OSRS AFK Money Making Guide

Old school Runescape is filled with various different tasks and activities. Some of these tasks and activities require full attention, some tasks are very click intensive, and some are very AFK. AFK stands for “away from keyboard” and is widely used across Old school Runescape and many other games. It is a term used when you are performing a task which does not requre very much attention or clicking. In this guide, you will see a couple of AFK tasks that can actually be profitable and make you a lot of rs gold money with very minimal effort.

Smithing cannonballs – 200k GP/H


-Smithing level 35

-Ammo mould

-Steel bars

-Dwarf cannon quest

Smithing cannonballs is quite possibly one of the most AFK tasks to perform in Old school Runescape. It can also be quite profitable. This profit will most likely always be existent as cannonballs are a widely used item in the game. They are used with cannon. This is a members only item which is very useful for the range skill. This is why there will always be a demand for cannonballs and smithing cannonballs will always be profitable. The dwarf cannon quest is required to perform this money maker, so ensure you have that complete.

edgeville bank

To begin this method, start with the ammo mould item, which is recieved after the dwarf cannon quest, in your inventory. Then fill the rest of your inventory with steel bars. Each steel bar will result in smelting into 4 cannonballs. These cannonballs are stackable so do not worry about it falling on the ground or not fitting in your inventory. Now, starting from the bank in edgeville, make your way towards the furnace, which is loacted very close by and can be seen on the minimap in game.

cannonballs and mould in inventory

Once you reach the furnace, simply use any of your steel bars by right clicking, and using it on the furnace. Then a small interface will appear on your chat box, this is where you click on the large cannonball picture. After this, your character will automatically convert the rest of the steel bars in your inventory into cannonballs. This process can take around 2 to 3 minutes and can actually get quite tedious. It is reccomended to have music playing in the background or watch a video as this task is extremely AFK. Once all your steel bars have been smelted into cannonballs, simply make your way back to the bank nearby and either deposit your cannonballs, or just keep them in your inventory and withdraw more steel bars to fill your inventory again. Repeat this process until all your steel bars are gone and you should notice that you have exactly four times the number of steel bars you had in cannonballs. Sell these for a decent profit. You will also gain decent experience and skill levels in smithing while doing this method.

Killing Gargoyles – 350k GP/H


-Slayer level 75



-Magic level 55 (high alchemy)

-Runes for high alchemy


-Guthan’s equipment

Killing gargoyles is a semi afk task in Old school Runescape. It is very profitable and allows you to gain very good experience in your combat skills. Slaying gargoyles require a slayer level of 75, which is not very quick to obtain, so the requirements can be a little bit demanding. However with high requirements comes high rewards. Gargoyles frequently drop good valued items such as rune items and even cash stacks. Most of the gargoyles’ drops are high alchable, meaning you are able to stay there for a long duration of time.

They are located up the ladder of the slayer tower. The slayer tower can be found north – west of canifis. This is displayed in the image below.

When you reach the slayer tower, make your way upstairs where you will see the gargoyles. A Guthans equipment set is reccomended here as you are able to stay longer because you do not need to carry much food as you are constantly getting healed from all the hits and damage you do. Gargoyles are weak to crush, so bring a crush weapon if you can if you can not get a guthans set. A bludgeon is a good crush weapon. Or a Verac’s flail.

Killing Brutal Black Dragons – 700k GP/H


-Slayer level 77

-Prayer level 37+ (protection from magic)


-Ranged level 75+

Killing brutal black dragons is a very AFK task in Old school Runescape. They do require a high slayer level of 77 however once this is achieved, this AFK money maker will surely make you a wealthy player. To begin, enter the catacombs of Kourend and walk towards the north – west. A map will be provided below. However you can always also use the in game mini map.

Following this path way will lead you to the brutal black dragons. It is good to note that on the way, you will actually pass a couple of high level monsters such as hell hounds, brutal blue dragons and brutal red dragons. Just pray magic protect and run through these monsters. Pray melee protect when passing the hellhounds. Once you manage to reach the brutal black dragons. You want to stand in a corner and start attacking any of them. There will be a total of four that spawn in the area. It is a good idea to stand in the corner of the room to ensure that the brutal black dragons do not perform their melee attack on you. This attack can potentially kill you if you are not paying attention, and most likely, you will not be paying attention to the screen as this is an AFK task. A picture of the brutal black dragon room is provided below.

attacking the brutal black dragons

The brutal black dragons have a very good drop table. Almost all of the items are valued at a high grand exchange value. There are also many alchable rune and dragon items so you could have longer trips if you bring along nature runes and fire runes along with level 55 magic for high alchemy. Longer trips would mean you profit per hour would be greatly increased.

Prayer will be drained very fast here, however there is a well located, convenient church nearby which contains an altar inside allowing you to replenish your prayer level back to full. This means you can jump straight into action to the brutal black dragons and continue making money.

Flipping at the Grand Exchange


-A decent cash stack to start with. The more you have, the more money you are able to make. If you are low on gold, then click here to buy more gold.