Join in RS The Drop Quiz to Win Prizes with Learning Recommended Question Answers

To raise money for Jagex’s three charity partners, Jagex has launched cheap rs gold The Drop quiz with 12 questions. You can help donate £1 each time you join in, up to £34,500 contributed by Jagex. With an eye toward RS The Drop answers to win new title, lamps and fallen stars for you.

How to participate in RS The Drop quiz?

RS The Drop quiz now is live and will close at midnight on May. 3. If you join in one or more times, Jagex will donate £1 to their charities, up to £34,500. This event opens per 30 minutes, on the hour and at half-past every hour. During this time, you can see a 2 minute window for anyone wishing to join in to get involved. Just speak to Charity near the Burthorpe Lodestone to join in The Drop.

RS The Drop answers recommended

There are totally 12 questions you need to answer. If you give a wrong answer, you will be dropped. But don’t worry. You can partake in as many times as you like. Here is a list of The Drop answers for you:
1. Duke Horacio can be found in which settlement? (Lumbridge)
2. An ancient pylon is located in which Archaeology dig site? (Kharid-et)
3. Which Slayer master gives out tasks to players with 75 Combat level? (Chaeldar)
4. What reward currency is used in the Varrock Museum? (Kudos)
5. What item reduces the number of iron ore needed per iron bar? (Ring of forging)
6. What colours are the goblins in Goblin Village arguing over? (Green and red)
7. Which god is not represented in the God Wars Dungeon? (Guthix)
8. What is the name of Granny Potterington’s farm? (Manor Farm)
9. The World Wakes quest is started by talking to which character? (Orlando Smith)
10. Which of these bosses has the most life points? (The Ambassador)
11. What is the drop rate of the ‘Last Riders’ lore book? (1/1000)
12. What was the name of the 2013 Christmas event? (Up to Snow Good)

Prizes for RS The Drop

If you answer the 12 questions right, you will be awarded some rewards, like:
[Name], Apart Together title
Prismatic medium fallen star
Medium prismatic lamp
Prismatic large fallen star
Large prismatic lamp

Come to join in RS The Drop and give your answers to win new title and more prizes.