WoW weekly reset brings nerfs for Druids, Mages, and Paladins in PvP

World of Warcraft‘s weekly reset is still a day away, but we’ve got a decent idea of what’s on the way. Blizzard has posted lists of hotfixes and PvP changes to its forum and website before the big day.

Once the update hits players will do 20% less damage to Death Knights, Hunters, and Warlock pets in PvP. When it comes to 2v2 Arenas, Dampening will kick off at 20% when both teams have either a tank or healer in their ranks. Druids are receiving a slight nerf as Convoke the Spirits will longer cast Full Moon and Feral Frenzy when you’re fighting enemy players. Mages’ Triune Ward and Infernal Cascade are also being nerfed while Paladin’s World of Glory spell will provide less healing.

Outside of PvP, Shamans can now use the Spiritwalker’s Grace ability while channelling Fae Transfusion without interrupting its channel. You can also use Fleshcraft while moving when using Spiritwalker’s Grace. There are some minor fixes for Torghast, Tower of the Damned, too. The Hunter’s Neural Pet Enhancer should no longer be retained on your pet while using Eyes of the Beast, and an issue with Rogue’s Unceasing Chain Link should be fixed, too.

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OSRS Is Coming to Steam This February with Steam Goodies

Here comes the good news that OSRS is coming to Steam this February. With its release, rs07 gold players are able to play OSRS on Steam if they want.

Release date of OSRS on Steam

According to the recent official news, OSRS is coming to Steam on February 24th 2021. After its release, players are able to play OSRS on Steam.
OSRS coming to Steam will bring the game to new places, find new adventurers from new locations, and make this game a more accessible, more cross-platform MMORPG that players can enjoy anywhere. The launch of the game on Steam will connect the game to a huge new community of PC gamers.

Add OSRS to Steam wishlist

Before the game coming to Steam, you could check out the OSRS Steam page ( in advance and add the game to your Steam wishlist if you want.
At launch, you will be able to login with your Steam account. If you already have an OSRS account, you can link your existing account to Steam. In addition, there will be some special goodies on Steam, including Steam Achievements, Badges and Emoticons. The Trading Cards will come shortly after the game launch.

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Pokemon Go: Details of Team Go Rocket Celebration

Pokemon Go is having a celebration centered around Team Rocket GO. Now, you might have some questions about why we would be celebrating these criminals, and we do too.

It sounds like when the event kicks off on February 2 at 10 am, we will start to understand more.

What can we expect from the event? The Pokemon Go website outlines which Pokemon will be a part of the celebration.

Swinub, Nosepass, Aron, Spheal, Lileep, Anorith, and a few more Pokemon will be available in Shadow form to catch and purify. Team Rocket Grunts will also have different Pokemon in their party for the event’s duration to make battles feel a bit refreshing.

Some Pokemon will appear in the wild more often during the celebration. You’ll be able to find more encounters with Golbat, Koffing, Ariados, Qwilfish, Sneasel, Houndour, Nuzleaf, Stunky, Skorupi, and Venipede. All classic Pokemon from Team Rocket over the years.

Here’s a list of Pokemon that will appear in raids during the celebration.

  • One-star raids: Alolan Meowth, Alolan Grimer, Gligar, Sneasel, Shinx, and Klink.
  • Three-star raids: Nidoqueen, Ariados, Umbreon, Tyranitar, and Absol.
  • Five-star raids: Raikou and Suicune will both be appearing at different times. Please see the February events blog for more info on the Raid Boss schedule in February.
  • Mega Raids: Mega Venusaur, Mega Ampharos, and Mega Houndoom.

As an added bonus, when you place an egg in an incubator during the event, it will only require half the amount of distance traveled as usual. So be sure to stock up on some extra egg incubators.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about the Team Go Rocket Pokemon Go Celebration Event.

Learn More of RuneScape Soul Wars and Minigames Changes

More updates for Soul Wars! These include the exciting new Clan vs Clan mode – are you ready to accept the challenge?

What is Soul Wars Osrs?

Soul Wars is a members-only team minigame, a remake of the original Soul Wars released in RuneScape on 10 February 2009. In Soul Wars, two opposing teams compete against each other to gather soul fragments and offer them to the Soul Obelisk in order to weaken, and ultimately defeat, each other’s Avatars through combat

Soul Wars Changes

Grouping for the Soul Wars minigame has been rebalanced. Right now players can choose their teams, which sometimes means that one team is much stronger.

- The blue waiting area has been changed into the Soul Wars waiting area (which now has a white barrier).
- All players looking to join a game are put in this same waiting area.
- When a game starts, players are automatically assigned a team.
- Combat level is used to keep the two teams approximately even.
- The unnecessary green portal is removed.

Clan Vs Clan

The red waiting area has been reworked into a clan waiting area (and now has a snazzy purple border). This area can be used on any world, but the player must still meet the Soul Wars requirements (total level, Combat level, tutorial completion and membership).

Within the waiting area, clan members can challenge each other to Soul Wars games. Only clan members ranked Captain and above can issue and accept a challenge. Challenges can’t be issued to members of the same clan. Once issued, the challenge will show up in the Chat Box and players must click to accept.

Upon accepting a challenge, players see a confirmation screen. Once both hit accept, the game begins! If either player closes the screen, the challenge is cancelled.

Once underway, folk in the waiting area who are part of the two challenging clans will be pulled into the game. One clan is assigned the red team and the other the blue team. From this point, the game mostly progresses as normal. However, actions in a clan game don’t contribute to statistics on the lobby scoreboard. Zeal is given for clan games, but only at a 1/3 of the usual rate.

Leaving a clan game does not apply a leaver’s penalty like normal games. Players with a leaver’s penalty can still join clan games.

Other Changes

- You will now always unfreeze at the end of a Soul Wars game.
- Time remaining messages are now handled by the server. This should stop them from appearing twice.
- Spoils of War can no longer be opened in Glarial’s Tomb and Koschei’s Arena:
- We’ve also added a few more NPCs to the list of spectral creatures that give Prayer XP while you have the Ectoplasmator:
- – Nazastarool
- – Barbarian spirits (all types)
- – Tree spirit (Lost City)
- – Temple Trekking Shadows

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OSRS Freeing Skrach Uglogwee Guide

Skarch Uglogwee needs to be protected from the Culinaromancer and to do that you’ll have to feed him a cooked jubbly bird. This bird is the most delicious Chompy in the Feldip Hills.

Skill Requirements

· 41 Cooking

· 20 Fire Making

Quest Requirements

· Big Chompy Bird Hunting

Items Required

· An axe

· A Raw Chompy (Multiple if you have a low cooking level)

· An Iron Spit (Can be made on an anvil with an iron bar)

· A log

· A tinderbox

· A pickaxe

· Ogre bellows

· A ball of wool

· An ogre or comp ogre bow with ogre arrows

Recommended Items

· A Dramen or Lunar staff (To access the fairy ring)

· A Feldip hills teleport

· Amulet of glory (To access Karamja)

· Anti-Poison

· A chisel, knife, feathers and a weapon if you are making your own ogre arrows

Make your way to the Lumbridge castle and inspect Skarch Uglogwee. Gypsy Aris will tell you that to unfreeze him, you’ll have to feed him a jubbly chompy bird. She will also suggest you talk to Rantz in Feldip Hills.

Rants lives east of the Feldip Hills, near the water. Just look for him in the north-eastern part, outside the cave. An easier way to get to the hills is using the fairy ring (a*k*s). Talk to him and he’ll agree to help you under one condition, that is to help him travel to Karamja to make some type of a potion.

At the end of the conversation, he’ll ask you to meet him south-east of the cave. So just follow the coastline towards the south and then east from where you first talked to him. Upon reaching, you’ll come across an old tree just at the water’s edge (right next to the willow trees). Talk to him again, and he’ll ask you to cut down the old tree to turn it into a boat. Use your hatchet on the tree twice and a crude boat will be ready.

Make sure that you have both raw chompies and logs before heading to Kramaja. The items can be bought from the Grand Exchange or you can kill some chompies near to where you’re standing, as well as cut willows using your hatchet for some logs.

The quickest way to karamja is using the fairy ring (c*k*r) or using a Tai Bwo Wannai Teleport scroll. Once you’ve reached, head north-west of the village (Tai Bwo Wannai) and south-west from the general store. You’ll come across a beach, where you’ll have to look for a small palm tree with an ogre arrow on it (The area will be marked with a transportation sign on your mini-map). Now you’ll follow the below steps: Start a fire under the palm tree

1. Use the iron spit on the chompy

2. Cook the chompy on the fire

If it is successfully cooked, the Rantz’s kids will bring the boat and take you back to Rantz.

Talk to Rantz, and he’ll ask you to make a balloon toad use as bait. So, first, go to the swamp just west of Rantz and fill your Ogre Bellows with Swamp Bubbles. Now, find a swamp toad nearby and use the bellows on it to get a bloated toad item in your inventory. Next, head west of the swamp just next to the fairy ring and mine one of the 3 piles of rocks. In the end, when you have all the items in your inventory (rock, toad and a ball of wool), use the bellows on the bloated toad once more to get a balloon toad.

Make sure that the ogre bellows is filled with swamp bubbles or else it won’t work.

Go to the south area of Rantz’s cave or the area east of the gnome glider and drop the balloon toad. In any case, if no bird spawns in those areas, you can place the toad next to the blue flower in the grounds just like in the quest ‘Hunting Chompy Bird’. Once placed, wait for a Jubbly (level 11) and kill it once it appears with your ogre bow. Pluck it, take the meat and then cook it on Rantz’s spit just outside his cave.

Once you have the cooked jubbly meat, go back to the Lumbridge castle and give it to Skarch which will result in the quest being completed.

Quest Rewards

- 1 quest point

- 1,500 Woodcutting experience

- 1,500 Cooking experience

- 1,500 Crafting experience

- 1,500 Ranged experience

- Able to use the boat trip to travel between Karamja and Feldip Hills. (You must pay a fee of chompies or exotic herbs that can be found on Karamja, such as rogue’s purse.)

- (Further) access to the Culinaromancer’s chest

- The ability to hunt Jubblies. (Counts for 1 point when hunting Chompies, though provides more range experience when killed, and Big Bones as a drop when killed, and the Raw jubbly gives more experience when cooked than a Raw chompy).

- 2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice

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Chance to Get New RS Santa Paws Outfit & Previous Outfits from Oddments Store

Do you own RS Felix pet? If you said yes, here comes the chance to get the new RS Santa Paws outfit and previous outfits from the runescape gold Oddments Store.

Obtain new RS Santa Paws outfit

When RS Catwalk Treasure Hunter promotion was active in 2019 and 2020, two outfits the Meowsketeer outfit and the Sameowrai outfit was added to the game. From January 25th 2021, there is a chance to purchase these two outfits and the new Santa Paws outfit from the Oddments Store.
RS Santa Paws outfit has three pieces which is sold as one single piece. The Sameowrai and Meowsketeer costumes are sold in 7 individual pieces. For each item you already own, you can get 15% discount for the remaining parts, which means there will be a discount if you have six out of seven pieces. In addition, if you purchase the outfits from the Oddments Store, you can also unlock the prestige versions and all the new fur textures.

How to obtain RS Felix pet?

If you haven’t got Felix, it can be claimed for free from RS Oddments Store. This pet can also be unlocked by opening Treasure Hunter during the Catwalk promotion for the first time.
Felix can be customised with 5 different outfits, and each of the outfit is made up of individual components.

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Tips to Destroy Apple & Tomato Produce Boxes in Fortnite

The Week 8 Challenges are live in Fortnite, and in response to these Week 8 Challenges being available, Fortnite players have taken to the internet to seek out the best way to complete them all.

Included in these searches are questions regarding how to go about destroying apple and tomato produce boxes at Orchard Farmers Market.

To simplify this task, we’ve put together a quick guide explaining how to destroy apple and tomato produce boxes at the Orchard Farmers Market in Fortnite.

The first step when it comes to destroying apple and tomato produce boxes at the Orchard Farmers Market in Fortnite is finding the correct location. In the map image above, we’ve circled where you can find the Orchard Farmers Market in Fortnite.

You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see a building with a sign in the shape of a llama with a chicken on its back with text that reads: “Farmers Market, Locally Grown, Always Fresh.”

Once you’ve determined you’re in the correct location, explore the exterior of the building and look for boxes (crates) of produce.

You should see a variety of different types right outside the entrance to the Orchard Farmers Market building. When you see these, all you need to do is either shoot and destroy them, or use your Pickaxe to destroy them.

The Week 8 Challenge lists that you need to destroy (3) but we found it to be way more fun to destroy as many as we could before moving on to the next challenge.

After you’ve destroyed the requisite amount of apple and tomato produce boxes at Orchard Farmers Market in Fortnite, you should see a notification that you’ve completed the task and have earned 20,000 XP for your trouble.

With that Week 8 Challenge crossed off the list, you can start other challenges like driving a car through the corn field at Steel Farm, or delivering a truck to Sunflower’s Farm.

You could also complete any outstanding Jungle Hunter Challenges that you have left in order to get the Predator Outfit in Fortnite. What you do next is entirely up to you.

How to Transfer from wow classic Vanilla to BC?

I want to talk about the transfer methods from vanilla to BC. If you remember that old survey back in March: they pulled people of four different ways into moving into the expansion.

1. Start a brand new character from Level 1 on a new Burning Crusade server

2. Start a brand new character from Level 58 on a new Burning Crusade server

3. All existing servers transfer to burning crusade, and you have the option of transferring off to permanent (non-fresh) 60 cap vanilla servers

4. All existing servers stay capped at 60 vanilla servers, and you have the option of transferring off to new servers that progress to the burning crusade.

Everybody can vote on this, so we can get an idea of what blizzard is looking at, but first let me cover them each and each method has their good sides and downsides.

Let’s start with Option 1 which is fresh level 1 positives. That is a fresh start, the idea of starting fresh is appealing to a lot of people. Some people ask: is it too late to start classic, regardless of the game people don’t like starting it when everybody else is way ahead of them, classic case fullness rammus gear, a ton of wow classic gold and so on. Sure they can get gear fast, my guild disenchants, and quite a lot of AQ gear at this point.

I think the major issue is that people don’t necessarily want to be fast tracked unless they’re a streamer.

The normal person just wants a fresh and even start day one with everyone else. That’s the major poll of fresh one servers. The economies are in shambles due to blizzard’s poor policing of botting and multi-boxing are reset specifically regarding multi-boxing. That’s banned now, so fresh servers would have a better economy for that alone.

Now just how many people would actually go back remains to be seen that’s the purpose of the survey questions but the door remains open with this method, and this leads me to the downsides.

The downside 1 is that although the door is open again, we don’t know how many people will go through it. The characters are still there on the server, but my prediction is that the average player is going to play on a fresh new bc server over a game. It’s an additional server at some points, so having these fresh servers from one server, offering no solution to the threat of all of the servers.

The downside 2 is the yang to positive one starting from scratch can be as bad as it is good. I’m sure not everybody wants to start from level one, and they want to take their characters with all of their gear and items and gold pvp titles into bc, so this would be a forced restart for everyone which would definitely cause some controversy.

The downside 3 is subjective, that’s the fact that this obviously isn’t how we transferred to bc back in 07. The way it worked is that bc came out and every server forcibly progressed, so the idea is that this option goes against no changes.

If you’re curious but moving on to Option 2: from Level 58. This shares all of the positives and negatives of method one instead an additional positive is that at least you don’t have to level again, you wouldn’t take your gear vanilla wow gold or other items but at least you don’t need to level. The downside is that you don’t need to level, and just completely kills the old world. Although it’s not specified, I’m assuming it’s only a one-time thing and you can’t spam 58s. If that were the case, that would be super broken. Because you could spam transmute alts and make primal mites spell cloth, and other similar items completely worthless, but if it’s just at level 58, there are plenty of people focus on one character, they have just one level 60 because that’s all they have time for, so this method would result in 90% of the eastern kingdoms and kalimdor to be completely abandoned, which is just plain unhealthy the expansion. Of course you can focus on the outland but vanilla is still a huge part of the game. A big draw of MMOs is that online sprawling world and everywhere you go, there’s something going on. I just think that 95% of the population being loaded directly into these seven zones into the outland would be plain wrong, because we’re playing the world of warcraft, not the world of outland.

Option 3: the first positive point is that a lot of people don’t think about. In my opinion because it’s sort of hidden in plain sight, and this is the best option for combating against servers. With this method, the population of all of the servers we have right now maintains into bc, assuming that my prediction of most players moving forward to bc is correct. That’s really important and blizzard can make an amount of permanent non-fresh 60 servers appropriate to the people who would play permanent non-fresh 60 servers and as long as they don’t make too many, these servers would actually have enough people to support. The people could find guilds, run raids and all that good stuff, it wouldn’t maintain the non-fresh communities but it wouldn’t maintain the non-fresh population relative to the amount of servers they end up.

The second positive point is that this maintain established communities for those who want to move into bc again. Most people who want to play vanilla forever will do that through fresh servers where they just keep restarting over and over, and they always have something to work towards, so this option will be the most healthy and maintaining the current server communities, so you would see the same people and same guild that you see.

The third positive point is that you keep your actual character that you leveled and Geared pretty self-explanatory, and you no need to reset progress.

Option 4: we have all servers stay vanilla and you have the option to transfer to burning crusade. I think the only upside is that if people choose to stay non-fresh vanilla, your community remains intact but if people choose to play vanilla forever, they’re going to roll in fresh anyways. One of the survey question asks for where players will spend their most time with non-fresh 60? It isn’t even listed as an option. I think that all of these servers would be leached from both fresh and bc servers, so you’re having all of these original servers that have a high potential of just dying as the population migrates away, so I think this is the best option.

People keep their characters communities remain relatively intact and most importantly as opposed to the other three options, this is the method that best combats servers dying. We have now theoretically would remain relatively the same and for what I predict to be a small percentage of the people who want to play forever on the non-fresh 60 lock servers. Blizzard can make a few of those and retain a healthy population, this option I think would be the healthiest for bc, fresh and non-fresh. Personally I will vote for this and I also predict that’s what blizzard will do, because I think it’s the safest option and they usually go with the safe choice.

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OSRS Bounty Hunter Reward Shop Closure

When we removed the ability to earn new rewards through Bounty Hunter last August, we warned that we would close the Bounty Hunter Reward Shop at the beginning of December. We decided to leave it open one more month so we could remind you one last time, and now that time has come!

The Bounty Hunter Reward Shop has now closed and all existing Archaic and Antique Emblems have been removed, although you may still encounter the former on Deadman Worlds, where you will still be able to trade them as before.

All four God Wars Dungeon generals now have their own shared Ironman instances. If you’re an Ironman, upon entering one of the boss rooms, you’ll be transported to the shared Ironman instance. Regular players can’t enter this space, although other Iron players can, which means you have much less chance of being inconvenienced during your battle.

The ‘Peek’ option at the door of each room will show you how many players are already in the Ironman instance for that boss. You can also check the braziers outside the rooms – if the brazier is lit, that means someone’s in there.

Regular players won’t see these braziers or be able to access the Ironman instances

Leagues II – Trailblazer

We’ve been doing a bit of housekeeping in the League Hall this week, including frantically scribbling the names of the Trailblazer Top 100 on your League Hall scroll.

We’ve also increased the maximum number of rooms in a Player Owned House to 34, to accommodate the League Hall.

There’s a security change, too – you’ll now need a Bank PIN to access the Leagues Reward Shop. You can never be too careful!

In Other News

The Castle Wars scoreboard now includes a counter showing how many games you’ve played.
The Chambers of Xeric Party Board will now let you unselect the Challenge Mode option correctly.
Some unintended safe spots in the Vanstrom Klause boss fight have been removed.
The combat levels of Robert the Strong and a certain elven traitor have been increased to better match their combat difficulty ratings.
Some remnants of the Christmas event near the Goblin Village have been reverted. Keen sledders will be happy to know that the Sled Racing section will still remain accessible via the cave in Goblin Village.
Mithril seeds can once again be planted in Banks and the Grand Exchange on Deadman worlds.
The Grubby Chest in the Forthos Dungeon now has a ‘Check’ option which tells you how many times you’ve opened it.
When crafting leather items requiring more than one bit of leather, the animation will no longer continue to play after you run out.
The message which tells you to bring a lockpick, or that you’ve failed to pick a lock on various doors around Ardougne and the deep Wilderness, will no longer be filtered.
If you’ve already had a Clue Scroll from a monkey in your Backpack, you’ll be gently reminded of this fact when you try to bribe them with more bananas.
Zuk’s shield no longer vanishes right as he dies.
Some text has been corrected in the Thieving Skill Guide.
Players with no display name are now barred from Last Man Standing until they set one.
We’ve had a word with the Estate Agent and they’ve fixed the issues with inconsistent flooring in the Snowy Themed Player Owned House League Hall.
Some crates in the Waterfall Quest have been given a stern talking to and will no longer give messages implying that they are actually chests.

Info on Upcoming Foreshadowing in RS Once Upon A Time Quest Series

It has been confirmed that Foreshadowing in RS Once Upon A Time rs gold miniquest series is coming this month. Some information on the first RS Foreshadowing is revealed.

RS Once Upon A Time miniquest series

According to the latest official news post and Tweet, there will be a year-long miniquest series to celebrate RS Anniversary 2021. RS Once Upon a Time quest series will be a four-part quest series, and the first entry in the Once Upon a Time quest series named Foreshadowing will be released on January 25th 2021.

What can we know about RS Foreshadowing?

The game has been holding 20th Anniversary events throughout this January, but this looks to be the biggest one yet. The develop team has revealed some information on the update on Jan. 25th. After this update, members are able to embark on a journey through RS’ past, present and future with a party, which is hosted by Relomia at the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock. There will be lots of famous faces in attendance.
As the first entry in the Once Upon a Time quest series, RS Foreshadowing may give us a surprise. We will update our news if there is more detailed information on RS3 Foreshadowing and Once Upon A Time miniquest series.

Are you looking forward to RS3 Once Upon A Time and Foreshadowing?