Double XP LIVE Will Returning on August 7th 2020

Whether you’re basking in the warm summer sun of the Northern Hemisphere or wrapping up against the chill of winter in the Southern Hemisphere (or, if you’re in the UK, both), we’ve got some news that’s guaranteed to brighten your day – Double XP LIVE is returning!

Between August 7th 12:00 game time and August 17th 12:00 game time, players will once again be able to enjoy a whopping 48 hours of double XP gain throughout the game. As always, how you use your time throughout the event’s 10 days is entirely up to you!

Double up your XP Gains

There’s no better time to develop your RuneScape skills than Double XP LIVE.

Double XP LIVE is the most relaxing way to make the most of the skill grind. You get 48 hours of Double XP goodness to use however you like over the course of 10 days!

To get stuck in, simply log in at any time during the event. As soon as you’re in-game, your XP timer will start ticking, and will stop the moment you log out. By giving you the flexibility to use your XP time as you wish, there’s no need to worry about pulling an all-nighter or compromising any of your plans. Take your time, relax and enjoy those lovely skill gains!

RuneScape’s brand new skill, Archaeology, is exempt from any XP benefits until October 2020, so you won’t get any extra XP when training it. This is so players who love the race to 99 and 120 can do so on a level playing field.

Read on for full details about the event to make sure you make the most of its magnificent XP bonuses. See you in game!

Why are you running another Double XP event so soon?

We wanted to try something new this year with more frequent events like this running in a quarterly pattern between other regular events like ‘Yak Track’. We’ve had very positive feedback about the new format, which provides a healthier gameplay experience with less emphasis on playing for long periods of time. Also, we are aware that there are lots of players who have recently returned to RuneScape and might not have had the opportunity to participate in recent Double XP events, so this will be a great boost to anyone playing catch up. As ever, we welcome feedback from all kinds of players on this topic, so please let us know what you think.

Doesn’t this inject too much XP in the game?

We’ve looked closely at the data from the last two Double XP events. We saw that most players used about half of the total Double XP quota, and approximately 10% went on to use the whole 48 hours. This is consistent with the data we saw in the past with the old 72 hour Double XP Weekends, so it’s actually a pretty similar amount of XP (possibly slightly lower), so it is not detrimental to the overall balancing of the game.

Why do this so close to the launch of Archaeology?

Double XP LIVE will start on August 7th. Lots of players are still really enjoying training Archaeology, and as the new skill is not affected by Double XP, they can carry on training without any impact on their progress. However, those players who want to put some time into other skills can take a break from the excavations and enjoy progress elsewhere in the game.

Doesn’t increasing the frequency take away some of the prestige of a Double XP event?

We know that Double XP events are a big deal for a lot of players, and many like to plan in advance for them. Unfortunately, that comes with the disadvantage of some players feeling pressured – they don’t want to miss it because of the long wait until the next one. We want players to have more freedom to choose how and when they play without intruding on personal commitments or family time. This is again why we have changed to the new Double XP LIVE format, which we believe is more flexible and will suit more players in the long term.

And one more thing…

But hang on, what’s this? Shuriken stuck in the fridge door? Nunchuks hanging on the coat rack? Wait, there’s a note… it’s a warning from The Ninja Team, saying that a Ninja Strike is planned to coincide with Double XP LIVE! What on Gielinor have those sneaky shinobi been up to now? Hopefully they’ll drop by – probably quite literally through the skylight – some time soon to share more news.

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OSRS Biohazard Quest Guide: Fast Walkthrough & More Information

Biohazard is a Novice quest which continues the storyline after the osrs gold Plague City OSRS quest. Here is our Biohazard OSRS guide with fast walkthrough and more information.

Biohazard OSRS quest fast walkthrough

1. To start the Biohazard quest, talk to Elena in her house in East Ardougne.
2. Cross the river using the bridge or the log balance (requiring 33 Agility). Talk to Jerico in the house south of the northern Ardougne bank.
3. Get bird feed by searching the cupboard. Grab a pigeon cage from the backyard.
4. Go west to the small watchtower along the wall.
5. Stand in the corner where the two spiked fences meet. Put the bird feed on either fence, and then click the cage in your inventory.
6. Equip your gas mask. Run south from the watchtower and talk to Omart. Climb over the ladder into West Ardougne.
7. Head around the headquarters to the northeastern area with the vat and mangle. Squeeze through a gap in the fence into the backyard, and pick up the rotten apple laying on the ground.
8. Use the rotten apple on the cauldron. Then return through the fence.
9. Head to Nurse Sarah’s house. Get a medical gown after searching cupboard in northern part of the house. Equip the medical gown and return to the headquarters.
10. Go upstairs and kill a mourner.
11. Use the key in your inventory on the gate and get into the caged room. Get Elena’s distillator after searching the crates.
12. Head back to Kilron, and he will help you get back over into East Ardougne. Find Elena and give her the distillator.
13. Talk to Chemist in south-western Rimmington.
14. Outside the Chemist’s house, find Chancy, Da Vinci and Hops around a fire.
15. Give the Liquid honey to Chancy; give the Ethenea to Da Vinci; give the Sulphuric broline to Hops.
16. Head to Varrock. Head to the fenced area to the south-east of the bank. Pass freely with the plague sample and touch paper in your inventory.
17. Obtain a free priest gown (top and bottom) after speaking to the Asyff the Fancy dress shop owner. You can also purchase it from the Fancy dress shop owner.
18. Head to the Dancing Donkey Inn. Speak to Hops, Da Vinci and Chancy to get the vials back. You need to have free inventory space.
19. Equip the priest gown. Head to Guidor’s house in the south-east of the fenced area. Talk to Guidor.
20. Return to Ardougne and talk to Elena.
21. Go to the 1st floor of Ardougne Castle and talk to King Lathas. Quest complete!

Rewards from Biohazard quest OSRS

You will gain the following rewards after completing this quest:
3 Quest points
1,250 Thieving experience
Use of the Combat Training Camp north of the city
The ability to travel freely through the West Ardougne gate
The ability to use the West Ardougne Teleport in the Arceuus spellbook

Hope our Biohazard quest OSRS guide can help you complete this quest.

Trade Your Points for Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bug Off Rewards

Another Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bug Off is here for Northern Hemisphere players, so get your net ready to catch as many creepy crawlies as you can! Of course, every time this also means a tonne of new Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bug Off rewards to unlock and collect.

You can enter the Bug Off by speaking to Flick in the Plaza in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He’ll explain the rules but basically, it’s as many bugs as you can catch in 3 minutes. Thankfully, during these three minutes, it’s impossible for your net to break, so you don’t have to worry too much about having a spare – unlike the Animal Crossing: New Horizons fishing tourney.

Any bugs that you do manage to snag will be automatically transferred to the big cage next to him, which you can then sell to him later for some extra Bells.

For every bug you catch you’ll earn points. It’s these that you can swap for ‘swag’ aka the full range of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bug Off rewards. It’s 10 points per prize.

Points work like this:

1 bug caught 1 point
2 bugs caught 2 points
3 bugs caught 5 points
4 bugs caught 6 points
5 bugs caught 7 points
6 bugs caught 8 points
7 bugs caught 9 points
8 bugs caught 10 points
9 bugs caught 11 points
10 bugs caught 12 points

Your first entry into the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bug Off will be free but after that, it’s 500 Bells a pop. However, sell your bugs to Flick between each round and you’ll be able to more than recoup that cost.

Remember too, that the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bug Off starts at 9am and finishes at 6pm sharp.

All the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bug Off rewards to unlock

  • Termite mound
  • Toy cockroach
  • Spider web
  • Toy centipede
  • Butterflies wall
  • Ladybug rug
  • Spider doorplate
  • Artisanal bug cage
  • Bug wand
  • Bug Aloha Shirt
  • Bug cage (green)
  • Butterfly backpack (pink)
  • Ladybug umbrella
  • Bronze Bug Trophy (after earning 100 points in total)
  • Silver Bug Trophy (after earning 200 points in total)
  • Gold Bug Trophy (after earning 300 points in total)

Top Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bug Off tips

Before you get started in the Bug Off, why not check out our top tips for help ensure to catch as many bugs as possible in each round.

Don’t run!

When you’re against the clock, it’s easy to think that pegging it around your island is the best course of action. But aside from butterflies, most bugs will fly off if you sprint anywhere near them, so take it steady.

Look in all the usual spots

During a Bug Off, the bugs will still be found in their usual hiding spots while the timer is active. Remember to look on tree trunks, on stumps, fluttering near or on flowers, and even in rivers or ponds.

Don’t worry about carrying a spare net

Unlike your rod for the Fishing Tourney, the game has made it so that your net can’t break if you’re mid-round during the Bug Off. It may break at the end of a round, but at least then you’ve got time to buy or craft a new one.

No doubt this is to balance the fact there’s no bait equivalent for bugs, so you’re all-reliant on your net.

WoW Classic Zul’Gurub Overview

Zul’Gurub is a very fun raid in World of Warcraft Classic! The recommended level for the raid is 58-60, and it is built for up to 20 players. Many players would be pleased to learn that this raid has over 100 items of Superior and Epic variety. As such, the rewards outweigh the learning process for this raid, quite heavily. The melee weapons in particular are quite extraordinary.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to tackle this raid effectively and optimally.

Recommended Raid Team

There’s really no perfect raid team. As it is a 20-man raid, you’re going to quickly realise that skilled players (especially if they are adequately leveled), can usually adapt to any situation and overcome it. Nonetheless, it’s sometimes nice to have some form of a baseline, and something to strive for:

· 6 Warriors

· 3 Rogues, 3 Mages

· 2 Warlocks, 3 Priests, 2 Holy Paladins

· 1 Restoration Druid

General Strategy

This portion of the guide will cover the segments of the raid that aren’t the main bosses. Such as any puzzles or noticeable enemies you will encounter. However, with a large raid team and good coordination, things like puzzles aren’t really an issue: you can usually direct your teammates, or a smaller subset can solve them.

There are some enemies you will need to stay alert towards. There’s the Gurubashi Axe Throwers, who will do an area attack against you. They will spin in a circle, so you really need to watch out for it. However, these spinners are vulnerable to spells and abilities.

There’s also Gurubashi Blood Drinkers. They’re exactly what their name suggests, they’ll suck away life from you. This is where tanks are incredibly important, and coordination becomes key. Allow ranged damage to take priority here and allow tanks to lure them away from the rest of the raid party. Otherwise, you might find your DPS quickly drained of blood and dead.

You must also watch out for Gurubashi Bat Riders, which will explode on death. That’s no fun!

The final enemy you’ll want to be advised against (before any bosses) are the Gurubashi Champions. They have an effect to knockback, so if melee and tanks need to react in a quick and coordinated manner. Failure to do will result in your Priests and all-sorts being rushed by these champions.


As with any well-designed raid in WoW classic, you’re bound to face many bosses.

The first boss you’ll encounter is High Priestess Jeklik. The spell you need to be most concerned about is Great Heal, as it has unlimited range and this boss summons minions. This can reverse any progress you make within the fight. Mind Flay is another important ability, which will cause about 200 damage and slow down an ally by 50%. You must also watch out for her charging an ally between phase 1 and phase 2, healers should be ready to respond at all times.

Secondly, you’ll face High Priest Venoxis. This boss isn’t too difficult, especially if you were able to defeat Jekilk. One thing to note is once this boss reach 50% health in its second phase, it will mutate into a snake and will deal a great deal more damage. This is where you need to concentrate highly on the damage. Holy Wrath is one ability to be concerned about: as it is a chain attack. If a DPS is in-range of this, they will likely die, you must ensure only tanks are in the range of the boss during its first phase.

The third boss is High Priestess Mar’li. The important abilities to watch out for here are Drain Life. You should try to interrupt this by casting any other spell. Another ability you must disrupt is enveloping webs, if successful, it will paralyse your melee teammates. A tank should bait itself for this ability. Poison Bolt Volley is another ability you’ll want to try to negate.

High Priest Thekal, another boss with companions. This time, he has tigers. His team consists of himself, Lor’Khan, and Zath. Lor’Khan is a notable enemy, as he can cast Great Heal. You should interrupt this spell wherever possible.

If at any point silence is cast, you must dispel it. Force Punch is an ability you must be aware of and want to react towards.

You can also cast Disarm against all the bosses mentioned from Thekal’s crew. Focus on killing all enemies at the same time to prevent any healing taking place.

The penultimate boss will be High Priestess Arlokk. Here, the ability you’re going to want to watch out for is the Mark of Arlokk, which will rapidly send panthers against a targeted ally. You should fully assist this ally to ensure they do not die. This boss also casts an ability called Vanish, which will cause the boss to alternate phases, but her minions will remain attackable. Once she gets out of stealth, she will attack a particular ally.

The final boss you’re going to need to tackle is Hakkar. The worst ability (or best for him) is Blood Siphon. This will cause him to drain the health of your raid team. Any health he drains is rewarded back to him, healing him. You can counteract this by getting the Poisonous Blood effect from the Son of Hakkar. You also need to focus on Cause Insanity, as it will make one of your tanks completely ineffective. Thus, the offtanks need to be ready to replace the current tank at any given moment. Corrupted Blood is a dangerous chain attack, so this means your team should be spread out rather than close to each other.


The rewards from this raid are fantastic, as previously mentioned. Each boss has different drops, the best rewards are melee weapons. For example, the Warblade of the Hakkari (a drop from the final boss), is a best-in-slot item for Hunters.

Another consideration is that there are optional bosses that you can target for extra drops. However, for your first few runs, it’s best to focus on only the essential bosses – so you get the jist of things. Extra bosses include Jin’do the Hexxer, Bloodlord Mandokir, and Gahz’ranka. By the way, Buy wow classic gold and wow gold from now, so quickly & 24/7 online service.

OSRS Enakhra’s Lament Guide

Enakhra’s Lament is a very enjoyable, but challenging, Old School RuneScape quest. The quest dives into the history of RuneScape so it has plenty of information packed in for you to consume. In this guide, we’ll inform you of the best way of completing the quest, just in case you’re stuck at any point.

Unlike many other quests within the game, there are no enemies to defeat! So, you can sit back and relax for a more casual quest compared to most others in the game.


In terms of skills, here’s what you need:

· Level 39 Magic (for Crumble Undead).

· Level 43 Prayer

· Level 45 Firemaking

· Level 50 Crafting (cannot be boosted)

· If you’re an ironman, you’ll need level 45 Mining.

Even if you’re not an Ironman, bringing your Rune pickaxe with you could be a fantastic idea. The reason being is that mining granite, which requires level 45 Mining, is a Hard Desert task. Your future self will thank the old-you for having one less task to do when you do eventually do the diary! As you know, diaries offer rewards that are extremely valuable generally, and those who love completion also love doing diaries.

Here are the items you’ll want:

· The best pickaxe you have access to. However, you can gain one from the quest. As there’s no combat involved, you can equip the pickaxe in your weapon-slot.

· Lightweight/weight-reducing gear, in combination with stamina potions. Don’t worry about food or combat gear for a quest that has no enemies to defeat.

· Desert robes and waterskins mean you will not lose hit points whilst in the desert.

· 1000 coins for carpet rides if you do not have access to fairy rings.

· A chisel.

· You need one piece of bread or cake.

· A tinderbox.

· One regular log

· One oak log

· One willow log

· One maple log

· Soft clay

· A candle (cannot be a black candle)

· Coal

· You want 10 earth runes, 10 air runes, 5 chaos runes. Ensure you’re on the regular spellbook to be able to cast crumble undead.

· You will need a small number of runes to cast Fire and Wind spells. The acceptable spells are bolt, blast, and wave – pick whichever you’d like.

· You will want 2 x 5kg pieces of granite, and 52kg of sandstone. However, you can mine these during the quest itself, unless you do not have at least level 45 Mining.


To start with, you need to head to the quarry. The best way is using fairy-ring code BIQ, or a magic carpet ride to Bedabin Camp, which you can charter south of Al Kharid.

At the north-east of the quarry, you’ll see a bald figure wielding a stick named Lazim. Speak to him, using the first dialogue option followed by the second. Provide him with 32 kg of sandstone: this doesn’t have to be done in one go. Any large pieces you’re carrying can be broken down (to smaller pieces) using a chisel. The sandstone mine is located next to Lazim.

Proceed to place the base on the flat ground. You then want 20kg of sandstone for the base’s body. Use your chisel on the statue and speak to Lazim. You have the choice between three heads: the choice doesn’t actually matter; however, you do need to remember which one you picked.

You then need to collect two pieces of 5kg of granite. Even if you purchased the pieces from the Grand Exchange, it is worth mining just for the diary task completion. With one of the pieces, chisel the head that you previously chose onto the statue. If you choose inconsistently from your previous choice, you will need to repeat making the head. Speak to Lazim once more. Head down the ladder and speak to Lazim again. There’ll be a cutscene sequence that you’ll have to watch.

Use your chisel on the fallen statue exactly four times. You’ll receive all the limbs, and just outside each hallway, pick up the R, K, Z sigils. South of Lazim, you’ll see the M sigil on a pedestal. By attempting to open each door, you will automatically place the sigils, as long as you complete all the dialogues. Once you’ve placed all four sigils, climb up the ladder.

Use the soft clay on the pedestal, and chisel on the 5kg granite you saved from before. Place the newly created stone head on the pedestal and follow the dialogue through to completion. You now have some puzzles to solve, and here are the solutions:

· North-west, the food item you previously brought should be used on Pentyn.

· North-east, cast your wind-based spell on the furnace.

· South-east, you need to light all six braziers. The items are the logs, coal, and the candle you brought. You’ll know which one to use by using the investigate option. Do not stand in the room idly, as you will receive damage if you stand in the room without lighting anything.

· South-west cast your fire spell against the fountain.

The magical barrier will now allow you to pass-through. Head up the ladder. On this floor, cast the crumble undead spell on the boneguard. You should be successful from your first cast; however, the guide has recommended you bring in enough runes for 5 casts, due to the possibility of splashing. No player wants to travel back to the Grand Exchange midway through just to gather more runes!

You can then talk to the boneguard, selecting the third dialogue option followed by the fourth. From the rubble pile, you need to take 3 sandstones and use them against the southern wall, followed by using your chisel on the southern wall. Report back to the boneguard once more, and the quest is completed!


The rewards are quite nice. You’ll receive 7,000 experience in Crafting, Firemaking, Mining, and Magic! Alongside 2 quest points, you also receive the Camulet, which allows you to talk to camels, and teleport back to the temple. The Camulet only has 4 teleport charges but can be recharged using camel dung. Alternatively, by speaking to Lazim, for 1

Detailed Info on OSRS Shadow Wyrm & Other New Superior Slayer Creatures

The last changes from Poll #71 have been launched on Jul. 23. This week you will see OSRS Shadow Wyrm, Colossal Hydra and other new rs07 gold superior slayer creatures. Read on for more details.

Details of OSRS Shadow Wyrm superior slayer creature

Shadow Wyrm is one of the new superior slayer creatures introduced in OSRS Poll #71. It has a chance to spawn after purchasing the unlock Bigger and Badder for 150 Slayer reward points from any Slayer master.
When you defeat this new superior slayer monster, you will be able to receive a 100% drop Wyrm bones. Beyond of this, you can also obtain Dragon dagger, Adamant sq shield, Eternal gem, Herbs, runes, seeds and more.

Other new OSRS superior slayer creatures 

Besides the Shadow Wyrm, there are also three new superior slayer creatures added, including:
1. Guardian Drake: a superior variant of the drake.
2. Colossal Hydra: a superior variant of the hydra.
3. Spikey Turoth
All the new superior slayer monsters including Shadow Wyrm have a chance to show up when you are cutting down their lower-level brethren. And all of them roll three times on the regular loot table and also receive a chance to hit the superior loot table which includes the Imbued Heart and the Eternal Gem, among other exciting drops.

Do you like OSRS Shadow Wyrm or other new superior slayer creatures?

Monster Hunter: World Seasonal Summer Event – Sizzling Spice Fest Event Quest Guide

As you know if you’re an active player, the seasonal summer event Sizzling Spice Fest is underway in Monster Hunter: World. As long as you have the Iceborne expansion (and at this point you probably should!), you can touch down in the Seliana Gathering Hub and take part. Of course along with all the fun silly stuff, there’s also a new set of event quests for players to conquer. If you want to know the details before you go in, here’s our Sizzling Spice Fest Event Quest guide.

There are six Event Quests in total, on top of all the other legacy Event Quests that will be returning while the festival is on. These ventures range from one to two-star Mastery in difficulty, and each one nets you a different kind of special Ticket that’ll unlock new cosmetic rewards. Here’s what they are, and what they entail:

Fetching Light Pearls (1-Star Mastery)

This one is a gathering quest, that has you searching the Coral Highlands for eight Light Pearls. Completing this task gets you Herbivore Tickets, which can be used for crafting the Faux Kelbi Layered Head armor piece. If you want to wear a deer head, this is the quest for you.

Camoflawed (2-Star Mastery)

Camoflawed has you hunting down a Giant Gold Crown Rathian in the Ancient Forest area. Slaying this dragon results in Herbivore Ticket IIs, which are used to craft the Faux Aptonoth Layered Head armor piece. Yes, there’s a running theme here.

Seeing is Believing (3-Star Mastery)

The next two are based in the Arena, so you won’t have to spend time tracking anything down before the action starts. If you want the special Spirited Canteen Ticket, you’ll have to take on a Giant Gold Crown Tigrex. With those you can craft the Strong Ale and Master Ale Dual Blades, which look nice and silly for sure.

Don’t Forget the Ear Plugs! (6-Star Mastery)

The next Arena battle stars a Small Gold Crown Yian Garuga, and beating it in a totally, believably non-lethal fight awards you Pilot Hare Tickets. Those can be turned into the Hare Band Layered Armor piece. It’s bunny ears, basically.

Monkey Business (6-Star Mastery)

Heading back out into the (Monster Hunter) world, the Monkey Business goes down in the Hoarfrost Reach. You’ll battle a Furious Rajang, and this one’s for all the bananas. Actually it’s for a Goldspring Ticket, which translates to the Goldspread Layered Head armor piece. It’s Monkey Business indeed as you’ll be running around with a Golden Macaque clinging to your cranium.

The Naked Truth (6-Star Mastery)

The final Event Quest takes you to Origin Isle, so you know it’s serious. You’ll know just how serious it is once you face off against a Shara Ishvalda to earn some Inner Eye Tickets. You can get the full Innerwear Layered Armor Set, which… makes your clothes invisible.

We hope you’ve found our Monster Hunter: World Sizzling Spice Fest Event Quest guide useful as you prepare for this summertime shindig.

Patch 1.13.5 is Now Live in WOW Classic Jul-10-2020

WOW Classic Patch 1.13.5 is now available, it brings major and minor changes and includs some major changes to the raid.

The patch prepares the client for some of the biggest changes for novices, those who have alts, or just those who don’t like raids. This is in the form of 2 items in the dungeon set, the dungeon mission line and the supplier. All these items will be provided with the Ahn’Qiraj event on July 28th.

For those who may not remember, this long task sequence allows wow gold players to gradually upgrade their Dungeon Set 1 to Dungeon Set 2, also known as Tier 0.5 in the community. In this way, the scene can be replaced with a more powerful upgrade function without the need for a large-scale raid. Although in Classic, the entire attack scene is indeed much easier than in the original game, there are still some players who are more willing to play the game content without having to participate in such a large event-this is a perfect choice for them.

Having said that, to complete the entire set of Dungeon 2 is a long and expensive process that requires the completion of multiple long task chains, a large number of gold coins and the cultivation of various components in the world. For those who don’t like raids, or for those who want to have all the available levels in the game, this is still a great choice.

In addition to the new dungeon set, the loot table has also been updated, giving players the opportunity to have more epic items. Similarly, some highly sought-after items that did not appear in the game dungeon until the end of the year have not appeared in the game until now, and “Relic” brings the most important items among them. The relic was originally released in patch 1.10.0 and was sought after as a bonus for certain spells and abilities. Three types will be provided in Classic, including Idols for Druids, Librams for Paladins, and Totems for Shamans, which makes many ultimate dungeons worth visiting.

Finally, gamers are eagerly looking forward to several other important features in the game. For beginners, you can finally get Nexus Crystals by disassembling Epic items. These items are essential for the strongest enchantment in the game, and with the players’ fierce attacks on Ahn’Qiraj, there will definitely be high demand. Wizard oil and Mana oil have also been added to the game, which is very useful for raiding the caster if they can Buy wow classic gold cheap .

Readers can view the complete list of patch notes on the official website, including some bug fixes, some changes to the PvP battlefield, and authentication package slots.

RuneScape: New Summer Beach Party Will Coming from July 20, 2020

The Beach is back! The Lumbridge Crater has once again been transformed into the sunny, sandy paradise of your dreams. Hurry up and slap that sunscreen on while we run you through the details.

What is RS Summer Beach Party event?

The Summer Beach Party is a recurring yearly seasonal event that takes place during the summer. While the event is active the Lumbridge Crater is transformed into a beach. The event is organised by Battle of Lumbridge survivor Reyna.

During the event, players can take part in a number of activities to unlock cosmetic overrides, titles, and emotes. There are new rewards and activities every year, and previous rewards are available for unlock during any year of the event.

What’s new in RS Summer Beach Party 2020?
This year the Summer Beach Party will return on July 20 and be in-game for four weeks. From July 20th to August 10th, you’ll be in for some summer fun down at the Lumbridge Crater.

There’s all sorts of seasonal activities to take part in, including beach ball rolling, sandcastle building, a coconut shy and a big ol’ BBQ! A little seagull has told us that everyone’s favourite dank chasm, the Dungeoneering hole, will also be making an appearance.

Every 15 minutes, a different activity will be spotlighted. If you join in during the spotlight, you’ll get an extra 10% XP!

You’ll also find portals to all the most exciting Distractions and Diversions, alongside two new ones for Anachronia and the Archaeology dig sites.


Remember to keep an eye on your temperature gauge while you’re splashing about! Once you’ve gained a certain amount of experience from the activities, you’ll start to suffer from heat exhaustion. You’ll need to eat an ice cream and cool off before you can start playing again.

At the weekend, the temperature will skyrocket, causing a heatwave that’ll last from noon on Friday all the way until noon on Monday. During a heatwave, you’ll be able to keep skilling even when your temperature gauge is full!

Look out for Happy Hour, too, when you’ll get more XP, no temperature increases and a better chance to get those coveted drops for an entire in-game hour!

What rewards you can get from summer beach party?Here comes the best part: while you’re having fun in the sun, you’ll also be earning some exclusive rewards!

This year you can get crabby with a bodacious, crustaceous costume, complete with an adorable matching pet.

Or if that’s not your style, we’ve reeled in a hefty catch of weapon overrides, including the classic Leveler wand and Bucket orb, the classy Caller of the Sea trident, and the downright threatening Shark Bait spear.

If you’re more of a chiller than a skiller, you can launch your World Guardian’s Runestagram career with the all-new Selfie! emote – or just lie back and relax with the Shade Thrower rest animation.

What would a trip to The Beach be without a bit of sandsurfing? This year, there are three new board designs for you to collect.

Here’s one for all you budding BBQ’ers: three somewhat amusing aprons, perfect for entertaining your friends while you gather about the grill.

Lastly, we regret to announce that one of our Track Yaks seems to have had one too many Pinappletinis and has spilled their Yak Track Skip Tokens all over the place! He’s got plenty, though, so if you happen to find one while you’re skilling, feel free to keep it.

Past Rewards

New this year is the Oddments Store, where you can trade in your extra bits and pieces for any of the previous years’ Beach rewards, including the Pufferfish Launcher, the Crusty Companion pet and the Banana Boat mount.

Skilling Drops

After you’ve done a bit of skilling, you might get lucky enough to receive one of the many skilling rewards The Beach has to offer – including a refreshing range of cocktails!

You might also stumble across a few oddments while you’re training your skills. One man’s flotsam is another man’s jetsam, right? Right?

All right. Sunnies at the ready? Flip flops a floppin’? Then what are you waiting for? Let’s head to The Beach!

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RS Clawdia in Beach Event 2020: Features & Rewards

RS Clawdia is a boss monster appearing in the Summer Beach Party. During RS Beach event, try to defeat this rs3 gold boss to gain Clawdia Wings and more rewards.

Features of RS Clawdia in Beach event

During RS Beach event 2020, you can find the hourly boss called Clawdia in the centre of the Lumbridge Crater. The boss appears once every hour at the 45 minute mark, signified by a start of rain.
RS Clawdia is level 250 and has 10,000,000 life points, with damage dealt scaling to your level and life points. Here you could learn her attacks:
-Melee AoE, dealing damage in a large area in the direction Clawdia is facing.
-Ranged AoE, dealing a small area of damage in front of her. Clawdia claps her front pincers together and shoots a sonic shockwave.
-Magic DoT, a 1×1 DoT attack lasting about 10 seconds.
-Water Jet, dealing typeless damage to players in her line of sight.
-Splash AoE, a very large AoE attack dealing melee damage to all attacking players.

What can you gain from RS Clawdia?

You will gain 1 to 5 rewards if you are in combat with Clawdia at any point before she is defeated. Here are the rewards for RS Beach event every year:
RS Ice cream
Lemon sour
Pink fizz
Purple Lumbridge
Anti-sun potion
Barrel of monkeys
Water balloon
Challenge gem
In addition, you can obtain a cosmetic override RS Clawdia Wings by using the Clawdia Wings token. Some other rewards can also be obtained from this beach event.

Have you defeated RS Clawdia boss?