OSRS Crazy Archaeologist Guide: Features & Fighting Strategies

Bellock, also known as the crazy archaeologist, is a demi-boss in Old School RS. Here is a rs 2007 gold guide to help you learn his features and fighting strategies.

Basics & Features of crazy archaeologist OSRS

The crazy archaeologist is an insane individual and demi-boss in the ruins south of The Forgotten Cemetery. He is one of the three Wilderness bosses that drop one of three shards of the Malediction ward and Odium ward.
Bellock OSRS uses Ranged and Melee attacks, and performs a special attack where he throws explosive books exploding in a 3×3 area. His Magic Defence is high; however, he has a negligible Magic level.

Strategies for crazy archaeologist OSRS

You can use Magic armour with the Trident of the seas while praying range and avoiding his special attack of explosive books as soon as the crazy archaeologist says, “Rain of knowledge!” It is recommended to avoid it is by keeping a considerable distance, and running towards him until you are two squares away from it. Repeat the same steps over and over, and you will minimise the chance of receiving damage.
In addition, you can also use high Ranged Defence armour with a Zamorakian hasta or Abyssal whip along side with the Protect from Melee prayer.

Hope our guide can help you learn more about the crazy archaeologist OSRS.