Is WoW Classic Worth Playing

Recently, many wow classic fans are discussing these questions:

Should I play wow classic now?

Is it too late to start wow classic?

Is wow classic worth playing?

Is wow classic still popular?

Is it worth starting classic wow?

Well, if you are trying to figure it out that whether World of Warcraft is worth playing or not, then the answer you’ll get here is almost certainly!

WoW Classic is a great leveling game which makes it a great way to kill time. It just feels fun to level and get new talents, abilities, better gear and etc. So if you don’t like Retail, Classic is worth your time to bother with and you’d rather play in your spare time.

Classic wow took us back to simpler times for a whole generation, and its true magic is found in encouraging dynamic player interactions, an active world, an amazing community, challenging quests and accountability from players, that’s why it is still popular now. It is never too late to get into classic wow. It will take you a few weeks to reach 60 and farm up some pre-bis items for more serious raiding. You can join AQ20 or ZG groups for some quick loot. It’s an excellent time to start fresh, and you can really invest much time into it.

Here would like to share the reasons why wow classic is worth playing. Some content of this article is quoted from a player WillE’s video.

Let’s kick it off with the positives tbc is very likely to be a thing and I would expect it to be announced at Blizzcon 2021 which is in February. Our current servers will be progressive just as they were back in vanilla, so you should be able to continue on with your character once again. Now it is a good time to sort yourself out that you should have a character of level 58 to be able to get through the dark portal on release date. Maybe you’ve heard a lot of good things about tbc that there are many improvements or you just started playing back then. That’s your favorite expansion, and you can get some wow classic gold ready to jump into the tbc. Get yourself set up with bags. Pick your professions and classes you’d like to have. Maybe you can put enough away to get a flying mount at level 70.

I think the whole world will be incredibly active for a very long time post launch. On top of this assuming progressive servers, you should look into what kind of server may fit you best at the start of classic.

Here’s a warlock I was leveling on the horde side just for the sake of completionist for companion pets and cooking recipes. Anyway without going out of my way to grind classic wow gold at all. I just have mining and skinning leveling as I normally would I’m level 36 with 82 gold. I could have 500 to 600 gold by 60 or somewhere around that mark which is only a couple hours grind from your epic mount. I’d recommend trying to pick up before tbc, because even if you save enough gold for flying and you still have to level all the way to 70 before you’ll be able to use it. Epic mounts are just a great investment.

If you’re on a server that you perhaps started with your friends and you might not really have a reason to be there anymore because they stopped playing a story. I heard that it could be the time to transfer to a more brighter prospect for the future now. If you have a sub running at all at the moment. Don’t forget you can log into a server that you think fit you. Do a slash shoe in leveling zones in dungeons, just ask in the general chat, try google a server discord and engage the popularity for yourself.

I was considering a new server and finding groups leveling. In my experience it has changed over time. I think on pvp servers, there is far more boosting whereas on pve rp or even rp pvp. There are much more players leveling normally and forming groups. I believe there’s a larger population of hardcore players who gravitate towards pvp. The game is the end game now, so the journey to get to 60 which has led to this kind of thing, so you should be aware of that if you enjoy doing dungeons and a lot of group stuff while leveling.

If you are level 47 and you’re coming back now. You’re gonna to have a real grind ahead of you or just have friends in the right places that can help a lot as well. If your guild’s still doing AQ40 for the nature stuff and frost resist for saffron your consumables, it’s all gonna be pretty gold intensive for an upcoming player if you are mega keen on seeing knacks, the best way to go would be join a server discord. On the subject of getting back into raids, it certainly helps if you are a class slash spec which is in high demand, coming back now is enhancement.

It’s not entirely as positive of an outlook as it was back in February, a lot of the big end game goals for raiding high-level pvp which still require a lot of grind to catch up to. There are still a good number of reasons to give classic a try. If you love that expansion more, so classic maybe the correct time to prepare your character for that. I personally still find leveling rewarding at any point in time. Dungeon groups are still going as well, it just varies a bit from server to server. The pop scene for 20 man’s modern core is basically gonna be a thing up until tbc releases. If you ever wanted a taste of 40 man raids or just the end game at the entry level, it’s very accessible getting into pvp will be harder now.

Naxxramas gear is just insane for the majority of classes. At this point TBC is going to complete off the charts and raiding some ceramics that will need some real grind. If you aren’t reach level 60 yet between playing an in-demand class, farming your consumables, farming your resist gear and just finding a solid guild in general. That is capable of seeing the raid. I strongly believe blizzard will keep some version of classic servers around or perhaps even have fresh servers, so don’t let this totally demotivate you. I hope that helped you make your decision.

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