Some additional functions were added to the bank interface

In previous updates,some additional functions were added to the bank interface,which is useful for every player.You can also visit RS3gold to get the runescape 3 gold or account you want,we’re available 24/7 online service

New additional functions about Eating, Drinking and Equipping with the Bank Open

You can now eat, drink potions (or any other liquid you like) and equip your inventory,You can turn this option on or off through the bank settings panel, which also changes the options of the deposit box.

Crystal Pickaxe and Crystal axe

Crystal tools can now be used while they have no charges, and act like their Dragon counterparts. Additionally, the Crystal Axe and Pickaxe no longer consume charges when their effects provide no extra benefits.

Set Effect

Now, hoods, cape, gloves and boots give an individual 3% boost, and tops and legs each give 4%. This will give you a 20% run energy bonus,while wearing the whole dress will give you an additional 10% energy bonus, which is equivalent to the previous 30% increase.

Digging Up Herbs

Although farmland usually doesn’t allow you to dig healthy crops before they’re fully grown, it’s now allowed to grow on herbs,the experience value provided by planting herb seeds in the past will be provided when harvesting herb seeds, together with the usual harvest experience value.

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