Participate in RS LGBT+ Pride 2020 Event for a Special Letter from J-Mod and More on June 25

As the celebration of 2020 LGBT+ Pride month, RS LGBT+ Pride 2020 event will hit at World 23 on Jun. 25. While joining in this rs3 gold event, you will get balloon drops and fireworks, even a special letter from a J-Mod.

When to join in RS LGBT+ Pride 2020 event? 

To celebrate LGBT+ Pride month in June, RS Team decides to open LGBT+ Pride 2020 event at World 23 at 17:00 Game Time on Jun. 25. You will be able to receive RS first ever Pride parade, and you can also cheer from the sidelines if you prefer.
To your surprise, J-Mods and P-Mods will also participate in the event. If you are lucky enough, you might get a special letter from a J-Mod, asking you to show your support in style. What’s more, you will obtain balloon drops and fireworks along the parade route during the event.

How to enjoy RS LGBT+ Pride 2020 event?

You need to bring your most fabulous fashionscape to Lumbridge Castle Courtyard to take part in RS LGBT+ Pride 2020 event. And here is a parade route you can follow to enjoy the event:
1. Begin at Lumbridge Courtyard (World 23) at 17:00 Game Time.
2. Walk along the path west to Draynor.
3. Go through Port Sarim.
4. Go through the southern gate of Falador.
5. Have a break in Falador Square.
6. Go away via the northern gate of Falador.
7. Walk along the path east to Barbarian Village.
8. Enter through the western gate of Varrock.
9. End in Varrock Square.

Remember to participate in RS LGBT+ Pride 2020 event for balloon and fireworks.

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