OSRS Blood Shard Guide: How to Obtain & Use It to Make Amulet of Blood Fury

New item blood shard OSRS can be obtained with the release of rs 2007 gold Darkmeyer. Here you could learn how to get and use it to make the amulet of blood fury OSRS.

How to obtain blood shard OSRS?

The blood shard is a drop from OSRS vyrewatch sentinel, a stronger version of Vyrewatch. You can also get the blood shard from pickpocketing vampyres in Darkmeyer (level 82 Thieving required).

How to use the blood shard OSRS?

After obtaining the blood shard, you can add it to an amulet of fury to make an amulet of blood fury OSRS. The amulet of fury can be made by enchanting an onyx amulet using Lvl-6 Enchant, which requires a Magic level of 87.
The blood fury amulet OSRS has the same stats as the amulet of fury; however, it has a 10% chance of passively healing the player 10% of the damage they deal only when using melee. Once created, the amulet of blood fury has 10,000 charges, losing one every time you successfully damages your target, whether the amulet’s effect triggers or not. When it runs out of charges, the blood shard will break, leaving you with only the amulet of fury.

Hope now you know more about the blood shard OSRS and the amulet of blood fury.