give 25 coconuts to Prissy Scilla for her to protect your magic tree as it grows.

Use the Elven overpass advanced cliffside shortcut: you must have completed the Underground Pass quest. The shortcut is near the West Ardougne outpost where you start the Making History quest.

Equip any complete void set: no quest requirements but you will need to be able to obtain Void Knight commendation points from the Pest Control minigame, which requires a minimum combat level of 40 (although to be able to claim this reward you will have need a combat level of 100 to complete the hard task). There are other skill level requirements for equipping the set, they are: 42 attack, strength, defence, hp, ranged, magic and 22 prayer. For the full set you will need 850 points.

Register 1000 Chompy kills and claim a hat from Rantz: completion of the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest as well as 5 fletching and 30 ranged. Exactly the same as the previous levels, just this time you must reach 1000 kills. This can become very tedious, so I would recommend to complete some other tasks inbetween, or just grind it out if you are in the mood.

Pickpocket an elf: you must have completed the Mourning’s End Part I quest as well as have 85 thieving. The elves can be found in various locations of Tirannwn.

Amongst your rewards you will receive: 1 antique lamp giving 50k experience and an increase in slayer reward point for tasks assigned by Nieve/Steve, they will now match the points given by the slayer master Duradel.

Thanks for reading this guide, the concluding section of the Western Provinces Diary. Please stay tuned for other Old School Runescape guides – OSRS Western Provinces Diary Guide (Easy and Medium), and buy our osrs gold & rs3 gold now, great price & service.

Participate in RS April Fools 2020 to Get Ring of Rares and Other Rewards

Are you ready to enjoy RS April Fool’s event this year? Now head to the Falador cabbage patch, and you will have a chance of obtaining RS ring of rares, ring of cabbage and more from the rs gold for sale Oversized Cabbage!

How to join in RS April Fools 2020?

As the joke for RS April Fools event 2020, you could go to the Falador cabbage patch and find an Oversized Cabbage. There is a message “A brassica digsite has been uncovered at the Falador cabbage patch!” when you log into the game on April 1st, 2020.

Get RS ring of rares or other rewards

Once you enter the cabbage patch in Falador, you will be turned into a chef holding a rolling pin. You will get a cabbage boson from the cabbage, which respawns every 10 minutes. The cabbage boson can be used to exchange items from Dr. Cole. You are able to choose one among RS ring of rares, ring of cabbage and The Cabbage Slayer title. The ring of rares RS3 can transmogrify you into some old holiday items if you attempt to wear it. There is also a chance of obtaining a ring of random when you select a rare with the ring of rares.
The holiday items include:
Partyhats with 6 colours
Hallowe’en masks
Red and Black santa hat
Easter egg
Christmas cracker

In addition, there is a fourth reward, 120 Archaeology. However, Dr Cole will state this reward is only for players who have reached 99 Archaeology.

Have you participated in RS3 April Fools 2020?

Learn How Nickit Evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield Works

Trying to figure out how to make the most of a particular type of team in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Well, if you’ve just about had it with raccoons like Tom Nook taking all your stuff in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, why not turn the tables a bit and command some trash foxes in Pokemon Sword and Shield? If you want more than one, here’s what we know about the process of Nickit evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

So, you want to know how to evolve Nickit in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Easy! Well, if you don’t have one yet, you might want some background information on it. Nickit is a Dark Type fox Pokemon who essentially roots around in the trash and steals things from people. Talk about endearing. Nickits are pretty plentiful and easy to find in the Overworld – they’re hanging around the Stony Wilderness, the Dusty Bowl, and the Giant’s Mirror portions of the Wild Area. You can also find them fairly early on in the game on Route 2.

Now that you’ve got your mitts on a Nickit, you’re here to learn what’s truly important – what the deal is with the process of Nickit evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Well, a Nickit can evolve into yet another Fox, Dark Type Pokemon called Thievul and this can happen as soon as a Nickit hits Level 18. Yes, that’s the only requirement. We reckon this is much easier than the process of evolving something like Yamask which has a whole bunch of variables. Getting Nickit to its evolved form as THievul is quite straightforward, so don’t stress about this one too much. Just level it up!

Now that you have a better idea of how the Nickit evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield works, it should be fairly easy for you to also get your hands on a leveled up Fox Pokemon.