Which skill is the most profitable in Old School RuneScape?

There are many profitable skills in Old School Runescape, such as mining, fishing, Runecrafting, Fletching, farming, Hunter, Smithing, etc. However, only a few skills can make real money. So which skill will enable you to get the most benefit from levels 1-99?

Hunter – Black Chinchompas

Hunter is a more practical profitable 99, which will allow you to get approximately 110,000,000 through Black Chinchompas from level 73 to 99. You will need to capture about 38,000 black golden roosters from levels 73-99. However, since they are in the wilderness, this method is a bit risky. For example, XP is much faster than Smith Cannonball.

Fishing – Anglerfish

Fishing Anglerfish is a very profitable and safe method in Old School Runescape. When you reach level 99, your income will exceed 140 million, to be precise, 143 million. However, XP is almost as slow as a cannonball, increasing your speed to over 30,000 XP per hour.

Runecrafting – the most profitable skill

Compared with the above skills, Runecrafting must be the most profitable skill in Old School Runescape, making your income far more than 400 billion, reaching level 99. The 3 most profitable runes you need to make are Cosmic Runes, Astral Runes and Nature Runes. Much faster than Smithing.

The 3 most profitable runes to make are Cosmic Runes, Astral Runes and Nature Runes because you can make double runes for them at a certain level. You can use Cosmic Runes to start making double runes at level 59. Astral Runes doubled at level 82, and Natures doubled at level 91. NatureRunes is the most profitable method in the game.

Players may make more money by doing missions, Slayer, and other combat skills, depending on the boss you killed and the monsters killed in Slayer. But the rewards it drops are always random, and will not reward you for what you lack.

It is worth mentioning that players will prepare another option for themselves, which is to conduct RS Gold transactions through reliable platforms such as RS3gold and make the difference in the game by buying low and selling high. This may also be the case. RuneScape is different from other games, but you have to admit that this is a good way.

Learn Proposed OSRS Getting Ahead Quest for Twisted Tales

Do you want a new intermediate quest? It has been revealed that there will be a new rs07 gold quest called Getting Ahead OSRS for Twisted Tales quest set.


Twisted Tales: Getting Ahead new quest


It has been revealed in the recent Twisted Tales – Getting Ahead Blog that there will be a new intermediate-level quest called Getting Ahead. In this new quest, players will encounter Gordon and Mary, two troubled farmers who ask that players bring back the head of the beast that has been terrorising their land. However, things become complicated when the beast turns out to be headless.

Getting Ahead will be the first quest of Twisted Tales. Twisted Tales are short standalone quests set within the regions of Great Kourend and Kebos. In Twisted Tales players will meet new characters, explore new mysteries, and learn more about the regions of Kourend and Kebos.


Requirements & rewards of Getting Ahead


Here you could learn requirements of Getting Ahead OSRS quest:

30 Crafting

26 Construction

The ability to defeat a level 82 monster

Here are the rewards that can be obtained after completing the Getting Ahead quest:

500 Coins

1,200 Crafting XP

800 Construction XP

Access to a new Tannery in the Kebos Lowlands


Do you want the Getting Ahead OSRS quest?

Things You Need To Know About Creative Runs in FUT 21

FUT 21 comes with a new gameplay feature called creative runs. It’s an important update so you will want to get used to it right away. This feature gives players more control over the movement of their AI attacking footballers. The feature is called creative because it offers more ways to get past the opponent’s defense. Directed runs allow you to have full control over the direction of the run. You will achieve this move using the right stick.

Firstly, you need to trigger a run with the L1 or the LB and a flick of the right stick. You can also do this move after you call a teammate short. This is done with the R1 or RB and a right stick flick. The other move allows you to control where the players in your team go after they make a pass. All you need to do is to move the right stick in the direction you want your player to move after he has made a pass. You can pair this new control with any type of passes, including crosses and lob passes.

Five of your controlled players can do one of the above moves at the same time. You can use the player lock feature. You lock in the player you currently control by pressing both sticks at the same time. After you make a pass with a locked player, the computer takes control of the player that has the ball so you can move to another player.

This way you can request a pass back in a better position. After you have locked on to a player, you can flick the right stick and you will have more control when moving to another player and locking him. You will also be in control of the movement of your teammate.
Take note that you have limited time to perform these moves. You must quickly trigger the direction of the run, otherwise it will clash with other moves such as player switching and skill moves. It is advised that you flick the right stick as soon as possible. This will increase your chances of making a successful move.

Use the trainer option that shows you the path of the computer player run on the field. You can see the last two paths out of a maximum of five allowed. You can enable and disable this option from the trainer settings menu. Practice this move as much as possible!


A Case for Leveling Tailoring: WoW Classic

So you’ve rolled a new character in World of Warcraft classic, and come to realise that you should really pick a profession early in the game so that you can keep up as you level. For sure, the earlier you decide on your professions, the more smoothly the process will go for you in general. Luckily with tailoring though, it is quite easy to level no matter late you start, as long as you put in the proper preparation. Cheap wow classic gold

World of Warcraft classic Tailoring guide

This guide will consider both ends ofthe spectrum of potential readers – both the new player or newly rolled characters, and the higher leveled or more seasoned players. When you are just starting out, of course you should be considering professions that not only provide you with utility, but that provide you with some handy cashflow. Overall, though, the most important thing to remember is that you do what you want, and don’t feel like you’re forced into any choices that would make your gameplay experience any less fun!

Tailoring for new players and characters:

For starters, tailoring is an obvious choice for utility if you are a cloth wearer, or caster of any kind. A lot of what tailoring can provide you with, as you might imagine, is gear for cloth-wearers and casters. Fortunately for a lot of newly rolled squishy clothwearing characters out there, tailoring is a perfectly suitable choice (oftenpaired with enchanting) as a profession that can aid you all the way to 60 and beyond. What makes tailoring different from other main professions is that it does not generally require a gathering profession to get your main source of materials: cloth. Sure, there are a few recipes that require a couple ofleather hides or gemstones here and there, but anyone can loot cloth from corpses, and that’s what makes tailoring so efficient and suitable for anybody, not just casters.

Think about it, you basically have a free second profession slot available for whatever profession you’d like. Perhaps you would like toget some extra money by picking up herbalism or skinning, or maybe you really like the sound of engineering but don’t want to do all that boring mining. Tailoring lets you turn some of that cloth into useful items you can either use or onsell to other players, and fund your other activities!

TIP: Each of your characters only has two main profession slots available. Unless you really enjoy the idea of gathering professions, I would really consider choosing two professions that are useful for actually making things. In my opinion, gathering professions are just another time sync, another grind! If you want to be free from the grind, consider checking out WOWclassicgp and purchasing some in-game currency. More on that later.

World of Warcraft classic Tailoring

Read More: WoW Classic Leatherworking and Skinning Guide

Tailoring for the late levelover-achiever:

If you’re reading this from the perspective of a badass priest with endgame in your eyes, then you’ve surely heard of the “Truefaith Vestments”. Google up “World of Warcraft Priest” and it’s basically the default character model chestpiece that defined the class in vanilla, and for a good reason. Any priest worth his weight knows how good this piece of gear is, and it is often cited as the sole reason for wanting to pick up tailoring and level it to 300 in the first place. Second place goes to the “Bloodvine Garb” set available after the release of Zul’Gurub, which is a game changer for Warlocks (and it’s bind-on-equip)! And let’s not forget the Mage equivalent, the “Gown of the Archmage”.

If you have just picked up tailoring and are wondering how to get it levelled quickly and efficiently, I would definitely cite dungeons as the most efficient way to farm the cloth you need. Better yet, use some of your extra gold to buy your way to level 300 – that’s the great thing about professions like tailoring – the resources are always available and usually not that expensive. If you’re looking for ways to help you with your gold supply, read on!

At the beginning, no matter how you spinit, there is going to be a serious outlay of either time or gold, but likely both, so that your tailoring both gets up to max level, and you can get a hold of some of the most sellable patterns. Once you have that groundwork, though, you have one of the most valuable professions as far as selling your services to others! I would seriously consider giving yourself a headstart by checking out WOWclassicgp, buying some gold to fund your ‘business’, and reap the rewards later down the line. You will definitely make back your investment in gold several times over, and be one of the most popular people in your guild!

As far as professions go, leveling tailoring is very straightforward and the resources, if not always available for sale at a good price, are always readily farmable by hitting up humanoids in any zone or farming dungeons. Again, because there is no gathering profession associated with tailoring, it is quick and simple to level up, especially if you have some extra cash on hand to help the process along.


Here are a couple bonus reasons that make tailoring special, and why it remains close to my heart.

1. Fancy dress.

Yeah, it sounds stupid, and it is. But who doesn’t like to dress up? You don’t? Well, a lot of us do! And by far the most useful profession for making items that will make you stand out at your next guild event are made through tailoring. Undershirts, tuxedos, dresses, hats, fancy shoes, and more! Not the most utility in this reasoning, but hey, this is a game, so have fun with it!

World of Warcraft classic fancy dress

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2. Bags

Let it be known that bags save you time, and time is your most precious resource in this game. Don’t waste your TIME limping back and forth between vendors when you could have just lugged whatever you want, whenever you want, all the time! Tailoring makes having bagspace a lot easier, since you are the one that crafts the packs!

3. Versatility.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll say it again; tailoring is such a versatile profession that I think just about any other profession could go well with it. Personally, I had a priest back in vanilla who was a tailor/engineer. Strange combination, you would think, but I loved it! Tailoring is a no brainer for a caster, and nobody expects you to pull a bomb out of your backside when they jump a priest in PvP! One of my favourite things to do was jump off of a cliff after using ‘Rocket Boots’ and activating ‘Levitate’, you can fly so far! On top of all that fun with engineering, I could still craft things useful for my caster all the way up to level 60 and beyond! Incredible!

If I’m honest, though, there comes a point where gold becomes a problem and you’re forced to make a serious choice in the game; have less fun and do less things, or do more things but grind it out beforehand. In the latter situation, you are spending just as much, if not more time doing the same old gold grind that everybody loves to hate. I can safely suggest a third, wildly popular but little discussed option that you may not have considered – trading real money for WoW Classic gold. I mentioned before that time is your most important resource here, andyou really don’t want to be spending time on gold grinding that should be dedicated to having fun! All it takes is a quick visit to WOWclassicgp.com and youc an be having more fun with the game than you ever thought.

So that’s it, just a few thoughts on the idea of tailoring and how you should go about deciding whether it’s for you. For more info about WOWclassicgp, hit up the website and talk to the 24 hour live customer service! You won’t be disappointed!

WoW Classic Pickpocketing Guide

Pickpocketing is an ability for the Rogue class, that is learnt at level 4. This ability can only be used when Stealth is active, so it is recommended to use the ability before you engage a mob. Junkboxes, vendor greys, and small amounts of money that are on the loot table can be accessed by using the ability Rogue. These boxes contain healing potions, Rogue-specific reagents; Such as Binding Powder, and very rare items like Gut Ripper and Teebu’s Blazing Longsword. However, to unlock these bones, one must acquire the skill Lockpicking.

It is not confirmed that these items can drop from junkboxes, although some information suggests that it may be possible.

The ability Pick Pocket can be resisted, which removes Rogue from Stealth. The chance for it to happen is based on the player’s level in relation to the mob’s level. Higher the players level, lower the chances to resist.

Every humanoid mod has a Pick Pocket loot table, and the other mods; such as satyrs may or may not have a loot table. If the mob physically looks like they might have pockets, then it is possible that they have a loot table.

Before you pickpocket every mob, you encounter, it is utmost important that you understand how the ability Stealth works on hostiles.These kinds of mobs have aggro radius, although the way in which they aggro to the player is different while they are using stealth. If the player comes into their peripheral vision, they will turn towards the player and play a distinct sound. If the player is too close to the mob while in their peripheral vision, or comes into physical contact from any side, they will reveal the player and attack them.

While using the ability stealth, a player can navigate a hostile mob, as long as they are not within their vision. Depending on the mob’s level, the range at which a player can be detected may differ. Some mobs with heightened stealth detection are very hard to pickpocket, as they can detect a player regardless of where they orient themselves. In classic it’s simply a matter of learning which mobs have these properties, such as undead mobs and tracking mobs.

Abilities and Talents

· Stealth is required to use Pick Pocket. Rank 1 Stealth is learned at level 1, and each 20 levels another rank of Stealth is learned (rank 2 Stealth, rank 3 Stealth, rank 4 Stealth). Each rank effectively increases your movement speed, although an additional 15% movement speed can be gained with the Subtlety talent. Camouflage (3% per talent point). To further improve the effectiveness of Stealth, players may also be interested in the Subtlety talent Master of Deception.

· Distract (learned at level 22) provides unique utility, as it allows the Rogue to re-position a mob or group of mobs to face a certain
direction to use Pick Pocket without being detected. Preparation is also able to reset the cooldown of Distract.

· Vanish (requires Flash Powder) is a key ability as it allows the Rogue to leave combat in the event that they are revealed. Rank 1

Vanish is learned at level 22, and rank 2 Vanish is learned at level 42. Players may also be interested in the Subtlety talent Elusiveness to reduce the cooldown of Vanish to 3.5 minutes. Preparation may also be worthwhile to reset the cooldown of Vanish.

· Sap can also be a useful ability as it would allow players to physically pass through a sapped mob, although in Classic this ability will remove you from Stealth upon use. Rank 1 Sap is learned at level 10, rank 2 Sap is learned at level 28, and rank 3 Sap is learned at level 48, with each level increasing the incapacitate duration. Players that intend on using this ability in tandem with Pick Pocket are required to use talent points on Improved Sap in the Subtlety tree, and even then, there is a 10% chance that it may still remove the player from Stealth.

· Pick Lock (learned at level 16) can be used to open the junk boxes that can be found while using Pick Pocket.

List of Useful Macros for Rogue Class Players:

1. #showtooltip Pick Pocket

/targetenemy [no harm][dead]

/cast Pick Pocket


This macro shows the tooltip for Pick Pocket, targets the nearest enemy mob, uses the ability, and then clears the target.

2. #showtooltip Cheap Shot

/cast Pick Pocket

/cast Cheap Shot

This macro shows the tooltip for Cheap Shot, it uses Pick Pocket, then uses Cheap Shot. You can also replace Cheap Shot by other ailities.


As we all know, junkboxes contain various items, such as grey items, money, level, appropriate healing potions and food, Rogue reagents, world drops, and exceedingly-rare epic items. Where can a player farm these junkboxes? Well, they can be farmed out in the world, or through running dungeons, and to be very exact – The list below has names of all the different kinds of junkboxes, what they contain, and the names of the dungeons where they can be farmed.

Battered Junkbox

A battered junkbox can contain Lesser moonstones, Moss agates, and Healing potions, and can be farmed in the following dungeons.

· The Deadmines

· Shadowfang Keep

· Blackfathom Deeps

· The Stockade

· Razorfen Kraul

· Gnomeregan

Worn Junkbox

A battered junkbox can contain Citrine, Jade, Greater healing potion, Flash powder, Blinding powder, Essence of pain, Dust ofdeterioration, Deathweed, Dust of decay, Essence of agony, and can be farmed in the following dungeons.

· Scarlet Monastery

· Razorfen Downs

Sturdy Junkbox

A battered junkbox can contain Aquamarine, Star ruby, Superior healing potion, Flash powder, Blinding powder, Essence of pain, Dust ofdeterioration, Deathweed, Dust of decay, Essence of agony, Gut ripper, and can be farmed in the following dungeons.

· Uldaman

· Zul’Farrak

Heavy Junkbox

A battered junkbox can contain Star ruby, Major healing potion, Flash powder, Blinding powder, Essence of pain, Dust of deterioration,Deathweed, Dust of decay, Essence of agony, Shadowblade, Alcor’s Sunrazor, Teebu’s Blazing Longsword, and can be farmed in the

following dungeons.

· Blackrock Depths

· Blackrock Spire

· Stratholme

· Dire Maul

· Scholomance

· Zul’Gurub

Good luck with Pickpocketing in WoW Classic! And best WoW Classic Gold for sale WOWclassicgp, buy now.

RS Rex Skeleton Fragments Guide: How to Obtain & Restore in Orthen Digsite

New items called rex skeleton fragments have been added to the rs3 gold game with the release of RS Orthen digsite. Here you could learn detailed information on RS rex skeleton fragments.

How to obtain RS rex skeleton fragments?

With the release of RS Orthen digsite, rex skeleton fragments can be collected from the new dig site. You can gather rex skeleton fragments while excavating at the dig site and from completing Sharrigan’s certain Archaeology collections.

Restore RS rex skeleton in Orthen digsite

After obtaining rex skeleton fragments, you can use them to restore the rex skeleton found below Mr Mordaut’s office in the Anachronia base camp. The progress of the rex is increased by all players (including ironman accounts), and each rex skeleton fragment will add 0.001% to the total progress. Each skeleton fragment awards experience scaled to your Archaeology level. A 10% boost to experience is awarded if you contribute 10-99 fragments, and a 20% boost is given for contributing over 100 fragments at once.
At 100% completion the rex skeleton will grant the following effects for all of Anachronia for 65 minutes:
-25% more XP from activities on Anachronia:
Hunter (including BGH)
Archaeology excavation
Anachronia Agility Course
-10% buff to the drop rates from:
Big Game Hunter
Anachronia Agility Course codices
Archaeology materials

Have you gathered RS rex skeleton fragments at Orthen digsite?

FIFA 21: Tips on How to Get More Wins in FUT Champions Weekend League

Weekend League is the toughest competition in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Here are a few tips and tricks to start and win in FUT Champions.

The Weekend League always takes place on the weekend and is the mode that can bring you the best rewards in Ultimate Team. In addition to FIFA 21 coins and packs, it also gives you player picks from a certain rank, in which you can get TOTW players for your team. However, the Weekend League is also pretty tough. You have a weekend to play 30 games. It usually starts at 8 am BST on Fridays and ends at the same time on Monday. The more wins you collect, the better your rewards will be in the end.

Here are some tips on how to get through the Weekend League:

1. Always Play Concentrated in the Weekend League

In career mode or in Squad Battles you have already completely disassembled the AI, lead 3-0 and it is basically impossible to give up the game. Even in modes where every single victory may not count, you can sometimes let your concentration drag a little if it looks good. Then you look at your cell phone, listen to a message – whatever.

In FUT Champions, this can go very wrong. The opponents here are strong and even a 3-0 lead at the break does not mean that you will win. If you lose focus, the risk of still losing is high. And that only annoys you more for the next game. In the Weekend League, every single win counts for a lot. It is accordingly bitter to give up points that were believed to be safe.

Some players like to listen to music in the Weekend League to concentrate even better. Switching off the commentators also helps some to focus. However, this is ultimately a matter of taste.


2. Learn Some Useful Skill Moves

In the new FIFA, dribbling has great value. On the one hand, you can play your opponents with strong dribbles and at the same time hold the ball until your teammates are in good positions for a pass. Skill moves can be the surprising element that gives you just that little bit of space that you need. You don’t even have to learn the super-blatant moves that require key combinations. It can also be done with little tricks.

  • - The ball roll is very effective for barely passing opponents and goalkeepers just before a duel. For the ball roll, you just have to push the stick sideways to your current direction of travel.
  • - The “bridge” can also help. You just double-press R1 / RB and get a small speed boost that can get you past your opponent.
  • - In addition, the new agile dribbling is also worthwhile to guide the ball close to the player and let opponents run into space. To do this, you just have to hold R1 and then move the left stick.


3. Pay Close Attention To Your Defense

In addition to dribbling, the first few days in FIFA 21 showed that passes in the run are currently very strong. The defense is quickly overwhelmed if you play good passes into the barrel of faster attackers. In addition, crosses are effective again – you shouldn’t forget that after a year in FIFA 20 in which virtually no header goals were scored.

That is why: The defense must stand. Both dribblers and in-the-run sprinters can be intercepted if the defense is well-positioned. That is why it is worth trying to catch balls early, especially with midfielders. Pulling the central defender out of the back four opens up a lot of space that the opponent can use coldly.

Attacking the attacker aggressively with the central defender should only be attempted if you are absolutely certain that you can capture the ball. Because if the striker wins the duel, he is usually through and only has the keeper in front of him.


4. Get Used To a Formation and Team

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should play little rivals on the Saturday morning before the Weekend League – even if it can of course be worthwhile. Rather, it means that you should try to find a formation and team that suits you before the Weekend League.

Experimenting during the Weekend League can be more difficult than playing with a team where you know each player inside out and know a few routes by heart. However, if nothing works at all – then a little break can also be worthwhile during the weekend.


5. Take Breaks

The Weekend League is pretty full of 30 games, and when you have the time, the temptation is to tear down as many games as possible. But that can be a wrong approach.

If you are on a positive run, you can of course try to keep it going as long as possible. But with a negative run, you are tempted to “at least stop with a win”. That can go really wrong: You keep playing, lose your interest in playing and your concentration – and give up game after game. It is more advisable to draw a line and continue playing later.

It can even be worthwhile to just start again a day later. Some strong players pull through as many matches from front to back as possible. If you’re lucky, you avoid them when you start later on the weekend. Then you just have to make sure that there is still enough time for the matches.

Get WOW Mirror of Envious Dreams for Free Tier 3 in Shadowlands

It’s possible to wear Tier 3 for free through WOW Mirror of Envious Dreams item that can transform the armor into Tier 3 in Shadowlands. Read the details below to learn more and Buy wow classic gold about it as well as how to get it.

What is WOW Mirror of Envious Dreams?

Mirror of Envious Dreams is a toy with item level 26, which can transform your character’s armor into full Tier 3 from Naxxramas, or HD Tier 6 from Tomb of Sargeras. However, your gear can only be transformed into your class’ intended armor set, while collecting the actual items offers greater class flexibility. Because there is no class restriction for the vanilla Naxxramas items, you can transform into another class’ armor by collecting the items from the BMA, like a Rogue can wear full Dreamwalker Raiment that was originally intended for Druids.

What’s more, there is no cooldown for Mirror of Envious Dreams toy. Thus, you can keep your appearance indefinitely. And please note that Tier 3 is extremely rare, unobtainable save for the Black Market Auction House.

How to get WOW Mirror of Envious Dreams?

Mirror of Envious Dreams is contained in a chest that is located at the base of a statue that can be found in Pridefall Hamlet in Revendreth, at 69.3 78.0. To get hold of it, your character have to reach level 50+ and start questing through Revendreth in Shadowlands. Currently, Mirror of Envious Dreams is not flagged as a toy, so it doesn’t have account-wide use.

Come to obtain it to wear Tier 3 for free in Shadowlands. Moreover, don’t forget to buy cheap WOW Shadowlands Power leveling from us all the time.

List of RS 10th Annual Golden Gnome Awards finalists

After a month of voting to allow netizens to choose their favorite content and content creators, the list of RS 10th Annual Gnome Awards finalists was announced on September 18. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the selection of the 10th annual Gnome Awards finalists:

1. Best New RS Video Creator

- Hanannie

- Laser Shark

- Tusoroxo

- Waswere

Honourable mentions: Eddiemoo, The Cook’s Assistant, Noxious IRL and Jaxyys.

2. Best RS Video Creator

- DarkWorldOrder

- Maikeru

- ProtoxxGaming

- Silenced

Honourable mentions: Manatee Gaming.

3. Best RS Video

- FlagArmada Productions: Fall of Zaros

- ProtoxxGaming: RS 3 – 1-99 Archaeology Guide

- TheLazyPeon: RS 3 First Impressions “Is it worth playing?”

- Will Miss It: Archaeology Makes No Sense

4. Best New RS Streamer

- JamesRakei

- mika279

- UrBoiDakota

- Zilandraa

Honourable mentions: Vaseline Fairy, Sarahdominists.

5. Best RS Streamer

- Evil Lucario

- iTrolledU

- Maikeru

- ScardyGinge

Honourable mention: Wazzy

6. Best New RS Artist

- BakeyCakez

- Olifirefly

- Suizzy

- Xpluisje

Honourable mentions: Atrox, Elej.

7. Best RS Artist

- Enkoro

- Magenixy

- mavrick882

- Willoway

Honourable mentions: Glacyte, SaxSpieler, Cabege.

8. Best RS Artistic Creation

- Chaos_Elemental: “A Hard Fall” (fanfiction)

- mavrick882: Invention

- Shikimoko: RS Christmas Legos

- Suizzy: “Et Legatum Persevero” – The Legacy Continues

9. Best Music Creation

- Beats by Tickle & Ian Fire: Raps of Gielinor

- J1mmy: Sandy Confession

- Levi Niha: Making Music but every sound is RS

- OSRS Beats: Song of the Elves (Trap Remix)

One more thing, later RS Team will reveal the finalists for the “Best Costume”, “Best Cosplay Prop” and “Community Achievement” categories.

After revealing the 10th annual Gnome Annual Awards finalists, you can now vote on this finalist until midnight on October 4. Once the winners are determined, the award ceremony will be broadcast live on November 7 in a spectacular live event.

Hurry up and vote for the finalists you like. In addition, RS3gold will provide you with cheap OSRS Gold for sale.

OSRS Soul Wars Minigame: Requirements, Gameplay & More

The minigame Soul Wars OSRS is proposed to return in the future. More detailed information on rs 07 gold Soul Wars has been revealed in the latest official blog.

How to access Soul Wars OSRS minigame?

OSRS Soul Wars takes place on an island near the Feldip Hills, which can be accessed via a portal in Edgeville. A minigame teleport or a second portal in Ferox’ Enclave can also be used to access the minigame. Here are the requirements to play Soul Wars:
Total level of 500
40 Combat level
If you are member, you can access the island on any world even if you do not reach the requirements to play Soul Wars. Upon arrival, you can find and talk to Nomad to begin and complete the tutorial. After finishing the Nomad tutorial, you can enter a game of Soul Wars by stepping into a waiting room in the Soul Wars lobby.

Gameplay of OSRS Soul Wars minigame

Once the game begins, both teams need to kill the opposing team’s Avatar as many times as possible during 10 minutes. The game will end early if a team reaches a total of 10 Avatar kills.
The avatar of blue teams is the Avatar of Creation, while the avatar of red teams is the Avatar of Destruction. The Soul Wars Avatar has low Defence but high HitPoints, which means low levels can damage them but need more time. They will attack using melee and try to target the player in their area with the highest offensive bonuses; however, their attacks will also hit other players standing in front of them. You can use Prayer to block damage from their attacks.
Each team has a base on opposite sides of the map, which contains an Avatar, a Graveyard and a Supply Area. Bandages can be collected from the Supply Area and graveyards, which can be used to heal 10% of HitPoints, restore 100% run energy and cure all poison and venom.