Learn Changes to OSRS Blade of Saeldor, Crystal Shard, Elven Signet & More Apr. 8

This week sees the release of more Quality of Life changes from previous poll. Read the details below to learn changes to OSRS Blade of Saeldor, rs 2007 gold crystal shard, Elven Signet and more.

Changes to OSRS Blade of Saeldor this week

With the update on April 8th, 1000 crystal shards now can be used on the Blade of Saeldor at a singing bowl OSRS, which can permanently prevent it from degrading. You need to reach level 82 in both Crafting and Smithing.
Additionally, if you charge a Blade of Saeldor that has charges left, it will divide the number of remaining charges by 100, round down and take this number of shards away.

Crystal tool exchanged for crystal shard OSRS

You can now use the Crystal tool, Crystal armour, Crystal weapon seed and enhanced Crystal Teleport Seed to exchange for the crystal shard OSRS. The NPC can be found in the pub in Prifddinas.
Crystal weapon seed: 10 crystal shards
Crystal tool seed: 100 crystal shards
Crystal armour seed: 250 crystal shards
Enhanced Crystal Teleport Seeds: 150 crystal shards

Some other changes with update on April 8th

1. The percentage save rate on the Elven Signet is raised to 10%.
2. The chance of a Mossy Key drop from moss giants in the Wilderness has been increased.
3. There is a new room in the Iorwerth Dungeon, in which there are some Iorwerth warriors.
4. Demi-bosses in the Gauntlet now may drop a weapon frame.
5. The burnt pages in Wintertodt supply crates has increased by 50%. Now you are able to exchange extraneous Wintertodt uniques for more burnt pages with Ignisia at the base camp.

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