New Account Restrictions&Merch Store Update

According to the recent official news post,the develop team have applied some restrictions to prevent certain F2P accounts from trading items to other players,and the Merch Store has been updated.Here you could learn the detailed information.

New Account Restrictions

While the Support team works hard to clamp down on cheats in the game, it can be especially hard for them to do so when new accounts can gather items of value and pass them on so easily. The team have applied some restrictions that will prevent certain F2P accounts from trading items to other players. The good news is that they can still receive items from other players, so you can still give supportive gifts to your newb friends.

From now on, the following rules will be in place for all F2P accounts:

1.Items dropped by a brand-new account cannot be picked up by other players, although brand-new players can still pick up items dropped by others.
2.If a brand-new player is PK’d, the PKer will still receive most of their tradable items – the exception is noted items, which are capped at 20 notes per item.
3.Brand-new players may receive items in a trade but cannot give items away.
4.Brand-new players cannot log in to PvP worlds.
5.Brand-new players cannot create ‘Sell’ offers for commonly botted items on the GE.
6.Brand-new players cannot add items to the Party Chest.
7.Brand-new players cannot stake in the Duel Arena.

These restrictions can be removed by logging over 20 hours of game time, earning 10 quest points, and reaching 100 total level. Alternatively, you can purchase membership to bypass these requirements.

Merch Store Update

1.The Merch Store has been updated with a new range of phone covers featuring the designs from the Skill Capes! Available for all popular models.
2.From now on, spending over £50, €60, or $70 will get you free shipping. It’s a permanent buff.
3.Expect no any delays to deliveries due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

What do you think about this update?

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