RS Genie’s Gift 2020: When & How to Join in with Prize Details

The latest Treasure Hunter promotion RS Genie’s Gift has been active in game. During this period players have a chance of obtaining different types of rsgold lamps of all sizes, such as RS prismatic lamp, smouldering lamp and more.

When & how to join in RS Genie’s Gift?

The latest Treasure Hunter promotion RS3 Genie’s Gift runs from June 11th to June 15th, 2020. During this period, Karima replaces Alice as the Treasure Hunter host, and offers prizes including different types of lamps of all sizes.
From the Genie’s Gift Treasure Hunter promotion in June 2020, all chests opened during this promotion offer 3 prizes to pick from. The first of these prizes might be a promotional prize, and the remaining two are regular prizes in Treasure Hunter.

Learn details of RS Genie’s Gift prizes

The following prizes can be obtained from the Genie’s Gift Treasure Hunter promotion:
Bubbling lamp (small, medium, large, huge)
Celebration lamp (small, medium, large, huge)
Hydra lamp (small, medium, large, huge)
Phoenix lamp (small, medium, large, huge)
Prismatic lamp (small, medium, large, huge)
Smouldering lamp (small, medium, large, huge)
Note: The celebration lamps do not require progress to reach maximum rewards and always yield 10% extra XP.

Have you joined in RS Genie’s Gift TH promotion?