Learn Changes Made to RS Interface Scaling Beta on Jul 31

With the Game Updates posted on Jul. 31, we know that there are some changes made to rs gold Interface Scaling beta. Take a sneak peek to learn the details below.

Changes to RS Interface Scaling beta

According to players’ feedback, RS Team has made some changes to RS Interface Scaling and Camera Offset beta, aiming to bring a positive impact on players with standard or smaller sized displays.
1. Add experimental interface down scaling options, allowing you to scale your interfaces down up to 70%. You can find them in: Settings> Graphics.
2. Change the interface scaling options by adding 110% and 120% options and removing 125%/325%/350%/375%/400%.
3. You can adjust the font size of text in the chat window:
- Adjusting the fonts to 11, 13, 15 or 17pt by the Settings icon in expanded mode or the “-” icon in the non-expanded mode.
- Adjusting the fonts in: Settings> Gameplay> Messages & Social> Chat Customisation> Chat Box Text Size in the options menu alternatively.

RS Camera Offset & Game Render Scaling on the Beta world

Beyond of the Interface Scaling beta, you can also encounter the Camera Offset and Game Render Scaling on the Beta world. Camera Offset can raise the height of your view, helping you navigate through tall trees and densely-crowded areas. This can be changed in Settings> camera> System> Look offset. And Game Render Scaling scales the game view, helping squeeze out more performance on high resolution displays and lower-end hardware. This can be changed in Settings> Graphics> Game Render Scaling.

Detailed Information on New August Fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

We’re coming to the end of the month, and all you Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans know what that means. Once August finally starts not only are the fireworks going to come out, but so are some new fish and bugs that weren’t available during July. When it comes to fish, you’ll need to be a Northern Hemisphere player to actually find anything new. But on the plus side, Southern Hemisphere folks won’t be losing anything from July.

If you’re playing in the Northern Hemisphere, the following three fish will be added to the overall pool for the month:

  • Soft-shelled turtle – worth 3,750 Bells, found in Rivers, appears from 4 PM to 9 AM
  • Moray eel – worth 2,000 Bells, found in the Sea, appears all day
  • Ray – worth 3,000 Bells, found in the Sea, appears from 4 AM to 9 PM

Once September rolls around, you’ll have to say goodbye to these aquatic creatures:

  • Killifish
  • Frog
  • Giant snakehead
  • Napoleonfish
  • Squid

And leading into August, the following July critter takes its leave:

  • Tadpole

For the Southern Hemisphere, things aren’t changing nearly as much. There are no new fish, and none of the fish already present are leaving once the month starts. Basically, nothing changes. But once August is over, a couple of fish are taking off for September:

  • Pond smelt
  • Blowfish

That’s all you’ll need to consider for August, in terms of catching fish. Being able to hook rays is definitely exciting, although it’s a bummer they’re restricted by hemisphere. That said, August is full of other new activities regardless of that setting, so there will still be plenty to do thanks to the new update.

Are you planning on hanging out in Animal Crossing: New Horizons through the rest of the summer? Are you excited about the new fish, or sad about any of the departures? Are you going to have to scramble to get the ones you haven’t caught yet?

OSRS Enakhra’s Lament Quest Guide

In this OSRS Enakhra’s Lament quest guide we are going to talk about how you can complete the quest? What do you need for OSRS Enakhra’s Lament quest? And what can you expect from this OSRS Enakhra’s Lament quest? The quest takes place in an old temple beneath the Kharidian Desert. runescape gold

At the beginning of the OSRS Enakhra’s Lament quest, you need to help an old sculptor named Lazim whose days of making art are over, and now all he can do is carp at adventurers as they make a statue for him in the desert.
Skill Requirements For The OSRS Enahkra’s Lament

50 Crafting
45 Firemaking
43 Prayer
39 Magic

Items Needed

Pickaxe, chisel
Bread or cake (chocolate cake does work)
Candle (a black candle will not work)
Logs, Oak logs, Willow logs, Maple logs
Soft clay
Two 5 kg pieces of granite
52 kg of sandstone
Crumble Undead runes (2 earth, 2 air, and 1 chaos rune each cast) and Standard spellbook
Multiple runes to cast Fire and Wind Bolt, Blast, or Wave
Desert robes
2 stamina potions

Making a Statue

You can start this quest by speaking with Lazim, who is located just south of the Bandit Camp and west of the Jaldraocht Pyramid. The fastest way to get there is by taking a carpet ride to Bedabin Camp and running south.

After you speak to him you need to give him 32 kilograms of sandstone. There is a sandstone mine next to Lazim that you can use, in case you don’t have it already. You don’t have to deliver the 32 kilograms in one go, you can do it partly or in bits.

You can use your chisel on big blocks to make them smaller if you have to give smaller size sandstone. After you’ve given Lazim exactly 32 kg, he will attach them with magic to make a 32kg sandstone block. Use your chisel on the block that he gives you to make a sandstone base.

Talk to him again, and then use it on the flat ground next to him. He will ask you to give him 20 kilograms of sandstone for the body if you already have it just talk to Lazim again to give him the required amount and he gives you the 20kg sandstone block.

Use your chisel on it to make a sandstone body, and then attach it to the base. Use your chisel on the statue to refine it and talk to Lazim again. You now have to choose the head of the statue, you have four choices in front of you to choose from.

It doesn’t really matter which one you choose because the outcome will always be the same. To make the head you will need to mine 10 kilograms of granite. If you are planning to complete the King’s ransom quest, get one extra piece of granite.

Use your chisel on one of the 5 kg pieces and sculpt it into a head in which you said to Lazim. If you are planning on obtaining soft clay during the quest, mine some clay now as well. Use the head on the statue.

It will fall through the ground, taking you and Lazim, and the statue with it into an ancient temple below. The statue will break. Talk to Lazim, take the silver M sigil off the pedestal, and use your chisel on the statue to get a stone left arm, stone right arm, stone left leg, and stone right leg, which you’ll use as keys to unlock the doors to the rooms.

Run north until you find a door, click on the door to open it and this will trigger a cutscene. Watch the cutscenes of Enakhra and take the Z sigil, R sigil, and K sigil, which together with the M sigil make up the consonants of ‘Zamorak’.

Then go through the door and follow the corridor until you see a pedestal in the next room. Make sure that you take the Z sigil of the pedestal and keep running west. Continue to do this until you have all the sigil and go towards the middle and use the sigil to unlock the door.

Unlock all four doors from the inside, and then go up the ladder. There is a pedestal in the room you are in. Use your soft clay on the pedestal to make a camel mould (p) and then use the chisel on the remaining piece of medium-sized granite (5 kg) to make a new stone head.

Place this granite head into the pedestal and this will trigger another cutscene. There are four globes that you must light before you proceed north, based on the four classes of the Ancient Magic spells.

Blood – Take the north-west corridor and talk to the frozen knight. Give him your loaf of bread or cake or pie right click and use it on him. He’ll still be stuck, but will no longer be in hunger.
Ice – Take the south-west corridor and cast your Fire Bolt, Blast, or Wave on the frozen fountain to thaw it.

Shadow – Take the south-east corridor and light all six braziers. Investigate each one to see which item to light. The items are logs, oak logs, willow logs, maple logs, a candle, and coal.
Smoke – Take the north-east corridor and use an air spell (Wind Bolt, Blast, or Wave) on the furnace to clear out the room.

After all four globes are lit, go north through the barrier. Go up the ladder. If you go south, you’ll see a Boneguard. Talk to it, then cast Crumble Undead. Your Crumble Undead cast must hit the guard.

You can now climb over the pile of bones, or search the pile of bones for five Big bones. Climb down the ladder. You’ll see another bone guard. This time, turn on Protect from Melee and talk to it.

It will try to attack you a couple of times and then, it will be impressed. It will tell you that it was put under Enakhra’s control. Agree to seal her in her temple by building a wall.

Take three pieces of sandstone from the pile of bricks, use the sandstone on the wall, and then use your chisel on the wall to trim it. Once you’ve built the wall, talk to the bone guard.

The bone guard will reveal himself to be another Mahjarrat, Akthanakos. He follows Zaros and is Enakhra’s archrival.

Enakhra will destroy your wall, and both individuals transform into their true form, the Mahjarrat. They will then teleport away to have their final battle in the North.
Rewards From The OSRS Enakhra’s Lament
OSRS Enakhra’s Lament

2 Quest points
7,000 Crafting experience
7,000 Mining experience
7,000 Firemaking experience
7,000 Magic experience