OSRS Fishing Contest Quest Guide: Necessary Steps

Hello and welcome to our Old School Runescape Fishing Contest quest guide. This is an important rs 07 gold members only quest to complete as it gives access to the following quests: “Recipe for Disaster”, “Forgettable Tale” and “Between a Rock”. It also gives access to the White Wolf Mountain underground tunnel, which is very useful especially if you are a low combat level and wish to avoid the wolves, it can also reduce travel time. This is the 26th released quest, released way back in 2002 and developed by Jagex co-founder Paul Gower


In this guide I will also cover the necessary steps an ironman account should take in order to complete it. The quest is considered novice difficult and has an official length of short. The description of the quest, given by Jagex is as follows: “The mountain Dwarves’ home would be an ideal way to get across White Wolf Mountain safely. However, the Dwarves aren’t too fond of strangers. They will let you through if you can bring them a trophy. The trophy is the prize for the annual Hemenster fishing competition.”


There is only one requirement for this quest and it is level 10 fishing, with no boosts allowed. The following items are all required: 5 coins (although if you are an ironman or otherwise need to buy a fishing rod from Jack you should bring 10), fishing pass (this non-tradeable item is only obtainable during the quest), garlic (obtainable during the quest), a fishing rod (unless you bring the money for one), 3 red vine worms (also obtainable during the quest) and a spade.


There are a few recommended items that will help speed things up a bit or help lower level accounts, they are: a skills necklace (to the fishing guild located in Hemenster), a combat bracelet (for its teleport to the ranging guild, which is close to Hemenster, the fishing village where most of this quest takes place), food (to deal with some enemies you may face along the way, although none of which are you required to kill), a games necklace or Camelot teleport, fairy ring access which will speed up travel and also a teleport out of the quest location at the end is also not a bad idea.


Starting Off


Unlike with most quests, there are actually two places to start this quest and they are located at either entrance to the tunnel that goes under White Wolf Mountain (to the east and west of it). Attempt to go down it and a dwarf will stop you, telling you that that tunnel is only for use by Mountain Dwarves. Use the dialogue sequence about asking to become the dwarf’s friends (“If you were my friend I wouldn’t mind it”, “And how am I meant to do that”), the dwarf accepts that if you were his friend then he would let you through. He comes up with a plan, the western town of Hemenster is having a fishing contest and he would like you to win the golden trophy on his behalf, this is because whilst dwarves love gold they aren’t that good at fishing. After you agree to help the dwarf will give you a fishing pass, which you can use to enter the contest.


Preparing the Items


Some parts of this section aren’t needed if you prepared items beforehand, for example by purchasing them at the grand exchange, although all players will need to retrieve the red vine worm as it is an untradeable it. To get a spade there are a few locations, depending on which side of the mountain you are on will help you choose which to go for. If you are on the east side then visit the building in Falador with the house icon, there will be a spade spawn inside it. For people on the west side you can go to Ardougne farm shop and buy one.


In Seers’ Village go to the house just south west of the bank and pick up some garlic, you will find it on the table. Next make your way to the northern side of McGrubor’s Woods and squeeze through the part of the railing that has been slightly damaged, you do this because the normal entrance via the southern gate isn’t possible as it is locked. Once inside the woods you should be careful around the level 44 guard dogs, especially if you are a low level yourself. Locate the red vine within the woods and then collect 3 worms from it.


The Competition


Leave the woods via the same damaged railing in the north and make you way south to Hemenster, if you wish to use teleports then it is located just south of Seers’ Village near the Ranging Guild. If you need a fishing rod then you can visit the house on the north side of Hemenster and Grandpa Jack, who lives there, will sell you one for just 5 gp. Once at the fishing village, locate Morris by the entrance, show him your fishing pass and he will let you enter the competition. When you are inside the main fishing area place your garlic into the pipes along the southern wall near where the Sinister Stranger is planning to fish. Find Bozo and pay him 5 gp to start the contest. Immediately the Sinister Stranger (who is actually a vampire wearing a poor disguise) will complain about the horrible smell of the garlic and choose to move spaces, leaving his space (which is the best) available for you.


Start fishing in the spot the Sinister Stranger was in previously, using the red vine worms as bait, you will eventually catch a giant carp (this is a scripted event, as long as you are fishing here with the red vine worm as bait you will catch it). Go back to Bozo, speak to him and show him your giant carp, he will announce you as the winner of the fishing competition. Once you receive the trophy head back to either side of White Wolf Mountain and hand your golden trophy over to the dwarf at the tunnel entrance. He will be so pleased and allow you to use the tunnel whenever you want. The quest is now completed, aside from access to the tunnel you will also receive: 1 quest point, 2437 fishing experience and the ability to catch minnows in the fishing guild when you have a full angler outfit set and level 82 fishing.


Thanks for reading this guide to the quest Fishing Contest for Old School Runescape. If you’d like to read more guides about many OSRS subjects, including questing, skilling, minigames and much more then please stick around as guides will be uploaded to this site regularly.

The Biggest Event Pokemon Day 2020: Max Raids and More

We hope you’re all ready for some festivities because Pokemon Day is now live and ready for fans to participate in, at least when it comes to Pokemon Sword and Shield. The event has started, which means that the Armored Mewtwo as foretold by prophecy and a whole other host of things have now made their way into Pokemon GO, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t cool additions to Galar as well. Here’s what we know about the Pokemon Day 2020 Max Raids and more.

It’s an easy argument to make that the Max Raids are the bit of the end-game in Pokemon Sword and Shield that we’re enjoying the most gleefully. With tons of Pokemon to acquire and the added perks of teaming up with mates, what’s not to love? Well, we’re about to get hit with some wild nostalgia when it comes to the Pokemon Day 2020 Max Raids. Yes, while the festivities are meant to officially kick off on February 27, it’s come to our attention that the following Pokemon are now currently available in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Max Raids:

  • Mewtwo
  • Bulbasaur
  • Charmander
  • Squirtle
  • Krabby
  • Impidimp
  • Toxel
  • Kingler
  • Toxtricity
  • Morgrem
  • Ivysaur
  • Charmeleon
  • Wartortle
  • Grimmsnarl
  • Dottler
  • Hatenna
  • Orbeetle
  • Hatterene

While we’re not quite sure when the Pokemon Day festivities are going to end (these Pokemon may only be sticking around for a little while), it’s nice to see such a huge variety of Pokemon that can be acquired via Max Raids this time around. It’s truly a celebration of fun for all the family! When it comes to Mewtwo, however, it’s important to note that they can’t be captured at this stage and we’re not sure if this is going to change at all. Mewtwo will only show up in 5-star Max Raid battles, so you have that to look forward to if you’re enthusiastically plowing through them this week.

Now that you have our Pokemon Day 2020 Max Raids guide, we’ll make sure that we keep our dedicated guides hub stocked with content as the Pokemon Day celebrations carry on so that you can always be assured of the latest in the event. We’re pretty stoked to get our hands on some of these Kanto starters, so there’s no doubt that we’re going to enjoy our time with this one.

RuneScape’s War’s Retreat & Winter Chill Off Update Outlined

War’s Retreat has arrived in RuneScape.This PvM hub will contain several Bank Chests, Adrenaline Crystals, and Boss Portals while allowing you to team up with your friends to take on the more difficult bosses. Check out the gameplay below.To participate, you’ll need to be at least level 60 and touch the Wars’ insignia north of runescape 3 gold Draynor. Once you’ve racked up 10 boss kills, you’ll unlock the War’s Retreat Teleport which is in the War’s Shop for easier access.

Poorna Shankar / A highly opinionated avid PC gamer, Poorna blindly panics with his friends in various multiplayer games, much to the detriment of his team. Constantly questioning industry practices and a passion for technological progress drive his love for the video game industry. He pulls no punches and tells it like he sees it. He runs a podcast, Gaming The Industry, with fellow writer, Joseph Bradford, discussing industry practices and their effects on consumers.

For PvM, War’s Retreat far outstrips the Max Guild in nearly every category that isn’t a tie. If Jagex adds a GE stand to War’s Retreat like people are asking for, the Max Guild will be almost completely invalidated. They are aware of people’s comments and have said multiple times that the Max Guild should get an upgrade, so I am eager to see what they bring to it. As a maxed player who is starting to get into bossing on my way to completionist, I am going to be using both areas quite often. I would hardly call the Max Guild dead content, but I would like some changes brought to it, or even turn it into a Skilling Guild! That brings along several problems, but I am confident that whatever may happen to it, it will be well worth the wait. Have a good whatever!

From 20 onwards the dark wizards in draynor village, near the willow trees are a good option, as they are also very close to the bank and have some ok drops. Even better F2P drops are available from the dark wizards at Delrith’s circle, which is located just south-east of the southern entrance to Varrock. Their drops include higher valued runes, having total combat level of 41 or above is recommended. Also from level 20 ranged and 25 combat level you can fight minotaurs in the first level of the stronghold of security. The great thing about minotaurs is that they drop a large amount of iron arrows, usually more than the amount of arrows you will use to kill them, which makes this a reasonably cheap place to train. Overground from the stronghold of security entrance you will find the barbarians who are good to train on from level 40 ranged, they also are not aggressive so you can safely collect you arrows if you wish to save money that way, although that may slow xp rates down slightly.


OSRS AFK Skilling methods

AFK is a term used my many gamers worldwide. It is short hand for the phrase “Away from Keyboard” letting other players know that although their ingame character is present in the game, the owner of the character is away from their computer in the real world.

As runescape is a very click intensive game by nature, over the years many of the more casual players who are not racing for high score records, have found a multiplicity of innovative “AFK” skilling techniques, meaning they can multi-task on their computer as opposed to playing for long periods of time only focusing on the skill task.

Unfortunately, not all skills offer effective AFK methods of training. Most of the gathering skills offer a short period of AFK time, before the items need to be dropped or deposited at the nearest bank of Runescape. Skills exemplary of this are woodcutting, fishing, and mining.

In woodcutting the player can AFK the skill until their inventory is full of logs. When this happens they can either choose to drop the logs for more efficient EXP rates, or they can choose to store the logs in the bank, earning some ingame wealth as they play. The same applies to the ores and gems obtained in mining, and the fish caught during fishing.

The most desired AFK training methods are often for combat related skills which can be slower to train. A very common method for combat training is the semi-afk method of training possible at Nightmare Zone. Many runescape account farmers, multi log on to as many as 10 oldschool runescape accounts, and train each one to 99 attack, strength, defence, and Hitpoints, all at the same time.

Most AFK training methods are utilized by the casual runescape player, who plays runescape for fun in their leisure time. While they afk skills on runescape, they are able to multi-task and watch movies, do homework or work related tasks, and even play on a second account.

In situations such as the NMZ account farmers, the account farmers are able to semi-afk multiple accounts on a full time shift basis. If they do this they can efficiently max 10 or more accounts at the same time, which hold an average runescape market value of $250 each. So with a professional making a minimum of ten at once, the account farmer can semi-afk and make $2500 in the process. Operating on such a scale is easier said than done though, as the equipment for each account would need to be invested in upfront, and a VPS may be required in the computer is not powerful enough to run so many oldschool runescape clients.

Although AFK skilling on Oldschool Runescape is very convenient to most casual players, it is best to use items of low value when monster killing in case of any distractions that result in the potential loss of items following the death of the in game character and the amount of time needed to run back to the location to pick up any dropped items.

OSRS Devious Minds Guide: Requirements & Quest Walkthrough

Devious Minds is an Old School quest involving a plot against the clergy of Entrana. Here is a guide for osrs gold Devious Minds OSRS quest to help you complete it fast.

Requirements for Devious Minds OSRS

Devious Minds is an Experienced quest with the following requirements:
65 Smithing (boostable)
50 Runecraft
50 Fletching
Completion of the quests: Wanted! Troll Stronghold, Doric’s Quest, Enter the Abyss
Required items: A mithril 2h sword, a bow string, a non-degraded large pouch

OSRS Devious Minds quest walkthrough

1. Start the quest by speaking to the monk outside of the Paterdomus temple east of Varrock.
2. Head to Doric’s house north of Falador.
3. Make a slender blade by using a mithril 2h sword on Doric’s Whetstone. Then make the bow-sword by attaching the bow string to the slender blade.
4. Return to the monk with the bow-sword. Use the orb on the large pouch.
5. Bank your weapons and armour before entering the Abyss.
6. Go to the law altar through the Abyss. Exit the portal and head to the church on Entrana.
7. Use your large pouch on the altar.
8. Return to the monk in Paterdomus. Search the Dead Monk.
9. Go back to Entrana and talk to the High Priest.
10. Head to Falador Park and talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien. Quest complete!

Hope our guide can help you complete the Devious Minds OSRS quest.

Learn FUT 20 Passing Attributes to Build FUT 20 Ultimate Team Squads

Do you want to build FUT 20 Ultimate Team squads and get rewards? Then you need to understand the  six main attributes. Passing is one of them. As any football fan knows, passing is a basic movement. Players pass the ball to each other to get it closer to the enemy goal. It seems such a simple move but it’s one of the most important ones. Good passes allow the team to remain in possession of the ball for longer thus improving the chances of scoring. In FUT 20, passing has several sub-attributes.

The crossing is a passing sub-attribute that determines the accuracy of a cross move. This affects both running and free kick situations. Crossing also influences the ability of a player to send the ball in the box. Normally, you will want wingers that have high crossing. The curve sub-attribute is about the player’s capability to curve the ball when they’re passing and shooting.

Players that have a high curve are able to put significant curve on the ball. This is quite an important attribute that will help you score more goals. The free kick accuracy sub-attribute speaks for itself. It’s the player’s ability to take free kicks. Players that have high free kick accuracy are capable of putting more precision into direct free kicks on goal. Look for free kick players that have high curve and free kick accuracy. Long passing refers to the long pass in the air. It has nothing to do with the pass on the ground. This sub-attribute will measure that player’s ability to send an aerial long pass. Long passing also influences the time for the ball to get to the receiver. Players with long passing send faster and more accurate passes in the air.

The short passing sub-attribute is somehow the opposite of long passing. This sub-attribute measures the performance of a short pass on the ground. The speed and accuracy of a pass over a short distance are determined by this attribute. The vision sub-attribute is all about awareness. Players with high vision are aware of where on the field their teammates and opponents are located. They are able to better assess others’ location in regards to them.

The success of a long pass depends on this sub-attribute and not on the long passing attribute that we mentioned earlier. Vision widens a player’s field of view. The footballer’s view is more restricted than a viewer’s perspective. This happens in FUT 20 and also in real football. Think about how different is when playing football than watching it on TV. Vision measures the player’s ability to see where the others are around him.

WOW Classic Phase 3 Guide-Grinding In PVP

As you all know, World of Warcraft Classic Phase 3 will be released on February 12, with the new raid, quests game content, therefore the guide for Phase 3 is necessary, especially for those no-lifers. wow classic gold cheap

Who are the no-lifers? They are a group of players who are grinding away is Classic Azeroth, especially in the PvP ranking system and battlegrounds. For those, the rank is determined by the amount of honor to accumulate, and the rank and honor can only be gained by playing PvP matches in the various Battlegrounds.

Now, let’s introduce the content of Phase 3 first.

Blackwing Lair is the new 40-man raid after completing the Blackhand’s Command questline, there is an entrance to the instance located between Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes.
During the raid, the players would encounter numerous Dragonkin and Humanoid monsters, so you must learn how to defeat them with the items or gear.

Starting from February 5, 2020, the players can collect cards from various different Darkmoon Decks to get ready for Blackwing Lair, until then, the location called Darkmoon Faire would drop 8 bosses and 120 loot, providing some unique items to players.

Sunken Temple Class Quests, allowing the classes which are level 50 that takes place in the Temple of Atal’Hakkar, including:

Torwa Pathfinder
The Hunter’s Charm
Chillwind Camp
Cenarion Aid
A Simple Request
Elemental Mastery
An Imp’s Request
A Troubled Spirit

Each one has different function among them. As long as completing the class-specific questlines, it would conclude with some rare Classic items as an end.

Eternal Quintessence

In order to gain access to Majordomo Executus and Ragnaros, the players who are Revered with the Hydraxian Waterlords and complete the Hands of the Enemy quest can receive Eternal Quintessence, one of the useful Classic items to douse the runes of the Firelords in the Molten Core Raid.

Anyway, WOW Classic Phase 3 is going to launch in a few weeks, so stay tuned.

For some players, they can only get some rare items through PVP, and their rank can only be determined by the amount of honor points. In order to increase the PVP ranks, WOW Classic Gold can be used to purchase advanced equipment as support.

Generally speaking, beyond the usual farming methods, buying is also an effective method to gain WOW Classic Gold, and WOWclassicgp is a safe store among the market, offering cheap WOW Classic Gold to consumers, if necessary, you are welcome to visit at any time.

RuneScape – Take a Look at the Update of RuneScape

What does RuneScape need us to pay attention to this update? Let’s take a look together!Fixed the issue greying out gather buttons in player owned farms.Modernized the look of the banking perk interface on legendary pets.Clan event notice board information dropdowns now populate upon first selection.

Fixed bug where the “Monster Examine” spell gave the wrong life points total when dealing with certain modified versions of Monsters.The freecam option has been moved to the Compass menu.They’ve added descriptive text to the following items to better illustrate their new delivery capabilities:

The Arc Journal

The Menaphos Journal

Globetrotter Arm Guards


Fixed Stronghold of Security interface/dialogue window overlap on mobile.Resolved a problem with the ordering of options when long-pressing on the Summoning Globe from the mobile HUD.They have moved extra options from the world map top-level interface into some others:Open World Select – Moved onto Home Teleport menu.Freecam – Removed (as unavailable on mobile).Skybox/Filters – Moved onto Mini-Map toggle menu.

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OSRS Mark of Grace Guide: How to Get and Use for Graceful Outfit

Mark of grace is a type of currency only obtained from the osrs gold Rooftop Agility Courses. Here is a guide to help you learn how to collect and spend marks of grace OSRS for the outfit.

How to obtain the mark of grace OSRS?

Marks of grace appear randomly when you traverse obstacles on Rooftop Agility courses. The higher level the OSRS Agility course has, the greater chance of spawning marks from it. When a mark of grace appears, you have 10 minutes to pick it up before it disappears. Marks will spawn at random times at specific locations along a course.
Completing the easy, medium and hard Kandarin Diary will increase the chance of obtaining marks of grace OSRS by 5%, 10% and 15% respectively during the Seers’ Village Agility Course. Completing the elite Ardougne Diary will increase the chance of obtaining marks of grace by 25% during the Ardougne Agility Course.
Notice: Chances of obtaining marks of grace become 20% of the normal rate if the your Agility level is 20 levels higher than the requirement of the course.

Use marks of grace for OSRS graceful outfit

Marks of grace can be traded in at the Rogues’ Den through to purchase OSRS graceful outfit and Amylase packs. Here is the price of each piece of the graceful outfit:
Graceful hood – 35
Graceful top – 55
Graceful legs – 60
Graceful gloves – 30
Graceful boots – 40
Graceful cape – 40
Amylase pack – 10
If you have 100% favour, you could talk to Osten in Shayzien to recolour your graceful outfit to one of 6 different colours. Recolouring each graceful article costs 15 marks of grace.

Hope our mark of grace guide helps you learn more about this currency.

Pokemon GO Evolutions for Cherubi Covered

The world of Pokemon GO consists of a vast array of characters that Trainers can capture and evolve into other forms to make teams filled with variety. One of these many creatures is the lovable Cherubi, who possesses multiple evolutions that it can transform into when a specific condition is met. Fortunately for you curious folks, we have all of the evolutions for Cherubi covered for you.

Cherubi has a total of three evolutions that it can evolve into when it is ready. These three evolutions are Cherrim, Cheriim Overcast, and Cherrim Sunny. Cherrim and Cherrim Overcast are very similar in appearance with Cherrim Sunny sporting a sinnier and more vibrant flower-like look of the three advanced forms of the character.

However, is it not free to have this creature become one of its three advanced forms in the mobile title for the legendary entertainment franchise. Trainers must use 50 of their candy to have this particular character evolve into one of its three forms, so it will burn a hole in your pocket to have the plant-themed character achieve one of its forms that are available in the game.

There has and will surely be more Trainers who have had the joy of having their Cherubi achieve one of its three evolved forms during their many adventures in the fan-favorite video game.

What are your thoughts on the evolutions for Cherubi in Pokemon GO? Which one is your favorite out of the group?