OSRS The Nightmare of Ashihama: Release Date, Access Methods& Rewards

The Old School new boss The Nightmare of Ashihama is coming to the game this month. Here you could learn some details of this rs 07 gold boss, including the release date, access methods and rewards.

When will The Nightmare OSRS be released?

The Nightmare of Ashihama, also called The Nightmare, is an upcoming boss with no requirements to fight. It has been confirmed that The Nightmare OSRS boss will be released with the update on February 6th, 2020.

How to access The Nightmare of Ashihama?

The Nightmare of Ashihama OSRS boss resides within the Sisterhood Sanctuary in the Slepe Catacombs. Here are two quick methods to reach Slepe OSRS:
1. You can teleport to Ver Sinhaza via Drakan’s medallion and then run north. Once you pass the small dock, run east to reach Slepe.
2. Use the Ectophial to teleport to the Ectofuntus. Go north to the small dock and pay Andras 10,000 coins to row to Slepe. You will arrive at a dock which is south-west of Slepe.

Rewards gained from The Nightmare OSRS

If you reach the minimum damage threshold when fighting against The Nightmare, you are able to receive a drop based on how much damage you have done. Here are some unique rewards that you can get from the boss:
Inquisitor’s armour
Inquisitor’s mace
Nightmare staff, as well as 3 orb drops that can be used to make enhancements: Eldritch nightmare staff, Harmonised nightmare staff and Volatile nightmare staff.

Hope now you learn more about The Nightmare of Ashihama OSRS boss.