Learn OSRS Bounty Hunter Update: Improvements, New Tasks & More

This week sees the release of some OSRS Bounty Hunter changes. Read the rs07 gold details below to learn its improvements, new Bounty Hunter tasks and more.

New tasks for OSRS Bounty Hunter

With the update on May 14th, some undesirable entries have been replaced by new tasks based on the existing dragon dagger one. These new tasks will ask you to deal the final hit with a dragon scimitar or granite maul (ornate and upgraded versions are accepted). You will be given these new tasks if you have met the requirements to wield the weapons, while you have access to Ape Atoll to obtain OSRS dragon scimitar.

Large-scale emblem transfers discouraged

While the develop team doesn’t expect to be able to prevent players from cooperating, they have added a measure to discourage large-scale emblem transfers. With this update, the following situations will happen when an emblem is transferred via a PK drop:
Tiers 4-10 will always downgrade
Tiers 1-3 have a 50% chance of downgrading
If a tier 1 emblem downgrades, it becomes 20k coins

Other changes to OSRS Bounty Hunter

1. Changes have been made to some reward prices:
Blighted potions increased to 4,100 points
Blighted karambwan increased to 1,400 points
The blighted anglerfish reduced to 1,200 points
2. The standard OSRS Bounty Hunter Shop now gives applicable items in banknote form if you are attempting to buy more than one.
3. The Blighted Teleblock Sack has become a Blighted Teleport Spell Sack, which is able to cast either the Teleblock or Teleport to Bounty Target spells.

What do you think about these changes to Bounty Hunter OSRS?

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