OSRS Fishing Boss Tempoross Guide: Location & Fight Mechanics

The latest Tempoross Poll Blog has revealed more information on OSRS fishing boss Tempoross. Here you could learn the location and rs07 gold fight mechanics of Tempoross OSRS.

Where to fight against Tempoross OSRS?

When this new OSRS fishing boss is released, you will be able to secure safe passage to the Sea Spirit Dock via a small group of rowing boats ferrying you from Al Kharid. You will face Tempoross between two boats, and each boat will have two cannons. Fishing spots will spawn on the North and South sides of the island.

Information on OSRS Tempoross fighting

Some information on Tempoross’s fight has been revealed in the Tempoross Poll Blog. During the fight against new OSRS fishing boss, there are Phase 1: Storm and Phase 2: Coalesce. Tempoross has three important stats that you will need be aware of:
Energy – Behaves like regenerating armour and is reduced in Phase 1.
Spirit – Behaves like Health and is reduced in Phase 2.
Storm Intensity – Phase 1 failure timer. You must reduce its Energy before this reaches 100%.
If you must scale to accommodate small or large groups, interactions that are repeatable and have a big capacity work the best.
It will take 2-3 phase cycles to fully subdue Tempoross.

Are you looking forward to the Tempoross OSRS fishing boss?

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