OSRS Staking Guide: Introduction to Duel Arena & How to Become a Famed Dueling Master

Duel arena in Old School RuneScape is a big part of the game. So much in fact, that some players only play the rs07 gold game there or with the aim of spending most of their time playing OSRS there. The mix of safe combat, competitiveness and possible high rewards attracts hundreds of players. The aim of this blog post is to introduce you to the duel arena, what’s so special about it and how to become a famed dueling master.

Where is Duel Arena?

Duel arena is located in Al Kharid. To get to it you simply need to pass the Lumbridge gate and follow the path west. You’ll have to pay a 10 coin toll to the guards, if you haven’t completed the quest Prince Ali Rescue, after which you can get through the gate for free. There is also a way to get there for free by going to Duel arena from Varrock. There is a gap in the fence south of Varrock. You will enter the desert and the arena will be in the south.

Duel Arena Rules

Duel arena functions as a safe zone, where you can die without being penalized at all. You will just wake up in the arena’s hospital as if nothing ever happened. An NPC named Mubariz will provide you with basic information about the arena if asked.
Challenging another player is easy, simply right-click on them and click challenge. If they accept, the duel is on! There are no level, gear or quest requirements in Duel arena. You can enter it as soon as you’re out of Tutorial Island. However, there are some rules regarding duels themselves and those can be customized until both players are satisfied with the settings.

You should always familiarize yourself with the rules and if something is unclear either turn on “display inventories” or reject the duel altogether. There are always sketchy players hanging about duel arena trying to trick a less knowledgeable player. It’s always better to skip a duel than to lose your stake, which can potentially amount to millions of OSRS gold.

How to Stake in Duel Arena

Getting started in the Duel arena is pretty simple: as mentioned above, you need only to challenge your opponent and they need only to accept your challenge. However, it’s a lot more complicated if you’re aiming for fat cash stacks. While, theoretically you can use any armor, weapons, and spells and can be of any combat level, there are certain guidelines you’ll have to follow to beat your opponents with decent certainty. Or have a reasonable chance to win, if they’re using the same method. You also need to have a decent amount of coins to begin staking big and there’s no better place to buy cheap OSRS gold than probemas!
First, the safest way to duel is for both opponents to be of the same combat level and usually it’s the maximum combat level.
Second, you need to have the appropriate gear. Now, the better your gears are, the higher your chances of claiming the reward.

Staking Strategies in Duel Arena

Odds Staking

Odds staking was a strategy that a lot of dedicated duelists were using. Essentially, it was a system of comparing both players’ levels and then staking in some proportion to those levels. For example, if one player has 95 Attack, 96 Strength, 95 Defense, 99 Hitpoints and another has 92 Attack, 90 Strength, 95 Defence and 99 Hitpoints, the second one would stake less than the first one because of lower levels and thus a lower chance of winning. While this seems logical on paper, the amounts of gold being at stake would often be arbitrary, with the experienced staker taking advantage of a less knowledgeable player and coming on top anyway by the end of their dueling session. Experienced odds stakers used to use a formula to accurately calculate how much they could stake and what their odds of winning accounting for both players’ skill levels.

Odds staking, in general, was very controversial. It created a huge gap between veteran stakers and people who were staking more or less just for fun. This is why after the duel arena update the staking part of dueling was changed a lot. The difference in the value of items or the amount of OSRS gold or platinum tokens on a stake cannot exceed 10k gold anymore. This means that if you stake 100k gold, your opponent can stake anywhere between 90k to 110k. Additionally, to get two birds with one stone, Jagex implemented a tax for each duel. You will not be taxed if you don’t stake anything, however, the more you stake the higher the tax rate is being applied.

As you can see, the tax is not that high, however, it still adds up with time. This was implemented as a money sink to reduce inflation rates of OSRS gold as well as to combat people profiting off staking as Jagex felt that this way of making money was too powerful.


Player Identification Number in RuneScape (PID)

Player identification number or PID for short is a number given to a player by the server. This number defines your “position”, so to speak, in a given game world. Quite literally PID functions as a sort of queue. The lower your number, the sooner your actions will be calculated by the game and, therefore, the better. Having the PID of 10 is better than having a PID of 23. This feature of RuneScape is as old as RuneScape itself: it has been there since the first iteration of the game, currently referred to as RuneScape Classic. Back in the good old and not so old days PID was stagnant and you were stuck with the one assigned to you once you logged in. The only way to change it was to relog. Oh, and players were able to see their PID’s. This meant that players had a limited amount of control over their PID’s. But this little limited control that they had was all that they needed. Players picked the system up quickly and figured out how to abuse it in various situations, dueling included. There are cases of players waiting for hours to get the best PID before dueling. And once they got it, all hell unleashed. Having a better PID tipped the scales a lot. Dueling against the same level opponent, but having a lower PID meant a huge increase in chances to win. If both players need only one hit to kill the other one, the one player with lower PID would win, because their hit would be calculated first. This system became so notorious and controversial, that with years, Jagex decided to hide PID from players and later to make it dynamic. Nowadays, PID changes randomly at an interval of 60 to 90 seconds. Despite the random nature of the modern PID system, it is still possible to figure out your position in this digital queue. Sort of. If you click “Follow” on another player and once they move, you move at the same time, without delay, that means that your PID is lower. If you move with a delay, yours is higher, meaning their actions take priority over yours. Since PID’s change constantly and you can only find whose is higher or lower with the “Follow” method, they don’t play such an important role anymore and, therefore, people started relying on other staking strategies.


Martingale System and Staking

The Martingale System is a system that comes straight from the gambling world. This makes it perfect for Duel Arena a.k.a Sand Casino. The system is very simple and very reliable: all you need to do is to stake twice the amount of gold you lost in the previous duel. Let’s say you start with 2m stake. Lost? Stake 4m next time. Lost again? Stake 8m. Once you win, begin with the 2m again. While it’s not too exciting, this system is guaranteed to bring you precious coins eventually. With the previous example, you will always come out with 2m gold on top. The starting stake depends on how much gold you have in total. If you can afford to go through an extensive losing streak, make your base stake bigger. If you can’t, then don’t. Play it safe and have a good amount of gold on you as a reserve. Keep in mind that you will need to find players who are willing to stake the amount you need to. Using this system against the same player multiple times might make them suspicious. Also, know that a lot of people are aware of this strategy: it’s not a secret, despite what shady ads on the internet might tell you.


The Safest Staking Method

Currently, dueling in OSRS is mostly based on luck, rather than skill. Since information on the internet is abundant, people can get a good idea of optimal itemization in a matter of minutes. One of the most iconic dueling weapons is abyssal tentacle and it is chosen for its reliability as well as good price.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Galarian Slowpoke: What Else is in Store for Them

While we have some qualms about Slowpokes and their use in Pokemon canon, plus the fact that people have eaten their tails in past games), it looks like we can look forward to the introduction of Pokemon Sword and Shield Slowpoke evolutions when the DLC begins to roll out from June 2020 onwards. Yes, we’re talking Galarian Slowpokes growing up, and boy, do they look cute.

These Galarian Slowpoke are already in the game, but you won’t be able to evolve them until the first of the two announced expansion DLC packs arrives in June 2020. According to the Direct, they’ve wandered over to this part of the world from the Isle of Armor, which means that we get to benefit from some sort of ecological displacement. Let’s not think too hard about that for now because honestly, they’re adorable.

Sporting a new yellow cap and tail unlike their early generation counterparts, Galarian Slowpoke still manages to retain the gormless expression that made so many of us fall in love with other versions of it over the years. You can currently already catch them due to a recent in-game patch for Pokemon Sword and Shield, so long as you first speak to Klara or Avery respectively with regards to the version of the game that you’ve got. Once you’ve done this, you just have to take yourself over to Wedgehurst Station where you’ll find a bunch of them milling about in the vicinity. They shouldn’t be too hard to get your mitts on, so pack a bag full of Poke Balls and persistence and you’ll be on your way to your own Galarian Slowpoke in no time.

We’re pretty stoked to see what the evolution of these Pokemon Sword and Shield Slowpoke end up being, so needless to say everyone here is frothing for the Isle of Armor DLC when it finally does drop. The Pokemon Direct did briefly show off what looked like sketches of Galarian Slowbro, even though it was only a glimpse, so it’ll be cool to see what this evolutionary chain ends up being later in the year. Is that a cape that we spy on what could be Galarian Slowking? Looking dapper!

Guide: Witch’s Potion OSRS Quest Easy & Fast Walkthrough

The novice Old School quest Witch’s Potion requires players to get four potion ingredients for Hetty, a witch in Rimmington. Here is a guide&cheap runescape gold for the Witch’s Potion OSRS quest to help you complete it easily and fast.

Basics of Witch’s Potion OSRS quest

OSRS Witch’s Potion quest is a Novice quest with no level requirements. To start this quest, you need to talk to Hetty in her house in Rimmington, south of Falador and west of Port Sarim.

Witch’s Potion OSRS quest walkthrough

1. Speak to Hetty OSRS to start this quest. She will tell you she is making a potion and needs four ingredients that she wants you to get: a rat’s tail, a piece of burnt meat, an eye of newt, and an onion.
2. To obtain a rat’s tail, kill a level 1 rat(they can be found in the archery shop west of Hetty’s house)
3. To obtain a piece of burnt meat, first head to the chapel south of Port Sarim and kill a giant rat and get the raw rat meat. Cook the raw rat meat on range in the house north of Hetty.
4. To obtain the eye of newt, head to the magic shop in Port Sarim and purchase one for 3 coins.
5. To obtain an onion, find and pick it from a field northwest of Rimmington (directly east of Melzar’s Maze) or in the backyard of Fred the Farmer’s farmhouse west of the sheep pen in Lumbridge.
6. After getting all these 4 items, return to Hetty and drink from the cauldron. Quest complete!

Hope this guide can help you to complete the Witch’s Potion OSRS Quest! Of course,you can buy cheap runescape gold from RS3gold.com, click our Live Chat and our team always online!

Warcraft 3 Reforged Carries

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How to Claim OSRS Twisted Horns & Other Rewards from Twisted League Shop

The Old School Twisted League has come to an end after two months. With the close of the rs 07 gold Twisted League, players can claim twisted horns OSRS and other twisted league rewards from the shop.

How to obtain & use twisted horns OSRS?

The twisted horns are one of the rewards for OSRS Twisted League. To obtain twisted horns, you need to head to OSRS League Reward Shop at Kourend Castle and purchase them for 6,000 League points.
Twisted horns OSRS can be used to create a twisted slayer helmet or twisted slayer helmet (i) by combining them with a slayer helmet or slayer helmet (i) respectively. Creating the twisted slayer helmet requires purchasing the ability Twisted Vision for 1,000 slayer reward points.

Enjoy more OSRS twisted league rewards

In addition to twisted horns, you can also get the following twisted league rewards from the League Reward Shop:
Twisted Banner – 750 League points
Twisted Teleport Scroll – 750 League points
Twisted Blueprints – 4,000 League points
Twisted Relichunter (T1) – 1,000 League points
Twisted Relichunter (T2) – 2,500 League points
Twisted Relichunter (T3) – 10,000 League points
Moreover, you can also get Twisted League Trophies from the Twisted League based on your rank.

Have you got twisted horns and other OSRS twisted league rewards?

Snorunt Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide: Where to Get This Little Icy Triangle

So you’ve picked up Pokemon Sword and Shield over the holidays, and you’re trying to fill out your Pokedex. We get it: we’re collecting fiends too, and who doesn’t want to be the best trainer that there ever was? If you’re trying to get your mitts on one particular Ice-type Pokemon that’s shaped deceivingly like an onigiri, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our Snorunt Pokemon Sword and Shield location guide.

If you’re someone that’s after a Snorunt, then you’re definitely going to have to be prepared to brave some pretty extreme weather to get one. These little buggers’ Pokedex entry describes them as follows, “It’s said that if they are seen at midnight, they’ll cause heavy snow,” after all. It’s only fitting that to find a Snorunt in Pokemon Sword and Shield will mean that it has to be entier during snowy or snowstorm conditions.

We’ve outlined the various locations that you can find a Snorunt, along with the relevant weather condition necessary for them to waddle right into your path:

  • Dappled Grove (snowing or snowstorm)
  • East Lake Axewell (snowing)
  • Giant’s Cap (snowing or snowstorm)
  • Giant’s Seat (snowing or snowstorm)
  • Hammerlocke Hills (snowing or snowstorm)
  • North Lake Miloch (snowing or snowstorm)
  • Route 8 (any weather)
  • South Lake Miloch (snowing)
  • Watchtower Ruins (snowing or snowstorm)
  • West Lake Axewell (snowing)

Essentially, if you’re not wanting to have to worry about whether it needs to be absolutely pelting down with that white while you’re adventuring in Pokemon Sword and Shield, then you’re just going to want to make a beeline for Route 8 to find your Snorunt regardless of the weather conditions in-game. The chance of picking one up is about 25% on this route, so honestly, making the trek out to somewhere like Giant’s Seat might not even be all that worth it.

Now that you’ve got a better handle on the Snorunt Pokemon Sword and Shield locations, getting one of your own should be relatively easy.

WoW Token Guide – What is it and how can it help you

On top of that, WoW Token can be exchanged for the Blizzard Entertainment account balance. It means that you can get games from their online store and paid features in their other products by farming gold and exchanging it for WoW Tokens. The amount of currency added depends on the region of the account – for Europe, it is set at 13 EUR, for America 15 USD and for Great Britain 10 GBP. It is worth noting that Token from the Auction House is always listed on a server-wide exchange unlike other items in this place. buy wow classic gold cheap

WoW Token from the in-game shop via real money

Follow the instructions below, if you want to purchase a Token at the Blizzard Entertainment store for your real currency.

Open in-game store through the “Escape” key menu or by a button placed at UI.

Select the WoW Token on the left side of the shop.

You will be informed about the price and you can confirm it through the Buy Now button.

You will be redirected to the webpage that shows all the necessary information, make sure to check all of them and select the payment method if everything looks fine.

After the payment process is completed you will receive a Token directly to your bag. There will be also mail sent to your email which confirms the purchase.

Go to the Auction House and talk to any Auctioneer NPC.

Right-click the Token which you want to sell to create an auction. The price of the Token will be predetermined and cannot be changed by the player.

Now that your Token is up there you can check current prices and prediction of how much time will it take to sell it. If everything is fine click on the Create Auction button.

A warning will pop up which informs you that you won’t be able to cancel this auction later on.

After the Token is sold you will receive its full price that you have confirmed before.

Go to any Auction House and speak with Auctioneer NPC.

Choose the “Game Time” option on the left side of the menu. You will be taken to the screen where the current price of the Token is shown. There is no bidding – only a straight buyout option.

Click the ‘Buyout’ button to purchase Token.

Your purchase will be sent to the mailbox so make sure to take it out before it expires.

There is an account-wide restriction that won’t let you purchase WoW Token when you have one already listed on the Auction House.

Battle-net balance features

You can Battle-net balance by adding a real money to your account or by exchanging Tokens for it. Here is what you can spend it on afterward:

Digital editions of Blizzard Entertainment games including special editions

Character services: appearance change, realm transfer, etc.

In-game shop items including special mounts, pets, and cosmetics

Paid items and services in other Blizzard Entertainment games

How to Unlearn a Profession in World of Warcraft Classic

One aspect of gaming in World of Warcraft Classic is learning a Profession. Professions have many advantages for players and help to customize their gaming experience. Professions allow players to earn money in the game and allows them to get specific gear for their professions.

Learning professions are a huge investment of time, and in some cases money, for a player. It is important to choose a profession that will be beneficial to their play style. Some easy to gain professions in the early stages of the game may not be desirable as a player continues further in the game. If a player chooses a profession and decides that they want to change their profession, they are able to do that.

What follows is a brief explanation of professions and how to learn them. Then we will explain how to unlearn a profession.

Types of Professions

There are several categories of professions in Classic WOW. Each category has its advantages for players, as well as disadvantages. Depending on a player’s play-style, one category may be better suited for them than others. Players are allowed to learn up to two professions at a time.

Crafting professions allow players to create items in the game. Crafting involves taking raw materials to create items such as weapons and armor. This skill can be used to create items to sell to other players or NPCs, as well as items for their own use. Crafting professions include blacksmithing, tailoring, alchemy, leatherworking, engineering, and enchanting.

Gathering professions involve gathering of materials. This profession is good for when players are leveling. They can also sell items to vendors and auction houses. Players can also duel-skill with crafting to increase their profits. Gathering professions include mining, herbalism, and skinning.

Players can also learn all three secondary professions. These professions are first aid, fishing, and cooking.

Learning a Profession

To learn a profession in Classic WOW, a player must first find a trainer. Trainers for various professions can be found all over the game world. If a player does not want to wander aimlessly to find a trainer, they should head to a city. Cities will allow you to find a trainer for any profession in the game. Once in a city, they can speak to a guard. The guard will guide them to the nearest trainer for whatever profession they need.

Unlearning a Profession

Much like in the real world, some players may want to change their profession. To unlearn a profession and start training on a new one, the process is pretty simple.

Players need to open their Character Info page. Click on the Skills tab and find the profession they wish to unlearn. They can then click the unlearn button on the right side of the bar. This will allow the player to unlearn the skill.

Once a player has unlearned a skill, they will lose all the progress they have made for that profession. If a player decides they want to relearn a profession, they will start back at level 1. This is something to be aware of when unlearning a profession.

How to Obtain and Spend RS Adamant Item Tokens for More

Do you want more RS adamant item tokens? The only way to get them is to convert smithable adamant items after the rs3 gold Mining and Smithing rework. What’s more, from us you can also learn how to spend these tokens for more.

Only way to obtain RS Adamant item token 

Adamant item token was added in RS Mining and Smithing rework that begun in January 2019. Upon the completion of the rework, there is no other way to earn adamant item token. You can only get these tokens by converting smithable adamant items. Different items can be used to exchange for different amount of tokens. And you can be able to get 5-100 adamant item tokens based on the adamant items you use.

How to use RS Adamant item token?

After getting the adamant item tokens, you can go to the Artisans’ Workshop to spend them, which is located in the south-east corner of Falador. Near the entrance of Artisans’ Workshop you can find the metal token exchange trader Elof. Then you can use adamant item tokens to buy adamant items or adamant salvage from him. And the token cost varies between 10 and 50.

Click here to know how many adamant item tokens you can get and spend.

In a word, the ways of getting and spending RS adamant item token are revealed.

Locations of Thunder Stone Pokemon Sword and Shield

So you’ve got Pokemon Sword and Shield, and you’re wanting to start shaping your team. At the highest echelons of play, you’re going to need to have your Pokemon properly evolved and raring to go. Now, whether you’re a classic Pikachu fan or after something a little more exotic, you’re going to need one of the elemental stones to achieve this goal. Check out our Thunder Stone Pokemon Sword and Shield locationguide for where to find one.

So, you’re wanting to get your hands on a Thunder Stone. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, you’ll be able to employ it on the following critters:

  • Grubbin - to turn it into a Charjabug
  • Pikachu - to turn it into a Raichu
  • Eevee - to turn it into a Jolteon

Now, the tough part is probably actually finding one. Well, the good news is that it actually isn’t as difficult as you think, given the fact that you can have multiple ways of picking up a Thunder Stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield. First, you might want to hit up the Digging Duo who flit around in the Wild Rea by Bridge Field. If you pay them in Watts, they’ll dig up pretty much anything (read: what they give you is random), but you have a chance to obtain a Thunder Stone from this particular lottery.

Another method of acquiring a Thunder Stone is to go to the North Lake Miloch section of the Wild Area. If you keep your eyes peeled for the nearby bridge, you can’t miss the hill jutting out to the south of it. Right here, you’ll find a Pokeball with a Thunder Stone. If you find that you need more than one of these bad boys, and you’ve unlocked the ability for your Rotom Bike to walk on water, head to the little isle on the other side of the Lake of Outrage with a Stonehenge-esque formation of rocks dotting it. Each rock will have a random evolution stone under it, which means that you have the chance of getting a Thunder Stone out of this. They also respawn, so you can check back in a couple of hours once you’ve depleted the supply.

Now that you know a few of the Thunder Stone Pokemon Sword and Shield locations, getting one should be easy as pie.