Join in RS Rainbow’s End TH Promotion for Rainbow Coloured Rewards

RS Rainbow’s End TH promotion has returned again with rainbow coloured rewards. By the end of Jun. 22, you can be able to partake in for various rs3 gold tokens, multiplier unlock and other prizes.

When to join in RS Rainbow’s End TH promotion? 

Rainbow’s End Treasure Hunter promotion is currently live in game and will come to an end on Jun. 22. When you take part in this promotion, you can use a multiplier to increase the rewards. Multiplier is re-rolled for every opened chest and starts with only the single reward option available. This time, you can get up to 7 multipliers by claiming a multiplier unlock that is also available on Treasure Hunter.

Prizes for RS Rainbow’s End TH promotion

With the return of Rainbow’s End in June, rainbow amulet token and rainbow aura token are removed from the pool of prizes. The prizes you can get are listed below:
- Multiplier unlock: Increasing the multiplier cap by 1 (up to 7).
- Clover crossbow token: Unlocking Clover Crossbow and Clover Off-hand Crossbow.
- Clover axe token: Unlocking the Clover Axe and Clover Off-hand Axe.
- Clover wand token: Unlocking Clover Wand.
- Clover staff token: Unlocking Clover Staff override.
- Clover shieldbow token: Unlocking Clover Shieldbow override.
- Clover 2h sword token: Unlocking Clover 2h Sword override.
- Pot of gold token: Unlocking the Rainbow Pot of Gold override.
- Rainbow bow token: Unlocking Rainbow Bow override.
- Rainbow halo token: Unlocking Rainbow Halo override.
- Rainbow gaze token: Unlocking rainbow gaze.
- Rainbow scythe token: Unlocking Rainbow Scythe override.
- Rainbow teleport token: Unlocking Rainbow Teleport override.
- Rainbow pet token: Unlocking Joseph pet.
- Rainbow wand token: Unlocking Rainbow Wand override.
- Clover parasol
- Pink unicorn plushie
- Rainbow unicorn plushie
- Rainbow parasol
- Rainbow cape

Want the rainbow rewards? Just log in RS Rainbow’s End TH promotion now.