WoW Classic Ouro Guide

Ouro is the third discretionary boss experience in Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. Ouro is an enormous sandworm that changes from battling the attack over the ground and lowering, managing damage to the strike from underground. While rising, Ouro calls Scarabs and arrangements huge damage to anybody remaining over the area he rises. Ouro fills in as a discretionary experience in the Ahn’Qiraj assaulting raid.

Drop Table



Notable Classes

Warrior tanks have a urgent part in this battle, guaranteeing they are failing the boss toward a path away from the strike, to try not to hit the whole assault with Sand Blast, an incredible capacity Ouro utilizes when he is over the ground. In addition, at whatever point Ouro utilizes Sweep, Warriors need to Intercept once again into the battle, as the Sweep impact will thump the tanks back. Tanks likewise should be mindful so as to just have the essential tank get hit with Sand Blast, as another tank should tank over danger, since Sand Blast will wipe all danger on the past tank. Mages can likewise serve a significant part in this battle, as they can spam AOE capacities and Frost Nova on any Scarabs that are gathered when Ouro rises up out of underground.

Quick Tips


Any damage vendor with AOE capacities should look to quickly torch any Ouro Scarabs that generate when Ouro rises up out of underground. Anybody close by when the Scarabs produce can likewise pop Goblin Sapper Charge, simply be mindful so as not to aggro them all and get yourself slaughtered. On the off chance that enough players use Goblin Sapper Charges, the Scarabs ought to be torched rapidly enough to dodge any setbacks. While damaging Ouro when he is over the ground, damage sellers need to guarantee they are totally behind the chief, as Ouro’s Sand-Blast will bargain a monstrous measure of damage to anybody it hits. Sand-Blast bargains damage in a 180-degree cone toward the path Ouro is confronting, so you must be situated totally behind the chief. It is likewise significant all damage vendors remain under the primary tank and off tank’s danger during this battle, to try not to shoot the strike with Sand Blast. Scuffle and run damage vendors need to give close consideration to their environmental factors, in the function a Quake is going on, so, all in all they ought to promptly move away from the Quake to try not to take damage. This zone is shown by shaking rocks over the ground and everybody in the strike needs to move away from this to try not to take damage.


Guarantee the primary tank is keeping Ouro confronted away from the attack, to forestall hitting everybody with a Sand Blast. In addition, the Warrior tank should be situated near the boss in case of a Sweep, the tank can Intercept once again into the battle and remain on Ouro. Note that when Sand Blast goes out, it wipes all danger on the primary tank, and another tank should get Ouro and keep on confronting Ouro away from the assault. When Ouro rises up out of underground, a bunch of Ouro Scarabs will generate and quickly begin assaulting anybody close by. Tanks should utilize an AOE Taunt to get these crowds, ensuring any healers or fabric wearers close by. Mages should then come in and start AOE damaging the Scarabs down.


While mending when Ouro is over the ground, healers need to guarantee they are totally behind the chief, as Ouro’s Sand Blast will bargain a huge measure of damage to anybody it hits. Sand Blast bargains damage in a 180-degree cone toward the path Ouro is confronting, so you must be situated totally behind the chief. Healers need to give close consideration to their environmental factors, in the function a Quake is occurring, so, all in all they ought to quickly move away from the Quake to try not to take damage. This territory is demonstrated by shaking rocks over the ground and everybody in the assault needs to move away from this to try not to take damage.

Before the Battle

The strike ought to be situated behind the tanks when running in, sitting tight for the tank to aggro the chief and turn Ouro around totally, confronting endlessly from the assault, before anybody starts damaging the chief. It is basic that the boss is constantly confronted away from the strike, to evade anybody other than a solitary tank from getting hit by Sand Blast.

Ability and Strategy

Phase 1

Ouro is a two-stage boss experience, where during Phase 1, Ouro will battle the assault from both over the ground and underground, while utilizing various capacities relying upon which side of the ground Ouro is on. While rising up out of underground, numerous capacities happen at the same time, where Ouro will bargain damage to the region around where he develops and calls a bunch of Ouro Scarabs inside the room. The strike will be tried on how they respond to these changes, prior to going into Phase 2, where Ouro approaches all capacities and incenses, expanding his auto-assault speed altogether.

Abilities Above Ground

Clear is Ouro’s essential capacity when over the ground. Clear is a sever auto-assault that will thump back anybody hit by it. Hero and Druid tanks ought to promptly Intercept once again into the battle, to remain on the chief and keep up aggro they had beforehand. Sand-Blast is the most perilous capacity in Ouro’s spell book, as it bargains a monstrous measure of damage in a wide 180-degree cone toward the path Ouro is confronting and shocks each one of those hit for 5 seconds. Sand Blast will consistently focus on the player most elevated on the danger table, which means the off-tank ought to be set up to take over failing duty when the Main Tank is hit. On top of managing critical damage, it likewise totally wipes the danger table for all objectives hit, which means another tank should take over after the past tank loses all aggro. It is significant that lone 1 tank is hit with a Sand Blast each time it goes out, something else, the battle can self-destruct rapidly if the whole attack gets impacted and dazed.

Submerged Abilities

Shudder bargains critical damage on the ground in different areas all through the room. This region is demonstrated by shaking rocks over the ground and everybody in the strike needs to move away from this to try not to take damage. Taking a lot of damage inside a Quake will prompt unavoidable passing. Ground Rupture hits the zone Ouro rises up out of, managing damage to anybody remaining in the zone and thumping them back. During the Submerge stage, the whole strike should hope to spread out, with an end goal to have as not many individuals hit by the Ground Rupture as could be expected under the circumstances. Call Ouro Scarabs happens when Ouro rises up out of underground, gathering different Ouro Scarab in an arbitrary region in Ouro’s room. On the off chance that a tank is close by, they can AOE Taunt the Scarabs to monitor them, keeping them from hitting healers or fabric wearers. On the off chance that there are any AOE damage vendors close by, they can contribute by slaughtering these Scarabs, also. Furthermore, anybody in the attack can likewise utilize Goblin Sapper Charge to cut them down.

Phase 2

Crazy and Phase 2 starts when Ouro arrives at 20% wellbeing. Ouro will increase a gigantic assault speed reward and auto-assault damage reward, while likewise accessing all lower capacities. Scarabs will start producing in the room and Quakes will start to turn around the room, constraining the strike to move around and try not to remain in a Quake. All damage sellers should hope to spare their damage related cooldowns for Phase 2, to endeavour to torch the boss as fast as could be expected under the circumstances.

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WoW Classic Naxxramas Mage Farming Guide

Welcome to our gold farming guide for Mage, where you can learn the best ways to farm wow classic gold with a Mage in WoW Classic. This video is from Damnboi, in which he shares some ways of farming gold (Mage farm DUO/TRIO/QUARTRO) in WoW Classic Naxxramas. All the content is quoted from his video.

In this video, I will show you how to DUO/TRIO/QUARTRO farm Naxxramas trash as a team of Mages. You don’t have to reset and will never be locked, so you can farm it as much as you want.

We’re going to show the differences between them, and tell you how fast it is. We’re going to look at the evade spots that are very important, especially when you get started and reset the mobs. Of course, we are going to look at the loot table, how just this pull works.

Loot Table

Let’s get into it. You are going to kill nine goals, infectious goals and they have a 100 chance to drop a scrap, so you can get all four scraps and get one from each goal. The ones that are hardest to come, and the side is the war torn chain scrap, then the leather one, cloth and plate drop pretty regularly, they have a higher chance drop on top of that word of thawing.

These are used to get frozen runes inside knacks, they have around 11 chance drop, so you get approximately one, every clear you do nine mobs. On top of that which is not included in the classic wow gold power, you can get trashy picks and get a pair of male shoulders, plate shoulders, cloth chest, best and slot warrior chest that is actually leather male belt, plate belt, male legs and plate legs. This matrix I actually had one of these dropped yesterday in a seven hour session, sticking ball buckler as well, harbinger of doom.

This is second beast for dagger rogues in off hand and a really great weapon for warriors and great maze for pvp rogues as well. The items you want to sell here is misplaced server on, I would say you could sell it from anywhere between 3k and 6k gold, harbinger of doom same applies 3-6k vanilla wow gold. Misplayed server arm is the most rare of the two, so I would sell this for more ring of the thing on the flame. I think mages will form this themselves, otherwise you could sell them for probably around 2-3k gold. You do not get saved when you’re doing these runs, because you actually don’t reset instance. If you reset the instance, it doesn’t matter you only get saved. if you loot, you can use a word of throwing to get frozen runes.

Evade/reset spots

If you kill a boss or you’re selling the epic, the person who wants to buy it has to be inside the instance all the time. Of course he does not have to log out or anything. Anyway for the evade spots, these are very practical when you get started, you’re going to probably use them a couple times in the start at least. If you do the pulls wrong or something like that, but this is the first spot you basically. Just run over here to the spider wing, jump up on this ledge, stand here and wait till you’re out of combat. Sometimes if the mobs are very close to you, it might take quite a while to reset, so I would go to the second of eight spot. If you’re further away from the mobs, go over here, stand and wait. I did experience sometimes when the mobs were very close that you had to wait a couple of minutes before they left combat. Do remember though the people who wants to buy the apex has to be inside the instance, they can be 100 FK, because you’re not going to be resetting, you’re just going to be waiting the slimes, and then the goals will actually respawn, so that is very simple

The Pull

As for the pull, the way it works is you only need a lip for every clear, so that is around 4-5 gold I need on servers, so it costs around 2-3 gold depending on how many mages you’re doing this with per clear pretty damn awesome. You do not need a center speed potion, and you only need to bring a little bit of focus and there you have some easy gold, so the pull works like this: you have three packs, one on the left, one on the right and one straight ahead, and you should mark all the slimes, so you can keep a track of where they are.


You’re going to do a blizzard here for 2-3 seconds on the first pack, then you’re gonna blink right away and you’re gonna body pool or fire blast. The right pack you are gonna it’s kinda spelled back in the front, and then you’re gonna lip when they get close to you, and then you do an over and you actually would the preferred way to do.

Anyway this is the two man farm basically. Both of the mages are gonna be spamming blizzard, the one who’s kiting in this case. I’m gonna be spamming max rank blizzard, and anyway goes, so you can keep them aligned, the other mate is just going to be spamming rank 1. Of course you’re doing max rank blizzard whenever he gets a clear cast, but as you can see I’m spamming max rank as much as possible. Here an important thing is when the tick of your improved blizzard is on the mobs and it gets lower than two to three seconds. If the other mate is not doing it, as you can see we’re running at the same time. It is not a great idea what you should be doing is your one major casting blizzard, the other one runs this guy starts casting blizzard, and then the other one runs. You should note on the two-man pull, and if you want to use your invocation, you can kill them faster. The two-man pull takes around 20 minutes.


When you go to three man mage pool, you will still have one guy kiting. But if you have the marauder dagger which most people have, it will only takes 50 kills approximately to get. It is 2% drop chance from the princess in rod, you will be having one mage spamming arcane explosion. With the talent, you have reduced arcane damage threat by 40. As for the frost, you have 30 reduced on frost spells, so you will not be getting angry very fast.

I start spamming some rank 1 arcane explosions, and I’m getting mana back 300. The spell only costs 75 man as far as recalls, you’re actually getting mana back this way and you do a lot of damage as well, but of course when you get a clear cast, you can use your max rank arcane explosion and you can actually spam max rank arcane explosion. You just got to be wary if you get threat always have your eyes on the threat meter. When you’re doing this pull and doing arcane explosions as for dying and stuff as long as you don’t get too close to the goals, and you don’t have threat out and aggro on them, you can’t really get one shot by them, but if you stand on top of them, they will hit you no matter what the slimes. On the other hand, they actually change aggro.

If you get really close to slime, it’s going to start targeting you, but I haven’t really figured that part out yet, but anyway you can see in the three man pool, the slimes are converging now, you gotta watch out. Don’t get hit by the slimes, make sure to mark them, and when the slimes are converging, make sure to have one guy slowing the goals. If they run free, they will catch up you quickly and they will kill you.


Let’s move on to the four man pool. As for the four man pool, the pool initial is the same. By the way the gargoyle as you can see flying there, actually resets when he gets out here, so don’t worry about that one. When you do the poll, you have to focus and wait for him to run out of line sight. When you’re doing the first blizzard with four mages, the kill time is 7-9 minutes. When we do four mages, we always have 1mage -2 dying a couple of times because they get too eager to kill them faster. What you’re gonna be doing here is the exact same as the three-man pool, but you will have two mages.

One thing to remember is that you are more dependent on the other mages, since if they slack it’s gonna take longer time and you’re gonna get less loot or you’re gonna clear it slower. As you can see the slimes are converging, just always have a mage slowing the goal. That is pretty much the four-man pool or the three-man pool is the ones. As you can see here, I’m actually just sitting there vaping chilling getting very good gold. Last night I was doing this, I actually got around six to seven hundred gold an hour by doing this.

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OSRS Volcanic Mine Guide: Equipment Setup, Inventory Setup & More

Underneath the Fossil Island Volcano, there is a large volcanic chamber rs07 gold called the Volcanic Mine. The entrance is located in the north-eastern corner of the volcano, with an NPC named Petrified Pete guarding its entrance. You need to have a Mining level of at least 50, 150 Kudos and five unidentified small fossils from Peter.

Keep in mind that players have to pay 30 numulites (a form of currency on the Fossil Island) to Petrified Pete if they wish to enter the mines again.


Equipment Setup

- A good equipment setup consists of the full prospector kit for the 2.5% extra Mining XP.


Inventory Setup

· 12-16 Monkfish or Better

· A Prayer Potion (Not needed if you have 91+ Prayer and 30+ Prayer bonus)

· A Pickaxe

· Stamina Potion

· Numulite

· Teleport to House Tablets

· Volcanic Mine Teleports



An item called heat-proof vessel is given to whoever enters these mines. The time limit given to a player to organise themselves is 30 seconds, after which the game will start as the volcano rumbles. After the game begins, the players will have exactly 10 minutes to mine and get out, because after that the volcano will erupt and anyone who hasn’t escaped will be killed.

Your first and foremost goal is to mine the large boulders that can be found in the lava channel. These boulders get smaller in size as they’re mined and are carried downstream as you mine it, so you must follow it down the stream and mine it whenever it stops. The smaller the boulder gets the more points are to be gained. Depending on the player count, a boulder will spawn. If the player count is around 10, then the boulder will spawn in the central channel, and if there are more then another boulder will spawn at the western channel. Likewise, if there are more than twenty, then the third one will spawn at the eastern channel.

NPCs called lava beasts start to appear as well, upon entering the lower level. They attack by launching fireballs, and it is recommended that the player keep ‘protect from missiles’ on to reduce the high damage attacks to 1. To walk around in the lower level where lava is more, one must harden the lava by pouring water on it from the heat-proof vessel that you received when you entered the arena. The vessel can be used up to 35 times per game and around 70 if the player has unlocked the larger capacity with his points. The lava that is hardened has a time limit of melting, which is around 90 seconds and can be indicated by its colour change (orange indicated that it’s about to melt). Falling into the lava will not kill you depending on your hp, but you may take in a massive amount of damage.

While mining the boulder, you may receive other different ores as well, along with normal ore fragments. Different ores being; Calcite, Pyrophosphite, Numulite, and Unidentified Fossils.

As you can see on your right, there are three volcanic gas chambers into the volcano and there are two vents for each of these chambers. One of each set is on the downstream and upstream side of the lava channels, and the pressure from these vents is revealed to all the players inside the game. After every five minutes, the statuses of these chambers shift and are randomised, as well as hidden for players to find again. Gas chambers can also be blocked by large rocks to increase the pressure, or mine the large rock away to decrease it. This should be done because the pressure of each chamber must be kept around 40-60% or else the volcano will start to become unstable and start to shoot out fireballs.

If the mine stability becomes 0%, the volcano will erupt and kill everyone who is inside. During the occurrence, players who haven’t escaped through the rope exit will not receive any reward points or experience.


There is also a good strategy for players who run out of water in their vessels, which is using the gas holes. These holes are scattered throughout the mines and be ‘felt’ to shoot them to the other side of the lava channel. This does cause a little bit of damage but opens up a shortcut for players who are low or run out of water.

If all the players together manage to completely mine the boulder, then it will flow into the vortex of lava, which will grant all the players who are in the lower level with 100 extra points.

In the last 10 minutes of the time, or if the stability of the area becomes low and results in the eruption of the volcano, then it is recommended to start running towards the exit when around 30-40 seconds are remaining or you won’t end up making it, which will result in your character being killed. If the player ends up dead, not to worry because the items can be bought back from Petrified Pete for 150 Numulites.



- Leaving the mine alive and through the rope exit, players will gain participation points depending completely on how they performed in the minigame. The ore fragments that are obtained by you during the game will be given to Petrified Pete automatically, who will grant you with Mining experience and Bonus points in return, and can be spent in Pete’s Ore Shop. For each point earned, Pete will grant you with around 5-5 mining experience and players who die inside will unfortunately not receive any points or bonus experience.

- You can get up to 40,000 Mining experience per hour through volcanic mine at level 50 Mining, and around 85,000 – 95,000 Mining experience if you’re at level 99 Mining.

- Also, the maximum amount of points that a player can have is 2,097,151. Any more than that, a warning message will be shown next to the points.

- The most valuable ore per point is Runite ore, and volcanic ash is also valuable and useful for Ironmen.


There you have it, our OSRS Volcanic Mine Guide. Good luck!

Genshin Impact: How to Unlock Frostbearing Tree & find Crimson Agate

One of the most sought-after materials in Genshin Impact right now, is the crystalline Crimson Agate to level up your Frostbearing Tree. You know, the creepy-looking ancient tree that arrived in in Genshin Impact update 1.2 and which rewards you with weapon level-up material, character experience, Mora, Wishes, and a shiny new glider.

But where do you find the Frostbearing Tree? How do you collect Crimson Agate? And what are Crimson Wishes? Let’s take a closer look at this brand-new Genshin Impact 1.2 gameplay feature!

How to unlock the Genshin Impact Frostbearing Tree

The Frostbearing Tree icon is not visible on your map if you haven’t discovered and freed it yet. After you enter the Dragonspine region from the research encampment (this is also where the Dragonspine questline starts), just follow the road and you will come across a big ice shard. Paimon will make a remark about it when you are close enough.

The Frostbearing Tree is trapped inside the ice, but the game doesn’t tell you that. It also doesn’t tell you how to free it, but it’s not that difficult. Don’t try to shatter the ice right away though; you need to collect Scarlet Quartz to melt it. Every time you pick up a piece of Quartz, go directly to the ice shard and use an attack (Normal Attack will do). You need to do this four times to melt the ice completely and unlock the Frostbearing Tree.

This is where you can find the 4 Scarlet Quartz pieces:

  • Next to the road while walking towards the Frostbearing Tree; right side.
  • When you stand in front of the ice shard, turn back to your left; there’s a big Mitachurl sitting next to it.
  • On the right side of the road, but a bit higher on the rocks. There are some enemies here too.
  • Behind the ice shard, in the grass.

How to find Genshin Impact Crimson Agate

Now that you unlocked the Frostbearing Tree, you can see its location on the map. You can also start leveling it to get your rewards. In order to do so, you need to make offerings of bright red stones called Crimson Agate. The only problem is… where to find Crimson Agate?

Make sure you do not confuse Crimson Agate with Scarlet Quartz, because they look somewhat alike. Other than the Scarlet Quartz, Crimson Agate is shaped like a flower and glowing. It’s also a lot harder to find. There are at least 80 Crimson Agate locations, but these are the first ten that you can easily find in the starting area of Dragonspine. This is enough to get you your first Frostbearing Tree upgrade.

  • 1. Use the nearby Scarlet Quartz to melt the ice and get the Crimson Agate.
  • 2. Climb the rocks.
  • 3. Next to the Frostbearing Tree. Only obtainable after freeing the Tree from the ice.
  • 4. On top of the rock.
  • 5. Glide down from the previous location; it’s floating in the air.
  • 6. Climb the large gate, jump to get the Crimson Agate.
  • 7. In the middle of the circle, floating in the air. Climb up and glide down to get it.
  • 8. Defeat the mechanical guard, then use the mechanism to get rid of the water. Jump down and open the chest. There’s a Crimson Agate inside.
  • 9. You can see it from the nearby Teleport Waypoint. Glide down from there.
  • 10. Glide down from nearby rocks.

Keep an eye on your mini map while exploring the rest of Dragonspine. Just like the Anemoculi and Geoculi, every time you get close to a piece of Crimson Agate the icon will show up on the map.

Genshin Impact Crimson Wish missions

The amount of Crimson Agate you can find in the wild is limited. After reaching Frostbearing Tree level 8, you will unlock the Crimson Wish missions. Completing these missions will reward you with Crimson Agate, which you need to use to upgrade the Frostbearing Tree to the maximum level of 12. There are five Crimson Wishes available at a time, and they will refresh every Monday and Friday.

Frostbearing Tree Rewards

The rewards from offering Crimson Agate to the Frostbearing Tree are quite varied. There are twelve different levels which all grant Adventure Rank experience, Mora, and weapon enhancement (level-up) materials, plus one special item. This is a level of all the special items you can get from offering Crimson Agate to the Frostbearing Tree, plus their purpose:

  • Wishes: three Acquaint Fates and one Intertwined Fate. You can spend these on the corresponding Wish banners to get a new weapon or character.
  • Character experience material: use this to level the characters you already have.
  • Northlander Polearm Prototype: a base material used to make any craftable 4-star polearm at a blacksmith station.
  • Namecard: to decorate your profile.
  • DiagramFrostbearer. This is the crafting recipe to make the Frostbearer Catalyst.
  • Crown of Insight: a rare character level up material.
  • Wind Glider: Wings of Concealing Snow. No purpose other than making you the most stylish person in Teyvat.
  • Diagram: Warming Bottle. This is a special item which is very handy to survive Dragonspine. Read on to discover how you make this item.

How to get a Genshin Impact Warming Bottle

The Warming Bottle recipe is unlocked at level 4 of the Frostbearing Tree. It will protect you from Dragonspine’s harsh climate by slowing down the Sheer Cold process, so it’s great to use while searching for Crimson Agate and doing Crimson Wish quests.

To make one, you need to go to a crafting station. There is one in Mondstadt and in Liyue Harbor. As for the materials, you need Flaming Flower Stamens and Starsilver. The first can be found all over Teyvat; just use either a Hydro or Cryo skill on the burning flower to collect it. The latter is a new, common resource which can only be found in Dragonspine.

Now you know everything you need to find Crimson Agate, upgrade your Frostbearing Tree, and equip your new set of Wings!


wow classic Naxxramas Raid Guide: The Abomination Quarter

Naxxramas Raid Guide – Abomination Quarter MapNaxxramas Raid Guide – Abomination Quarter Map,Patchwerk is a real DPS testing boss. Apart from his Hatful Strike, he doesn’t do a lot. Here’s how it works: classic wow gold

Hateful Strike will only target players within melee range.
Hateful Strike will only target players between second, third, and fourth on threat.
Hateful Strike will only target the player with the most health.

This is the reason why there are 3 Offtanks required for the Patchwerk fight. They need a very high health pool and need to make sure they stay at positions 2-4 in threat.

Because he will only target players in melee range with his Hateful Strike, range DDs can pump DPS, as long as they don’t pass the Main Tank. If any melees creep up to positions 2-4, they can step into the slime river to reduce their health pool.

In addition to this mechanic, once Patchwerk reaches 5% health, he will go Enrage, which increases his attack speed and damage. This shouldn’t be a huge problem, as the Main Tank won’t eat the Hateful Strikes. They can always use a Shield Wall or similar CDs for this Phase.

After 7 Minutes, Patchwerk will go berserk and wipe the raid. There’s nothing to do about this. Just kill him faster!
Patchwerk Boss GuidePatchwerk Boss Guide

While Grobbulus needs a bit more coordination, there are still only 2 major mechanics to this boss fight. Throughout the fight, the Main Tank will kite the boss in a large circle around the outside of the room, while facing him away from the raid. They need to take it slow enough so that don’t get out of melee range for too long.

Grobbulus will cast Mutating Injection on a random player, dealing nature damage. Once this debuff is cleansed, a Poison Cloud will spawn and start growing at that location.
Poison Clounds need to be laid down behind the boss. Priests, Paladins and Shamans need to be careful when dispelling this, as it might cause a wipe if a Poison Cloud starts growing in the raid.
The reason why Grobbulus needs to be faces away from the raid is his Slime Spray. Any player hit by this will spawn a Fallout Slime. They need to be dealt with by melees, though this shouldn’t happen a lot.
There is a 12 Minute Enrage timer to this Boss, though most raids will likely die too poorly positioned Poison Clouds or Slimes before that.

Grobbulus Boss GuideGrobbulus Boss Guide

Before the raid can enter Gluths room, they need to run through a Toxic Pipe. While inside the pipe, players will take nature damage regularly, so using a Greater Nature Protection Potion for this is advised. The fight begins right after this.

The primary mechanic for the Gluth fight is the Zombie Chow. Zombies will spawn throughout the fight. They need to be kited by range DDs and can’t ever reach Gluth, as he will eat them and heal himself.

Every 10 Seconds, Gluth will Frenzy. This needs to be removed by hunters using Tranquilizing Shot.
Every 20 Seconds, the boss will Fear the raid. Shamans can use Tremor Totems here, and Dwarf Priests can use Fear Ward.
Gluth puts a Stacking Mortal Wound debuff on the Tank, reducing incoming healing by 10% per stack. He is Taunt immune, though! So tanks need to overtake each other in time.
Every ~100 Seconds, Gluth will cast Decimate, reducing the health of all players and Zombies to 5%. The Zombie Chow will start walking towards Gluth, and needs to be AoE’d down now. If they reach Gluth, he will heal. It is important that the Zombies have been kited well so they can be AoE’d effectively.
Players hit by the Zombie Chow will get a stacking debuff called Infected Wound, which increases the damage they take from their auto attacks. This should be avoided.

Gluth Boss GuideGluth Boss Guide
Thaddius Boss Guide

Thaddius is a flesh titan, that will be petrified within his room, accompanied by Stalagg and Feugen, who are bound to a tesla coil each. IN order to free Thaddius and make him attackable, players will have to kill these two at the same time, so that Thaddius comes to life.
Stalagg and Feugen

Both of these wights have some shared abilities and one unique ability. Stalagg just has a Buff increasing his attack speed, while Feugen can burn mana from nearby players. So melees will go on Feugen’s side and healers can outrange this.

They are chained to a tesla coil each, and when they get too far away from it, they start casting Chain Lightning.
They also both have a War Stomp dealing around 700 damage to nearby players with a light knowback. So be careful at the edges of the platforms.
Every 20 Seconds, Magnetic Pull will happen, swapping out the tanks on both platforms. There should be backup Tanks ready to take them.

Thaddius Mechanics

Thaddius will periodically cast Chain Lightning, dealing increasing nature damage with each jump. This needs to be healed through.
Polarity Shift will happen every 30 seconds. Every player will get one of 2 debuffs at random: Positive Charge or Negative Charge. Any player standing near one with the opposite charge will deal 2000 damage to them! Players near the same charge will get a damage boost. Positive charge should be on the left of the boss and negative to the right (or the other way around, but separated).
After 5 Minutes, Thaddius will go Enrage and wipe the Raid.
If there is no Player in Melee Range, he will start casting Ball Lightning, wiping the raid.


Old School Runescape Christmas 2020

Yes we know, it’s hard to believe it – but the end of 2020 is nearly in sight! As a bright new year approaches, we’re thinking back on all we’ve achieved in this one, from The Nightmare to Leagues II – Trailblazer. Hey, it was only a year ago that we got you all eating in the Bank!

We’d like to thank all our players for their overwhelming support. The world of Gielinor would simply not be the same without you – and neither would we! In these difficult times you’ve kept our spirits high with memes, fanart, livestreams, and some extremely helpful feedback. We hope that whatever adventures you have planned between now and New Year are merry and bright, and that you’ll be able to take a break from the festivities to cosy up with a Slayer task or two.

Now, onto business: this is the last update of the year, but we’ll see you again in early January to embark on a year jam-packed with exciting updates. It’s also worth noting that on January 6th Leagues II – Trailblazer will officially end – so make sure to finish up any outstanding tasks before then!

Lastly, just so you’re aware, there will be a reboot on December 23rd to ensure that everything’s running smoothly before we all disappear to eat our own weight in mince pies.

Right then – we’ve got a Christmas event to show off, so let’s get to it!

Christmas Event

christmans event

Jingle bells, Bandos smells – it’s that time of year again in the world of Gielinor, the time to relax with friends and family, cuddle up by the fireplace, open loads of pressies, and get invaded by goblins. Hang on a sec…

Hmm, looks like the goblins are dreaming of a green Christmas! Speak to Scrubfoot by the large Christmas tree north of Falador to figure out what’s going on, then take on your greatest challenge yet: teaching goblins. Once everything’s looking merry and bright once more, you’ll be rewarded with some suitably festive rewards, along with all the rewards from previous years’ events.

Plus, head to the Goblin Village to try your hand at sled racing, a wintery new activity that’ll see you speeding along the course to try and beat your personal best!

You’ll also be able to unlock a new music track, as composed by Santa’s chief Audio elf (Mod Ian).

Settings Rework Improvements

We’ve made a couple of small changes to last week’s Settings Rework!

The Bond button has been re-added to the side panel.
Fixed a bug that occurred when teleporting with the Audio tab open in the side panel.
Fixed a typo in the Settings menu – sorry, ‘search search’!
The Brightness and Client Size settings have been moved back to the side panel.
The position of the Call Servant and Exit House buttons have been swapped in the Player Owned House Settings, so that the Call Servant button once again lines up conveniently with the side panel button that opens this menu.

Leagues II – Trailblazer

Before we get into this week’s changes, we have a small apology to make. In last week’s update, we resolved an issue where a task for completing 200 Slayer tasks wasn’t showing as complete, even though players were receiving the points.

This issue was caused by having two of the same task in the Task List – the one that players were completing had been unintentionally carried over from the Twisted League, and was therefore not set to display in the Trailblazer interface – so the correct task still appeared incomplete. To fix it, we simply removed the Twisted League version of the task.

Unfortunately, this meant that any players who’d already completed the task in question now had an extra 250 League Points, as they’d technically completed two tasks instead of one. Around 500 players have been affected by this issue.

We’ve deliberated and decided that the fairest way to resolve this problem is to give everyone who hasn’t yet completed the Slayer task 250 bonus League Points. Upon logging into a League world and opening the Task List, all eligible players will see a new task appear as complete and will be granted the extra points.

It will of course still be possible to complete the correct task after doing this, which will grant the intended 250 points in addition to the 250 bonus ones.

Phew! Now that’s out of the way, here’s a couple more changes we’ve made this week:

Mining gems will now give the correct experience rates when Endless Harvest has been chosen.
Last Recall will no longer save your location in the underwater mogre camp, to stop you from returning without the proper equipment.

Just in case you missed it, here’s a reminder: Leagues II – Trailblazer ends on January 6th! Wrap up those tasks! Earn those last few points! Go, go, go!

Leagues II – Trailblazer Rankings

The end of Leagues II – Trailblazer is fast approaching, so it’s a great time to check out the rankings and take stock of how well you’re doing. Are you headed straight for a Dragon Trophy, or are you languishing back in Bronze? Check the table below to find out!

Dragon – 45,210
Rune – 30,450
Adamant – 17,590
Mithril – 6,440
Steel – 2,120
Iron – 540
Bronze – 100

Prime Plays: Soul Wars

This month, we’ve teamed up with our mates at Prime Gaming to bring you an especially cool gift: early access to the Soul Wars minigame!

Now, we know what you’re thinking – but as Mod MikeD said in our latest Gielinor Gazette, this is not the start of a slippery slope. We’re thrilled to be exploring new partnerships, which help us protect the core progression of Old School RuneScape – but we fully intend to keep our promise that there will never be cosmetics, XP boosts, or game-changing features locked behind partner promotions. In addition, we’ll never run events like this one when it would give early access players an unfair advantage – such as seeing a boss’ moves before the final release. In this case, Soul Wars worlds will work like Tournament worlds, in that no progress will carry over to the main game. Whether you participate in this promotion or not, you’ll start on the exact same playing field when the minigame launches for real on January 6th.

So without further ado, let’s talk Soul Wars!

From December 15th, those of you who link your Old School RuneScape and Prime Gaming accounts will be able to play Soul Wars before anyone else. You’ll be able to log onto special Soul Wars game worlds and access the entirety of the minigame.

Players without Prime Gaming are still able to access the Soul Wars island via the portal in Edgeville (or Ferox enclave) to unlock the new music track required for the Music Cape.

But wait, there’s more! Although Soul Wars is a members-only minigame, this Prime Gaming event will also let free-to-play players grab a slice of the action, all the way up until January 5th.

Linking your accounts is super simple – you can find detailed instructions on this page.

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Guide: How to Obtain & Use OSRS Brimstone Ring

OSRS Brimstone ring is a ring which combines offensive stats of some other rings. Here is a guide to help you learn how to create and use this rs 07 gold ring.

How to obtain OSRS brimstone ring?

Brimstone ring can be created by combining three untradeable components: the hydra’s eye, hydra’s fang and heart of the hydra. These components are all dropped by OSRS Hydra and the Alchemical Hydra, found in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon in Mount Karuulm.
Note: You cannot receive a duplicate of these components until obtaining the others.

Bonuses & effect of brimstone ring OSRS

Brimstone ring provides the combined offensive and defensive stats of the un-imbued archers ring, berserker ring, warrior ring, seers ring, treasonous ring, and Tyrannical ring, along with a Passive effect that rivals the Seers ring (i) for best-in-slot Magic accuracy.
The Brimstone ring has a passive effect. While wearing the brimstone ring, there is a 25% chance that the target’s defensive roll will be reduced to 90% of its original value for that single attack only. It occurs every time you attack using a spell or magical attack, even from a powered staff.

Hope now you know more about the brimstone ring OSRS.

Fortnite: All Five Snowmando Outposts Location Guide

Fortnite players have been working hard to complete the new Operation Snowdown quests, including one that has them visit 5 different Snowmando Outposts. If you don’t know where these Snowmando Outposts are located, or you aren’t sure what you’re supposed to be looking for, we’ve got you covered.

Below, we’ve put together a guide showing you where all of the Snowmando Outposts can be found, and what Snowmando Outposts look like in Fortnite.

One of the Operation Snowdown quests in Fortnite tasks players with visiting 5 different Snowmando Outposts. In the map image above, we’ve circled where each of these Snowmando Outposts can be found.

Once you visit a Snowmando Outpost and get close enough to it, you can cross that one off your list and move on to the rest of the Snowmando Outposts.

It can be tricky to visit all 5 Snowmando Outposts in a single match as they’re relatively spread out, but you can give yourself a little boost by hopping in one of the flyable planes located near each of these Snowmando Outposts.

By flying from Snowmando Outpost to Snowmando Outpost, you’ll be able to quickly work your way through this Operation Snowdown quest.

Below, we’ve listed where each of the Snowmando Outposts can be found, and in the order that we visited them in.

  • South of Catty Corner

  • West of Slurpy Swamp, South of Holly Hedges

  • East of Slurpy Swamp, South of Weeping Woods and Hunter’s Haven

  • Western edge of Pleasant Park

  • South of Steamy Stacks, North of Dirty Docks

You can visit each of the 5 Snowmando Outposts in whichever order you like. The most important thing is paying a visit to each one.

As for what Snowmando Outposts look like, they’re brown camo-pattern buildings marked with a white Christmas tree emblem on the roof. Nearby, you’ll find festive planes that you can fly. Above, we’ve included an image of the Snowmando Outpost south of Catty Corner for reference.

Again, by visiting all 5 Snowmando Outposts you’ll be able to complete that particular Operation Snowdown quest and earn 10,000 XP along with a festive loading screen.

OSRS Herblore 1-99 Guide 2021

Herblore is a profitable yet a little bit tedious skill. This skill has a lot of benefits – you can use it at raids, create your potions, or make a lot of money with it! buy rs3 gold

With a higher Herblore level, you can create more potions and earn more gold. This skill is very repetitive so as soon as you clean your first herb or make your first potion you will know how to train it.

In this Ezrsgold guide, we are going to cover every aspect of Herblore which is very useful if you want to get a couple of levels to make some OSRS gold or if you’re aiming for that 99 cape.

Getting starte

Unlocking the Herblore skill

There are several pathways you can take on leveling Herblore, but to start training this skill you must first complete a quest. You can unlock Herblore by doing a quest that has no requirements called The Druidic Ritual.

This quest is located in Taverley, not far from the Grand Exchange, at the Stone Circle.
Druidic ritual quest guide

Bring Raw beef, Raw chicken, Raw Rat meat, Raw Bear meat.

To start it, talk to Kaqemeex at the stone circle, located in Taverley.

The Stone Circle

Now just go and talk to Sanfew a little bit south in the Herblore shop, on the top floor.

He will send you to the Taverley dungeon, and you must go to the Cauldron of Thunder, passing a few skeletons, ignore them and just run to the entrance, and press „Use” on all your meats on the Cauldron.

Cauldron of Thunder location

Afterward, just go back, speak to Sanfew, then Kagemeex and you’re done with your introductory quest, and you are now Level 3 and can go on your journey!

Herblore early Quest XP

Now that you know how to do Herblore, you are open to a lot of new opportunities.

Completing Jungle Potion, Recruitment Drive and The Dig Site quests will get you from Level 3 straight to level 19.

Here I have selected the quests for you which have fairly small herblore requirements but can give you a lot of XP. These are also all Herblore XP gaining quests in the game.

Quests for early XP

There are a couple of ways you can train herblore from here. We will go into more details later in this guide.

Herblore Items that will help you a lot
Amulet of chemistry

You can get an Amulet of Chemistry by enchanting a Jade amulet with a Level-2 enchant spell, or you can buy it on the Grand Exchange for 980-1000 coins.

Amulet of Chemistry

This amulet starts with five charges.

What it does is, when you are brewing potions, you have a 5% chance to get one more dose of a potion out of it (4 instead of 3).

Botanical Pies

Botanical pies give you a temporary boost of +4 to your Herblore level.

Botanical Pie

These pies are very useful if you need to boost your herblore level by 4 in crucial parts of your leveling process. You can use it to make higher-level potions or you can use it during quests.

The first notable milestone where you may need a boost is at level 34 to level 38 herblore to make Prayer Potions, which are a good source of XP/hour for lower level players. There will be a leveling part of the guide so you can see them in use.

Herb Sack

This item is commonly not put into Herblore tutorials and is considered a hidden gem, you do need 58 Herblore to use it (And it’s very well worth it).

Herb Sack

It can store up to a full inventory of grimy herbs only in one slot, so it’s very beneficial when doing anything that requires you to pick up a lot of herbs (Farming is an example). You can see our Farming guide here on our Blog.

You can get the Herb sack from your Slayer master for 750 points, or do the Tithe Farm minigame and get it for only 250 points from the shop in that area (Hosidious place).

Profitable methods for leveling up Herblore

If you want to level up Herblore without spending money, you came to the right place!

There are various methods which will be covered below.

Herb cleaning is probably the most click-intensive thing in the game, but it can help you level up your Herblore without spending a single GP.

For all of the methods below You will need at least some starting cash like 1M or something so you don’t have to go to sell and buy again and again at the Grand Exchange every minute because you can clean 10k to 20k Grimy herbs an hour.

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If you don’t have the money, you can check out our RS3gold Moneymaking articles to get the things you need to start.

Herb cleaning

Here we will discuss a profitable method, but it also gives you a ton of XP, so stay tuned.

Probably the most commonly used tactic to level up herblore is herb cleaning. Maybe sometimes you can earn a little GP per herb, but it adds up because you can speed up the process, it only click intensive. Simple as that.

Grimy Herbs

Before you start cleaning herbs, you might want to check the GE prices first, so you don’t end up in loss.

There’s a secret method below, you will see later, that will increase your profit margins, so keep reading.

Buy a grimy herb and clean it by clicking on it. Sell the clean herb back to GE to see the profit margin.

Let’s use Guam in this example – buy price is 20, and you can sell it clean for 28 giving you a profit margin of 8GP per herb. Each of them gives you 2.5xp in herblore, and if you want, you can level up this way all the way you want (even to 99 with cleaning more profitable herbs, later on, making more GP (some cleaning with high investments can give you 530k per hour profit, so it’s not bad at all).

Here’s a chart that will help you determine which level of herbs you want to clean. (Prices may have changed, so be sure to check it manually before making a big investment.)

Cleaning XP and profit chart

At the moment only one herb doesn’t make you any GP. As you can see, at level 30 which is not too much clicking of Grimy Harralander or Tarromin, XP per hour of course keeps rising. I would advise you to do this if it’s profitable (always check the GE prices first), and you can make good XP per hour.

With the paid methods you get much more XP, but it costs you to level up. I achieved level 60 Herblore just by cleaning the herbs and reselling them.

It’s best to buy the grimy herbs in bulk and overnight, so you can make even more profit.

Herblore money-making and the cheapest route to 99

There’s a method that can make you serious GP per hour, but it doesn’t give you any Herblore XP. Many players just don’t have the time to brew the unfinished potions first (They don’t want to buy clean herbs and mix it with a water vial), and would rather pay someone to do it.

This is where you can make serious money, especially if you leave your offers overnight, or just find a valuable potion to brew, and if you find one that nobody is doing, you can make serious GP).

Making unfinished potions

So, first I will give you some tips to do this more effectively. In the bank area, put the X value (shown in the picture) to 14. So, for each unfinished potion, you will need a clean herb, and a vial of water (or Blood). Here is a chart of your potential GP per hour using this method, but as I mentioned, prices are subject to change.

It’s still a lot of money, but you will not get any xp doing this.

Chart for making unfinished potions from clean herbs

Making unfinished potions – with a twist (cheapest way to 99 herblore)

So, now it’s time to get this guide a little bit of flavour. I have a far better surprise for you in this chapter. I will show you that you can make more than this by using a method not many people know of.

Do you remember herb cleaning? Well, you can combine Herb cleaning with making unfinished potions to make yourself rich in Old School Runescape, and you can do half of it watching TV or something (waiting for the potions to mix),

Here’s the fun part, you buy a Grimy herb, clean it nice and proper, and then WITH THAT SAME herb, you make an unfinished potion.

This way you almost doubled your profits, and you didn’t pay anyone to clean your herbs. This is where the real money is in Herblore.

Here’s a chart of what you can make. 477K per hour at level 30, 358K per hour at 50, and a whopping 803K on 80)

Chart for making unfinished potions from grimy herbs

The best part about this method is, that you actually make way more per hour, but you’re still getting your XP, and sell your unf. potions that players often buy to save time.

That’s a WIN-WIN situation. Always check the GE prices first, but I can guarantee you that this method is profitable. Just look at the chart.

This is the method you will get the most out of, and I can say I was amazed when I first did this.

If you made a lot of money using this method (which can easily surpass your expectations), you can Sell the GP on our site and make yourself some real-life money!

Fastest herblore XP 1 to 99

If you can’t afford to spend hours making unfinished potions or cleaning herbs, you may want to consider boosting yourself by simply buying the unfinished potions and the ingredient you need, and start getting more than 300k/h on Herblore XP.

You can make Potions, make Tars, do Barbarian Herblore. There are a few ways to do this, and I will share the exact number and costs you will have to cover to get there.

I will be covering from level 1 here, and you can pick up where you might have stopped and don’t know what to do, so you can spend some money and get your XP, but the cheapest way.

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Fastest and cheapest way to 38 (120k GP)

This is a low-level method that will boost you from level 3 to level 38 with only 120k GP cost.

Attack Potion Recipe

You will need a Guam unfinished potion, and combine it with the Eye of Newt.

This will make a great Attack potion you can either sell or use for yourself.

I suggest keeping it for yourself, since it’s not a great profit margin, but will give you a lot of XP per hour. 120K is not a lot for 38 levels, let’s move on.

38-99 The cheapest possible way (15.8M)

I will show you the CHEAPEST method in the game to get your 99 cape, and here’s a surprise, it costs only 15.8M from start to finish.

From level 38 to level 63, start making Prayer potions.

Prayer Potion

(you can use the perk of a Botanical pie here at 34 to cover a little bit of cost, and the Amulet of chemistry to cut the cost even more).

You will need to make exactly 3866 Prayer potions to get to level 63!

You will get 210k xp/h this way, and you can save money by including the methods above (cleaning herbs and making unfinished potions).

Here you make finished Prayer potions, and it’s worth it to have the Amulet of chemistry because a single dose more dose costs more than 3k.

This will cost you 1.6M total with Amulet of chemistry, and 2.3M without it.

From level 63 to 86, you will need to make Super restore potions.

Super restore potion

You will need an unfinished Snapdragon potion combined with Red Spider’s eggs.

You will need to make 22662 potions to reach level 86.

This will give you 325k XP per hour, and it will cost 18.1M total with an Amulet of chemistry, or 24.2M without it.

From levels 86 to 99, you will make some profit back, and we will be making Super Combat Potions!

Super Combat potion

You can make a Super Combat potion by combining Super Atk, Str, Def (4) with a clean Torstol.

You will need to make 62911 to reach level 99 if you are aiming for that cape!

Here, we will be using Botanical pies on level 86, it will cost only 300k to 90 (so you can make them early).

Here, in this part, you will earn back some of your money by selling your super combat potions, and it is estimated to earn you 5.4M.

If you used The amulet of chemistry all the way, the way to 99 only costs you 15.8M with this method, since you earn back 5.4M.

This is the CHEAPEST possible way, and great for getting your character maxed.

Tips and tricks

The most effective way of making unfinished potions is by putting your X value in the bank to 14.

So, it just takes you one click to get your 14 clean herbs, and 14 water vials.

You can also speed up your process by pressing the space bar when mixing the ingredients.

Cleaning tips

Cleaning can seem to get you a carpal tunnel, but actually, it’s not that hard to do, it gets fun since you are constantly getting more XP or making more money, and still leveling up,

You can always do something else and go back to Herblore, you’re not locked to it, but it does feel good when you reach a level you need.

Most of the time lower level players make the most money in herblore making unfinished potions, and it’s a great way to make some extra cash.

Take some time, and you will see it’s a very profitable skill, and if you make a good amount of GP from it, you can always sell it here on the site for some real-life cash and turn your spent time into profit!

Good luck from the RS3gold Team!

WOW Classic – World of Warcraft: What’s next for Classics?

Reintroducing World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade is the most likely scenario for World of Warcraft: Classic going forward and arguably the one most wanted by the majority of fans. World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade introduced improvements that could be welcomed by veteran fans of the game, such as improved class balance and the inclusion of arenas, which remain a common variation of the game’s player vs. player, also in the retail version. World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade has also added two new playable races, including the legendary Blood Elves, as well as Illidan Stormrage, one of the most controversial characters in the history of World of Warcraft.

The change should be reasonably easy to create because World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade came immediately after the original game. The raid and leveling material has already been created, so all that Blizzard needs to do is optimize it for World of Warcraft: Classic. One possible problem with this avenue is that they might be unhappy with the update, as some players prefer the original game without expansion packs. By leaving any World of Warcraft servers unaffected by any new additions, Blizzard might, of course, fix this.

While some players are eagerly waiting to learn where World of Warcraft: Classic will go next with Blizzard, there is no telling when the news will arrive. With the recent release of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, the company will concentrate on upcoming raids and other content for the current version of the game. Although no clear indication of an announcement has been given, it is likely that this February Blizzard will disclose the plan for World of Warcraft: Classic at Blizzcon.

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