Chance to Get New RS Santa Paws Outfit & Previous Outfits from Oddments Store

Do you own RS Felix pet? If you said yes, here comes the chance to get the new RS Santa Paws outfit and previous outfits from the runescape gold Oddments Store.

Obtain new RS Santa Paws outfit

When RS Catwalk Treasure Hunter promotion was active in 2019 and 2020, two outfits the Meowsketeer outfit and the Sameowrai outfit was added to the game. From January 25th 2021, there is a chance to purchase these two outfits and the new Santa Paws outfit from the Oddments Store.
RS Santa Paws outfit has three pieces which is sold as one single piece. The Sameowrai and Meowsketeer costumes are sold in 7 individual pieces. For each item you already own, you can get 15% discount for the remaining parts, which means there will be a discount if you have six out of seven pieces. In addition, if you purchase the outfits from the Oddments Store, you can also unlock the prestige versions and all the new fur textures.

How to obtain RS Felix pet?

If you haven’t got Felix, it can be claimed for free from RS Oddments Store. This pet can also be unlocked by opening Treasure Hunter during the Catwalk promotion for the first time.
Felix can be customised with 5 different outfits, and each of the outfit is made up of individual components.

Will you purchase RS Santa Paws outfit from the Oddments Store?

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