RS Treasure Hunter Key & Oddment Exploit: General Info & Punishment Announced

With the update on Aug. 28, it reveals that Jagex has taken measures to punish rs gold players testing RS Treasure Hunter key and oddment exploit. If you are interested in, please go ahead for more information.

What is RS Treasure Hunter key & oddment exploit? 

RS Treasure Hunter key and oddment exploit refers to the two promotions including discount on the price of Treasure Hunter key and oddment boost, which was available around 11:30 game time and removed at 19:10.
During this period, players can enjoy a 50% discount on Treasure Hunter key in the oddment store. What’s more, if players open keys, every 10 keys can give an oddment boost, allowing players to get a surplus of oddments. According to the latest RS post, we know that about 4000 players have tried the exploit and been benefit from it.

Ban accounts benefit from RS Treasure Hunter key & oddment exploit

When Jagex realizes this oddment and Treasure Hunter key exploit, they have removed the promotions instantly and taken measures to punish those who make use of this exploit:
1. Players who may have tested the exploit will not have action taken.
2. 835 accounts that have clearly exploited the discount will be banned for 72 hours.
3. 65 accounts that have severely exploited the discount will be banned for 14 days, and they can also expect experience and item roll backs.

How do you think of the punishment due to RS Treasure Hunter key & oddment exploit?

FIFA 20 Formations Guide: 7 Best Ultimate Team Set-ups

It’s endgame time in Ultimate Team, making FIFA 20 formations a critical factor in Division Rivals or weekend league wins. Most of the FIFA 20 community now has a meta team, so you need to find subtle ways to score an advantage over human opponents – and the tactical set-ups below enable you to do just that. Career mode and offline-only players are catered for too. Get your Matalan coat on, take a dugout seat, and enjoy your FIFA 20 formations guide.

4-2-3-1 narrow

The perennial FIFA favorite is more useful than ever this year: defending in FIFA 20 is difficult, so having two CDMs to protect your back line is invaluable. Generally, you want to tell them to ‘Cover centre’ in player instructions, and tell your full backs to ‘Stay back while attacking’ to take care of the wings. If, however, you want your left and right backs to join the attack, tell your CDMs to cover the wings, and pick a pair of mobile midfielders.

The 4-2-3-1 Wide variant arguably makes better use of FIFA 20’s emphasis on pace down the flanks, but we like how the two attacking midfielders find space in 4-2-3-1 Narrow. They sometimes drift out wide, but they also find gaps in the channel between the CBs and full backs, as well as dropping back into the space between midfield and defence. Pick fast, agile players here, and a clinical centre forward who can finish the chances they create.

4-1-2-1-2 Narrow (but also try Wide)

Another old FIFA favorite is still strong in FIFA 20. With four midfielders in the central third of the pitch, this is a good way of controlling the game and dominating possession. Make sure those two wider central midfielders are strong defensively and have decent work rate, because they sometimes need to drift wide to pick up wingers.

Going forward, the key is the CAM: you want a creative player with high passing stats so they can play in your strikers. We’d suggest having at least one pacey forward and telling them to ‘Get in behind’ in player instructions. Look for through balls along the ground or over the top.


4-4-2 is back, baby! Football’s old faithful is a viable option in FIFA 20, with those four midfielders giving you options both through the middle and down the wings. It works best if you’ve got midfielders who give their all on both ends: ideally, you want true box-to-box CMs who cover your CBs when needed, and then dash forward as a central threat. If you have CMs that are only strong at one end of the pitch, look elsewhere.

Setting one striker to a ‘False 9’ is not a bad option if you need the extra link up play, but ‘Get in behind’ is again effective here. With four midfielders potentially playing through balls, a pacey striker has plenty to feed on.


The 4-2-2-2 is perhaps the most balanced formation you can use in FIFA 20 right now, especially in Ultimate Team. Having two CDMs shields your back four but you’ve also, effectively, got four attacking players, and that can play havoc with your opponent’s defence. Again, use those CDMs wisely, telling them to cover the centre if you want your full backs to stay back, or to cover the wings if you want full backs to bomb forward.

The two key positions in attack are those wide attacking midfielders. They need to be able to link play between your CDMs and strikers, as well as provide a wide option for your full backs. For that reason, consider giving them both a free role in player instructions. We’ve also found success telling one — the faster one, ideally —to drift out wide. If you can play in a fast winger in FIFA 20, nobody can catch them.

4-3-3 Defend

Notice a pattern emerging here? The best FIFA 20 formations strike a balance between defensive solidity, usually via CDMs, and pace on the break. In that regard, 4-3-3 Defend looks ideal — with the caveat that you need a very good CM to make it work. They’re the link for the majority of your attacks, receiving the ball from your CDMs and pinging it out wide. You could give them a free role in player instructions, because they pop up in different areas, but it can be a bit unpredictable, so we prefer leaving them in the centre as a reliable outlet.

Needless to say those wingers should be agile and that striker should be a lethal finisher. We tend not to use ‘Get in behind’ with this one because, effectively, you’ve only got four players going forward, and if your striker is always running away from the ball you might be short of options. In fact, a creative striker can fit well in this line-up, slipping through balls through to your onrushing wingers. If you’re not creating enough chances, flip to the 4-3-3 Flat, which is another good all-rounder.


Yes, it’s three at the back, but if used correctly this formation is defensively sound. The two CDMs can slot in alongside your CBs if needed — if you’re getting caught out, you can specifically tell them to do that in player instructions — while wingers with high defensive work rates track back on the flanks. The central CB might look like the focal point of the team, but arguably the defenders either side are more important, because they have to cover both the centre and the wings. Go for quick defenders in these positions, if you can.

Going forward, your CAM pulls the strings. Pick someone with good passing who can feed your two strikers. Fast wingers can be devastating here, especially on the counter attack: having a winger, a CAM and two strikers going up against a depleted back line can be lethal. Telling strikers to ‘Get in behind’ is once again a good bet.

4-3-3 Attack

This is our favourite formation to use against the CPU: it can highlight all those flashy attackers you’ve picked up on the transfer market, and gives you endless ways to score goals. Against weaker opposition you’re able to keep the ball and create all kinds of chances, and your midfielders naturally burst into the box to get on the end of crosses.

It can leave you exposed at the back, so we wouldn’t recommend it against higher-rated teams, particularly if they have pace in midfield. That’s the main reason we won’t use it as often online, where other players generally opt for agile wingers who expose your lack of defensive cover. Against the CPU, though, it’s a lot of fun.

World of Warcraft nostalgic hunter leveling strategy, how to quickly upgrade WOW Classic level 1-20

The leveling of “World of Warcraft Nostalgia” in the early stage is quite difficult, and the upgrade locations of the Horde and the Alliance are not the same, so as a hunter, how can we upgrade better?

Where to upgrade the hunter

1-10 Novice Village is no doubt. Simple monsters, simple tasks, and red tasks are not necessary at all, unless someone skilled in the team quickly takes them. Low-level items will soon be eliminated. Here is the baby problem. It is possible to catch babies at level 10. Someone wastes time and energy in order to catch rare babies, elite babies, but it is totally unnecessary. Blizzard has unified the baby’s attack speed. As long as it is the same subject, the damage is the same. At this time, the baby’s skills are worth considering.

Advantages: 1. Not picky about food (I’m used to bringing cats and dogs, I like to put this first). 2. Charge skills. Hold the enemy for 1 second, not stun, but hold still. This second delayed the strange attack time. Give the pig enough time to release its growl. The ability to pull monsters is improved, and the hunter’s attack time is extended. It is also the best skill in PK! 3. The pig’s armor is very thick. Like a bear, it is a very good tank. Unlike cats, although they are high offensive, they have less blood and defense. In the early days, pigs can meet all your needs. Except! It’s not very cool.

Level 11-25: Crossroads|Silver Pine Forest (the tasks in these two places are super many, and the area is relatively large, if you are really tired of doing the tasks, you can go to the Wailing Cave FB).

Level 20-27: Stoneclaw Mountains (the mission here is to be a little careful about the alliance, the top of the map is the alliance’s flight point. Here are a few tasks to kill next to the alliance’s flight point, it is not recommended to do the mission by yourself. If you are tired of doing tasks, you can go to Yingya FB).

Level 24-26, fill up all kinds of buffs in Taurazu camp, go to the wild boar near the razor swamp below, there are more mines, the wild boar is easy to drop garbage weapons, a 15 silver or so, 8-10 A box will be brushed in about a minute. The inside is basically potion and food. There will be blue outfits for character outbreaks. At this time, you will think that your bag is not big enough! Sometimes silver mines are spawned here, don’t melt into ingots. , The auction will sell silver ore, the price can be more than 10 times! Here you can use the plane to mine the monsters, it is very efficient! I sold materials, green equipment, copper ingots, and tin ingots to 100G here!

Level 26-28, just a little bit above the centaur camp in the middle of Thousand Needles Forest, just brush there, there is a cave, don’t go in there, it’s inefficient and easy to roll over, just brush outside and hit the mage monster that can recover blood. At the time, keep the burst skills for a second to kill him, don’t let him add blood!

Level 24-30: Thousand Needles Forest (this is the territory of the tribe, there is no alliance flight point at all, at most the alliance passes by. Generally, you rarely see the alliance. The task is also relatively good and easy to do).

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After many years, why do people still like Runescape?

As a very classic game, RuneScape attracts players from all over the world. Role-playing games will definitely bring players a medieval role. With the power conferred by the role, you can do almost anything in the game. Many games will be gradually forgotten after a few years of popularity, but why is Runescape so popular?

1. Feelings

For some people, classic things can never be replaced. Similarly, the same is true for games, Runescape is considered a classic representative work of that era. These games have given them too many and too many memories, which are closely intertwined with their youth. This is something that no game can bring to them now. Perhaps many of the current games are a hundred times more fun than the legends, but the Runescape of that year can give these old players an unforgettable memory.

2. Habit

The old players have played the old game for more than ten years, and the technology has already been perfected. Is there any reason to be a little rookie who has been abused in the new game? With the development of the Internet, it is becoming easier for people to find more people with similar interests. Games are entertainment for young people. Those who are a little bit older are no longer willing to learn a new game from scratch. Therefore, when they want to entertain themselves while sitting at the computer, the first thing they think of is not “what games are the most popular now” or “what games are the most fun now”. Their top priority is often the game that is the deepest in their memory because the burden of family and career has made them unable to bear such high learning costs.

3. Passion

Many times online games are played with passion between people. Where does the passion for Runescape come from? A large part is PK bursting. Players can rob other players’ equipment by PK explosion. The fighting between people and even groups caused by PK explosions and interest struggles is the essence of Runescape’s passion and fun. This kind of unreserved PK explosion can only be maximized and restored in the Runescape game. It is inappropriate to copy it mechanically.

The classic of Runescape is not only the happiness it brings to players. At the same time, it also promoted the economic development of a group of professional players. Because gaming is a very time-consuming entertainment, many will choose to Buy OSRS Gold soon after entering the game. Of course, you have to choose a reliable supplier. RS3gold as a professional RS third-party trading platform, allows you to absolutely rest assured.

OSRS Falador Diary Guide: How to Complete Diaries for Excellent Rewards

Looking for help with some certain aspect of the Falador diary in Old School RuneScape? Luckily, we can guide you through the whole diary process!

Completing rs 07 gold diaries usually offer excellent rewards. Later in the game, the diary rewards prove essential for certain bosses and the like.

If you’ve never done a diary at all before in Old School RuneScape, the concept is simpler than you might think. It’s essentially a list of tasks that you need to do, separated into different tiers. You can do any task, at any point within the game. You might find yourself inadvertently having completed a task, which every little helps.

The tiers for every diary are as follows:

· Easy

· Medium

· Hard

· Elite


How do I claim my rewards?

Each diary has a different reward claim spot. The important thing to understand is you must have completed all the previous diary tiers to claim their rewards for your current tier. Obviously, without completing all the tasks in the current tier, there’s no rewards you can claim. If you’ve completed a harder tier but not a previous one, you shouldn’t find it difficult to conquer an easier tier.

To claim your rewards once you’ve completed a specific tier, visit Sir Rebral. He’s located in the courtyard of the castle, roaming around the grass usually. The diagram attached will give you an outline of his location, just remember he’s outside: not on the top floor or anything like that.


What are the tasks involved?

To track the tasks you’ve not yet completed, change the quest tab overview to the diary view.



You should be able to easily complete the easy diary. You only require 5 Agility, 10 Mining, 13 Smithing, and 16 Construction. You’ll need roughly 2,000 coins and will need to embark on The Knight’s Sword and Doric’s Quest.

As with any diary, the easy diary serves as an introduction to the whole process. One of the tasks is as leisurely as getting a haircut! Another is taking the boat to Entrana, which may introduce you to the island for the first time. If you’ve not come across the island, note that you cannot bring any weapons or armour. As there are no combat activities involved in the entirety of the easy diary, you can do the entire tier without any equipment. Graceful gear would help if you have it, as well. You can expect to complete the diary in way less than an hour as long as you’re quick unless you need to train some skills a little.

A general note is that if you’re ever lacking skills, pursuing questing usually provides a faster route than skilling at lower levels.



At the medium level, the diary highly picks up with 14 tasks. You will need the following skills:

· 10 Prayer

· 19 Ranged

· 23 Farming (Ironmen require 47)

· 30 Woodcutting, 30 Firemaking

· 32 Slayer

· 37 Magic (one of the tasks can be done at 33 Magic, though)

· 37 Strength

· 40 Thieving, 40 Crafting, 40 Mining

· 42 Agility (grappling up the north Falador wall only requires 11 Agility, but squeezing through the Dwarven Mines requires 42 Agility).

The tasks vary quite greatly. You’ll go from mining gold ore at the Crafting Guild to killing Mogres. For the latter, you will need to have completed Skippy and the Mogres. You’ll also need to have completed Recruitment Drive, and some partial completion of Ratcatchers.



The Hard tasks don’t overwhelm you in quantity, going from 14 tasks to 11 tasks. However, the skill barrier certainly spikes up here. You’ll need 56 Runecrafting, 50 Agility & Thieving, 50 Defence, 72 Slayer, and 70 Prayer. You’ll also need to enter the esteemed warriors guild (where you can gain items like your dragon defender), which requires a 130 combined level in strength or attack. Bear in mind, you can also have 99 in either strength or attack as an alternative, but the combined level is by far easier to achieve.

The tasks themselves aren’t so difficult. However, one of them includes basically ‘completing’ Motherlode’s Mine – wearing full prospectors gear. This gear is something you actually should always strive after, despite the diary, because it provides a considerably nice mining experience boost. This saves you time in the long-run, and in the short-term, you make a nice little profit. You will have to put a number of hours in to achieve enough points to gain full prospectors. You can easily expect to spend over 10 hours doing the minigame. Of course, the higher level you are upon entering the Motherlode Mine, the quicker you can gain the gear, as you’ll mine in the motherlode faster. Having Graceful gear for this activity is practically necessary. If you find yourself taking too long in this minigame, level up your mining through drop mining and then return.

The quest requirements aren’t too hefty. Slug Menace is a relatively easy quest, but you also have Grim Tales and Heroes’ Quest. By far, the completion of Motherlode’s Mine will take up the most time.



There are only six tasks you have to worry about, which is actually quite the relief for an Elite diary. Although, you must not forget, you cannot claim the rewards from Elite unless you’ve already completed all of the easy, medium, and hard tasks.

One of the tasks involves you having to have slain, at minimum, 1,300 Black Knights. That’s in addition to having completed the Wanted quest. You will also need 88 Runecrafting for another task. The other notable requirements are 75 Woodcutting, 80 Agility, 81 Herblore, and 91 Farming.

The most difficult task is having the Cape of Accomplishment or Quest point cape. This is because the task requires you to perform either of the emotes that are exclusively unlocked by having these capes. So, you’ve got to have at least one skill at level 99, alternatively you must have at least 277 Quest points for the quest point cape. The former is far easier in terms of time- wise, even though technically, experience-wise, 92 is half of 99. Don’t forget that certain skills can be levelled at a far faster rate with more expensive methods, such as Construction and Prayer. You can get 99 in these skills from level 1 within days, providing you have the funding. It doesn’t quite work the same for something like Runecrafting.



The rewards are quite numerous. The most notable reward is actually the Falador Shield 3 or 4, as it has a mole locator. Without the mole locator, the Giant Mole becomes very time consuming to kill, as it digs into the ground and reappears anywhere within its cavern.  The Falador Shield can also provide some prayer restoration on a daily basis.

From the medium diary, you’ll gain more experience in the Falador farming patch. So, if you’re training farming, it’s worth routing in that patch. Another Farming reward example is at the Elite level, the Falador tree patch becomes immune to disease, meaning you can leave it indefinitely and no longer have to treat it. The rewards for the hard tier also give you noted drops at the Giant Mole, so this boss actually becomes incredibly lucrative. And, you finally unlock the bank chest at the Crafting Guild!

As you can tell, the rewards are numerous! Whether you’re pursuing this diary as a completionist or for the rewards, we wish you the best of luck.

Unlock and Collect All the Bug Off rewards in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It’s that time again! Time for the last of the summer Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bug Off tournaments for the Northern Hemisphere! So, get your net ready to catch as many creepy crawlies as you can! Of course, every time this also means a tonne of new Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bug Off rewards to unlock and collect.

You can enter the Bug Off by speaking to Flick in the Plaza in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He’ll explain the rules but basically, it’s as many bugs as you can catch in 3 minutes. Thankfully, during these three minutes, it’s impossible for your net to break, so you don’t have to worry too much about having a spare – unlike the Animal Crossing: New Horizons fishing tourney.

Any bugs that you do manage to snag will be automatically transferred to the big cage next to him, which you can then sell to him later for some extra Bells.

For every bug you catch you’ll earn points. It’s these that you can swap for ‘swag’ aka the full range of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bug Off rewards. It’s 10 points per prize.

Points work like this:

1 bug caught 1 point
2 bugs caught 2 points
3 bugs caught 5 points
4 bugs caught 6 points
5 bugs caught 7 points
6 bugs caught 8 points
7 bugs caught 9 points
8 bugs caught 10 points
9 bugs caught 11 points
10 bugs caught 12 points

Your first entry into the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bug Off will be free but after that, it’s 500 Bells a pop. However, sell your bugs to Flick between each round and you’ll be able to more than recoup that cost.

Remember too, that the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bug Off starts at 9am and finishes at 6pm sharp.

All the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bug Off rewards to unlock

  • Termite mound
  • Toy cockroach
  • Spider web
  • Toy centipede
  • Butterflies wall
  • Ladybug rug
  • Spider doorplate
  • Artisanal bug cage
  • Bug wand
  • Bug Aloha Shirt
  • Bug cage (green)
  • Butterfly backpack (pink)
  • Ladybug umbrella
  • Bronze Bug Trophy (after earning 100 points in total)
  • Silver Bug Trophy (after earning 200 points in total)
  • Gold Bug Trophy (after earning 300 points in total)

Top Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bug Off tips

Before you get started in the Bug Off, why not check out our top tips for help ensure to catch as many bugs as possible in each round.

Don’t run!

When you’re against the clock, it’s easy to think that pegging it around your island is the best course of action. But aside from butterflies, most bugs will fly off if you sprint anywhere near them, so take it steady.

Look in all the usual spots

During a Bug Off, the bugs will still be found in their usual hiding spots while the timer is active. Remember to look on tree trunks, on stumps, fluttering near or on flowers, and even in rivers or ponds.

Don’t worry about carrying a spare net

Unlike your rod for the Fishing Tourney, the game has made it so that your net can’t break if you’re mid-round during the Bug Off. It may break at the end of a round, but at least then you’ve got time to buy or craft a new one.

No doubt this is to balance the fact there’s no bait equivalent for bugs, so you’re all-reliant on your net.

WoW Classic High Priestess Mar’li Guide

Doing the Zul’Gurub raids in World of Warcraft Classic? Perfect, you’ve reached the right spot to receive the correct, compact, concise information needed to defeat the raid’s bosses! It’s one of the end-game raids, requiring you to be level 60, so being well-prepared is a necessity to be effective with your (up-to) 20-man raiding party here.

The Zul’Gurub raids have some optional bosses, as you’ll be familiar with raiding by now, not every boss has to be defeated or even encountered. In this particular raid, however, every boss with a prefix of High Priest or High Priestess is absolutely required to progress the raid. As such, you have no option but to defeat this boss, which is usually the third encounter.

Until you defeat Mar’li, you will also give the buff of Aspect of Mar’li to Hakkar. Without further ado, let’s get into the strategy and mechanics Mar’li.

Strategy and Mechanics

Without a minimum of two tanks, you’re going to struggle to defeat Mar’li. The boss has two phases/forms. Many bosses in World of Warcraft Classic have forms that alternate at different %, usually, once they’re at lower health, they transition into a significantly stronger form with better abilities and inflict more damage. This isn’t the case here, the transitions are done roughly every minute (on a timer), between a priest and shadra (spider) form.

If your role is that of the ranged DPS and healers, you must stay, at minimum, 30 yards from Mar’li. This is due to the Poison Bolt Volley ability that, as aforementioned, acts within 30 yards, and deals from 375 to 625 nature damage. It also does additional damage of 289-411 damage every two seconds for 10 seconds (so 5 bursts of additional damage done against you). Any healer or ranged DPS will die straight away if they do not anticipate this. Melee DPS can use some nature resistance, but of course, this negates your damage so isn’t worth it.

The above information applies equally to both forms. This is because the Poison Bolt Volley is accompanied by an ability called Enveloping Webs. Whilst the enveloping webs ability applies only within 20 yards, it completely silences them and reduces your attack speed by 100% – negating any damage you can do. You’re rendered effectively useless, and the boss is further programmed to complement this ability with the charge ability, wherever and whenever it is possible. As such, following the correct distancing advice is of paramount importance and cannot be ignored under any circumstance.

If you’re inflicted with poison, certain abilities can help. Such as the Poison Cleansing Totem that is accessible for the Shamans class.

The High Priest will also spawn spiders, as what is known commonly as ‘adds’. These must be dealt with by the DPS immediately, and not left to stack against your party. These adds are only available to Mar’li in the Priest phase. The problem with these spiders is that the longer you take to deal with them, the more trouble you’ll find yourself in. With the growth ability, the damage + size of the spawn will grow by a quarter every four seconds. It can also be accompanied with the enlarge ability. So, you need to deal with these spiders before they are grown and out of control and outnumber you. It’s best for ranged DPS to deal with these spiders.

The boss will also, after casting Enveloping Webs against melee DPS, will then charge against your ranged DPS. The off-tank must be awaiting this event and return the boss to the melee DPS. Your off-tank is to focus on the first add (that spawns alongside the boss) and then sit with the ranged DPS and healers at a distance of 30 yards.

The third important ability is drain ability. Your melee DPS will need some form of interrupt ability to combat this. Otherwise, you can have Mar’li healed for 12,500 – per second. Not only that, but it will also deal damage of 3500, or drain the health from one of your party members. If you do not interrupt this ability, then Mar’li will have effectively infinite health – she will constantly regenerate and reverse your damage. Interrupt abilities, if you need a reminder, include abilities such as Kick and Shield Bash, but there are many ways of achieving an interrupt. Another such ability would be Pummel.

To pull the boss away from the spiders at the start, if you’re a Priest with the Mind Control ability, you can help the tank. You can cast Mind Control on the speaker next to Mar’li, and she will be aggressive towards the speaker, giving the tank some precious additional time whilst the boss cannot do much.


Overall, the most important thing to do is to be aware of the main abilities. The abilities listed in this guide are actually only the important ones. The other ones are nothing if you do not understand the crucial ones. For example, if you do not control drain, your party will never be able to defeat a boss that constantly regains health and reduces yours. If your party’s ranged DPS and healers are within the boss at any point during the fight, they’re in for a rude awakening with Enveloping Webs and Poison Bolt Volley. If you do not have an off-tank with your ranged DPS/healers, after Enveloping Webs is cast, you’ve wiped out all of the aforementioned.

If you understand these 3 main abilities, you should do perfectly fine against this boss. The phases aren’t too difficult to understand compared to some of the other bosses.
One really cool drop is Mar’li’s Touch. It’s an excellent wand that does 91-170 nature damage, at roughly 77 DPS. It has a speed of 1.7, and also provides +5 Stamina, +6 Spirit, and +11 Intellect. The drop rate is around 10%, so you’re guaranteed it eventually.

Another exclusive drop you can look forward to is the Flowing Ritual Robes. It’s a level 65 item that provides 100 armour, +15 Stamina, +23 Intellect, and +24 Spirit. All healing and damage by any type of magical spell receive a varying increased modifier of up to +22. This item also drops at a rate of roughly 10%.

It also shares drop tables with High Priests and Primal Hakkari. However, knowing how to defeat this boss is absolutely essential if you’re doing Zul’Gurub in WoW Classic. No matter what reward you want from this particular raid, this boss is mandatory. With the help of our guide, we hope you have gained a concrete understanding of how to defeat this boss.

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10 Deadly Combos in WoW Classic

There are some deadly combos in the game where he combines spells and trinkets together to make your enemies drop within the blink of an eye. This is one of the reasons why the wow is so enjoyable and in classic things are no different. Here would like to share with you this guide that from this player Hamsterwheel. All the content of this article is quoted from his video.

Today we are going to check out ten of those combos. Before we start I’d like to say that I’ll be mostly going over combos, involves items and spells a certain class can use themselves and I won’t really add any extra consumables, as there are so many buffs and elixirs in classic wow and this might make any random combo or spells deadly. Let’s get started all right.

The First Deadly Combo:Blood Fury, Earthstrike, Stormstrike and Earth Shock

It’s widely known that a wind fury proc can do a lot of damage. However if you are an orc, you can use your ratio Blood Fury which translates to around give or take 130 extra attack power at level 60. Now if you combine that with trinket, such as Earthstrike is a trinket that gives you another 280 attack power and makes it into a macro. You have in instant button that gives you a massive 410 attack power. Now if you’ve hit a target, wind fury procs and you’ve follow that right up with an earth shock, you are bound to do an absolute on a damage especially on cloth ease. Of course the fact that you need wind fury to make this combo really deadly, which means that there is some luck involved, but if it does proc, your enemy might drop, so his game client might be uninstalled in the process.

The Second Deadly Combo

I have the pleasure of using on my main in classic and that is the Hunter’s Mark, Devilsaur Eye, Aimed Shot and Multi-Shot. Aimed Shot into multi-shot is a very popular combo amongst hunter as both of these can be used right after each other, so it’s a great burst combo that does a ton of damage, especially it is one of the abilities crits.

If only aimed shot crits you are looking at give or taking 2000 plus damage, which in some cases may take away well over half someone’s health poor, however, if you don’t supply hunter’s mark to the target but also activate the hunter specific trinket called Devilsaur Eye. You’re looking at a ton of extra attack, power and 2% hits, making it an even more ludicrous combo.

I have the pleasure of using that combo in ultra valley with some luck, and an extra buff here. There I actually manage to one-shot, some claw theists that were left scratching their heads wondering how they dropped in a split of a second even if you know Chris at all. You’re still looking at a hefty amount of burst damage that definitely deserve a spot in this list.

The Third Deadly Combo

Next Combo is probably one of the most famous combos in the game and that involves the Arcane fire mage. It’s time for the combo Arcane Power, Fireball, and then right afterwards an instant Pyroblast using Presence of Mind. All have a spell power trinket pops, this is one of the earliest one-shot macros in the game. There have been many pvp videos showing that particular combo and just how insanely powerful, it can be even pyroblast on its own, had the potential to instantly one-shot people, so the combination of a fireball beforehand would make an absolute killer of a combo, and you wouldn’t even need to have any insane gear to make this combo work, because a mate with some simple blues would still do massive amounts of damage with this combo. In fact, this set of spells worked so well that even in the burning crusade arcane fire and this combination of spells was still a very viable spec for pvp, which just goes to show how insanely powerful in the early stages of wow, however it’s frost counterpart is a little less popular and well known to people.

The Fourth Deadly Combo

This combo starts with getting 5 points in shatter, then using Frost Nova to traffic targets, and then

Arcane Power, Spell Power Trinket, Presence of Mind, and one Frostbolt while not as popular as its fiery counterpart. It was still super deadly, basically the talents shatter gave you 50% exit critical a chance against targets that were frozen in place with frost Nova, so when you pop your macro, you’re insanely powerful frostbolt had a minimum of give or take 55% chance to crit, and that’s without any quick chance from gear, so realistically your average frost mage with decent gear would have about 60% chance to create with that spell, and it did an absolute ton of damage to your target. If you knew your target wasn’t going to come out super quick, it was first used cone of cold, and then cast the instant frostbolt for even more damage. There is also multiple variations of this one including just going to the full frost, having the shatter talents, freezing your target in place, casting frostbolt followed with an instant cone of cold to have those two spells benefit from that 60% crit chance, but since this one is the most insane in terms of damage. I decided to mainly feature this combo, so not as well known as the pyroblast variation, but still awesome to use every three minutes.

The Fifth Deadly Combo

It is ambushed into Thistle Tea into Backstab, Cold Blood and then Eviscerate. I’ll make an exception here, since it’s a consumable that is only specific for the rogue class. The first time I saw this combo was during world of RO craft where a mute showed just how insanely quick you can kill. People with this combo and in some cases depending on the enemy player, you’ll be able to take them from full health to death in a split second, so obviously I had to give it my own server as well and just look at the results. It’s insane how powerful this combo is, when you can get ambushed to crits which will happen quite often. If you expect them to improve ambushed, so a definite killer of a combo that just had to be on this list up.

The Sixth Deadly Combo

Next one will be very familiar amongst all your warlocks out there and that is the succubus Soul Fire combo basically what you do is you have your succubus active and you seduce on your targets, and then add curse of elements. If you want to do even more damage to soul fire, you can pop your spell power trinket then soul fire, shadow fury right as the soul fire hits the target with the right gear. Sometimes you don’t even need the shadow Fury as soul fire is so powerful that a good crit can mean an instant death of the player trying to kill. Of course this ability isn’t a 100% guarantee that your target will be dead because neither of these crits a lawyer with a big health pool. For instance, he could probably survive this. Generally speaking, there’s not a whole lot of people that can survive this even if just one ability Chris, it’s a little tricky trying to get this off as it’s very obvious to see when a warlock will try and do this, and many people will probably drink it out of this or use ice block or some other ways to escape this combo, so it’s not very reliable. But when you happen to be in a situation where the other guy can’t get out of it well, he’s just basically waiting to die. Another cool thing is that Drake dog often used this way back in vanilla to smash alliance players and he was the inspiration for me, making the Warlock for them a private server to try that exact same combo needless to say it was a little harder as people were just a lot more terrible in PvP back, but when I did pull it off and the soul fire was a crit man was it satisfying and yes an absolute killer of a combo so time to go back and give shamans a bit more love this time however we’re looking at their elemental counterpart the combo.

The Seventh Combo

I’m talking about is a spell power trinket into a Lightning Bolt into Chain Lightning and then Earth Shock. Now if you stand at the right distance and right time, your lightning bolt will finish traveling when your chain lightning is thrown at the target making both spells hit at the same time at an earth shock to that and even with zero spell damage and zero crits you’re throwing out give or take 1,500 nature damage on your targets. Of course any good geared elemental shaman will have some all damage and a spell power trinket.

The Eighth Deadly Combo

Next combo is one where we’re going to give balance druids a little love. I have a weak spot for balance druid, so I just have to throw one in here, but the combo itself can be quite deadly and that is using a spell power trinket, Starfire, and then Moonfire. While Moon Kings aren’t really the greatest in terms of consistent damage, their starfire ability can hit quite hard with some decent gear and a spell power trinket. If you have 5 points and improved Starfire, you also have 15% chance to stun the target for 3 seconds because you use moonfire right after that you also benefit from the 10% increased critical strike chance from improved moon fire, so basically with a little luck.

The Ninth Deadly Combo

If you combine with the Diamond Flask and Bloods Fury, you’re potentially looking at a ton of extra damage over your normal Execute, making it even more deadly. So why I just had to put that on list as well, and then we arrive at the last killer combo which is going to be a bit of an unusual extra, so that involves the priests class.

The Tenth Deadly Combo

The combo I’m talking about is Power Infusion, a spell power trinket Inner Focus and then either Smite or Holy Fire. Well this combo definitely isn’t something you come across every day. Obviously it’s not going to come close to what an Arcane Fire mage or elemental shaman can do, but if you look at the damage, it can definitely take away a nice chunk of an enemy’s health especially Smite is only a two second cast, if you have the ability to dish out, a few smites while having this popped chances to drop your targets health by a pretty big chunk. Because I love the whole idea of a smite priest, I decided to throw this in here. Maybe someone might look at this and be inspired enough to give this type of damage in dungeons and battlegrounds.

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​OSRS Demon Slayer Guide: Items Required & Items Recommended

A mighty demon is being summoned to destroy the city of Varrock, and you’ve found out that you’re the only one who is destined to stop him.

There are no quests or stats requirement for this rs 07 gold quest, but you should have the ability to defeat a level 27 demon and Dark Wizards of level 20 and level 7.


Items required:

- A bucket of water (which can be obtained during the quest)

- 25 bones (Shouldn’t be noted)

- 1 gold coin


Recommended items:

- Varrock teleportation tablets / runes

- Necklace of passage to teleport to the Wizards’ Tower (Member only, but you can also walk your way there)

- Food and armour (To defeat the demon and wizards)


To start this quest, you must speak to the Gypsy in the tent on the western side of Varrock Square. You will have to pay her a coin in order for her to tell you a story about a demon named Delrith. She will tell you that Delrith is being summoned again, and that you will have to kill him. Now, click on the option and ask her “So, how did wally kill the demon?”. You will now go into a scenario where you’ll see wally speaking out the incantations. Open your note pad or screenshot it as you’ll have to use the incantations further in the quest. Gypsy will now ask you to talk to Sir Prysin for help.

Head north into the Varrock Castle and look for Sir Prysin (Also known as Sir Ehntor Prysin) in the south – west portion of the 1st floor. Talk to him and ask him about the Silverlight, the weapon needed to kill Delrith. He will tell you that the sword is hidden due to it being very powerful and that it needs three keys to access it. He will also tell you that, two of the three keys are in the possession of Captain Rovin and Wizard Traiborn, while the 3rd key that had to be in possession of him, has been lost somewhere.

Now, the hunt for the three keys begin.


Captain Rovin’s Key

Captain Rovin can be found on the 3rd floor on the north – west side of the same castle. Talk to him about his key and that you need it in order to recover Silverlight, as the demon is going to destroy the city of Varrock. After an argument, he’ll give you his key.


Wizard Traiborn’s Key

Wizard Traiborn can be found on the 2nd floor of the Wizards’ Tower, which is south of Draynor Village, you can either walk your way there or use the necklace of passage to teleport. Talk to him and he’ll tell you that he requires 25 regular bones for his spell. You can also kill the goblins outside Draynor Village or save up time by having them in your inventory beforehand. Once you’ve given him the bones, he’ll perform a ritual and hand you over his key.


Sir Prysin’s Key

Once you’ve recovered both the keys, head back to the Varrock palace and go into the kitchen which is in the north – east corner of the 1st floor. In any case you forget to bring a bucket with you, you can find one up the stairs and in the room to the east. Now, go down stairs and use the bucker on the sink kitchen to obtain a bucket of water. Next, when you head outside the kitchen door, you’ll see a drain near the north wall of the doorway. Use your bucket on the drain in order to obtain the key, the key will be washed down into the sewers. Head east out of the palace and climb down the manhole located south of the palace’s east walls. Now follow the path as shown in the picture to recover the key, it’ll be to your left – next to a pile of skeletons.

Here comes the final section of the quest. Head back to Sir Prysin and hand him over the three keys, he will then give you the Silverlight.

If you drop the Silverlight, you can talk to Sir Prysin for another one. It’s free as long as you’re doing the quest, after the quest he will charge you 500 gold coins osrs.

If you’ve forgotten the magical incantation, you can speak with the Gypsy at her tent in the varrock square to hear them again (Remember to note the incantation words).

Equip your armour, get any type of food for combat and head south of Varrock and then east, where you’ll see the stone circle surrounded by Dark Wizards. A scene of the demon being summoned will be shown when you enter the circle.

A Ring of recoil can be used to make the fight easier, you can also ignore the wizards and just concentrate on defeating the demon, Delrith.

Now, attack Delrith with the Silverlight equipped. Once his hitpoints reaches 0, you will have to say the magical incantations. Do note, if the wrong incantations are said – Delrith will regain his health to full.

After the incantation, Delrith will be sucked back in to vortex and the old school rs quest will be completed!

The Best Heatran Counters in Pokemon GO

This week, Heatran is coming back to Pokemon GO. This legendary Pokemon, which was originally introduced in the Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Sinnoh region, is a Legendary Fire and Steel-type monstrosity that can only be caught via Raid battles in Pokemon GO. Raid battles aren’t just a giant pool of Pocket Monsters, rather there is often a featured Pokemon or smaller pool in rotation based on events and other in-game happenings. So starting tomorrow on August 21, 2020, players will once again have another chance at Heatran.

Like we said before, Heatran is a Fire and Steel-type Pokemon. So if you’re trying to build a crew of powerful Pokemon to take on the Raid with some friends, you’re going to want to focus on Fighting, Ground, and Water-type Pokemon. Ground is going to be the strongest option depending on what you have available, as the Fire/Steel combination is double-weak to Ground.

Your most effective options are going to be the following, based on their primary typing. Some of them are hybrid types, however. Either way, your team and your group’s teams are going to want to shoot for as many of these Pokemon as possible, powered up to Raid levels:


  • Golem
  • Excadrill
  • Rhyperior
  • Garchomp
  • Groudon


  • Swampert
  • Kyogre


  • Machamp

Machamp really benefits from the current state of Pokemon GO, especially if you have Shadow moves. But otherwise, you really want to leverage the stronger Ground types if you have them available. Swampert also has access to ground-type moves, so that can be a great option in a pinch.

While you’re fighting Heatran, you may want to be aware of its possible move pool as a Raid boss:

Fast Moves:

  • Bug Bite (Bug)
  • Fire Spin (Fire)

Charged Moves:

  • Fire Blast (Fire)
  • Flamethrower (Fire)
  • Iron Head (Steel)
  • Stone Edge (Rock)

Raid battles aren’t easy, but the rewards are often great. For example, as is the case with many other Legendary Pokemon, Raid appearances are going to be your only opportunity to try and catch a Heatran, or get more resources (candy) to power up if you have one already. So if you’re capable of participating in Raids, this is one you definitely don’t want to miss before the period ends on September 10, 2020.