WoW Classic: Scarab Lord Title & Black Qiraji Battle Tank Mount guide

In Phase 5 in WoW Classic, the top players on each server will have the chance of getting their hands on two unique and iconic rewards: the “Scarab Lord” title and the Black Qiraji Battle Tank mount, which can be riden outside of Ahn’Qiraj!

The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj is an event that takes place during Phase 5 of WoW Classic once Alliance and Horde players have handed in enough resources to complete their faction’s respective War Effort. Buy classic wow gold

But if you wish to take on C’thun’s forces in The Temple of Ahn’Qiraj, a player must first turn in the culmination of a lengthy chain of high-level quests: Bang a Gong! Once this quest has concluded, the first player to sound the gong will not only be crowned the Scarab Lord, but will also receive a Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal, which lets you ride the only legendary mount in the game.

The Scarab Lord title can only be awarded to one player per server. Any player who completes Bang a Gong! within 10 hours of it first being turned in will receive a Black Qiraji Battle Tank mount, regardless of faction.

Once a player turns in the conclusion of the Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest chain, they’ll be given Treasure of the Timeless One, a quest that will reward players with their choice of 4 epic weapons, reputation with the Brood of Nozdormu, and gold. You’ll have to act fast if you want this mount, and even faster if you’re after this title!

But be aware, the Sceptre of the Changing Sands quest chain is one of the most arduous in all of WoW Classic and requires the backing of an entire guild to complete. Only the top guilds on the server will be able to finish it. Afterall, there can’t be a Scarb Lord without the backing of their subjects.

The Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest chain is generally only completed by a single member of each guild, since it requires collecting materials, including from some from raid creatures, so it’s a good idea to optimise your farming and funnel the farming into a single player.

Given that only one player from each guild will realistically be able to receive these prestigious rewards, more often than not it’s the Guildleader who receives the honour. That’s not to say that other guild members won’t be important, as there are 32 quests for you to complete, making it one of the most hefty chains in World of Warcraft!

Here are the quests and mats you’ll need to complete the Scepter of the Changing Sands quest chain, in order:
Components required for the questline

20x Arcanite Bar
10x Elementium Ore
10x Azeroth Diamond
10x Blue Sapphire
20x Goblin Rocket Fuel
20x Deeprock Salt
20x Chimaerok Tenderloin

Once you’ve finished this never-ending chain, you’ll be able to receive a new quest from The Scarab Gong in front of The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj in Silithus. This is the quest in question:

Bang a Gong!

Your goal is simple: turn in the quest at The Scarab Gong. This will reward you with the iconic Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal, as well as the Scarab Lord title if you’re the first to turn it in!

If you manage to pull off all this within the 10-hour timer, then congratulations are in order! You’ve deserved it, but let’s not forget the countless allies that have helped you on your way to the gong!

WoW Classic: Should we expect a PvP esports tournament?

What if WoW Classic held an original, official esports tournament hosted by Blizzard? A very recent tweet from the @WoWEsports twitter account seems to hint towards this, all of which coincides with the discovery of a curious “esports” page on the Chinese version of the WoW Classic website.

In the early hours of 1st June 2020, the twitter account WoW Esports (the new official point of reference for World of Warcraft esports) released a tweet hinting at the coming arrival of a “cool event”, accompanied by an image. In the image, an Orc can be seen inquiring into the name of the event. You can also see the loading screen for Warsong Gulch behind him, making us believe that it may be a PvP event.

Our colleagues at Wowhead also discovered the recent addition of a page dedicated to Esports on the official Chinese site for WoW Classic. On it, you can see the results of Wargames in Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulch, and Alterac Valleg, as well as the number of flags captured by each faction.

So what does this all mean? We’re currently still in the dark, yet we do know that recent addition of the ability to create and spectate Wargames may provide a very enticing future for esports in WoW Classic. This would be a first for Blizzard, given that there weren’t even any competitive modes in the original Vanilla version of the game, let alone an esports component.

The Launch of RS on Steam & More Improvements for RS Future Announced

With the update on Sep. 24, we know that a new platform called Steam for RS game will be launched on Oct. 14. It uses the same client as the rsgold non-Steam version but there are also some differences to it. In addition, RS Team also states that they will continue to work on improving RS, like mobile launch.

RS coming to Steam confirmed on Oct. 14 

RS Steam has announced that they will release a new platform named Steam on which RS game will be available on Oct. 14, 2020. Steam is the beginning of the journey to improve the world of RS and make sure that beating heart of the games. As the new version, Steam aims to bring RS that is one of the wold’s largest MMORPGs to one of the world’s ultimate gaming destinations. It will connect you to a huge new community of PC gamers.
Steam version uses the same client as the non-Steam PC version, the NXT client, but it also has some differences from the non-Steam version, like:
1. Integration with Steam achievements, trading cards and badges which are earned through playing the game.
2. Account linking/detection through Steam.

Mobile launch & more improvements for RS future

Beyond of the new Steam platform, RS Team will continue to make some other improvements to make RS a more accessible, more cross-platform MMORPG, like:
1. Mobile launch is pushed to 2021. They will focus on improving the game experience, from refining text, content, interaction and hitbox sizes to engine improvements and stability.
2. They will integrate with alternative account services, on new platforms and become available in different stores.
3. Focus on reaching new audiences, scaling operations and improving accessibility.
4. Keep bringing in new adventurers and deliver on the cross-platform MMO vision.

Look forward to RS Steam launch on Oct. 14.

The Best Meta Pokemon to Use in the PvP Pokemon Go Great League

The Pokemon Go Great League places a limit of 1,500 CP on the Pokemon you use, which means that a lot of the typically strong Pokemon Go beasts are out of the question. It’s tempting to still just use your Pokemon that are closest to 1,500 CP but that doesn’t take into account things like movesets and type advantages, which means the Great League best Pokemon are often ones you wouldn’t expect. Here are the 10 top choices for the Pokemon Go Great League best Pokemon.


Type: Water/Fairy
Weakness: Electric, Grass, Poison

One of the best counters to Altaria who you’ll find below, Azumarill is an excellent tank to close out the game when you don’t have any shields left. Sure, it may have some common type weaknesses, but the fact it can also see off popular choices like Deoxys and Alolan Marowak make it invaluable.

Bubble has to be your go-to fast move thanks to its Water-type and impressive energy generation. For the charged move, Ice Beam must be your first choice. It will see off so many popular choices with ease. If you have a second charged move, our suggestion would be Play Rough, because it’s one of the few powerful Fairy-type moves and can help against Dragon- and Dark-types.


Type: Dragon/Flying
Weakness: Ice, Dragon, Rock, Fairy, Electric

With so many weaknesses, you’d be forgiven for not expecting a Pokemon like Altaria to be so popular in Great League. The fact of the matter is, since it’s part Dragon-type — and strong Dragon-types are scarce at this level — Altaria is an utter beast. Swablu is a common Pokemon, though you do need 400 candy to evolve one, so you better get searching if you don’t have an Altaria already.

Dragon Breath should absolutely be your charged move of choice to, you know, take advantage of the Dragon-type nature of Altaria. It also has 3 EPT and 4 DPT, making it incredibly valuable. You’re also going to want one of your charged moves to be Sky Attack because while Flying-type moves aren’t always the best, Sky Attack is cheap so you can dish out attacks on the regular. If you’ve got a second charged move, opt for Dragon Pulse, because even though it costs a little more, it’s a good idea to have some extra Dragon-type damage in there.


Type: Steel/Flying
Weakness: Electric, Fire

Skarmory is a popular choice for two reasons; Steel-types don’t have many counters in the current meta, and Skarmory has been in the game for ages, so most people will have one at a decent CP. Like Altaria, the Flying-type aspect isn’t as useful, but you’ll see plenty of Skarmorys in the Great League.

Air Slash needs to be your choice for the fast move with 3 EPT and DPT, because the other option is Steel Wing and Steel-type moves aren’t very good offensively. Sky Attack absolutely must be your first choice charged move because it benefits from Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB: when a move is the same type as the Pokemon, it gets +25% damage) and is the cheapest in terms of energy cost. If you have a second charged move, avoid Brave Bird at all costs and get Flash Cannon.


Type: Steel
Weakness: Fighting, Ground, Fire

Another Steel-type option here, Registeel is significantly harder to acquire than Skarmory since it’s a legendary, but there have been a number of opportunities to add one to your collection. Registeel is even bulkier — and therefore better defensively — than Skarmory, while having a slightly more diverse moveset.

Lock-On is the best energy generator in Pokemon Go with 5 EPT, which means you’ll be able to use plenty of charged moves. For those, Flash Cannon is the cheaper of the two best picks and like Skarmory with Sky Attack, it benefits from STAB. If you have enough Registeel candy to give it a second charged move, look for Focus Blast because it deals a ridiculous amount of damage. Just make sure you don’t get stopped by a shield or it’s a huge move wasted.


Type: Rock/Steel
Weakness: Fighting, Ground, Water

Bastiodon is one of the best defensive Pokemon you can use in Great League (and is another part Steel-type… noticing a trend?) and it can also deal some serious damage. The main thing you want to watch out for with Bastiodon is when you’re up against Fighting or Ground-type Pokemon because they’ll deal double damage.

Despite it only have 2.66 EPT, Smack Down is your best choice for fast move over Iron Tail. You’ll also want Stone Edge as your first choice for the charged move because even though it costs quite a lot of energy, it deals an insane amount of damage, especially against Altaria. If you’ve got a second charge move, go for Flamethrower to deal with any Pokemon you face that are weak to fire-type moves.


Type: Ground/Water
Weakness: Grass

As a Ground/Water-type, Swampert only has one major weakness; Grass-type Pokemon. As long as you’re not up against a Venusaur, Tropius, or Meganium, Swampert can be crucial in your fight to victory. Even Electric-type moves are stifled thanks to the dual typing of Ground and Water.

Always go for Mud Shot when you’re rocking Swampert in Great League, because it offers 4.5 EPT. The DPT isn’t too high though, which is why having two charged moves here is important; one that you can repeatedly use in the form of Hydro Cannon (unfortunately a community day exclusive) or Surf. Combine either of those with Earthquake for a devastating pairing. Alternatively, if you are coming up against a lot of Grass-type Pokemon, you can swap Earthquake for Sludge Wave.


Type: Rock/Steel
Weakness: Fighting, Ground, Water

Another Rock/Steel type, Probopass is a solid alternative for Bastiodon if you don’t have one. It also has the advantage of two potential Electric-type moves, detailed below.

Interestingly, Probopass doesn’t have one outright best fast type move. Rock Throw offers higher damage in exchange for less energy generation (2.5 EPT and 4 DPT) while Spark provides the opposite (4 EPT and 2 DPT). If you don’t already have a Pokemon to counter Altaria then Rock Throw is the sensible choice, whereas Spark can help to bait shields and deal with some of the other Pokemon you’ll come up against.

For charged moves, you again have two choices. If you’ve got the candy to have two charged moves then pick up both Rock Slide and Thunderbolt, but if you’ve only got one, then you’ll have to pick between them. Both are negated by Ground-type Pokemon and have similar power/energy requirements (Thunderbolt is slightly more expensive and powerful). Alternatively, pick Magnet Bomb if you want a cheaper Electric-type charged move than Thunderbolt.


Type: Dark
Weakness: Bug, Fairy, Fighting

Umbreon is an interesting choice for Great League because right now, there’s no direct counters in the meta other than Azumarill with Play Rough. Obtaining multiple Umbreons can be frustrating thanks to the evolution requirements, but if you’ve got a decent one, consider adding it to your Great League team.

Snarl should be your pick for fast move because it offers 4.33 EPT, even though it has just 1.66 DPT. Feint Attack can be considered for the damage increase of 3 DPT (and 3 EPT) but most of the time, the energy gain will be crucial with Snarl. Three charged moves can be considered; Foul Play is the cheap option so combined with Snarl, you can dish out charged moves on the regular, plus you can compliment that with Dark Pulse for a little extra damage. All of the moves mentioned so far are Dark-type though, so if you’re up against something that resists Dark-type moves (Ghost-types and other Dark-types), consider using Last Resort if you got it during the community day. This is Normal-type and can be used as a tech choice.

Deoxys (Defense)

Type: Psychic
Weakness: Bug, Dark, Ghost

Another defensively-minded Pokemon, Deoxys (Defense forme) is the only Psychic-type on this list which instantly gives it a big advantage. The only problem is how tough it is to get one since it has so far only been available in ex-raids. So unless you’ve either been walking with Deoxys for miles and miles, or made it eat a hundred rare candy, you won’t be able to have two charge moves on this bad boy yet.

With that said, you’re going to want to go with Counter for the fast move. It has 3.5 EPT and 4 DPT which makes it a solid choice, plus it’s a Fighting-type move which is a great “counter” (see what I did there?) to the multiple Steel-type Pokemon mentioned above. For the charged move, choose between either Rock Slide or Thunderbolt. Psycho Boost used to be the best option but it now gives Deoxys a negative attack debuff after use which isn’t ideal.


Type: Grass/Poison
Weakness: Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic

Venusaur may be the easiest Pokemon to get on this list if you’ve been playing for a while, because it’s the evolution of one of the Gen 1 starters and has had its own community day. It’s a great counter against Pokemon like Azumarill and Swampert, and once again it’s somewhat tanky, especially for a Grass-type.

If you want to generate energy quickly to use Venusaur’s powerful charge moves, go for Vine Whip as the fast move. It offers 4 EPT (and 2.5 DPT), while the alternative, Razor Leaf, only has 2 EPT but does deal an impressive 5.5 DPT. Great if you want to rely on the fast move, but hard to outright recommend. Frenzy Plant is by far the best charged move if you got it during community day, but if you didn’t then Sludge Bomb is a great Poison-type choice. If you’ve got a second move space and don’t have Frenzy Plant, go for Solar Beam.

There you have it, our top ten picks for the best Pokemon Go Great League team. Whenever the meta significantly changes, we’ll add any new Pokemon to this list. For now, good luck in the Battle League, trainer!

WoW Classic: Mage T2 Armor Set Guide (Netherwind Regalia)

Pieces from the third Raid Set in WoW Classic are dropped by an array of different bosses in Blackwing Lair, Molten Core, and Onyxia’s Lair. Read on to find out how to get the Mage’s set, the Netherwind Regalia.
WoW Classic: Mage T2 Armor Set Guide (Netherwind Regalia) wow classic gold cheap

The third Raid set in Wow Classic is known as Tier 2, and often abbreviated to T2. Pieces from this set can be found in Molten Core, Onxyia’s Lair, and Blackwing Lair. The Mage’s set is known as the Netherwind Regalia and is designed with all three specs in mind.

Netherwind Regalia




Netherwind Crown



(Onyxia’s Lair)

Netherwind Mantle



(Blackwing Lair)

Netherwind Robes



(Blackwing Lair)

Netherwind Bindings


Razorgore the Untamed

(Blackwing Lair)

Netherwind Gloves





(Blackwing Lair)

Netherwind Belt


Vaelastrasz the Corrupt

(Blackwing Lair)

Netherwind Pants



(Molten Core)

Netherwind Boots


Brood Lord Lashlayer

(Blackwing Lair)

Set bonus

3 pieces: Reduces the threat generated by your Scorch, Arcane Missiles, Fireball, and Frostbolt spells.
5 pieces: Increases the radius of Arcane Explosion, Flamestrike, and Blizzard by 25%.
8 pieces: 10% chance after casting Arcane Missiles, Fireball, or Frostbolt that your next spell with a casting time under 10 seconds cast instantly.


OSRS Recipe for Disaster – Freeing the Goblin Generals

Today RS3gold are going to talk about freeing the Goblin generals in the OSRS Recipe for Disaster quest. The OSRS RFD Freeing the Goblin generals is the next part of the series mini-quests that we must complete. The OSRS RFD Freeing the Goblin generals quest has no skill requirements and it is one of the shortest quests of the series.

The only quest requirement is the completion of Goblin Diplomacy. In this OSRS RFD Freeing the Goblin generals quest you must free the goblin generals, but the only way to do that is by giving them food that they will both eat.

Items Needed To Complete OSRS Recipe for Disaster Freeing the Goblin Generals

Fishing bait
Bucket of water
Blue dye, Green dye or Purple dye
Charcoal or Ground Charcoal (buy it from Shilo Village or Tai Bwo Wannai general store)

Freeing The Goblin Generals

To start the OSRS RFD Freeing the Goblin generals quest go to Lumbridge Castle dining room and inspect one of the generals. Gypsy is not sure what you should do, because the goblins are changing their leaders very often. That is why he tells you to go to the Goblin village and ask some of the other goblins about their leader.

Make your way to the Goblin Village and enter the building just south of the generals and climb down the ladder. There you will find The Goblin Cook (aka Mudknuckles), talk to him and he will say to get him some charcoal to finish a cooking recipe that he overheard two dwarves talking about.

Give him the charcoal and he will add it to his cauldron, which will explode in a hilarious cutscene. Talk to Mudknuckles again and ask him to help you, he will say that he has trouble with the food, as both the generals are bickering over it. To make food for the generals, he needs oranges that aren’t orange, maggots that aren’t bland, and bread that isn’t crunchy.

Once you have all the items in your inventory, slice the orange with your knife, then use the dye on it. Use your bucket of water on the bread to make it not crunchy. Then use the spice on the fishing bait, and give everything to Mudknuckles.

Mudknuckles will give you the Slop of compromise which you must use on the Goblin generals. Head back to Lumbridge Castle dining room and give the Slop of compromise to one of the two Goblin generals. Congratulations you have completed the OSRS RFD Freeing the Goblin generals quest.

1 Quest point
1,000 Cooking experience
1,000 Farming experience
1,000 Crafting experience
Further access to the Culinaromancer’s Chest.

RS Kerapac Track: How to Join in the Event, Reward Details & More

New event RS Kerapac Track has been active until Nov. 2nd. During this event, players can complete tasks to gain some unique rewards, including the rs3 gold Mechanayak pet, Commander Scampers pet, Stasis Armour and more.

How to join in RS Kerapac Track event?

RS3 Kerapac Track is a new event running from September 21st to November 2nd, 2020. As RS Yak Track 2020, there are 2 prize tracks (free and premium) during this event. The premium track offers a larger number of prizes, which can be unlocked if you have an active Premier Club membership or buy a Premier Pass with 2 bonds.

Complete RS Yak Track 2020 new tasks

Upon logging in during the event, there is a Kerapac Track Task List appearing in your backpack. This list can be read to access the event interface. You can also open the interface through the Upgrades & Extras interface.
You can complete either task to progress to the next tier. Members and f2p players will receive different tasks to complete. Task skips can be used to skip tiers. You can get two task skip tokens at the start of the event, or purchase more with bonds via the store.
You could read our RS Kerapac Track Guide to learn 1-10 Tier tasks for P2P and F2P.

Rewards gained from RS3 Kerapac Track

You can receive cosmetics and items for progressing through each tier of task. Here are some new rewards that you can obtain from this event:
Mechanayak pet
Thok Hand-Me-Down weapons and armour parts
RS Stasis Armour
Thok’s War Bunny
Commander Scampers pet

Have you joined in this RS Yak Track 2020?

Pokemon Go Eevee Evolutions: Nicknames & How to Get the Eeveelutions

Sylveon may not be in the game yet but we do have all the other Pokemon Go Eevee evolutions, meaning you have the choice of evolving your Eevee into seven different Pokemon in total. There are different Eevee nicknames you can use in Pokemon Go to guarantee the first evolution will be a specific one, followed by some unique evolution methods that aren’t found anywhere else in the game. Eevee truly is a one-of-a-kind Pokemon. Here’s everything you need to know about all of the Pokemon Go Eevee evolutions.

Pokemon Go Eevee evolution nicknames

First up is each of the Eevee nicknames you can use in Pokemon Go. There’s currently seven Eevee evolutions in the game and in order to guarantee that you’ll get one of them, you can use a nickname. Simply rename your Eevee to the following names in order to secure the evolution when you use 25 candy:

  • Vaporeon: Rainer
  • Jolteon: Sparky
  • Flareon: Pyro
  • Espeon: Sakura
  • Umbreon: Tamao
  • Leafeon: Linnea
  • Glaceon: Rea

When you’ve used each nickname once however, you can’t use it again. So how do you guarantee which Eevee evolution you’ll get after this?

How to get Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon in Pokemon Go

For the original three Eeveelutions – Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon – it’s bad news I’m afraid. There’s no way of guaranteeing any of these three, which means you have to keep catching Eevees and evolving them with 25 candy until you get the one you want. Thankfully, Eevee isn’t a particularly rare Pokemon so you should be able to do this without too many problems if you’re a frequent player.

How to get Espeon and Umbreon in Pokemon Go

For the two Gen 2 Eeveelutions – Espeon and Umbreon – there is a second method you can use after the nickname trick. You simply have to add Eevee as your buddy, so it walks alongside you, and walk for 10km. At this point, when you evolve that specific Eevee, it will turn into Espeon if you do it during the day, or Umbreon during the night. You can tell what the game thinks it is by the colour of the sky in-game, rather than in real life.

How to get Leafeon and Glaceon in Pokemon Go

Leafeon and Glaceon are the latest additions to the game with Gen 4, and they’re obtained with two brand new items. If you’ve exhausted the two nicknames, you can get more by heading to a Pokestop and applying a Mossy Lure for Leafeon, or a Glacial Lure for Glaceon. These can be purchased from the in-game store for 200 coins each, and they work like normal lures, except they attract Pokemon of specific types and allow you to evolve Eevee into Leafeon and Glaceon. You can make sure it’s working correctly by checking the silhouette of the evolution on the button has changed to the one you’re after.

How to get Sylveon in Pokemon Go

Sylveon is the eighth and final Eevee evolution and should be added during the Gen 6 rollout, which hasn’t started yet as we’re still on Gen 5.

OSRS Animal Magnetism Quest Guide

A new resident has arrived at the Draynor Manor and, adventurers rejoice, she is a damsel in distress. Ava finds the Manor’s beds not to her linking and is suffering from insomniac nights. Now, what can you do about it? You could help Ava in her search for a good night’s sleep, and maybe end up receiving a good reward from the budding scientist, because who knows what she might produce.

Quest Requirements

· The Restless Ghost

· Ernest the Chicken

· Priest in Peril

Skill Requirements

· 18 Slayer

· 19 Crafting

· 30 Ranged

· 35 Woodcutting

Note: You cannot boost your skills to gain an advantage in this quest.

Items Required

· Mithril Axe (No other type of axe will do)

· 5 Iron Bars

· Ghostspeak Amulet (Obtained after the completion of ‘The Restless Ghost’ quest)

· 20 Ecto – Tokens (If you wish to get the tokens during the quest, bring 4 bones, 4 empty buckets, and 4 empty pots)

· Hammer

· Hard Leather

· Holy Symbol

· Polished Buttons


· Amulet of glory or Draynor manor teleport tablets (to teleport to Draynor Village/Manor)

· Games necklace (to teleport to Burthorpe) or use the Burthorpe Games Room teleport in the Minigame Group Finder

· Ectophial (if you have done Ghosts Ahoy)

· Fenkenstrain’s castle teleport (tablet) (is an alternative to ectophial)

· 1300 osrs coins (to charter from Port Sarim to Port Phasmatys)

· Varrock teleport (tablet) (if you have not entered Morytania before)

· Skills necklace to teleport to the Crafting Guild or teleport to house tablets if your house is in Rimmington

Concerns for Ironman

· Mithril Axe (51 Smithing to smith, Monster drop or 60 Woodcutting & 75% Hosidius house favour to buy the axe off Perry’s Chop-chop Shop)

· Holy Symbol (31 Prayer)

To get started, you’ll have to talk to Ava in the west wing on the ground floor of Draynor Manor. She’ll be behind a secret door, so you’ll have to search a bookshelf to access it and get to her.

After you talk to her, she says she will make you something if you fix her bed. But in order to do that, you’ll need to get her some things. She will then tell you to get her two undead chickens.

Now, go to the undead chicken farm located west of the Ectofuntus with your Ghostspeak amulet and Ecto – tokens , and talk to Alice.

- The easiest way to reach Alice is using an Ectophial to teleport to the Ectofuntus (after completing Ghosts Ahoy).There are 4 different ways to reach Alice,

- If you have access to the fairy rings, code ‘a*l*q’ will take you to the eastern side of the Haunted Woods just south of the farm.

- If you have entered Morytania before, take the charter ships on the southern docks of Port Sarim to Port Phasmatys for 1300 coins.

- The POH Kharyrll Teleport will take you to the Canifis pub, from which you need to run north-east. You can use these via a hosted house as well.

Once you’ve finished the conversation with Alice, she will then talk to her husband located in the farm, near the undead cows. While alive and her husband talks, you will have to keep interfering until you found out that he wants to speak with her directly; in order to do that, you must get the Old Crone to make a modified Ghost-speak amulet for Alice’s husband.

The Old crone can be found in the house east of the slayer tower, talk to her twice and she’ll give you a crone-made amulet.

Now, run along and deliver the amulet to Alice’s husband and talk to him again. A cutscene will start – Once it ends, Alice’s husband will have successfully caught some undead chickens and will offer to sell them to you for 10 ecto – tokens each (Buy two undead chickens for 20 tokens).

Head back to Ava, and hand her over the undead chickens. She will now need a magnet, so head to the north – west corner of the manor and talk to the witch. Give her 5 iron bars and she will give you a selected iron, along with instructions on how to turn the bar into a magnet.

Use your skill necklace and teleport to the Crafting Guild and run to the centre of the mine north – east of Rimmington, and use a hammer on the selected iron while facing north to turn it into a bar magnet. Time to return to Ava with the magnet, so that she can tell you her next request.

If you’re not facing north, it will not work.

She will now ask you to get some undead twigs from one of the undead trees around manor. Not the normal dead tress that you can chop, but the type that attacks you as you walk past it.

When you try cutting an attacking tree, you’ll fail. Return to Ava and she will ask you to go see Turael, as he has been using his Slayer skill to find out a way to defeat the tree.

You can use your Combat bracelet to teleport directly to the Warriors’ Guild (or Games necklace to Burthorpe, or Burthorpe Games Room teleport), and talk to the slayer master (Turael) to the south – east. In exchange for a mithril axe and a holy symbol, he will give you a blessed ax , which can be used to cut the undead trees.

Now, Return to Draynor Manor and chop the undead tree with the axe. If you succeed, you will receive undead twigs .

It is possible to fail at this if your slayer level is low.

When you deliver the twigs to Ava; she will tell you that she has almost completed the invention, but some of her research notes still needs translating.

In final part of the quest, you will have to translate her research notes by changing the colours of the buttons at the bottom to find out the combination; as shown in the picture to your right.

You can simply click on them to get the combination right. Once you have ungarbled it, talk to Ava and she will tell you to get a piece of hard leather and some polished buttons to finish the device.

You can obtain polished buttons from,

- Grand Exchange

- Pickpocketing H.A.M. Members

- Digging at the Digsite

You’ll receive a pattern (Quest item), which you will need to combine with a piece of hard leather and some polished buttons to create a contained. After that, just hand the container over to Ava, and the quest will be completed!

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WoW Classic Beginners Guide

WoW Classic has been one of the most popular games in the last two years. Some of the reasons behind people’s obsession with classic are that it’s down the earth and quite challenging. There’s also much more of an incentive to party with other players, which leads to a plethora of friendships and memorable interactions. However, WoW Classic can be very overwhelming for those who enter the Classic world in the first place. There are a lot of aspects to be learned.

The video below is from a real player Platinum WoW, in which he went through some basics and tips for new players.

Character Creation (Server, Faction, Race, Class)

First, we need to pick a server. There are three different types of servers–PvP, PvE, and RP. PvP is player versus player. It means you can only make a character from one faction on a PvP server. For example, if you make an alliance character, you can only play alliance on that server. PvE is a player versus environment server, which means you need flag yourself for PvP if you want to fight the opposite faction and RP is a PvE server except people role play on it. I recommend a PvP server if you want to get the full classic experience.

Next you need to pick a faction. If you live under a rock, WoW has two factions–the Horde and the Alliance. The big difference between the two factions is Paladin in Alliance only and Shaman in Horde only. Playing either faction is like a whole different game for the most part. For instance, they have totally different questioning hubs and cities, so don’t be afraid to try both of them at some point.

Then pick a race. Each race has specific ratios that you can benefit from. I won’t go over them because they only really matter if you’re really trying to min/max your gameplay. Honestly, you can just choose whatever you think is pretty.

Now to pick a class, I could spend two hours talking about each class. So we’ll keep it short. First, Mages are the traditional wizard type class. They have great CC and can conjure food, water and portals. Priests are the ultimate healers. They are surprisingly efficient to level and can go shadow spec for DPS. Rogues are the thief’s characters, and they can go invisible, ambush enemies, and craft poisons. Warlocks are your evil summoners. They use dots, demons and they also fear their enemies. Warriors use rage as a resource and they make for great tanks and DPS. Drews can take the forms of cats, bears, cheetahs and seals. They can also heal DPS and tanks. Paladins are an Alliance exclusive class that make for great support. They are the best healers, but they can also DPS and tank. Shamans are a Horde exclusive class that are also considered as a support class. They can also heal and DPS. This is just a brief intro on the classes, which is mainly just used to spark interest in a class that you might like.

Starting Your Journey

Once you pick a race in a class, you’ll be able to delve into the world of WoW Classic. When you load in, there will be some tips at the bottom of your screen, which will teach you the super basics of the game. I will go over 2 tips that the game won’t tell you. The first thing you’ll probably notice is that quests do not show up on the mini-map and you have to actually read the quest text to figure out where to go. If you’re still lost, you can look up the quest online or get a quest hopper like custody, which helps you point at the right direction. I’d also recommend turning on Instant Quest Text, which will help save you a bunch of time.

Wow Classic starts out with some pretty slow combat, which focuses more on auto attacks rather than abilities. Mobs with grey nameplates means that they are already been attacked by another player. That is to say, if you kill them, you will gain no rewards for doing so. You can circumvent this by pairing up with a player, but you will get reduced XP for killing mobs. Try to always loot the mobs you kill, because WoW Classic Gold is really hard to come by, so selling what you find off of enemies is an important way to make passive income.

You can also talk to a class trainer to get new abilities. Some abilities are super useful, while others are pretty much useless while leveling. Training new abilities costs a lot of Classic WoW Gold, so it depends on what you think is the most important. Sometimes, instead of getting a totally new skill, you can get a higher rank of a skill that you already have. Classic allows abilities to get stronger at higher ranks. And make sure you’re replacing your skills on your action bar, because it doesn’t do it automatically.

Capital City

And you can move on to the next hub. At some point, your adventures will lead you to a capital city where you can learn some more details about the game. If you talk to a guard, they can help point at the right direction for these useful things. Things like a weapon trainer, weapon trainers teach you how to use new weapons. Classes are limited to using one weapon type, but they can learn more by talking to a trainer. I strongly recommend learning as many as you can, because there isn’t a worse feeling than you are supposed to level up but you can’t use it because you don’t know how to use a sword, for instance. In their awesome capital cities as well as the town hubs, they serve the same purpose as they do in the normal games, you can get XP there. And you can also buy food and water there, which is kind of expensive. So if you can try and buy it from mages instead and tip them, it will be a lot cheaper.

Profession Trainings

Professions are split into two types, primary and secondary. Secondary professions include cooking, fishing and first aid. Cooking and fishing are good ways to make money but they are by no means required. I strongly recommend first aid, because it quickly heals you up and you’ll save tons of time and money. All you need for the first day is just some cloth which you can find through any humanoids questing. Primary professions include crafting and gathering professions. With these skills, you can collect herbs, skin animals, mine or craft armor and conjure potions. You can also take those resources that you craft or gather to the auction house, where you can sell and buy goods from other players. You can make some easy money by selling the gear you found or some reagents you’ve collected. But I strongly recommend not spending a lot of money here. Spending money on the auction house is an easy new trap, so you need to save that money for things like weapon training or getting new skills or most importantly getting your mount up 40.


Dungeons are some of the most fun you can have in the early game. Through dungeons, you can make friends and learn a lot about your class. I strongly recommend doing the first dungeons available to you not because you can get XP fast, but because there are a lot of fun and you can gain a lot of knowledge. The first dungeon available for Horde is Rage Fire Chasm at level 14 and for the Alliance, it is around level 17. You got to get all your quests from outside of the dungeon and then travel to the actual dungeon on foot. Threaten aggro also plays a much more important role in classic. It means that the tank in the party wants aggro, so the mobs would hit them and in order to get aggro, they need to gain threat on a mob. Threat is generated by hitting the mob or using abilities. It’s critical that you give the tank a few seconds to generate his threat, so when DPS or healers start using their abilities, they won’t get kicked by gaming aggro. This is another mistake that new players often make.

So that’s the beginner’s guide to the game. Hope that it would help you to learn some aspects of the game. Enjoy your time, immerse yourself in the world and have fun being one of the many adventurers in the world of WoW Classic. If you need cheap WoW Classic Gold and WoW Classic Power Leveling service, WOWclassicgp would be a good choice for you, on which you can also learn some useful WoW Classic guides.