What does the game need from OSRS Bounty Hunter?

Old School RuneScape came from an era before the removal of Wilderness PvP in 2008, and thus OSRS didn’t have the minigames that were created in the later years to replace it. While there were many things players did like during that time, our aim – as you’ll have seen in the Gazette – is to encourage PvP within the Wilderness rather than trying to move it elsewhere. runescape gold

Bounty Hunter fits into that as an additional Wilderness activity, providing extra reason for players to encounter each other via recommended targets and destinations. To that end, we’ve been reviewing our options for the minigame in terms of whether they help with that aim:

Features that help find one’s target

In last year’s rewrite, we extended the hint arrow to help you find your target, showed more information about your target on the head-up display, etc. These features were mostly received well, and we’d like to keep them.

Flexibility for skipping targets

The ability to skip more kinds of undesirable targets was popular too, though by giving more scope to select one’s target, we made it easier for players to farm the rewards by cycling through their preferred targets. We’re keeping this for now, since it was so frustrating if you got an undesirable target such as one in a multi-way area, or one without a skull. As detailed below, though, all players in the Wilderness on a Bounty world will be skulled in this proposal.


Last year’s rewrite came with a decision to have players buy emblems for cash, and carry them into the Wilderness as risk. Emblems merged or upgraded in very restricted situations, so that little wealth would be generated. While this may have sounded logical, it wasn’t at all popular, and the emblem-as-portable-wealth achieved little beyond what could been done with actual coins or platinum. So we’d like to remove that, using emblems more like the previous version.


We also added a selection of tasks last year, challenging players to get the last hit with a certain style etc. We’ve had ample suggestions for expanding this, too. Regrettably, many of the popular suggestions have hinged on a target being in the right place or having the right setup, which would not have worked out very reliably. And, as covered above, if we just let you skip the target until you got a suitable one, it’d help players cycle through their preferred targets again. We’d like to keep the tasks we’ve got, rather than removing them, since they do add a little more variety. However, we won’t be able to do a lot of new ones from player suggestions.


Moving the whole of Bounty Hunter into craters (or any new terrain with access restrictions) is a very common request. However, as described before, we feel the Wilderness would work better if we didn’t take PvPers out of it. So, we intend for Bounty Hunter to remain in the Wilderness itself, on its themed world(s). Some had hoped that the creation of craters would lead to a safe area with a bank in the Wilderness. We’re instead offering to do that by moving the Clan Wars lobby into the Wilderness, rather than by taking Bounty Hunter out of it.


The topic of rewards is double-edged. While we’re not short of suggestions for what to add, we’ve seen with the last version that valuable rewards greatly encourage abuse. It’s inevitably faster to kill players who are cooperating, rather than players who are fighting back properly. So, this time Bounty Hunter will not be a significant source of wealth for its participants. Untradeable PvP-only weapons/armour as rewards have been considered, but would have the major drawback that they couldn’t transfer effectively to a PKer (especially as coins) without exacerbating that problem. The same applies to the various innovative combat features. However, we would be able to make a limited array of food and similar consumables that could only be used within the Wilderness, thus reducing costs for PvPers a little, but without significantly impacting the market for the real items across the rest of Old School RuneScape.

Giving the rewards via Slayer instead

We’d prefer the rewards for Bounty Hunter to come, primarily, from playing Bounty Hunter rather than from doing PvM. However we do have proposals for helping players get looting bags and rune pouches…